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Chapter 1341 Holy Godly Ancestors!


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After three rounds, Lin Feng saw that Zhan Han and Zhan Qian were standing in the corner, talking about something, looking worried. After putting down his glass, Lin Feng walked up quietly beside them, and asked respectfully, “Masters, I’d like to know something.”

As the Leader of the Region of the Eight Corners, Lin Feng was unique in status, and Zhan Han and Zhan Qian were just two Elders he had brought in. However, in terms of age and qualifications, Lin Feng needed to be respectful.

“Oh, Leader, please go ahead.” The minds of Zhan Qian and Zhan Han were all on the Spiritual Warriors Clan. They did not even notice that Lin Feng was standing behind the two of them. For a moment, they were a little flustered and guilty.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, not angry at their dishonesty, and he wasn’t going to blame them, either. This was all human nature. The two old men were temperamental, it was already a good result that they agreed to join the Region of the Eight Corners. For the time being, he couldn’t expect too much. 

“Masters, I would like to ask about the details of the Spiritual Warriors Clan.” Lin Feng stared at the two with a brilliant smile. The question was too sharp. It was not a question, but a tentative test.

The two of them could miss the Spiritual Warriors Clan, but they must sever their connection with it. Now they belonged to the Region of the Eight Corners, so they had to consider the interests and honor of it. It was wrong if they still tried to hide something. Lin Feng’s move was a hard one, but it had to be done.

Lin Feng cherished talents, but he wouldn’t indulge people who would hardly give in for a long time. If that was the case, it would be better to let them go or kill them sooner or later, rather than being like this.

The two were old scoundrels, and naturally understood Lin Feng’s purpose. They felt a little lonely in the heart for a while; leaving the Spiritual Warriors Clan meant betraying it, as did telling Lin Feng the details of the Spiritual Warriors Clan. But since they had reverted to the Region of the Eight Corners, they really couldn’t think about the Spiritual Warriors Clan.

Therefore, there was only one way before them; telling the truth, so that they could be reused.

Playing it both hard and soft was Lin Feng’s method. At first, the two were moved by his sincerity, but now he had to be hard to deter and convince them.

Lin Feng was not in a hurry, waiting for two to figure out their answer; to be honest, or ambiguous? What would be their answer?

People outside were still festive, while Lin Feng stood here waiting for the answers of the two old men, the atmosphere relatively dull.

After a long time, Zhan Qian finally raised his head, and looked grimly at Lin Feng. Zhan Qian turned his head and frowned. It was difficult to accept this, but it was necessary to do so.

“In addition to the Leader Ling Yan, who is the overlord, the Spiritual Warriors Clan also has three Earthly Godly Ancestors, but they have not entered the List of the World of Battles, and they are not overlords. There may be less than 15 Holy Godly Ancestors, and some Ordinary Godly Ancestors and Spiritual Godly Ancestors.

“After this battle, the overall strength of the Spiritual Warriors Clan should have dropped by about forty percent. If the Spiritual Warriors Clan were formerly second-class, they might drop into a third-class force now, but because of the Earthly Godly Ancestors, the drop will not be so obvious for the time being.”

Zhan Qian reported word by word, despite his trembling tone of voice. He chose the most correct decision and did not let his feelings for the Spiritual Warriors Clan get in the way of business.

When Lin Feng heard Zhan Qian’s report, he couldn’t help but change his expression. Although he expected the Spiritual Warriors Clan to be strong, it still shocked him. Still, if he brought the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, the Ice Spirit, and the Fire Spirit to the Spiritual Warriors Clan, the three of them would be able to kill Ling Yan and the three Earthly Godly Ancestors, and his Holy Godly Ancestors would also be able to contain the clan’s Holy Godly Ancestors.

There were many opportunities to win, but Lin Feng couldn’t be so adventurous and impulsive, and he was not fully qualified to destroy the Spiritual Warriors Clan. He still needed to be patient and wait for the next opportunity. Lin Feng firmly believed that day would come soon.

“Masters, thank you for your hard work.” Lin Feng didn’t say too many polite words. One look was enough to satisfy the two old men. Lin Feng knew their thoughts and complicated hearts, that was enough.


Time slowly passed…

It had been half a month since the meeting between him and the Alliance of Young Geniuses of Fu Dao. During this half month, the Region of the Eight Corners was quietly undergoing huge changes. Lin Feng appointed Zhan Qian and Zhan Han to be in charge of Gan Yu, and Song Chou Jiu quit his management of Ye Yu.

Another good news was that Qian Yuan Chang and Xue Wu Tian had completely surrendered to Lin Feng after going through education under the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, and were unlikely to betray Lin Feng. With the assurance of the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, Lin Feng also boldly put Qian Yuan Chang, the child-like Holy Godly Ancestor, in charge of Ye Yu temporarily.

Since Song Chou Jiu no longer managed the affairs of Ye Yu, he began to concentrate on the center of Man Yu, taking care of the Alliance of the Region of the Eight Corners. As for Lin Feng, he could take it easier. At the same time, Xue Wu Tian and Xue Wu Di temporarily stayed in Man Yu, with those Holy Godly Ancestors who had surrendered from the Spiritual Warriors Clan, and were ready to fight.

Lin Feng couldn’t forget that Xue Wu Di and Qian Yuan Dao had plotted to kill all the representatives of the small forces and make him the scapegoat, so Lin Feng would not easily use Xue Wu Tian and Xue Wu Di. As for Qian Yuan Dao, he could only stay in the world within the List of the World of Battles that belonged to the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points’ for his whole life; he would never get out.

Today, the sky was clear, the air was comfortable, and the sun was charming. There was a clear and refreshing sense from the top to the bottom of Man Yu. The Region of the Eight Corners had fallen into an unprecedented peace and harmony. Of course, this kind of peace was brought by Lin Feng and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. Everyone in the Region of the Eight Corners appreciated Lin Feng and the Ancestor.

Of course, what really made Lin Feng feel that Man Yu was very peaceful and the mood was so comfortable was still a brief message from the Ice Spirit. Meng Qing, who had reached Holy Godly Ancestor, would soon meet with Lin Feng.

When Lin Feng heard the news, he was too excited to sleep at night. Her importance was self-evident. Lin Feng had been parted from Meng Qing for a year; she was taken back to Spirit World one year ago, but now, she would soon be at his side!

Lin Feng got up early, waiting for Meng Qing.

Not long after, the Ice Spirit appeared in front of Lin Feng. At first glance, her blue and white long dress made Lin Feng think it was Meng Qing, but upon closer inspection it was the Ice Spirit. He felt a little disappointed. S

So was the Ice Spirit. When she saw Lin Feng’s disappointed eyes, she felt a little bitter and angry.

Holding back her anger, she forced a smile and said, “Lin Feng, look, I have brought you Meng Qing.” Her hands waved gently, a snowy chill shining across the room, and the temperature dropped by tens of thousands of degrees for a moment, making Lin Feng feel that he was on an iceberg at this moment, but he didn’t care.

Gradually, the icy lights dissipated, and a snow-white long dress appeared in Lin Feng’s sight. Eventually, Meng Qing’s beautiful face appeared completely before Lin Feng’s eyes.

Meng Qing was still so pretty. With the white halo, she was startlingly beautiful; the dark blue hairpin her black bun was shining. Meng Qing was not wearing boots, her bare feet on the snow, and an unprecedented sense of refreshment spread through Lin Feng’s body.

Silently, Lin Feng strode forward and swept the woman he’d been missing for a year into his arms, lest she disappear. Meng Qing was smiling, despite the cold on her face, but in the arms of her man, her heart was also still trembling.

Lin Feng and Meng Qing were intertwined. Neither wanted to let go. They wanted to feel the love that flowed between them. The Ice Spirit, who was still in the room, was awkward. Seeing them hugging each other, she felt embarrassed.

“Husband, I missed you!” Tears dripped on Meng Qing’s cheeks; even a frozen heart was going to be touched by Lin Feng’s hot heart.

One sentence was enough to convey Meng Qing’s feelings!

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