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Chapter 1347 Lin Feng’s Decision 



“Well, be careful.” Liu Fei looked at Lin Zu walk away until he disappeared, and sighed, the boy had a temper.


Although Lin Si Tian was Lin Zu ’s twin sister, Lin Zu never paid attention to Lin Si Tian. He knew she was his sister, but they never talked when they met, this was Lin Zu.


Lin Si Tian had just returned from the Evil Clan. Her clothes were weird, she was wearing a robe made of beast skin, her hair was braided. Lin Si Tian, the four-year-old girl was very cute, but she was not as pure as Lin Sheng Miao.


Hu Ba followed Lin Si Tian, and he was also very excited to see his father. He was half a head taller than Lin Si Tian, wearing a clothes with a bag, looking like a baby, standing with Lin Si Tian, showing his spirit of a King of Beasts.


Lin Feng looked at Hu Ba and Lin Si Tian for a while and was speechless. What kind of Kings of Beasts were they? They were just two wild children!


Especially Lin Si Tian, the little girl should have been wearing a flower skirt and white coat, but she dressed like a savage, but this was all their choice, and as a father, he could only support and understand them.


“The little girl is as ugly as a little beggar!” Yan Di made fun of Lin Si Tian deliberately, he had the best relationship with this little girl. When Lin Feng was absent, Lin Si Tian was in the Evil Clan, Yan Di always went there to accompany her and Hu Ba, and the relationship got better with time.


“Pfff, you dirty old man, Father, he peeped at me.” Lin Si Tian glared at Yan Di angrily, and then rubbed her eyes pretending to be crying.


“Damn it, for the sake of my mother!”


Yan Di cursed, and shut up. This little girl was so much better than her old man. When her father argued with him, he had never taken advantages of him, but now he had to shut his mouth just because of this little girl’s words.


Lin Feng forced a smile, the little girl really dared to say that, of course Yan Di would not do those things she said, he knew the boundaries.


“All right, let’s eat.” Yue Meng He had to stop it. Those noisy little children were giving her a headache, so she began the feast.


Those women followed Yue Meng He into the kitchen and brought out the dishes that had already been prepared. Lin Hai also came over and patted Lin Feng on the shoulder. Although he did not speak, Lin Feng could feel that Lin Hai ’s expectations of him were getting higher.


“Sit down.” Lin Feng smiled at the children standing upright in a row, but they shook their heads and did not move.


“They will all at that table.” Liu Fei stepped out, put the dishes on the table, and glanced at the small table beside it, which was the place where these children ate in weekdays.


“Children need to learn the rules and be sensible, they can’t go beyond the rules. They are your children. They can’t become bullies when they grow up. Otherwise, don’t you be shameful?” Liu Fei was serious at this moment, looking like a judge. These children were afraid of Liu Fei, which was also a strange thing.


Lin Feng knew Liu Fei’s good intentions, but he finally come back for a while, these children need to be close to him, so he waved his hands and shook his heads, “Today’s exception, children, come and sit with me.”


“Yeah, that’s great Father, I love you.” Lin Heng was the first to rush over and took one of the best positions, which was Lin Feng’s left-hand side.


Lin Sheng Jiong was not to be outdone, he sat on Lin Feng’s right-hand side. As for Lin Sheng Xie and Lin Sheng Miao, they sat down unhurriedly. Hu Ba wanted to be near Lin Feng, but he was adopted, so he could only sit aside.


Lin Feng saw Hu Ba’s disappointment, then smiled, “Come, son, sit on Father’s leg.”


“Really?” Hu Ba’s little face suddenly showed ecstasy, but he still hesitated, he saw a few angry sights from Lin Feng’s sons.


“Really, come here.” Lin Feng’s affection for Hu Ba was no less than for any child, or even more. If those little kids were children of him and his women, then Hu Ba was a child of his own.


Hu Ba ignored these indignant sights, walked directly to Lin Feng’s side, then jumped on Lin Feng’s legs, he wore a little bellyband, looking extremely cute, like a porcelain doll.


Lin Si Tian and Lin Nian Er sat next to Liu Fei’s sides, and finally came Yan Di, Lin Hai, Yue Meng He, and other women, Yan Ran Xue slept sweet, so no one disturbed her.


Lin Feng didn’t say about business first, but took the wine glass and drank with Yan Di and his father. Lin Heng and Lin Sheng Jiong also took the wine glass and took a sip, then they blushed and coughed, which made the adults laughing. Naughty children … After an hour, Lin Feng put down the wine glass, Yan Di and Lin Hai also knew that Lin Feng must have something to say, so they also put down the wine glasses.


The cheeriness inside the room suddenly became dull, children subconsciously closed their mouths, all looking at Lin Feng.


“This time, I’m going to take the children to the World of Battles.” After put down the glass, Lin Feng’s words shocked everyone.


It was silence, which last for half a minute, everyone didn’t know how to answer it.


After half a minute, Huo Wu first stood up against him. Her expression was complicated, and she didn’t care about the gap between her and Lin Feng, said directly, “It’s dangerous for our children to go to the World of Battles, they are still too weak, haven’t reached to Great Supreme God layer, they will cause you many troubles for going to the World of Battles.”


“I also disagree, Husband, you should reconsider it.” Huang Nü also shook her head, did not agree with Lin Feng’s decision, too. Children were very precious, once something happened, Lin Feng would be sad.


“I agree, take them, these children are very talented. If they stay in the spirit world, how are they different from the flowers in the greenhouse? I have wanted to say it, but you girls spoil your children too much, I should not judge as your father-in-law. “


“Today Little Feng’s idea is good to me. Life and death, rich and poor, are all destined. If Little Feng hadn’t relied on his hardworking, he wouldn’t be like this today.”


“You girls should think about the children. The flowers in the greenhouse can’t withstand the wind and frost.”


When these women were against it, Lin Hai stood up and said something heavy, so no one dared to refute.


Yan Di also nodded in agreement. He agreed with Lin Hai. The flowers cultivated in the greenhouse had no meaning at all. Even if their strength broke through to Godly Ancestors layer, they didn’t have the power and courage to fight.


Lin Hai was now an Ordinary Godly Ancestor, and was the highest strongman cultivated by the spirit world, but was it useful? Once he walked outside, he was likely to be killed without mercy.


The spirit world was still too weak and too pure. It was just a utopian world. There was no threat of war and death. Despite the birth of new humans and new beasts, it would take at least thousands of years or even millions of years to be a real world.


Liu Fei had been silently observing Lin Feng’s expression, she saw that Lin Feng was determined, he wouldn’t change his mind, she could only say, “Then go, take Lin Zu, Lin Heng, and Sheng Xie, Sheng Jiong, but Sheng Miao, Lin Si Tian and Nian Er should stay here. “


“Zhu Tian and Qiong Sheng should also go and see the outside world. They can’t stay in the spirit world all the time, they will slack off.” Liu Fei’s words stimulated the hearts of these women, making them no longer selfishly thinking about themselves, but starting to think about the children’s future.


“Sister Liu Fei is right, I agree to let the children leave.” Meng Qing also nodded, her words became a decisive role. As the lead of Lin Feng’s women, Meng Qing had her power to make decisions. Even though some still wanted to say something, they had to accept it.


What’s more important was that when Lin Feng had made up his mind, no one could change it.


Lin Sheng Jiong and Lin Heng Er were thrilled when they saw everyone have agreed, they clenched their fists, finally they could go out and see the real world.


“Wow, haha, that’s awesome.”


“Father, I love you so much!” Lin Heng kissed on Lin Feng’s face, and the atmosphere became active again.


The banquet lasted for more than an hour before they went away. Yan Di and Lin Feng left, taking away Hu Ba and Lin Si Tian.


The women stared at their children for a long time with tears in the eyes, finally clenched their teeth and agreed to let them go.


Lin Feng went into Yan Ran Xue’s room again during this time. The two got along for a while. Yan Ran Xue had nothing to ask, only wanted to see the fruit of her and Lin Feng’s love at this time next year, then she would be completely satisfied.


Lin Feng and Meng Qing brought Lin Heng, Lin Zu, Lin Sheng Jiong, Lin Sheng Xie, Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Qiong Sheng left the spirit world and returned to the Region of the Eight Corners.


Coming back to the World of Battles was just a matter of blink of an eye, but they had already crossed two worlds.


It was already daytime when they came to the Region of the Eight Corners, and Lin Feng took those little guys through the cave to return to the center of Man Yu.


Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Qiong Sheng showed their maturity and calmness, closely following Meng Qing and Lin Feng, Lin Zu was as calm as the two of them, not like children at all; only Lin Sheng Jiong, Lin Heng and Lin Sheng Xie, kept looking around like little monkeys, wondering about this world.


News that Lin Feng had been out all night was spread in the center of Man Yu. Many people were worried whether Lin Feng was in danger, and even Song Chou Jiu was a little flustered. Lin Feng didn’t say anything when he left, making him wonder whether Lin Feng was in crisis.


However, at noon, when Lin Feng came back with so many children, it was also shocking. Seeing these children all looked like Lin Feng, people speculated that these were Lin Feng’s children.


Song Chou Jiu looked at Lin Heng and Lin Zu surprisingly, were these all Lin Feng’s children?


“Wow, Father, where did you steal so many children?”


Teased Zhuang Ling Yun, he heard that Lin Feng was back and ran to him in excitement, but was surprised to see these children behind Lin Feng.


Lin Zu glanced at Zhuang Ling Yun and frowned, he always felt that Zhuang Ling Yun in front of him was a little weird, but he couldn’t tell what was it.


“The first Great Supreme God layer?” Zhuang Ling Yun looked at Lin Zu in shock, when found out Lin Zu’s strength, his expression suddenly changed.


“The first Godly Emperor Layer, and the third Godly Emperor Layer.” Zhuang Ling Yun saw Lin Sheng Jiong and Lin Sheng Xie’s strength, and set his eyes on Lin Heng again, and was shocked again, “The second Great Supreme God layer?”


“The top of the eighth Great Supreme God layer?” Zhuang Ling Yun looked at Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Qiong Sheng, and was shocked again.

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