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Chapter 1345 Forgiveness? Estrangement 


Edited by RED

“Huo Wu, don’t you want to say something to me? Lin Feng stared at Huo Wu, trying to vent the anger in his heart. But seeing Huo Wu was so embarrassed, Lin Feng’s anger had disappeared. This was also a woman he loved, he believed she wouldn’t betray him.

However, from the moment Huo Wu saw him to the moment they stood outside the courtyard right now, Huo Wu didn’t explain anything. Lin Feng understood that Huo Wu was indeed ashamed, and she had also guessed the reason he wanted to talk to her alone.

“Kill me.” Huo Wu bit her teeth, looking stubborn. She closed her eyes and prepared to die. How could she not suffer? Every day, she worried about Lin Feng’s safety, but she had to do this, on the one hand it was her husband; on the other hand, it was her father and all her relatives. What should she do?

“You should explain, as long as you …”

“There is no need, I know what I did is beyond forgiveness, but Lin Sheng Jiong is your son, don’t embarrass him.” Huo Wu interrupted Lin Feng’s words, took out a sharp dagger from nowhere, gripped it, and stabbed at her chest.

Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. He shouted angrily and knocked the dagger away. Huo Wu fell to the ground. Lin Feng took a step forward and hugged her. Huo Wu kept struggling, but it was useless in Lin Feng’s arms.

“I don’t believe you have had no hardships. If you die like this, you will make me guilty for my whole life.” The expression on Lin Feng’s face was very complicated; wasn’t his heart bleeding too?

Huo Wu looked at Lin Feng’s worried face; her heart was a little flustered, but she felt warm. She had fantasized about countless kinds of results, but they all ended with her own tragic death. But after everything, Lin Feng was kind and righteous to her, and he wouldn’t kill her without asking.

“Boo hoo, brother Lin Feng, boo hoo …” Huo Wu finally couldn’t restrain the grievances and fears in her heart, and burst into tears. At this moment, Huo Wu was still that little girl, while Lin Feng was still that big brother who would indulge her.

In order not to affect the family, Lin Feng took one step, and the two appeared thousands of miles away. This was a gorge with no traces of human or demonic beasts. Lin Feng put Huo Wu on a stone and then sit on the ground. They snuggled up together, and Lin Feng calmly listened to Huo Wu.

Lin Feng was very angry before, but he was angry at why Huo Wu had to betray him. If she was threatened by the fake Cheng Shan, why didn’t she tell him?

Seeing Huo Wu now, Lin Feng was certain that Huo Wu must have her reasons why she did not dare to tell him.

Huo Wu stopped crying, and tears still remained in her beautiful eyes, but she told Lin Feng about everything from the beginning to the end, leaving out nothing.

“In the second year I was away from home looking for you, the fake Cheng Shan arrested my parents and the relatives of the entire Huo family. He forced father to find me with a special method, and then threatened me to be his contact, since he wanted to kill you.”

“Of course I didn’t agree, but that beast killed many people right in front of my eyes. One after another, my relatives died bloodily. My father scolded me for being unfilial, and my mother knelt and begged me to say yes to the fake Cheng Shan.

“I, I had no choice but to agree.”

“He gave me a spar which would record the news, and then, every time you opened the connection between the Spirit World and the outside world, the news would be sent out and he could receive it.

“But I definitely didn’t reveal your identity as Asura. The fake Cheng Shan was too despicable. The spar he gave me would actually record things for 24 hours. I didn’t have the strength to stop the spar at all.

“We girls asked about Meng Qing, and she knew about you, which was recorded by the spar.

“That time, the spar spread the news of you letting seven people in. I tried to stop it, but it still didn’t work,” Huo Wu said, her face was extremely pale. She had regretted and blamed herself countless times, and even wanted to kill herself, but eventually she gave up.

She still felt unhappy, but was she wrong? For her parents, could she really ignore their safety? Even if she loved Lin Feng, she couldn’t give up her parents.

Huo Wu was lying in Lin Feng’s arms, feeling the warmth from this man, and was very happy. Maybe it should be this way. Even if Lin Feng still wanted to kill her, she had no regrets about falling in love with this man.

Lin Sheng Jiong was her hope, and Lin Feng’s son, the blood of the Lin family! This could not be changed now…

Lin Feng listened to Huo Wu from beginning to end. He was confused, and then was angry, and eventually Lin Feng’s heart was a mess. He recalled her question. Was she wrong? No, she was not wrong. If she really gave up her parents for him, maybe Huo Wu would be the one who truly made his heart chill.

Huo Wu was right; he should blame the grudge he had with the fake Cheng Shan. He should blame himself, as he was the one who got Huo Wu in trouble. Why blame Huo Wu?

Lin Feng suddenly felt guilty and regretful for interrogating Huo Wu without thinking. Even if the incident had passed, the gap between him and Huo Wu was still there. With it, they could never return to the relationship of before.

Damn the fake Cheng Shan! Lin Feng clenched his teeth, and swore the debt had to be paid in fake Cheng Shan’s blood. He would rescue Huo Wu’s parents and her remaining kin.

Lin Feng looked at Huo Wu, who was crying so hard, and didn’t know what to say. He felt a sense of strangeness he never had before. Lin Feng wanted to slap himself and forget this accident, but it was already deep-rooted. 

“Uh, I … you …” Lin Feng touched his nose and tried to comfort Huo Wu, but he just couldn’t say anything. This feeling was extremely uncomfortable.

Huo Wu didn’t push Lin Feng. It would be difficult to accept if it happened to her, so let it be for now. Maybe with the death of fake Cheng Shan, this barrier could be eliminated.

“It’s okay, Brother Lin Feng, you don’t have to worry about me. I don’t blame you, I just hope you don’t hate me.” Huo Wu’s face was pale, she bit her lips and prepared to leave, but the night was long, the mountain was vast, and she had no idea where to go.

“Ah, go back with me, Huo Wu.” Lin Feng exhaled deeply. No matter how awkward he felt, he would definitely not leave Huo Wu alone, he just couldn’t do it. So Lin Feng embraced Huo Wu, stepped forward, and disappeared again in the wilderness.


That night, Lin Feng didn’t go home. After sending Huo Wu back, Lin Feng went to the Tree of Life alone.

The Tree of Life was now a hundred meters thick; deep-rooted, lush, and green, full of vitality. The air here was better than the life Qi of an Earthly Godly Ancestor, making Lin Feng want to sleep under the tree.

This ancient tree had life. When it saw Lin Feng, the tree was very obedient. Even though it was old, Lin Feng was the master of this world, and it couldn’t cross the line.

Lin Feng was lying on the roots of the tree, breathing the dense life Qi, and fell asleep.


This sleep was incredibly sweet, without dreaming, and a fulfilling night passed. Before the warm sun rose the next day, Lin Feng left the ancient tree and returned home.

Before entering the courtyard, Lin Feng met Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Qiong Sheng with Lin Zu and Lin Heng Er, who were about to leave again.

When the father and sons met, Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Qiong Sheng were very happy to see their father back again after a year. Lin Zu just had some impressions of Lin Feng, while Lin Heng and Lin Feng were more familiar with him. Lin Heng was the first one running to his father.

“Haha, Father!” Lin Heng was very lively. He was not tall, but had a good jumping ability. He jumped on Lin Feng, who caught the stinky boy.



Naturally, Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Qiong Sheng could not be like Lin Heng. They were already adults, and had to act like one. They held their fists, eyes full of admiration.

Lin Zu was the calmest one. He had never cried since he was born. He had the most resolute character. He once ran into a peerless crisis with Lin Zhe Tian and the others, and he didn’t even cry, but was calmer than everyone.

Lin Feng noticed the arrogance on Lin Zu’s face, which was not found in any other child. Lin Feng had only seen it on the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, which meant Lin Zu’s future might be as bright as the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. He would be worthy of the name of an Ancestor.

“Where are you going?” Lin Feng asked his sons with a deep smile, especially Lin Heng in his arms. He spoiled this one; but for Lin Zu, he didn’t know why, it was always kind of unnatural. Was it because Lin Zu was the future Ancestor, so there were some kind of rules between them?

“Hehe, Father, we’re going to find sister Lin Si Tian.” Lin Heng was the most lively and mischievous, quite the same as Lin Sheng Jiong, and Lin Sheng Xie was similar to Lin Zu, both were more reserved.

These children really had their own characteristics, and were not the same.

“Well, go then.” Lin Feng nodded slightly and put Lin Heng down. He looked up at Lin Qiong Sheng and Lin Zhe Tian, and said in a deep voice, “You two bring Hu Ba and Lin Si Tian back, let’s reunite our family.”

“Yes, Father!” Lin Qiong Sheng nodded. 

Lin Zhe Tian took Lin Heng and Lin Zu to leave, but Lin Zu stopped suddenly in front of Lin Feng, stretched out his delicate little hand, and said in a stubborn voice, “I want life stones.”

“How many do you want?” Lin Feng looked down at Lin Zu, his expression as unmoved as ever. The two were not like a father and a son, but like enemies. Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Qiong Sheng shook their heads with bitter smiles. How could there be such a father and a son?

They had all heard of Lin Zu’s affairs, and wanted to witness it skeptically.

“One hundred!” Lin Zu stretched out his finger

“Here.” Lin Feng didn’t say a lot of nonsense. After grabbing a few times at the air, a hundred life stones were handed to Lin Zu. Lin Zu took all the life stones, and left with Lin Qiong Sheng and the others without saying anything, until they disappeared.

Liu Fei looked at this scene silently with a little fear. What did Lin Zu do wrong to irritate his father? Why else did he treat Lin Zu so indifferently?

Lin Feng smiled and looked after Lin Zu with satisfaction, until he disappeared. He turned around, and saw that pretty woman looking at him with a worried face. 

Standing eye to eye, love was emerging!

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