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Chapter 1343 Back to The Spirit World


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“Husband, it may be a lie fabricated by Cheng Shan to deliberately upset you, or maybe…” In the first place, Meng Qing wouldn’t doubt the two women Lin Feng had named. Huo Wu and Huang Nü had become mothers, their children were Lin Feng’s, they couldn’t betray him.

In addition, how could Huo Wu and Huang Nü deliver the news to the fake Cheng Shan outside through the Spirit World? It didn’t make sense, so Meng Qing was not convinced.

“Meng Qing, do you know that there is actually a space and time in the Spirit World that can connect to the outside world, and if I summon some people or someone comes out from the Spirit World, it can be done.

“But without going out through me, only my father Lin Hai can do it in the Spirit World. But, my father has never been out, which I know very well.” Lin Feng frowned and had no clue at all. If one of his women had really betrayed him, then how was the news delivered, and who knew that he had turned into Asura, besides Meng Qing?

“Meng Qing, are you the only one who knows I turned into Asura?” Lin Feng thought of a very urgent question, and suddenly asked. He didn’t doubt Meng Qing, but he was worried that Meng Qing might have told a few of the other women.

When she heard this, Meng Qing was astonished and her face turned pale. She realized her mistake.

“Husband, after you left, Huo Wu and Qiu Yue Xin suspected you. They asked me, I had no choice but to tell them. Husband, do you mean …?” Meng Qing knew Lin Feng well, so she also knew the way of his thinking.

If Lin Feng asked, then he was certain that a girl was acting strange. They finally locked on one person, which was Huo Wu!

Both Huo Wu and the fake Cheng Shan appeared in the hundred regions of the Continent of the Gods. Huo Wu was the daughter of the fire Zun, and the fake Cheng Shan had also showed up in the Gods Sect. In this way, Lin Feng had to doubt her.

“Meng Qing, I feel a bit sad.” Lin Feng’s eyes were twitching, and he covered his heart, unwilling to accept the fact. He thought of Huo Wu, that playful and cute girl, who had fought side by side with him. He loved her deeply. How could she betray him?

“Husband, I know you are sad, but if you think about it carefully, doesn’t Huo Wu love you? Yes, she loves you very much. After Song Zhuang broke your soul, Huo Wu and Qing Feng were willing to die for you, they used their blood to save you. How can a woman like that be worse than Qing Huang Tian?

“Husband, something must be wrong. Even if Huo Wu betrayed you, she must have her reasons, don’t you think? If she never loved you, then she wouldn’t give birth to you son, Lin Sheng Jiong, for you. You know very well that once a woman has a child, her heart and soul will be devoted to her son.

“You must cherish such a woman, but if she really betrayed you, please also make sure that you are not wronged. After all, she is also your lover!” Meng Qing’s rational and thorough analysis of the situation eased Lin Feng’s sadness.

“Let’s go back to the Spirit World, Meng Qing, come on.” Lin Feng sighed deeply. A year had passed, it was time to return to the Spirit World. Even if it was not to find the woman who had betrayed him, then for those women who waited for him, he should go back.

Meng Qing nodded. She also wanted to go home and take a look. Although the Ice World was at the bottom of the Spirit World, she had never returned home. Like Lin Feng, she hadn’t been back for over a year. She missed her son, Lin Zhe Tian.

Lin Feng didn’t say more; he stood up and closed his eyes. A blue light of time and space suddenly appeared in front of him, rising above his chest, and finally wrapped up him and Meng Qing. The two disappeared into nothingness in the night.


His Spirit World had undergone tremendous changes. If it was just Lin Feng’s family living in the Spirit World a year ago, then the people in the Spirit World now were enough to form a city, and Lin Feng had brought some from the ancient battlefield. The seven ancient humans brought back by Lin Feng from the ancient battlefield and the new humans born in the Spirit World were indispensable. Just this year, hundreds of people were born.

There was no longer only a human race living in the Spirit World, but also many beast races. Because of the King of the Beasts Hu Ba, the development of the beast races had been much faster. Adding in the two primal chaos beasts that came in before, and all kinds of beasts had appeared.

According to Yue Meng He’s guess, his Spirit World would become a small complete world within a few decades, a continent no smaller than the Continent of the Nine Clouds!

“Grandma, when did you say my father will be back?”

Next to Yue Meng He were no less than four children, both boys and girls. Each child was very cute, like a porcelain doll. Pink faces, thick eyelashes, and smiling little mouths, looked very much like Lin Feng, and reminded Yue Meng He of her son every time. But with so many grandchildren and granddaughters, Yue Meng He’s focus had always been on them.

“Sheng Jiong, your father will come back to see you soon, but you must be good, and cultivate well, okay? You are only at the first Godly Emperor Layer, but your brother Sheng Xie is already the third Godly Emperor Layer.”

Yue Meng He petted Lin Sheng Jiong’s little bald head and looked at the two-year-old child Lin Sheng Xie, who was childish, yet pretended to be mature. He was the son of Lin Feng and Qing Feng, less than two years old, but he had already reached the Godly Emperor Layer.

Of course, the most powerful one was Lin Zu, the child of Lin Feng and Liu Fei. He was just three or four years old. However, he had already entered the Great Supreme God layer, much better than his father Lin Feng, who was still a toddler when he was three or four years old … She really didn’t know how these children of Lin Feng were born. Was it true that bloodline inheritance could be so important? She hadn’t forgotten that when Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Qiong Sheng were born, they had already been so talented, but compared to these little guys, so much less!

“Well, Brother Sheng Xie has Aunt Qing Feng providing training resources for him, grandma, my mother doesn’t have them, why is that? Why are they all my father’s women, but aunt Qing Feng has it, while my mother doesn’t?” Lin Sheng Jiong was not pleased, there was darkness in his eyes.

When she heard this, Yue Meng He’s expression changed suddenly. How could this child have such an idea? If it could not be corrected early, it was very likely that these children would not be compatible with each other. Disagreement between brothers had occurred many times, but it could not occur in the Lin family!

“Stop that, Sheng Jiong! Your aunt Qing Feng’s cultivation resources are the same as your mother’s, so is your auntie Huang Nü. How can you think like that?” Yue Meng He said angrily at Lin Sheng Jiong. How could a kid this young be so competitive?

“Wuuuu, Grandma you are unfair! Apparently my mother didn’t give me training resources, wuuuu, they were all given to me by auntie Huang Nü. Wuuu!” Lin Sheng Jiong wept, a porcelain doll with tears made Yue Meng He’s heart hurt.

When Lin Feng and Meng Qing showed up at the door of his home, he saw Lin Sheng Jiong crying badly. Lin Feng’s heart was soft and somewhat distressed. This was his own son. How could he cry? Was he wronged?

“Mother, I am back,” Lin Feng said softly to Yue Meng He. Yue Meng He’s mind was on her grandson, and the sudden call made her stiffen. She looked up and saw Lin Feng and Meng Qing looking at her and smiling, and her heart trembled.

“Little Feng? Are you really little Feng?” Yue Meng He’s tone was quavering as she stood up and ran to Lin Feng, Lin Feng and Meng Qing stepped forward, entered the courtyard, and knelt before Yue Meng He. Lin Feng’s face was guilty, “My mother, Feng is not a good son, I made you worry.”

“I’m not a worthy daughter-in-law.” Meng Qing echoed Lin Feng. Even if she was on her knees, her grace did not decrease at all.

Yue Meng He looked at Lin Feng and Meng Qing in satisfaction, and slowly nodded, “Well, well, get up now.” Yue Meng He lifted Lin Feng and Meng Qing together, then turned back to the children, she smiled, “Come here, children, look who this is?”

Yue Meng He had been with these children day and night. They were very close, but Lin Feng had been outside all year round, and they had never seen him since their birth. When these children ran over, their expressions were full of doubt, yet curious. They looked at Lin Feng with their hands behind their backs, pretending to be adults.

Lin Feng forced a smile, watching his sons and daughters sizing himself up. Although he was smiling, his heart was bleeding, and he finally realized a serious problem. If their parent-child relationship was not good, it might affect their future.

“Who are you? How can you come to my house? You are also bringing a beautiful aunt, she definitely is my father’s woman. You bad guy, dare to touch my father’s woman, my father will kill you when he comes back!” Lin Sheng Jiong had stopped crying, although the tears were still hanging on his face. He still pretended to be fierce, and made a gesture of killing at Lin Feng. Lin Feng wanted to cry and laugh, yet he picked the little guy up.

“Who is your father?” Lin Feng asked Lin Sheng Jiong with a smile.

“My father is my mother’s favorite. I won’t tell you!” Lin Sheng Jiong looked at him disdainfully, and turned away his head. He was as cute as a doll. Lin Feng’s heart was melting. Even if there were thousands of sorrows, at the moment of seeing his child, everything was satisfying.

Lin Feng looked at Lin Sheng Jiong and asked. “Your father’s name is Lin Feng, isn’t it?”

Lin Sheng Jiong was shocked. He couldn’t help but ask Lin Feng, “How do you know?”

“Look at them.” Yue Meng He listened to the conversation between Lin Feng and Lin Sheng Jiong with a smile. Although it was funny, it was also sad. The father did not recognize the son, and the son did not recognize the father.

Yue Meng He knew that Lin Feng only knew that the child he was holding was his son, and he might not know that he was Lin Sheng Jiong.

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