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Chapter 1350: Xiao Hun Hall, Leader Xiao Hun!



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“Shen Hai Mo Lin is bigger than the Region of the Eight Corners. It also has a much longer history. Ten great Overlords fought here in ancient times. In the end, four died and the six others ended up severely injured. Five of the six might still be in Shen Hai Mo Lin. 

“The Jun Hall is the influential group which unified Shen Hai Mo Lin. Actually, a third of the territory is still a forbidden area for the Jun Hall. It is said that territory is the place where the Overlords of the ancient times died or were injured. 

“The Jun Hall controls seventy percent of Shen Hai Mo Lin. It’s enough. The Jun Hall doesn’t really care about the forbidden area and has never caused trouble about it. On the contrary, according to some legends, Shen Hai Mo Lin has become a mysterious place for the people of the Region of the Eight Corners. If the Region of the Eight Corners is described as a place where evil people live, Shen Hai Mo Lin is described as a hell filled with terrifying creatures.” 

Zhuang Chong Yuan couldn’t move as fast as he wanted because the others were Holy Godly Ancestors and Lin Feng was even a Spiritual Godly Ancestor. He had to slow down to wait for everybody. After that, he started telling Lin Feng about Shen Hai Mo Lin. 

That way, they didn’t waste time, they traveled and talked. When Lin Feng heard Zhuang Chong Yuan’s introduction, he was startled. 

The Region of the Eight Corners wasn’t part of the story. The border between Shen Hai Mo Lin and the Region of the Eight Corners wasn’t very distinct. There was a huge buffer zone of five million li between them: an ocean under the jurisdiction of both Shen Hai Mo Lin and the Region of the Eight Corners. 

After the ocean, Zhuang Chong Yuan said, Shen Hai Mo Lin was a forest. The ocean surrounded the gloomy forest. Seventy percent forests and thirty percent ocean. 

The forest had become a dark place because of the battle during the ancient times. The Jun Hall was actually an ordinary mountain range. 


Lin Feng followed Zhuang Chong Yuan for two more hours as they approached the border of the central part of Shen Hai Mo Lin. There were a dozen ancient trees there. Their trunks were as resistant as iron. 

The ancient trees were emerald green. They looked like tall and sturdy men. Lin Feng and the others landed. The soil was soft because the leaves were rotten and formed a kind of sticky mixture on the ground with the mud. Even though the leaves on the ground were decaying, it smelled good, and the air was fresh. 

Lin Feng looked at the white fluffy clouds. The trees were lofty. Shen Hai Mo Lin was a nice place, much better than the Region of the Eight Corners. 

“Don’t even think about it. Shen Hai Mo Lin will never be yours. Hahahaha!” said Zhuang Chong Yuan, laughing and then sighing. 

Lin Feng smiled and replied, “Don’t worry. If someday, I am strong enough to conquer Shen Hai Mo Lin, I may do it. I wonder how you will react. Haha!” 

“Hehe, there is only one possible outcome to such a scenario,” said Zhuang Chong Yuan, smiling icily and narrowing his eyes. 

Lin Feng smiled indifferently and asked, “What outcome then?” 

“The Region of the Eight Corners will also become Shen Hai Mo Lin’s territory!” said Zhuang Chong Yuan, smiling mockingly. He didn’t sound like he was joking. 

If Lin Feng dared try and conquer Shen Hai Mo Lin, then the Jun Hall would plot against the Region of the Eight Corners. 

Even though Shen Hai Mo Lin was mysterious, it had potential to become bigger. But the Region of the Eight Corners had an advantage too: it was close to Jing City. It was easier for them to get information from the rest of the World of Battles. Shen Hai Mo Lin was a bit too far from everything. 

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He didn’t care about what Zhuang Chong Yuan said. It was useless to talk about it anyway, as it was too early. With his current strength, he would never be able to conquer Shen Hai Mo Lin. 

Shen Hai Mo Lin was a place where some Overlords lived, and too mysterious. 

“Let’s go. The representatives of the Xiao Hun Hall must be there by now,” said Zhuang Chong Yuan. He admired Lin Feng for his boldness. He was stubborn and determined. If Lin Feng had kept talking, he might have looked down upon the outsider. 


Two minutes passed. Lin Feng and Zhuang Chong Yuan arrived at the territory of the Jun Hall. It was hundreds of li wide, and there were buildings everywhere. Most of them were made of wood. Bluestone was too expensive. 

The place looked natural, like a hidden land of peace and prosperity. 

“Leader Lin, please wait here. There will be a banquet. You and Ling Yun will naturally participate. The leader of the Xiao Hun Hall will also bring Ling Xiao,” said Zhuang Chong Yuan, leaving Lin Feng and Zhuang Chong Yuan in a room. He left an elder in the courtyard in case they needed something. 

That elder was the bald man who had had problems with Lin Feng a few times. He was also the only elder Lin Feng had threatened to kill. He knew how strong Lin Feng was. 

“Brother, come in. We’ll talk,” Lin Feng said to the bald elder. The elder smiled and entered the room. 

“Leader Lin, how may I help you? Are you enjoying the Jun Hall?” asked the bald man, smiling confidently. In the Region of the Eight Corners, he wasn’t on his territory, but this time things were different! 

Lin Feng smiled and ignored the man’s expression. He looked at Zhuang Ling Yun, the Great Young Master of the Jun Hall. Making him stay with Lin Feng proved Jun Hall didn’t think highly of him. 

“Do Zhuang Ling Xiao and Leader Xiao Hun live in guest houses, as well?” asked Lin Feng. 

The bald man smiled, “Hahaha! No way! Zhuang Ling Xiao stays in a prestigious mansion house, and I guess the members of the Xiao Hun Hall also…” 

At that moment, he realized he had said something wrong. He raised his head and Lin Feng was looking at him in cold fury. He said hastily, “Leader Lin, it’s normal! Zhuang Ling Xiao has a mother and a few uncles, they all have high positions in the hierarchy; therefore, you need to…” 

“What? You mean that Ling Yun and I have no background?” asked Lin Feng furiously. 

Zhuang Ling Xiao was privileged because he had a mother and some uncles? Even the Xiao Hun Hall’s members had privileges, thanks to him? 

Zhuang Ling Yun had no mother, no clan, so he was treated like trash? 

The place they made Lin Feng and Ling Yun stay in was low class! 

“Leader Lin, I’ll go and solve the issue,” said the bald man when he saw Lin Feng was furious. He quickly ran away in a panic. 

“No need. Since the Jun Hall treats us like this, we’re leaving. Ling Yun, come with me,” Lin Feng said. He had never cared about what other people thought. 

Zhuang Ling Yun obeyed and followed Lin Feng. He considered him his adopted father now. The Region of the Eight Corners was his home, not the Jun Hall. 

Lin Feng and Zhuang Ling Yun opened the door and left. The bald man chased them, his face unsightly. 

“You’re not in the Region of the Eight Corners, Leader Lin, please respect our rules and culture!” said the bald man, reddening. He tried to control himself. If Lin Feng caused trouble, it’d be a catastrophe! 

“Hehe, bald man, you haven’t forgotten what I did to you in the Region of the Eight Corners, right?” Lin Feng said. His eyes were filled with murder. The bald man was suddenly covered in ice cold sweat. He hadn’t forgotten, no… 

“I… Leader Lin, how could I forget such a terrifying thing?” sighed the bald man. 

At that moment, someone laughed. Lin Feng and Zhuang Ling Yun raised their heads and saw Zhuang Chong Yuan and a few other people. 

Lin Feng knew Zhuang Chong Yuan, but not the Earthly Godly Ancestors behind him. Their Qi was intimidating. 

Lin Feng already felt some pressure. A fearsome man in red clothes was standing behind Zhuang Chong Yuan. His Qi made Lin Feng’s face distort. 

Lin Feng smiled icily. He wasn’t stupid. He hadn’t come alone. He had also brought the Ice Spirit and Fire Spirit. 

He didn’t rely on the two women to travel, but he wouldn’t hesitate to call on them if he bumped into dangerous Earthly Godly Ancestors. He could take care of Holy Godly Ancestors and anything weaker. He didn’t need the two of them for that. 

Lin Feng didn’t feel ashamed to ask them for help. In the World of Battles, having a powerful background was important! 

“Don’t look at me like that. You know I’m angry!” Lin Feng said, not giving face to Zhuang Chong Yuan, even if he was an Earthly Godly Ancestor. 

Zhuang Chong Yuan’s expression slightly changed, then he smiled brightly. “Of course! Because you’re angry, I brought some people for you. This is Leader Xiao Hun, the leader of the Xiao Hun Hall!” said Zhuang Chong Yuan, pointing to the man in red clothes. 

Lin Feng looked at him and realized it was the one who had pressured him, an Overlord from the List of the World of Battles: fiftieth on the list, the last one!

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