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Chapter 1359: What Happened in the Ancient Times!



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“Who are they? In the ancient times, none of us was willing to submit to the others, so a war started. Even if some of the Overlords survived, do you think they will be willing to obey you and submit to you? Even if two female Overlords support you, it’s not enough for those Overlords to submit to you!” 

The old man’s words were sharp and direct. Lin Feng’s expression changed again. The old man had naturally detected the two Spirits’ presence. 

“I’m sorry, Master, they are my friends. They’re not here to threaten you,” said Lin Feng. He was worried the old man would misunderstand him. He hadn’t brought the Ice Spirit and the Fire Spirit to attack the old man. 

But the old man burst into laughter and said jokingly, “I understand. We’re men! We understand each other! Hahahahahahahaha!” 

Lin Feng coughed and blushed. He didn’t know what to say. He felt awkward. Besides, he wasn’t strong enough to enjoy their bodies… 

“You’re a good young man. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and the two women all support you as much as they can. You have lots of trump cards. The people of the Region of the Eight Corners also support you. You have the potential to become an Overlord,” judged the old man without hesitation. He was convinced Lin Feng would become an Overlord someday. 

“Master, may I ask you how strong the Overlords of the ancient war were compared to the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points?” asked Lin Feng, changing the topic. He didn’t want to talk about those things. 

The old man looked at Lin Feng but didn’t think too much, he shook his head indifferently and said, “I don’t know, either, but I guess I am weaker than the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points now, right? When the war started, I only had the strength of the Great Supreme God layer, after all. I was just a young man. 

“Regarding the others, some of them were really strong. Some of them were also weaker than me. Therefore, some people survived, and some others died. What you probably don’t know is that some people left Shen Hai Mo Lin without any injuries at all.” 

Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. He realized he hadn’t thought of that. 

“Don’t be surprised. Indeed, some of them left without any injuries. For example, the Buddhist Ancestor of the West, he’s actually the only one who left without any injury. The reason is that he didn’t participate in the war,” said the old man. 

Lin Feng took a deep breath. The Buddhist Ancestor left without any injury because he didn’t participate in the war. If he had participated, he might have died or been severely injured. 

“No, even if he had participated, WE would have died. Do you know why he didn’t participate in the war? Because we all knew that if the Buddhist Ancestor got involved, we would all die.” 

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. He suddenly felt great admiration for the Buddhist Ancestor of the West. He was so strong and powerful! He was a real champion! 

“Nowadays, he’s the Buddhist Ancestor of the West in the World of Battles, but back then the situation was different. Apart from the Buddhist Ancestor of the West, there was also Ti Luo in the East. He was a great bird and an Overlord, but he was killed. 

“Kui Xu was the Overlord of the south. He was an old blue-green tiger, and an Overlord as well, he was just weaker than the Buddhist Ancestor. But he fell during the war and his body disappeared without leaving a trace. 

“The Ancestor of the North, Ancestor Tian Qi, was unruly, and also extremely strong. He may not be dead. He may be hiding somewhere.” 

Lin Feng listened carefully. What a great story! He hadn’t listened to such stories in a long time. He missed it sometimes. 

But Lin Feng didn’t know anything about the last man the old man told him about, Ancestor Tian Qi. That old Master had a disciple, and his name was Jeston! Back then, the Four Great Battle Ancestors had brought him and the others to the World of Battles. 

“Any other strong cultivators?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t believe the ancient war only had those few Overlords, therefore he asked directly. The old man had been here for hundreds of thousands of years, alone, so Lin Feng was convinced the old man felt lonely and was happy to chat. 

As expected, when Lin Feng asked, the old man nodded, “Of course there were other people. Apart from the four strongest cultivators, there were sixteen Overlords. I was one of them, an independent cultivator. 

“I didn’t know the fifteen other Overlords. We just agreed to start a battle in Shen Hai Mo Lin, that’s all. But I knew Jing Tian, we were good friends,” said the old man. He suddenly seemed sad. 

Jing Tian? When Lin Feng heard that name, he thought of Jing Rui. He hadn’t forgotten the three people in the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting: the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, Jing Rui’s father, and the Leader of the Long Yi Clan. 

“Master, Jing Tian’s background?…” inquired Lin Feng. 

The old man replied straightforwardly, “Jing City’s Leader.” 

“As expected.” Lin Feng took a deep breath. As expected, Jing Rui was Jing Tian’s son. Jing Tian was the ancestor of Jing City! 

“Master, look at this sword,” said Lin Feng, thinking of the Godly Battle Sword. He took the bloodthirsty sword out and placed it in front of the old man. He was sure the old man would recognize it. 

The old man was surprised at first, but when he saw it, he started trembling. His heartbeat accelerated, as if he had seen an incredible treasure. The Godly Battle Sword also seemed excited, as if it had seen an old friend again. 

“Godly Battle Sword, that’s Jing Tian’s sword! Hahahahahahaha! As expected!” The old man grabbed the Godly Battle Sword. Sword energies rolled forth in waves. Lin Feng felt as if his skin was about to get flayed. As expected, he wasn’t a master in using the Godly Battle Sword yet! 

“How come this sword is red?” the old man asked curiously. The Godly Battle Sword wasn’t blood red in the past, it was just tinted.

Lin Feng blushed. He had used his own blood to refine the sword several times, and he told the old man so. When the old man heard him, he smiled wryly. Lin Feng had sacrificed some of his blood to use the Godly Battle Sword’s power? 

“It’s a good sword. Jing Tian didn’t take it during the war, unfortunately for him,” said the old man, sighing remorsefully. If Jing Tian had used the sword, he wouldn’t have been injured. 

“But how come you have his sword? Have you ever met him?” asked the old man suddenly, grabbing Lin Feng’s arm and shaking it excitedly. However, Lin Feng felt awkward. If the Ice Spirit and the Fire Spirit hadn’t helped him, the old man would have crushed his arm!

The old man realized he was pressing on Lin Feng’s arm too tightly; he reddened and let go of Lin Feng’s arm. 

“I’ve never met Master Jing Tian. His son, Jing Rui, gave me this sword,” answered Lin Feng. 

The old man was disappointed. “Alright, cherish this sword. Help Jing Rui as much as you can. You two should never become enemies,” said the old man gravely. It sounded like a warning. If they became enemies, the old man would be on Jing Rui’s side!

“Master, how come you haven’t gone out for such a long time? Are you not allowed to go out? Or…?” asked Lin Feng, changing the topic again. He wanted to take some strong cultivators with him. The Region of the Eight Corners needed more strong cultivators. Even if the old man didn’t help the Region of the Eight Corners, they could at least become allies, or he could at least help them for the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. 

The old man narrowed his eyes. He understood what Lin Feng meant, but he needed to leave to do so.

“I can’t go out,” said the old man, sighing helplessly. He seemed sad and dispirited. 

“Why can’t you leave?” asked Lin Feng, he was surprised. 

“It’s an agreement between all of us, the Overlords. No matter if we died or survived, we are not allowed to leave, ever. Otherwise, it would break the order of the World of Battles,” explained the old man unhappily. 

Lin Feng looked astonished and then he burst into laughter. The old man looked at him curiously, “Why are you laughing, young man?” 

“Haha! Master! You are really confused. The order of the World of Battles has already changed so much! What would change if you went out? The order of the World of Battles was already changed when I reunified the Region of the Eight Corners. What are you worried about?” said Lin Feng laughing. 

The old man was an Overlord, but he wasn’t very smart sometimes! 

The old man blushed. He felt stupid! 

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