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Chapter 1339 Harvest 


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Lin Feng looked icily at Zhan Shun Tang and the other two men. The anger had risen in his heart; he clenched his fists, and was about to Summon the Fire Spirit to kill all of them.


Before he died, if he still didn’t kill him, then it might be the most correct decision to wipe the entire Spiritual Warriors Clan!


“Haha, you are about to die. Do you think you are still qualified to talk to us like that?” Zhan Chuan sneered with a hint of irony and disdain.


“Am I?” Lin Feng laughed, then closed his eyes slowly. The Jia Yan’s Eye between his eyebrows burst out, and suddenly a huge scarlet fire light emerged, and the temperature of the entire mountain jumped tens of thousands of degrees.


Zhan Shun Tang and the other two’s expressions changed greatly; the thought of dying that never came to them suddenly appeared in their minds.


“Oh no, run!” Zhan Shun Tang finally realized what was hidden in that eye, and his face was extremely pale. At this moment, he no longer cared about Spiritual Warriors Clan, he had to run now!


Zhan Chuan and Zhan Qing Shan followed him with horror, trying to escape from here.


But the Fire Spirit’s smile meant their escape plan was useless.


“You dare try to kill my little brother Lin Feng, you really overestimate yourselves! Hey, since you were trying to die, don’t blame me!”


The Fire Spirit waved her hands, three fingers moved slightly. Three crimson fires spread out in front of them, and devoured the three in an instant.


“Ah!!! Ah ah ah!”


“My head, my head!!”


“No!! Ah!!”


Terrible screams came from the flames. The three fires ran and flew, but the flames were still not extinguished, but becoming more vigorous.


In the next second, a strong burning smell spread through the air, making people want to vomit, and the three men in the fire stopped struggling, the flames returned to calm.


Soon, the fire extinguished in swirls of black smoke, and no corpses were left, all burned to ashes!


This scene terrified those watching!


All the strong cultivators of Spiritual Warriors Clan, from Spiritual Godly Ancestors to ordinary Godly Ancestors, threw down their weapons, crouched on the ground obediently, and waited for Lin Feng to deal with them. Whether they were killed or discarded, they would accept it all, because they would rather be killed than burn in the fire.


That kind of death was unimaginable!


Lin Feng stayed calm, and didn’t feel anything. He didn’t feel scared, nor did he feel that he had gone too far. The hatred between him and Spiritual Warriors Clan, and World Dragon Clan too, was already known to everyone. Killing was reasonable.


This time he let go the World Dragon Clan go, so the power of the Blood of Dragon and Phoenix would not rebel. Compared to the World Dragon Clan, the power of the Blood of Dragon and Phoenix was more important to ​​Lin Feng. As for World Dragon Clan, he would never release them! 


“Master Li Ju, Master Water, please scout for ten thousand li. If there is no ambush in front of us, we will go back to the Region of the Eight Corners. If there is, we will kill them again!” Lin Feng looked expressionlessly at Li Ju and Water, the two Holy Godly Ancestors. They obeyed his order and disappeared, crossing the mountain and flying east.


“Little brother, when we go back, remember to reward your sister with something good,” the Fire Spirit teased him. She didn’t embarrass Lin Feng too much in front of so many people, and went back into Lin Feng’s Jia Yan’s Eye. The fiery light dissipated, the temperature of the entire mountain fell instantly and returned to its normal temperature.


Lin Feng was still expressionless, but forced a smile in his heart. If it wasn’t for the Ice Spirit meditating in seclusion because of Meng Qing’s breakthrough, he would have chosen the Ice Spirit. It was just torture asking the Fire Spirit to help.




Everyone was waiting for the return of Water and Li Ju. Half an hour passed quickly, and Li Ju and Water returned. They shook their heads at Lin Feng, said that there was no ambush and they could fly at full speed. Hearing this, Lin Feng’s expression returned to normal, and the killing in his eyes had almost disappeared.


Looking back at the remaining strong cultivators of Spiritual Warriors Clan, except for the dead, there were three living Holy Godly Ancestors, two more with serious injuries, and ten intact ordinary Godly Ancestors, five more with serious injuries, and three others on the verge of death.


This was all that was left of the Spiritual Warriors Clan attackers after the ambush. After the fiasco, the number of Holy Godly Ancestors dropped from a dozen to five, and the number of ordinary Godly Ancestors dropped from more than fifty to less than twenty-five.


The tragic and unprecedented defeat had also made these strong cultivators lose confidence in Spiritual Warriors Clan. The three Elders who were just incinerated were the core Elders with the highest seniority in Spiritual Warriors Clan, except for the absent First Elder. The Second, Third, and the Fourth Elders were all burned to death!


Including Fifth Elder Zhan Yu Hong, who was killed some time ago, of the ten Elders, four were dead, almost half of them!


Ninth Elder Zhan Yu Ying was also in this group. She was among the severely injured Holy Godly Ancestors, who were all captured by Chu Chun Qiu and others. None escaped, nor did they dare try to.


“You guys, do you want to live or die?” Lin Feng asked coldly, looking at the strong cultivators of the Spiritual Warriors Clan in front of him.


When they heard this, these desperate cultivators felt a glimpse of hope and looked at Lin Feng intently. They did not know what Lin Feng meant, so they remained silent.


“I can spare your lives,” Lin Feng continued with a grin, which was what these people desperately wanted to hear. This sentence was like a pardon, thrilling the strong cultivators of the Spiritual Warriors Clan.


As expected, when Lin Feng said this, everyone felt hope come, and they all fell to their knees to express their loyalty.


“Leader Lin, I, I will join you, please don’t kill me.”


“I, I, Leader Lin, I am willing to surrender and honor you from now on.”


“Leader Lin, as long as you say a word, I’m all yours.”


Many of the strong cultivators couldn’t wait to show their loyalty. As for honor and dignity, they didn’t want anymore. As long as they could live, they were willing to abandon them all and choose humiliation. No one was stupid enough to give their lives for the Spiritual Warriors Clan. They were very unhappy after this tragedy.


Lin Feng glanced at them. There were three Holy Godly Ancestors and ten ordinary Godly Ancestors among the people kneeling on the ground, begging for survive. The other two Holy Godly Ancestors did not kneel, but looked at these spineless ‘strong cultivators’ with cold eyes.


Lin Feng remembered these two Holy Godly Ancestors, and was happy. If he could recruit the two Holy Godly Ancestors, they would be a great help. What was the Region of the Eight Corners the most lacking in now? Strong and potential young geniuses. Since the young geniuses from the Country of Eternity were here, the young generations in the Region of the Eight Corners did not need to worry!


However, they were still short Holy Godly Ancestors and Spiritual Godly Ancestors. To be honest, he didn’t have many Holy Godly Ancestors in the Region of the Eight Corners. Ta Han Yuan was one, and Li Ju belonged to the Region of the Eight Corners. Ancestor Shi also belonged to the Region of the Eight Corners. In addition, it was embarrassing that three, including Miss Eight, were strong cultivators of the Zu Yi Clan. Huo Ju, Huo Xi and the other two were the four Fire Generals, who belonged to the Fire Spirit.


Leaving off those seven strong cultivators, how many Holy Godly Ancestors were left? Only a few, so Lin Feng urgently needed to recruit Holy Godly Ancestors from other clans. However, he put quality before quantity, and he didn’t need unfaithful people.


Those strong cultivators who were kneeling on the ground just now could be used; as long as he was strong enough, they would not betray him. However, when he was in real danger, they would kneel in front of others, just like today.


Therefore, such strong cultivators could be used, but could not be reused, and they would not become his confidants. However, he was considering the two old men, who just looked at them coldly. It. It would be best to recruit them.


“You may stand up now, I’m aware of your loyalty.” Lin Feng put on a false smile, but in the eyes of these people, it was as warm as the stars and the sun, making them want to cry, as if they didn’t need to die.


TThey were Holy Godly Ancestors, and in the Region of the Eight Corners, they would still be  would still be Holy Godly Ancestors. Even if the treatment given to them would change, it would not change too much. They were still respected and powerful respected and powerful cultivators!!


“Let’s go back to the Region of the Eight Corners.” Lin Feng waved his hands at these people,, Chu Chun Qiu, and the the others. With Chu Chun Qiu taking the lead, and Li Ju and Tuo Han Yuan taking the back, these people followed them in the direction of the Region of the Eight Corners.


However, two strong cultivators of Spiritual Warriors Clan didn’t move. They were the two Holy Godly Ancestors: an old man in a purple robe, and an old man in a light blue robe. Their expressions were gloomy.


They did not move. Lin Feng had to stop. Chu Chun Qiu and the others knew what Lin Feng was going to do, so they didn’t say anything.


Three people looked at each other for a long time, and the two elders yelled bluntly, “Lin Feng, kill us already, we will not betray the Spiritual Warriors Clan!”


“Lin Feng, you are talented, and you will definitely have great achievements in the future. The Spiritual Warriors Clan can’t stop you, but if you want me to fight for you, Zhan Qian would rather die!”


The two elders closed their eyes at this moment, waiting for death.


Lin Feng looked at the two for a long time, and finally shook his head sadly. He forced a smile and said, “Masters, leave, andgo back to your Spiritual Warriors Clan, I won’t kill you.”


Lin Feng turned around and followed the troops of the Region of the Eight Corners, leaving the two old men behind. Zhan Qian and Zhan Han were stunned. They did not expect that Lin Feng would not kill them, but merely let them go.


“Why did he do this?” Zhan Han couldn’t understand. Lin Feng boldly let them go, which was like setting a tiger free back to the mountains, or taking a crocodile as a pet.


“Don’t you see that? This boy is trying to recruit us, hehe.” Zhan Qian forced a smile, his heart extremely complicated and bitter.


“Uh, you old thing, don’t play with me. Just tell me, why does he want to do that?” Zhan Han turned to him and asked urgently.


Zhan Qian took a deep breath, disappointed at Spiritual Warriors Clan in his heart. There were only two words to describe Lin Feng: too harsh!

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