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Chapter 1344: Lin Feng is Kicked by His Son!


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“Well, Sheng Jiong, don’t you want to see your father? He is your father, Lin Feng!” Yue Meng He couldn’t help but tell Lin Sheng Jiong.

Lin Sheng Jiong was a little surprised. He looked at the man holding him, and was very happy. He suddenly hugged Lin Feng. His little body, less than a meter high, stuck to Lin Feng, which made Lin Feng feel even more guilty, and at the same time he knew that this was his son with Huo Wu, Lin Sheng Jiong.

“Father, I’m Lin Sheng Xie!”

Compared with Lin Sheng Jiong’s funny mischievousness, Lin Sheng Xie was extremely calm. Although he was only two years old, he had completely taken off his childishness and grown up into a big child. He didn’t like to play with Lin Sheng Jiong, he liked to play with Lin Zu and Lin Heng.

Lin Feng put down Lin Sheng Jiong, and looked at Lin Sheng Xie, who was in a little black suit. There was a touch of tenderness on his face. This was the son of he and Qing Feng, Lin Sheng Xie!

“Father, I’m Lin Sheng Miao, your sweet little girl!”

Not long after Lin Sheng Xie spoke up, the only little girl stood at the foot of Lin Feng adorably, reaching out her tender little hands to hold Lin Feng’s trousers. Her voice was soft but sweet, her character quite different from her mother Huang Nü.

“Oh, my baby girl.” Lin Feng’s heart was full of happiness. He took Lin Sheng Miao and kissed her on the cheek. If Lin Feng wasn’t her biological father, he would definitely have been taken as a strange uncle.

“Mother, what about the other children?” Meng Qing held Yue Meng He. Although Yue Meng He still looked young, after all, she was older than Meng Qing and also an elder, Meng Qing should help her.

“Lin Nian Er and Lin Heng Er have gone outside with Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Qiong Sheng, and have been away for a few days. You may not know, Lin Heng, but Lin Nian and Lin Zu have already become grown-up, and he follows his two big brothers to fight everywhere!

“You see, Lin Zu just defeated a primal chaos beast two days ago, which he also promised Lin Zu as his mount.” When Yue Meng He talked about Lin Zu, she was full of amazement, as Lin Zu was simply too excellent.

Lin Feng was listening to the news of Lin Zu, and was also surprised. At the beginning, the Ice Spirit had predicted that Lin Zu would be an Ancestor of mankind, and would save the entire Human Clan. Although he didn’t believe that, now he was convinced. Lin Zu was indeed unusual!

“Mother, what about Lin Si Tian?” Lin Feng did not forget the other daughter of him and Liu Fei, Lin Si Tian. She and Lin Zu were twins. Although she was not as talented as Lin Zu, she would not be bad.

“Si Tian went to a small Beast Clan eight thousand miles away and became the king of it. She is with Hu Ba.” Yue Meng He mentioned Lin Si Tian with a weird expression, but still forced a smile. 

When he heard that, Lin Feng frowned, and asked, “Became a King of Beasts? Lin Si Tian went to be a King of Beasts?”

“Yes, this girl, for some unknown reason, has become very close to the beasts from the moment she could talk and walk. What’s stranger is that no matter how fierce the beasts are, as long as they see Si Tian, they will be subservient, as if they see their master.

“Later, Hu Ba came once and said that Lin Si Tian was suitable to become a King of Beasts, and he would take her out to train her personally. It would be a waste to let her stay home. Hu Ba is your adopted son, and he wouldn’t harm Si Tian, so I let him,” explained Yue Meng He cautiously. She was afraid that Lin Feng would be angry and worried about Lin Si Tian’s safety, but he wasn’t. When Lin Feng heard about Hu Ba, he felt greatly relieved. Hu Ba would not do bad things. He was a King of Beasts. Would one of his children become a King of Beasts too?

“What did Liu Fei say?” Lin Feng asked. As long as Liu Fei agreed, he would let Lin Si Tian go.

“Liu Fei agreed; she said that every child should have a destination of their own, and we should not interfere too much, otherwise the development of the child will be limited. Lin Si Tian liked beasts, than she should be allowed to go. Lin Zu liked fighting, so he should go with Lin Zhe Tian.” Yue Meng He informed him. She always felt that Liu Fei was a little irresponsible. How could a mother indulge her child like that? Also, didn’t she worry that Lin Si Tian would be in danger?

After listening to Liu Fei’s opinion, Lin Feng could only sigh. Liu Fei was the one who saw things clearly and to the point.

“Well, mother, just rest for a while. I’ll take these boys with me,” Lin Feng said. Yue Meng He looked tired, and she lost a lot of weight, Lin Feng was sad, and didn’t want to trouble his mother.

Yue Meng He nodded. It would be good for Lin Feng to have a good relationship with these little guys. It was much better than strangeness, otherwise the relationship between the father and the son could not be maintained, which would be troublesome.

“By the way, Huo Wu, Qing Feng, and others are doing things outside. The Spirit World today is not as it was, and people need to be guarded, otherwise there will be chaos. They will come back later, then you can talk to them.”

Yue Meng He enjoined Lin Feng with a few words before entering the house. Meng Qing and Lin Feng looked at each other, Lin Feng lowered his head and looked at his two sons and daughter.

“Father will play a game with you, okay?” Lin Feng was eager to play with his children, but what Lin Feng did not expect was that he would be scorned by his children!

“Pfft, who plays games? So childish.” Lin Sheng Jiong smiled disdainfully. Although Lin Sheng Xie didn’t speak, there was some irony on his face. As for Lin Sheng Miao, she stood in front of Lin Feng and laughed, “Father, you are so embarrassing, I don’t even play games.”

“Hey, guys, guys.” Lin Feng was so embarrassed, he touched his nose and didn’t know what to do. He could only blame himself for being so perfect, for having so many brilliant children!

“Look, what is this?” Lin Feng had no choice but to grab at the air, and suddenly there were seven or eight blue life stones in his hand. This was what the Spirit World needed for cultivation, and was extracted from the air.

Cultivation in the Spirit World did not rely on Qi, but on the life stones to enhance strength.

“Wow, Father, why do you have life stones? Mother just gave me three of them.” When Lin Sheng Xie saw that Lin Feng finally took out something that he liked, he became happy and acted like a spoiled child.

Lin Feng smiled. It turned out that these little guys loved these things. They were indeed his sons, and eager to become strong.

“Attack me, whoever can take my ten moves will get a lot of life stones, how about that?” smiled Lin Feng, looking at the little guys.

Huang Nü and the others needed to waste a lot of energy to refine the life stones, but he was the master of this world, and could easily get life stones. Lin Feng could give the children life stones without limit.

“Do you mean it, Father?” Lin Sheng Xie’s expression changed suddenly. He liked fighting and blood, and when Lin Feng proposed such a condition, he couldn’t help himself.

“Of course! I will suppress my strength to the same level as your layer of Godly Emperor. How about that?” Lin Feng nodded seriously. This seemed to be a game, and also a strength test from their father.

“I’m going first!” Lin Sheng Xie couldn’t help but attack. He took a step forward and appeared in front of Lin Feng. He didn’t restrain himself just because Lin Feng was his father. He punched out with a few bright golden lights. A strong phoenix Qi erupted; this punch was very powerful!


Lin Feng also punched out, but a scene that shocked him happened. He made a punch against Lin Sheng Xie, but it was him who flew back, not Lin Sheng Xie!

“Good boy, you can fight against someone who was stronger than you by two cultivation layers?” Lin Feng’s expression changed greatly. He never thought that his child could actually fight against someone who was stronger than him by two cultivation layers. Lin Sheng Xie, who was at the third Godly Emperor Layer, could fight against cultivators who were at the fifth Godly Emperor Layer!

“Haha, father, see what I can do!” Lin Sheng Jiong was also getting excited. He had disappeared and showed up in front of Lin Feng. Lin Sheng Jiong was full of evil Qi, and he kicked with both feet without hesitation.

Lin Feng quickly blocked with his hands, but the powerful force still made him back down. Shocked by his own sons, Lin Feng could not conceal his surprise.

“Well done, good boy, come again.” Lin Feng raised his strength to the fourth Godly Emperor Layer. Lin Sheng Jiong could also fight someone who was two levels stronger than him, which meant he could deal with cultivators who were at the third Godly Emperor Layer, while Lin Sheng Xie could deal with the fifth Godly Emperor Layer.



The sounds of fighting were endless, Meng Qing stared at the fight between the father and sons with a smile. It was wonderful, Lin Feng also seemed to have used his true power, but still could not resolve Lin Sheng Jiong and Lin Sheng Xie.

Soon it was almost ten moves.

“Wow, father, I’m going to attack you too!”

At this moment, Lin Sheng Miao’s long dress fluttered, passing by, and even Meng Qing didn’t catch her, shocked by Lin Sheng Miao’s speed.

Lin Feng was surprised, Lin Sheng Miao was still on the ground and a second later, she had turned up behind him, her speed was so amazing.

“Little girl, you want to sneak up on your father?” Lin Feng was sweating. There was really nothing he could do when dealing with these three little guys, as he could not use killing attacks.

Very hard!…

In the end, with a loud bang, Lin Feng was kicked by Lin Sheng Jiong and landed on the ground.

Shocked and speechless!

Lin Feng looked at his two sons and a daughter ecstatically; this was awesome!

“Here.” Lin Feng grabbed in the air, and hundreds of life stones were given to these three little guys.

At the same time, Huo Wu, Huang Nü and Qing Feng rushed home after seeing the light of the fighting. That was the Qi of their respective children. Did their children need to fight?

They quickly flew back, and the picture they saw made these three women very happy. They saw Lin Feng was playing with the three little guys.

Meng Qing glanced at Huo Wu, and Huo Wu lowered her head. She realized something, and there were some crystals tears in her beautiful eyes, but the tears did not fall.

After Lin Feng played with the three little guys for almost two hours, the three children left Lin Feng reluctantly and went back to sleep.

Late at night, the Spirit World seemed a little dull, and also the atmosphere.

“Huang Nü, Sister Feng, I have something to say alone with Huo Wo, you go back first.” Lin Feng’s expression was unprecedentedly heavy. The two women realized something was bad, but they obediently walked back to their rooms.

This was an unprecedented encounter, not a tender moment!

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