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Chapter 1340 The World of Battles Has Changed



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“This boy deliberately let us go, which has two meanings. The first is to be kind to us, so we will at least consider today’s situation when we meet him in the future. Second, none of the strong cultivators of Spiritual Warriors Clan have returned but us. What do you think the people in the clan will take us for? “


“Ah? Zhan Qian, do you mean that the clan will deal with us secretly, because we might be undercover?”


“Well, this is the dual purpose of Lin Feng. Zhan Han, I am a little disappointed in the Spiritual Warriors Clan. The Second Elder and the others were so intent on getting out of here that they didn’t care if we lived or died. With leaders like that, what do you think they’ll say?”


“We turned to Lin Feng!” Zhan Han understood the meaning of this, and his expression suddenly changed. Although he felt humiliated, it was far better than being killed by his own people.


“But, but, if we follow them now, won’t we be shameless?” Zhan Qian asked with a complicated expression. If they did, what would be different from those who knelt for survival. He would rather go back to accept his death!


“No, you won’t. As long as Masters treat me with sincerity, I am willing to treat Masters as my uncles. All I ask is your loyalty!”


After Zhan Qian finished his sentence, from the distance came the hearty and sincere laughter of Lin Feng. The two masters saw Lin Feng approaching them, and he was quickly standing in front of them.


“Lin Feng, you do have us in your control.” Zhan Qian completely gave up.


“Masters, please!” Lin Feng smiled confidently, and sincerely invited the two Holy Godly Ancestors to the Region of the Eight Corners. Zhan Qian and Zhan Han did not reject him. Although they felt weird, they were trying to integrate into their upcoming new home.


This decision made these two people quite successful. Merely one year in the future, the two Elders in the World of Battles would be grateful for Lin Feng’s favor and training!




There was laughter everywhere in the Region of the Eight Corners; Lin Feng had recruited so many strong cultivators from the Spiritual Warriors Clan with this dangerous action. Although not all of them would be really reused, it was better than nothing.


Worried that these strong cultivators might betray him at any time, Lin Feng did not hesitate to put restrictions on everyone. These restrictions were planted by the Fire Spirit personally. Anyone who had any idea of ​​betrayal would trigger the restriction, the flames in their bodies would devour them.


Late at night, the people in the Region of the Eight Corners were still drinking. Tonight, all the elites in the Region of the Eight Corners were concentrated in the center of Man Yu. The strong cultivators of Spiritual Warriors Clan and the Region of the Eight Corners blended quickly.


Gradually, everyone liked this lifestyle where they could love and hate freely. Compared to life in Spiritual Warriors Clan, where they had to be careful and afraid of offending the Elders and grandmasters, in retrospect, that was not for humans.


Zhan Han and Zhan Qian were also drinking happily. In the old days, they only knew that the Region of the Eight Corners was a place of evil criminals, a mortal malady of the World of Battles. However, after they really learned about the Region of the Eight Corners, they found out how wrong this rumor was.


The Region of the Eight Corners was peaceful. Compared to the backstabbing of the outside world, at least the Region of the Eight Corners did not have that kind of vulgarity and mercenary nature of human beings.


This was a utopia suitable for life, but the person who really made this utopia was Lin Feng. Without Lin Feng unifying the Region of the Eight Corners, without Lin Feng taking the reins of control from Ni Huang, how could they have this kind of life today?


Lin Feng was now the patron saint of the Region of the Eight Corners. Of course, the real patron saint was the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, but Lin Feng was the spiritual patron saint. If Lin Feng died, even one hundred godly ancestors wouldn’t replace him. The Region of the Eight Corners had one Leader, who could only be Lin Feng!


“After tonight, I am afraid that the World of Battles will change greatly.” Zhan Qian held a wine glass and stood in an inconspicuous corner with Zhan Han, looking at the stars in the sky.


“Come on, big brother, you are being dramatic.” Zhan Han shook his head. He didn’t know that because of this incident, the entire World of Battles would change quietly. He thought it was making a mountain out of a molehill. Lin Feng had potential, but what he said was too absolute.


“You don’t believe so? In the past two days, Lin Feng first made the Alliance of Young Geniuses suffer losses, and gave the Spiritual Warriors Clan a beating. Do you think there is no butterfly effect in the World of Battles?”


“Okay, let’s not be so serious and take a step back to talk about the Spiritual Warriors Clan. We all know the situation of Spiritual Warriors Clan. The Leader is an overlord, and there are only three Earthly Godly Ancestors and twenty Holy Godly Ancestors in the entire clan. The sum of ordinary Godly Ancestors and Spiritual Godly Ancestors is no more than one hundred. After the defeat today, the Elders like Zhan Shun Tang are dead, and none of the eight Holy Godly Ancestors went back. There are only twelve Holy Godly Ancestors left in the Spiritual Warriors Clan now.”


“Twenty ordinary Godly Ancestors have surrendered, so the remaining ordinary Godly Ancestors and Spiritual Godly Ancestors in the clan is less than eighty. In this way, the strength of the Spiritual Warriors Clan has been damaged. I am afraid it won’t be able to maintain its second-tier status. “


Zhan Han analyzed it clearly and logically. He was worried for the Spiritual Warriors Clan, and of course happy for the rise of the Region of the Eight Corners.


“Eh-hem, Zhan Qian, the Spiritual Warriors Clan has nothing to do with us now. Whether they are second or third-tier, now we are with the Region of the Eight Corners, which cannot be changed.”



The Spiritual Warriors Clan, in the back of Spiritual Mountain…


When Zhan Ling Yan heard the results of the attempted assassination of Lin Feng, he almost spat out blood and fainted. His face was extremely pale, he was trembling, and unable to accept the facts.


“How could that be? There are eight Holy Godly Ancestors, I personally sent the Second Elder, the Third Elder, and the Fourth Elder, I can’t believe… I can’t believe they didn’t come back…” Zhan Ling Yan murmured with a pale face. Behind him was standing a row of Holy Godly Ancestors. There were also three Earthly Godly Ancestors in black, who remained silent.


“It was… it was said that World Dragon Clan withdrew from the assassination, which led to the tragedy of our Spiritual Warriors Clan.” One of his men reported this fact brazenly. Although he expected that the Leader would definitely be furious, when he said it, he still underestimated the overlord.




A deafening explosion came. Zhan Ling Yan roared, smashing away more than half of the back of Spiritual Mountain with a punch, and the rear slopes of Spiritual Mountain were scarred and battered.


The men did not dare to speak, and their faces were very pale, waiting for Zhan Ling Yan’s anger to vent.


It took a long time for Zhan Ling Yan to return to normal. As the forty-eighth overlord of the List of the World of Battles, he felt tired and embarrassed. He had never been so shamed, just because of a Spiritual Godly Ancestor!


He had sent so many strong cultivators, and none of them succeeded!


“It’s over, it’s over. After this battle, I’m afraid the Spiritual Warriors Clan will fall into a third-tier force.” Zhan Ling Yan forced a smile. Without the eight Holy Godly Ancestors and more than fifty ordinary Godly Ancestors, the Spiritual Warriors Clan had lost thirty percent of its strength!


That loss was enough to set Spiritual Warriors Clan a great step back!


At this moment, the three Earthly Godly Ancestors raised their heads, and the middle-aged leader of them, the one with terrifying Qi, asked, “Leader, should the three of us take the shot personally, and kill Lin Feng?”


Heard the words, some Holy Godly Ancestors were very happy, and clenched their fists secretly. As long as the three masters were willing to do it, how long could Lin Feng stay alive? He definitely would be killed mercilessly!


“I’ll support this!”


“I will do my best to assist the three great masters, kill Lin Feng to honor my clan!”


… Zhan Ling Yan looked at the gestures of his men, his heart cool, and then looked at the three masters. In addition to anger, he saw some self-evident emotions in their eyes. Zhan Ling Yan knew exactly what that was.


Earthly Godly Ancestors were qualified to break through to the level of overlords. Although the Spiritual Warriors Clan was not big, it was not small either. It was completely enough for two or even three overlords.


This was a battle for setting up their reputation. Killing Lin Feng would surely ring throughout the entire northern World of Battles. Although Lin Feng was not an overlord, he was important.


“Alright, but don’t kill him in the Region of the Eight Corners. You should know that the last Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, the teacher of the present Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, has become Lin Feng’s guardian, and he was just in the Region of the Eight Corners! Even if the three of you join forces, it will be difficult to defeat him.”


Zhan Ling Yan solemnly warned the three Grand Masters that they could kill Lin Feng anywhere but in the Region of the Eight Corners.


The three men in black nodded and were satisfied.


“Rest assured, that little bastard won’t live long!”



The Human Clan, in the Court of Discipline…


Fu Dao had knelt for a long time. There was a portrait in front of him, ten meters long and five meters wide. It depicted a handsome man holding a zither. The man was in a golden robe with a dragon and a phoenix flying behind him, with a kirin as a mount.


In the entire Human Clan, no one dared to look directly at the portrait, except for the Human Ancestor. It was not because of the rules, but because the eyes of the man in this portrait were very weird. As long as you looked at his eyes, you would fall into a state of life and death, which was difficult to get out of.


“Ancestor, I was wrong!”


Fu Dao felt unwilling, but realized that he should not have ordered that all the young geniuses of the lower world be killed, which was a monstrous crime.

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