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Chapter 1358: The Teacher of the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points?



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Lin Feng finished healing his wounds and then he kicked the skeleton, breaking it into a billion pieces. After destroying the skeleton, he headed off to where the old man had told him to go. 

Thirty-thousand li to his left, that wasn’t a short distance. It took Lin Feng half an hour to get there. There was a short-thatched hut in front of him. Blue-green smoke came out of the chimney. It looked quite beautiful when the smoke floated in front of the moon. 

“I’m coming in, Master,” said Lin Feng. He was worried about Zhuang Ling Yun, so he didn’t waste any time. When he arrived in the thatched hut, nobody was there. There was only a simple bed and a table. Nothing else. 

Outside, some water for tea was boiling. The purple fire flickered, looking like it was dancing. There was steam around the teapot, but nobody was present

“Master? Master?” shouted Lin Feng twice. But nobody replied. Lin Feng looked grim. The old man had fooled him? 

“I don’t fool people, little brat. Why would I lie to you?” a voice came from behind him. Lin Feng was startled and turned around hastily. 

He saw an old man. He wasn’t very tall, only a meter-seventy, and wearing dirty clothes. He smelled like mildew. 

The old man didn’t look very old, but he had lost his left eye. Lin Feng was stupefied. Which Overlord of the ancient times was this old man? He had even lost an eye! 

But Lin Feng didn’t dare ask. He had no choice but to bow hand over fist in front of the old man, “Master, please hand Ling Yun over.” 

“Ling Yun? You mean the ten-year-old kid?” replied the old man with a faint smile. 

Lin Feng nodded gravely. “Master, please hand him back to me. He’s my adopted son.” 

“Adopted son? Since he’s your adopted son, I won’t hand him back to you. I already gave his blood and flesh to my little creatures,” said the old man nonchalantly. He walked over to the boiling water and poured himself some tea. 

“Master, are you joking?” Lin Feng was trembling, but he forced himself to smile. He was convinced the old man wasn’t that kind of person. 

But the old man didn’t raise his head and snapped, “I’m not lying to you. They ate him already. The blood and flesh of fortune tellers is different from ordinary people’s flesh and blood. They’re very good for my little creatures!” the old man smiled. He drank some tea and ignored Lin Feng’s expression. Lin Feng could only glared at him ferociously. 

Tap… tap… Lin Feng took two steps backwards, his thoughts blurry. 

“Goodbye, Master.” After a long time, Lin Feng controlled his sadness and anger. He ground his teeth and bowed hand over fist in front of the old man. Then he turned around and got ready to leave. 

The old man put his cup of tea down and asked indifferently, “Don’t you want to kill me and avenge your adopted son’s death?” 

“I do!” shouted Lin Feng instantly, but he controlled himself. 

“Why don’t you do it, then? Why do you want to leave like a little coward?” inquired the old man. 

“In ten years, I’ll come find you and I will avenge my adopted son. That’s my plan!” 

“Why in ten years?” 

“Because in ten years, you won’t be able to compete with me anymore. I won’t have to give you face!” Lin Feng responded honestly. 

When the old man heard that, he grinned and clapped his hands. Zhuang Ling Yun came out of the forest. A group of demonic beasts brought him along. This time though, the blood red demonic beasts were taller than Lin Feng. They weren’t the size of thumbs anymore. 

“Dad! Woo, woo!” Zhuang Ling Yun had never been so terrified. When he saw Lin Feng, he was overjoyed and ran towards him. He jumped into his arms and burst into tears. Poor kid! 

“Don’t cry, don’t cry, my little treasure, don’t cry,” said Lin Feng, hugging the boy and patting his back gently. 

When the old man saw that, he sighed. “He’s only your adopted son, but you treat him like your own. You are an extraordinary man,” the old man smiled. He had never seen such a talented young man during his hundreds of thousands of years in Shen Hai Mo Lin. Lin Feng had even managed to destroy the skeleton! He was the only one. All the others had died! 

His cultivation level was still a little low, but with the strength of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer, he could defeat Holy Godly Ancestors. When a skeleton had the strength of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer, it was different from when an ordinary person was a Holy Godly Ancestor. Against a human of the top of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer, Lin Feng wouldn’t win so easily. 

“Master, you kidnapped Ling Yun and made me come here. What do you want from me?” Lin Feng asked. He was convinced the old man wanted something from him. 

“It seems like you’re used to such situations, right?” questioned the old man. He was getting more and more interested in Lin Feng, and was curious about his background. 

“I’ve been through a lot in life. But I’ve been willing to risk my life for only eight people in my life. You must need me for something important?” Lin Feng grinned. 

The old man was impressed. This young man was a pleasant surprise! 

“Indeed. It seems like you’ve been through a lot in life, including such situations,” confirmed the old man, smiling broadly. 

“Master, you must be one of the Overlords who were severely injured during the ancient war, right?” asked Lin Feng curiously. He couldn’t help but ask. 

The old man hadn’t thought Lin Feng would say that so directly. People in the outside world probably all knew that already. 

“Indeed. I am one of the Overlords who fought in the war, and was lucky enough to survive,” the old man nodded. He looked dangerous, since he had only one eye left. If he hadn’t had any pure Qi left at the end of the war, he would have died. 

When Lin Feng heard the old man, he wasn’t surprised. An independent cultivator who was an Overlord of the ancient times? Lin Feng didn’t know if there were independent cultivators among the Overlords of the ancient times who had fought in the war. He had no choice but to ask the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points… 

“You know the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points?” asked the old man suddenly, staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was dumbstruck. He realized the old man could hear his thoughts. How strong!

“I do know him. He’s my teacher,” Lin Feng nodded. He didn’t hide the truth. The old man knew what he was thinking, so he couldn’t hide the truth. 

Were the independent cultivator and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points friends or enemies? Lin Feng was worried. The old man didn’t say anything, and everything went completely silent. Lin Feng could sense that a gloomy Qi was condensing behind him. It was ice-cold. 

Time passed slowly. The old man looked at him with his one eye, remaining silent and grim. Lin Feng had a bad feeling. An enemy? 

“The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points is my disciple!” 

“What? Your disciple?” Lin Feng was dumbstruck. They were neither friends nor enemies. They were teacher and disciple! 

“Hehe, young man, you know about the List of the World of Battles, right?” the old man went. Each time someone new came in, he was astonished when he heard that. Lin Feng was a bit different. He was his disciple’s disciple, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points’ disciple!

“Indeed. My Master the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points created it,” Lin Feng nodded. He didn’t know what to say. The old man was also like his Ancestor, but it felt weird… 

“He didn’t create it. He made it glorious. I’m the one who conceived the List of the World of Battles! In ancient times, there was no ranking list for Overlords. It’s why the world was so unstable. 

“No Overlord was willing to submit, so they fought against each other, nobody thinking the battle would end up in a tragedy… Let’s not talk about that. Let bygones be bygones,” sighed the old man, shaking his head. 

“What’s your name?” the old man asked Lin Feng. He had chatted with his disciple’s disciple for such a long time, and he still didn’t know his name. 

“My name is Lin Feng, Master. I’m the Leader of the Region of the Eight Corners,” Lin Feng replied sincerely. 

The old man frowned and looked at Lin Feng curiously. “The Leader of the Region of the Eight Corners?” He looked pensive. Since when was there a Leader in the Region of the Eight Corners? The Region of the Eight Corners was divided into eight autonomous regions. They all had their own Leaders, and their own governments! 

“Indeed, Master. I reunified the Region of the Eight Corners. I now call it the United Allies of the Region of the Eight Corners, and I am their Leader!” said Lin Feng. He understood that the old man hadn’t heard the news, so he didn’t know what happened in the World of Battles. 

Therefore, Lin Feng explained everything to him. It took him half an hour to tell the old man everything. 

The old man sighed. He looked at Lin Feng and the atmosphere became awkward for some time. 

 “Lin Feng, you’re a good young man. You reunified the Region of the Eight Corners. Haha! I never thought such a thing would ever happen. Hahahahahaha! Good, young man!” the old man burst into hearty laughter. He seemed happy. Since Lin Feng was the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points’ disciple, he was his disciple’s disciple, so he was happy about his great achievements! 

“Master, are you the only one who survived during the ancient war?” asked Lin Feng. He wanted to understand what had happened. The old man probably knew where the other Overlords were. 

“Eh? Do you have ulterior motives, young man? You want to bring the Overlords of the ancient times to the Region of the Eight Corners or what? Little bastard! If you really want to do that, I will destroy you within two days!”

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