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Chapter 1346 Children’s Expectations! 


“Husband, Little Zu has been lonely since he was a child, he doesn’t talk much to people, me as well, so don’t be …”


Liu Fei and Lin Feng looked at each other for a long time, she held Lin Feng’s arm and walked back to the house, but Liu Fei still couldn’t forget the scene just now, so she wanted to talk some sense into Lin Feng, so he wouldn’t feel strange about Lin Zu.


But Lin Feng stopped her before she finished, Lin Feng was smiling at this moment, and didn’t look unpleasant, which made Liu Fei a little confused.


“Little Fei, Lin Zu is the future human ancestor. When he was born, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, golden lights everywhere. Now he is almost four. He has his own thinking ability and his own style of doing things. I will not intervene. “


“As for how to get along with him, it’s very easy, we just need to be respectful to each other. I know that although Lin Zu is my son, his future achievements will definitely be amazing, his pride is unmatched by anyone else.”


“All I can do is to be his backing before he surpasses me, so we can keep him safe. only in this way can we keep him sage. If he has a problem, I’ll take care of it, if he is in trouble, I’ll help him, if he needs to breakthrough, I’ll personally guard him, that’s all I do. “


“I don’t care if he calls me father or not, because he is different from others!” Lin Feng said, and they had already entered the house.


The house was not too big, but it was also enough to accommodate twenty people. From the mansion in the front to the pavilions in the back, they were only a few hundred meters away from each other. It was the first time Lin Feng saw the new house, so he was unfamiliar with his own home.


“The front mansion is where we live, there were rooms of Yue Xin and Xin Ye, also the rooms of Huang Nü, Huo Wu and sister You You, the rooms of Yan Ran Xue and sister Qing Feng. As for my room and sister Meng Qing’s, were in the backyard pavilion, we live with the children. “


After listened to Lin Feng’s explanation, Liu Fei felt more at ease, and she no longer worried about how to deal with the relationship between Lin Feng and Lin Zu. She believed that Lin Feng would be fair.


After Lin Feng walked into the mansion, Liu Fei led him into the corridor. Inside the corridor were rows of classic-style rooms with ancient-style doors, showing a feeling of a garden outside the world.


“Go in there”. Liu Fei suddenly stopped in front of a room, turned around and looked at Lin Feng mischievously, she did not wait for Lin Feng to react, and pushed Lin Feng directly into the room.


With a creak, the door was knocked open, and frightened Yan Ran Xue who was inside. After seeing the man rushing in, Yan Ran Xue froze instantly, and could not able to say a word.


Liu Fei stood outside the room with a smile on her face, she murmured to herself, “Among us, Yan Ran Xue is the only one who hasn’t have a child of Lin Feng. There is a saying says in royal family, a mother can only rely on her child, but isn’t that true for us too? “


“Sister Xue, you have to seize this opportunity and strive for a child as your entrustment.” Liu Fei was very clear that Lin Feng has limited love. If there were no children as expectations, then the rest of the days would be difficult. Liu Fei and other women had figured this, so they were very happy now.


Now it was just Yan Ran Xue.


Lin Feng turned his back to the door, closed it little by little, and walked towards Yan Ran Xue step by step. Yan Ran Xue was like a newly married bride sitting bashfully on the bed, and did not dare to lift her head. She was so beautiful that Lin Feng couldn’t help himself.


“Little Xue.” Lin Feng called out to Yan Ran Xue softly, Yan Ran Xue just felt that she couldn’t move, not only couldn’t move, her body seemed to become hot as if burned by the fire, and wanted to long for a heavy rain!


“Husband!” Said Yan Ran Xue shyly and lowered her head, never dared to look at Lin Feng anymore, while Lin Feng held Yan Ran Xue into bed at his convenience, pressing Yan Ran Xue under his body. Lin Feng had a strong reaction to her apparently rapid breathing and the scent coming through his nose.


When Liu Fei heard the voices outside the room, she walked out of the corridor with satisfaction and headed straight for the pavilion behind. All the sisters were accompanying their mother-in-law, she should not be exceptional. Let her husband and Little Xue enjoyed this moment and left no regrets.


As Lin Feng’s woman, Yan Ran Xue was the only one who hadn’t bear with Lin Feng’s child. Although the two had sex once hundreds of years ago, but it felt different today. Today the men and his women were enjoying themselves, feeling the love pouring into their bodies, taking away the most precious thing.


“Husband, I, I want to have a baby for you.” Yan Ran Xue wanted to do this for a long time, but she wasn’t able to see Lin Feng, what should she do? Whenever she saw Lin Zu and Lin Heng traveling outside with Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Qiong Sheng like little adults, she would feel a little regretful. She should also have a child.


At this moment, even though Yan Ran Xue was shy, she had to say her wish. Once Lin Feng left again, she didn’t know when would they meet again.


Lin Feng was still very restrained, but when Yan Ran Xue said these words, he completely turned into a beast which tried to tear up Yan Ran Xue. The room was left with man’s roar and woman’s moaning.


The room was full of fragrance, the two on the bed were sweating. Seeds were planted, hope was sowed, Yan Ran Xue was lost in it, while Lin Feng was like a brave warrior keep attacking, Yan Ran Xue had to meet his movements passively like a losing defender.


For an hour, Lin Feng had not rested once, Yan Ran Xue felt a battle to death wouldn’t be so exhausting like this, but she also enjoyed it. After Lin Feng pulled out, he lay beside her, hugging her tender body. Yan Ran Xue happily squeezed her lips and closed her eyes, regardless of the pain coming from her body, she soon fell asleep evenly.


Lin Feng looked Yan Ran Xue pettingly and kissed her after covering the quilt. The fragrance from her lips made Lin Feng kiss again. Yan Ran Xue felt Lin Feng’s love in her deep sleep, and was too happy to open her eyes.


“Little Xue, when you wake up, let’s reunite our family, I’ll go out first.” Lin Feng walked out of bed gently to avoid waking up Yan Ran Xue, he opened the door and walked out after tidying his clothes.


In addition to the scent of fragrance in the room, it quickly returned to quietness.


In the back house, the women were with Yue Meng He, Lin Hai stayed beside, he’d better not interrupt them when the women were talking.


After Lin Feng left Yan Yanxue’s room, she quickly walked into the back house. The door was open and Lin Feng walked in directly.


These women stared at Lin Feng with a weird look, their sly smiles made Lin Feng a little shy, but when he thought that these were all his women, didn’t they all … Huo Wu hid aside and did not dare to look directly at Lin Feng’s eyes. She was panicking. Even though Lin Feng was the only one who knew it, she still felt uncomfortable. Yue Meng He also felt that Huo Wu had been strange recently, especially when she met Lin Feng. But as a mother-in-law, she was embarrassed to ask.


Tang You You, Duan Xin Ye, and Qiu Yue Xin had already gone to the ice world and to receive the training of ice spirit, preparing for the future Ice Generals, so they were not at home, the only woman left were Qing Feng, Huo Wu, Huang Nü, Meng Qing, Liu Fei, and Yan Ran Xue who was sleeping inside because of exhaustion.


“Little Feng, when little Zu come back later, you should keep them company, oh, and Yan Di, he recently created an organization in spirit world himself, and he will come later.”


Yue Meng He reminded Lin Feng, entrusted Lin Feng, and Lin Feng could only nod in agreement, no matter how high his achievements and status, mother would always be the one who loved you and cared about you, which couldn’t be changed.


Seeing Yue Meng He’s love for him, he was more understanding of Huo Wu’s choice. She betrayed him for her parents, which shouldn’t be scolded. She was a good girl!


With time passing by, the two brothers Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Qiong Sheng, returned with those little guys at dawn, then it was Yan Di. When he saw Lin Feng, he was inevitably emotional.


“Old man, you can’t even be restless in my spirit world, heard you have created an organization? So big brother in the weak?” Lin Feng looked at the Yan Di sarcastically. Whenever he saw this old man, he just wanted to say something harsh.


Yan Di also stared at Lin Feng with a sarcastic look, and answered back without hesitation, “Just wait and see, sooner or later, your world will be occupied by my forces, haha.”


“Then I will wait for it.” Lin Feng didn’t take it seriously, it was normal for a new human to be born in the spirit world. Corresponding groups would be born when new things were created, and the strength of these new humans was also very weak.


But Lin Feng never expected that the strongest force in the future spirit world was indeed the great force created by Yan Di, and this force would not only make a name for itself in the spirit world, but also everywhere in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the Continent of the Gods, and even the Country of Eternity.


“Father, I want to go out.”


At this moment, Lin Heng hugged Lin Feng’s thigh, and then climbed up. Lin Feng held this little guy, and after hearing his request, Lin Feng froze for a moment, an old thought was tossed out.


“Father, I want to go too.” Lin Sheng Jiong also raised his hand to indicate that he also wanted to go out and make a trip, but he was stopped by Huo Wu. Huo Wu didn’t want any danger to his child, she just wanted him to live a peaceful life.


“I will go out!” Lin Zu didn’t call Lin Feng, his indifferent words had showed his position and thoughts. Afterwards, Lin Zu turned to Liu Fei and said, “Mother, I’m going to practice. I’ll pass the dinner.”

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