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Chapter 1337 Massive Melee 



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“They are near here, prepare to fight!” Lin Feng and the people behind him flew to a place a dozen miles away from the mountain Lin Feng warned everyone, then dropped down, landing on the ground. Chu Chun Qiu and the others behind him also landed.


They walked instead of flying. Lin Feng guessed that the place where these two clans wanted to assassinate him was here. There was no other place suitable for an ambush. At the same time, there were so many annoying silhouettes around waiting for the show. How couldn’t he realize it?


These spectators, who went wherever there was something happening, were really disgusting and spurned, but at this moment Lin Feng needed to use them to make sure that all the representatives of the World Dragon Clan and Spiritual Warriors Clan were here, and that none of them could get away from this!


“Since you are ready to kill me, if I don’t destroy your entire army, it would be quite a pity for your leaders?” Lin Feng laughed icily. A flash of cold and vicious light flashed in his eyes, then disappeared.


Not long after, Lin Feng led everyone to the mountainside, looking at the silhouettes in the surrounding bushes. Lin Feng sneered and said lightly, “Now what? The representatives of the World Dragon Clan and Spiritual Warriors Clan are people who only know how to hide? Are you afraid to confront me?”


Lin Feng’s words made the atmosphere in the whole mountainside boil, and a bloody smell scattered in the air. Chu Chun Qiu had already killed a man in black in the bush.




The sound of the long sword entering flesh and blood splashing out were particularly clear. At this moment, the representatives of the World Dragon Clan and Spiritual Warriors Clan could not stand the humiliation, and one by one they stepped out from the bushes. The Leader of the Spiritual Warriors Clan, the Second Elder, Zhan Shun Tang, was extremely angry. Chu Chun Qiu had just killed his disciple!


“Lin Feng, you are so vicious, how can you kill people so casually? Didn’t your elders teach you manners?” Zhan Shun Tang growled, like a demonic beast about to strike. His Holy Godly Qi was scary, but compared to the strength of Fu Dao, no matter how powerful a Holy Godly Ancestor was, he was not that terrible, especially to Lin Feng!


Compared to Fu Dao, although Zhan Shun Tang was a Holy Godly Ancestor too, there was still a slight gap in strength. He might not have confidence in fighting against Fu Dao, but if Zhan Shun Tang was in front of him, Lin Feng was confident that he had a sixty percent chance of winning, although it would be difficult to kill him!


“Oh, you judge us, and you are already shameless enough to do sneak attacks to us? Now you want us to obey the rules? Are you perhaps a bit stupid?” Lin Feng answered back sarcastically, giving no face to Zhan Shun Tang or the two clans. Since they had come this far, dignity was useless!


There would be a battle to death if they met, without doubt!


“Well, well, the rising star is so tough, very good.”


At this time, a strong man in dragon’s robes stepped up from behind Zhan Shun Tang. The man was ugly, especially his deadly eyes, which were particularly memorable. He was also a Holy Godly Ancestor, and stronger than Zhan Shun Tang!


“Third Elder of World Dragon Clan, Long Yuan!” Zhan Shun Tang introduced the middle-aged man who had just sneered at Lin Feng, and then stared at Lin Feng darkly. He was watching Lin Feng’s expression change. Did he really think he could get away from this today?


However, Lin Feng’s expression disappointed them. Lin Feng was not nervous. His expression had not changed at all. He was calm, and there seemed to be a hint of irony and mischief in his eyes.


“You really are a true young genius, still so arrogant before death. If it wasn’t for your sins, I would really want you to join Spiritual Warriors Clan! What a pity!” Zhan Shun Tang sighed. He was also a man who treasured talents. Lin Feng getting to where he was today on his own meant he was definitely strong enough to join Spiritual Warriors Clan.


Unfortunately, Lin Feng’s resentments with the Spiritual Warriors Clan was too deep to be resolved.


“Hmm, I really want to suck the pure dragon Qi from him! Alas, such a young man, but he owns the pure dragon Qi of our clan, it really is a gift from heaven to me! Haha, Zhan Shun Tang, leave this Lin Feng to me!”


Long Yuan couldn’t bear the greed in his heart anymore, desperately wanting to steal Lin Feng’s pure dragon Qi. He attacked directly, which started the melee. Li Ju went straight at Zhan Shun Tang with a heavy hammer. He was the strongest of those here except for Miss Eight, so he had to block Zhan Shun Tang.


The Holy Godly Ancestors like Miss Eight were picking out their opponents, who were all extremely powerful cultivators. In the end, after everyone got their opponent, there were still 4 Holy Godly Ancestors of the World Dragon Clan and Spiritual Warriors Clan left.


The four Holy Godly Ancestors set their sights on Chu Chun Qiu and the others, who were all Lin Feng’s helpers. As long as they killed these people, Lin Feng would be very distressed. Thinking that, the four strong men went straight at Chu Chun Qiu, Prince Ghost, and the others. 


Chu Chun Qiu and the others were prepared to kill ordinary Godly Ancestors, but Holy Godly Ancestors were too much for them.


“Don’t be afraid, we are here!”


At that very moment, Water and Life, the two Holy Godly Ancestors, brought out some ordinary Godly Ancestors, who quickly appeared in front of Chu Chun Qiu, blocking the attack of the four Holy Godly Ancestors. Life and Water were enough to fight against three Holy Godly Ancestors, and if they had to deal with four, even if there were some difficulties, they could handle it.


“Let’s kill!” Chu Chun Qiu took a deep breath, glanced at Prince Ghost, the others, and the eight ordinary Godly Ancestors brought by Life and Water.


The melee rapidly grew more and more chaotic. At the moment of Lin Feng’s encounter with Long Yuan, Lin Feng had Summoned out the Demon Corpse Army and the members of the Yi Clan to fight against the hundred ordinary Godly Ancestors of the two clans.


“Well, Lin Feng, don’t try to escape from me today, I will suck you dry, haha!” Long Yuan’s eyes were fierce, driven by an insatiable hunger that made Long Yuan’s momentum more and more shocking.


Lin Feng frowned. He had to be cautious about Long Yuan, because Long Yuan’s strength was pretty the same as Fu Dao. He had to give his all to stay undefeated.


However, this was a large-scale dogfight. It was impossible to win in a short time, and there might be casualties. He didn’t care about his opponents, but he did care about casualties from the Region of the Eight Corners.


Lin Feng’s idea was to let everyone fight, increasing their battle experience and courage, and after a certain period of time, he would invite the two overlords, the Ice Spirit and Fire Spirit, to kill these people.


Thinking of that, Lin Feng put away his complicated thoughts, and focused on dealing with Long Yuan. He punched out, and thousands of blue lights exploded in the air, like edges of swords, sharp and keen, cutting through the chaos of the sky, straight at Long Yuan’s face.


Their speed was unbelievable, even Long Yuan was frightened. He never thought they could be so quick. If these thousands of swords really cut him, he would be slashed beyond recognition and lose his life.


It’s just… “You overestimate yourself! All that awaits you is death, hahaha!” Long Yuan snarled and roared arrogantly, then waved his hands forward. A golden barrier appeared in front of him, and instantly strong and dazzling lights burst out. The swords were like ice encountering fire, bursting and exploding.


In the next moment, there were no blades in front of Long Yuan, and he attacked at that time. His silhouette disappeared in a flash; Lin Feng frowned and clenched his fists in advance, but Long Yuan was too fast, just like a ghost.


He had just clenched his fists, and Long Yuan had already appeared on top of him. Long Yuan roared, and a pure dragon appeared behind him. The hundred-meter dragon opened its crimson mouth, and the sharp dragon teeth were all bloody and terrifying.


Lin Feng was really in crisis, the extreme speed of Long Yuan combined with the terrible attack had appeared on Lin Feng’s head less than a hundred meters away. The speed was incredibly fast; in just an eyeblink, Lin Feng felt that Jie Long was going to devour him.


The time for Lin Feng to react was too small. There was no way. Lin Feng had to use the Blood of Dragon and Phoenix instantly. Although he would be exposed, there was no other way. no other attacks could be made in such a short time, except for the Blood of Dragon and Phoenix.


“Blood of Dragon and Phoenix!” Lin Feng shouted. His body was blooming with golden dragon lights, extremely dazzling, and the light was growing stronger and stronger. Even Jie Long had to retreat three kilometers, and Long Yuan was full of shock, staring blankly at the scene.


A golden dragon flew out from Lin Feng’s left hand, and turned into a pure dragon as it flew to the sky, hovering over the clouds.


A phoenix shrieked to the sky crisply when the golden dragon took off, a colorful phoenix out of the nirvana with burning flames. The holy phoenix rose into the sky, and danced with the auspicious clouds. The dragon and the phoenix took their places over Lin Feng’s head.


Long Yuan felt his blood bursting, and a sacred feeling of kneeling and praying pressing in on him. The more he suppressed his dragon Qi, the stronger this feeling became, and he was not the only one felt this!


All members of World Dragon Clan participating in the melee, whether they were Holy Godly Ancestors or ordinary Godly Ancestors, knelt on the ground and kowtowed without any hesitation.


The power of the Blood of Dragon and Phoenix could only be possessed by the ancestors of the dragon clan. The dragon and the phoenix came from one family, whose root was the power of the Blood of Dragon and Phoenix. Therefore, both the Dragon Clan and the Phoenix clan adhered to one ancestor!


Now that Lin Feng had used such a terrible energy, how could the World Dragon Clan not fear it!


“Get up, quickly, get up now!” Long Yuan growled, looked at his men kneeling in front of Lin Feng. He was flustered as never before, and increasingly terrified.


“Ignorant young people, why don’t you kneel after seeing me!” Lin Feng let out a vast and ancient voice, just like an ancient bronze bell, or the roar of an ancient beast. The voice did not belong to Lin Feng.


The trembling from his bloodline left Long Yuan unable to bear the pressure anymore. His face was covered with cold sweat as he finally knelt on the ground to submit.


The scene left the representatives of Spiritual Warriors Clan dumbfounded and unable to think.

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