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Chapter 1362: Ancestor’s Tower!



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“Ling Yun, go in and focus on breaking through. Nothing else,” Lin Feng said to his adopted son. He made Zhuang Ling Yun go to the end of the room where the floating fragrance was. 

Zhuang Ling Yun sat down and then sensed the cold floating fragrance penetrate into his meridians. It started flowing throughout his entire body. 

Zhuang Ling Yun’s body turned brown, the color of his pure Qi. His pure Qi disappeared and the floating fragrance enveloped him. 

Zhuang Ling Yun closed his eyes. He was already in a deep meditative state, focused on breaking through. Of course, Zhuang Ling Yun had the strength of the top of the High-level Supreme God layer these days, so thanks to the floating fragrance, he might be able to break through to the Supreme God layer, also known as the Half-Great Supreme God layer. 

“Lin Feng, I’ll watch Ling Yun. Some people have been staring at the Evolution Hall from outside for a while. You should go out and see!” said the protector suddenly. 

Lin Feng’s expression changed quickly as he glanced at the windows. Someone was outside? Who could be out there at the top of the mountain? 

An ancient overlord? Thinking about that, Lin Feng’s hair bristled. If it was an ancient overlord, it would be a catastrophe. At least when he bumped into the old man, the Ice Spirit and the Fire Spirit were on his side, but this time he was all alone. 

When he came out of the great palace, he saw an old man in a golden robe in the distance. The old man was sitting on a gigantic boulder and staring at the Evolution Hall. When Lin Feng showed up, he looked over Lin Feng. 

When Lin Feng looked at the old man’s face, he was covered in cold sweat. It felt like his entire world was collapsing around him. His soul nearly dispersed, but Lin Feng reacted at the most crucial moment and looked away. 

An overlord. It was indeed an overlord, and he was much, much stronger than the old man. This overlord was even stronger than the Human Ancestor. Thinking about that, Lin Feng realized that if he only left alive, he would be lucky! 

“Hello, Master,” Lin Feng said. He didn’t know what to say, so he greeted the old man.

The old man narrowed his eyes and stroked his beard. He didn’t reply. Lin Feng felt awkward. He couldn’t leave, but at the same time the old man ignored him. 

“Master, I am a young man from the World of Battles, I didn’t mean to offend you. If I have, please forgive me. I can leave right now as well,” Lin Feng said, turning around and getting ready to leave. 

“Answer some of my questions. If I am satisfied by your answers, I will let you leave. If I am not, I will kill you!” 

The old man’s Qi was ice cold, much colder than the Ice Spirit’s Qi. Lin Feng felt like his meridians were about to explode. If the old man’s Qi pressed on his meridians a little bit more, they would! 

That was the power of an ancient overlord. Lin Feng couldn’t compete with him, he was way too weak. Lin Feng knew that there was always someone who was stronger somewhere. In the Country of Eternity, he could already be an ultimate ruler, but in the World of Battles, there were many people who were stronger than him. 

He was an ordinary cultivator at the top of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer. He had to break through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer to be one of the strongest cultivators of the World of Battles. 

The old man was terrifyingly strong. Lin Feng couldn’t even move. 

“Ask away, Master,” Lin Feng said with a pained look. He hadn’t thought this small excursion for the floating fragrance would turn out this way. He had succeeded, but now he was in danger because of a random ancient overlord in Shen Hai Mo Lin! 

Was this overlord one of the old man’s friends or enemies? If they were friends, it would be great; if they were enemies, Lin Feng would lose his last chance of surviving. 

The old man smiled cheerfully when he saw Lin Feng obey. He hadn’t seen a living person for hundreds of thousands of years. He had been sitting at the top of the precious tower peak for hundreds of thousands of years. He had even forgotten about the outside world. He didn’t know what it was like anymore. He didn’t even know what his family members looked like anymore, as he didn’t remember them. He didn’t even know who he was himself. 

Indeed, he was partially amnesic. He had forgotten important things, such as who his relatives were, but he hadn’t forgotten that he was the Ancestor of the Tower, and that he wasn’t any weaker than the Ancestor of the Four Directions! 

“Where are you from in the World of Battles?” asked the old man indifferently. 

Lin Feng didn’t look at the old man’s eyes, only his face as he replied, “Master, I am a young genius from the Country of Eternity. I arrived in the World of Battles recently.” 

“Oh? You’re from a lower world?” the old man frowned. He seemed surprised and slightly happy. 

Lin Feng initially wanted to say he was from the Region of the Eight Corners, but he didn’t know who the old man was. He might be enemies with the Region of the Eight Corners. Lin Feng was extremely careful, and said he was from the lower world.  Ancient overlords couldn’t hold grudges against people from lower worlds, because they were from lower worlds themselves!

“Do you remember an influential group called the Ancient Tower Clan?” asked the old man excitedly. He vaguely remembered the clan he belonged to when he was in the lower world. 

When Lin Feng heard him, he thought for a moment, but then said honestly, “Master, I’ve never heard of the Ancient Tower Clan. It didn’t exist when I was in the Country of Eternity. There was the Ancient Human Clan, the Ancient Yan Clan, Tian Dao Yuan, the Tian Ji Sect, the Zhao Hall, and some others…” 

“What? No Ancient Tower Clan? They were destroyed?” When the old man heard Lin Feng, he suddenly looked sad. A ten thousand zhang high golden light appeared around him and put pressure on Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shouted, “Ma… Master! Please stop!” 

Phwap! There was a huge explosion. The old man raised his hands and recalled his Qi. Lin Feng took a deep breath and wiped the sweat off his forehead with his sleeve. This old man was moody. He was extremely happy and abruptly burst out in anger!

“Master, I don’t know if the clan was destroyed or if they had their own reasons for disappearing, but in any case, there was no Ancient Tower Clan when I was there,” Lin Feng clarified. He didn’t hide the truth just because the old man got angry. He didn’t intend to lie to survive. 

The old man looked sad and sighed. In the end, he forced a smile and said, “Indeed. When there are influential groups, some fall, some rise… Nobody can exist forever.” 

“You’re absolutely right, Master,” Lin Feng agreed with a smile. If everybody thought that way, the world would be a better place!

“Second question: who are the strongest cultivators of the World of Battles nowadays?” the old man asked calmly. 

“Apart from Hong Meng, the four other Ancestors are the Buddhist Ancestor of the West, the Human Ancestor of the East, the Demon Ancestor of the South and the Ancestor of the North. Apart from them, there are also overlords who are just a bit weaker than them, Ni Huang from the Northwest, Ancestor Nü from the Northeast, Ancestor Long from the Southeast and Ancestor Tai from the Southwest. 

“Apart from them, there are also people on the List of the World of Battles, fifty of them. People call them the overlords of the List of the World of Battles. They all have a territory, disciples, influence and power. 

“Then there are forbidden territories, and third and fourth class influential groups,” Lin Feng answered honestly. He didn’t need to lie. 

When the old man heard that, he looked perplexed. Lin Feng waited for the old man to answer. The old man sighed a few times and looked uncomfortable…

Finally, an hour later, the old man came back to his senses. He looked at Lin Feng and sighed, “Little boy, we’ve become insignificant. We’ve become useless. Hehe, the old ancient overlords are insignificant nowadays!” the old man sighed sadly. 

Lin Feng felt compassion for him. He could imagine what it was like. The old man used to be one of the strongest cultivators in the world, and then a war had happened and he had nearly fallen. 

Hundreds of thousands of years later, the order of the World of Battles had changed. Some people of the younger generations had become Ancestors already. There were new overlords, too. People had gradually replaced them. It was a new era. 

How sad…

“Master, which ancient overlord are you?” Lin Feng asked. They had gotten acquainted already. He didn’t need to be as respectful as at the beginning. The old man wasn’t as scary anymore. 

The old man glanced at Lin Feng and remained pensive at first, before smiling resignedly. Why did he hesitate? Young people had forgotten about them, in the end. Telling younger people about the past was a good way to make people remember them and the past. 

“I am the Ancestor of the Tower!” replied the old man honestly. 

Where was he from, though? Where was the Ancestor of the Tower’s territory and homeland? Lin Feng noticed the old man looked sad and asked, “What’s the matter, Master?”

“I am amnesic. I have forgotten where I am from!” whispered the old man hoarsely. When Lin Feng heard that, he was happy inside. Extremely happy!

If that was the case, then everything would be much easier! 

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