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Chapter 1338 The Retreating World Dragon Clan, The Defeated Spiritual Warriors Clan 



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“Damn it, Long Yuan, what are you doing? Stand up!” Zhan Shun Tang looked at the shocking scene, stunned and angry. They had allied to kill Lin Feng, but now the World Dragon Clan was kneeling down at Lin Feng’s feet shamefully.


Long Yuan knelt reverently at the feet of Lin Feng, as if he had not heard Zhan Shun Tang’s shouts. His face was covered by the golden lights, and all the people of the World Dragon Clan were deeply enthralled by this power. Everyone had received feedback by praising and guarding the power of the bloodline.


Lin Feng was shocked as the power of his blood flowed to the people of the World Dragon Clan. They had all accepted his heritage, becoming stronger.


How could this be? Lin Feng’s expression changed greatly, his fists clenched, and the power of the bloodline ceased instantly. After the roars of the two great godly beasts above the clouds, the light faded until it disappeared.


The prayers of all members of the World Dragon Clan were passively interrupted; Long Yuan’s face was full of disappointment. With a few more minutes, he was confident that he could grow a little bit stronger, and he would not be far away from becoming an Earthly Godly Ancestor. The rest of the strong ones were also disappointed.


The strong cultivators of the World Dragon Clan stood up, looked at Lin Feng in deep fear, and did not dare attack again. At this moment, the power of Lin Feng’s bloodline completely deterred all the people of the World Dragon Clan, including Long Yuan.


In the beginning, Long Yuan had only felt the pure dragon Qi in Lin Feng ’s body, and wanted to suck it dry. He didn’t dare do so now. This was no longer a yes or no thing, but the rule of Dragon Clan!


The reason why the Dragon Clan had been prosperous from ancient times to the present was because of strict rules. If there were no rules, the Dragon Clan would have been chaotic. Therefore, after seeing Lin Feng’s bloodline, even if he was an enemy, they had to kneel. This was not surrendering to Lin Feng, it was yielding to the power of Blood of Dragon and Phoenix!


“Lin Feng, how about we withdraw from this attack on you?” Long Yuan asked solemnly, a touch of relief on his face.


When he heard Long Yuan’s words, Lin Feng was shocked. He was willing to give up assassinating him because of the power of blood? This was very strange. Lin Feng wanted to say that it was impossible, he had to kill the strongest of the World Dragon Clan, but at this moment the power of the blood in his body seemed to be trembling, as if begging him.


Lin Feng was hesitating, thinking it was a mistake for him to have the Blood of Dragon and Phoenix. A human being held the power of Blood of Dragon and Phoenix; it was ridiculous for both clans to bow to him. However, on the other hand, to some extent, wasn’t he the ancestor of the World Dragon Clan now? 


Therefore, it was reasonable to let them go once, and a reward for the help of the Blood of Dragon and Phoenix.


But Lin Feng needed to ask Miss Eight, the three strongest person of Yi Clan. After all, there was inseparable hatred between them, which was difficult to dissolve.


Lin Feng asked Miss Eight telepathically. Fortunately, Miss Eight agreed to let the World Dragon Clan leave this time. Of course, Miss Eight didn’t really want to let them go, but she thought the situation now was not conducive to the Region of the Eight Corners. It was easier to deal with Spiritual Warriors Clan alone than two clans. She did not know about the existence of the Ice Spirit and the Fire Spirit, or she would never have agreed to let go of the World Dragon Clan.


“You can leave.” Lin Feng nodded solemnly to Long Yuan.


Long Yuan and his people were happy and relieved that they didn’t need to face Lin Feng. After they returned, they would ask the Leader what to do before making a decision!


“Bastards! How dare you go back on your words, YOU BASTARDS!” Zhan Shun Tang was furious, and could only watch how Long Yuan and his people violated the alliance’s vows and took the initiative to quit this plan to assassinate Lin Feng.


It was simply a dream for the Spiritual Warriors Clan to kill Lin Feng with less than ten Holy Godly Ancestors and under fifty ordinary Godly Ancestors.


Zhan Shun Tang’s expression was getting paler. He realized that this time Spiritual Warriors Clan might suffer greatly. There were only eight Holy Godly Ancestors, while Lin Feng had more than ten, and less than fifty ordinary Godly Ancestors. Lin Feng’s Demon Corpse Army alone was enough to deal with them!


It’s over!


Zhan Shun Tang’s face was covered with cold sweat, and his back felt chilly. This was a fiasco, but also a potential massacre. The withdrawal of World Dragon Clan made the Spiritual Warriors Clan the target of the massacre!


Knowing this, they couldn’t put all their hopes on the World Dragon Clan, but Lin Feng should be blamed for mastering the power of the Blood of Dragon and Phoenix. It was no wonder the World Dragon Clan would give up.


Lin Feng smiled grimly. He wanted to summon the Ice Spirit and the Fire Spirit to kill these people, but now only Spiritual Warriors Clan was left, so there was no need to bother two overlords at all. This was the moment when his people killed the Spiritual Warriors Clan.


“Lin Feng, we will also retreat, what do you think?” Zhan Shun Tang’s face flushed, but he had to ask Lin Feng brazenly, hoping that Lin Feng could let them go.


Lin Feng looked at Zhan Shun Tang. When he heard that, he could not help but smile in amusement, and feel extremely happy.


“Retreat? Want me to let you go? Are you dreaming? Don’t you remember how you slaughtered the University of Stars and Clouds? I still remember!


“Don’t you remember how you sieged the representatives of our university outside of Jing City? I remember!


“Don’t you remember the hatred between us? I remember!”


“Zhan Shun Tang, do you think I will let you go?” Lin Feng growled. His voice terrified the world, crashing beside everyone’s ears with the fury of thunder. This was the angriest he had ever been.


“Kill, kill them all!” Lin Feng showed rare ferocity. It had been one year, one year ago, when he was humiliated and hunted by Spiritual Warriors Clan, so badly he had to return to the spirit world.


A year later, it was the same scene, but the result would not be the same. This was called blood for blood!


“Second brother, don’t waste your time. If we fight our way out, we may live.” Third Elder Zhan Chuan looked fierce, and although he was pale, he was still firm, and was not scared by this scene.


“Yes, we fight our way out!” Fourth Elder Zhan Qing Shan echoed. Their status was respected, how could they die here? They had to fight their way out. As long as they could get out alive, there would be another chance to kill Lin Feng!


As for the ordinary Godly Ancestors, they could be abandoned when it came to the critical moment!


“Alright, fight with me, brothers.” Zhan Shun Tang regained his calm, and with a roar, he rushed out and went straight for Lin Feng. Even in a scuffle, he could kill Lin Feng!


“Hehe, do you think I’m still the old me from a year ago?” Lin Feng sneered coldly. His face didn’t show any fear facing Zhan Shun Tang’s attack. He took a step forward, and clashed with Zhan Shun Tang instantly.


With this punch, Lin Feng’s overbearing power bursting out, like a demonic beast was going to destroy this world. Zhan Shun Tang’s attack also contained a thread of ancient Qi, which was unprecedentedly terrifying. The two attacks collided.


Boom, boom! After two violent eruptions, Lin Feng advanced instead of retreating. He turned his fists into palms, the golden lights swept out from his body, and he raised both hands. The Imperial Imprint rose up in the air, and smashed into Zhan Shun Tang’s chest. Zhan Shun Tang took three steps back instantly, and then raised his fists, two mighty punches smashing the Imperial Imprint.


“Boy, you will absolutely die today!” Zhan Shun Tang roared, his eyes like a viper, and went straight at Lin Feng.


“Let’s kill this son of a bitch with the second brother! As long as he is dead, we can all get out alive!” the third Elder Zhan Chuan laughed out loudly, finding the best way to survive.


Lin Feng led everyone in the Region of the Eight Corners. If Lin Feng was killed, they would break into pieces, and they would all be able to leave here.


“Haha, I’m in!” Fourth Elder Zhan Qing Shan also attacked. Three strong Holy Godly Ancestors spread out in three directions around Lin Feng. Lin Feng clenched his fists tightly and stood in the air, but the three Holy Godly Ancestors placed tremendous pressure on him.


The Region of the Eight Corners and Spiritual Warriors Clan were fighting below them. It was obvious that the Region of the Eight Corners had the advantage, ordinary Godly Ancestors were suffering heavy casualties, while some Holy Godly Ancestors were subdued by Li Ju and Miss Eight, who were waiting for Lin Feng’s order.


But no one had thought of the most critical person, Lin Feng! They thought that Lin Feng could defend himself from Zhan Shun Tang. Now three strong cultivators were going to kill Lin Feng. Chu Chun Qiu and the others all clenched their teeth, they did ignore him!


They didn’t stop the Third Elder and Fourth Elder!


Miss Eight’s expression was very bad. She was the strongest Holy Godly Ancestor, but it was hard to save Lin Feng from such a situation. By the time she moved, the enemies might have already attacked!


Lin Feng stood in the air, looking at the three Holy Godly Ancestors, with unprecedented coldness and murder on his face. His killing intent was like a sharp and bloody blade,.


“Are you sure you want to do this?”

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