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Chapter 1365: Killing!



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Lin Feng clenched his fists and golden energies emerged from his hands. His energies were terrifying. The ground started shaking. 

Lin Feng flashed. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of the big man. No matter how aggressive his enemy was, Lin Feng didn’t care. 

He threw two punches! 

Boom, boom!

The crowd heard some explosions on the street. Lin Feng and the man’s silhouettes collided. Their fists met. Lin Feng was pushed back half a step, and the man several! 

The people were dumbstruck. Lin Feng was just a Spiritual Godly Ancestor and the man was a Holy Godly Ancestor, but Lin Feng had defeated him. Lin Feng was extremely strong!

The man regretted that he had offended Lin Feng. If he had known this, he wouldn’t have attacked him. Now, it was too late. The strong cultivators and disciples of Jun Hall were all waiting for him to react. Lin Feng was standing there, looking arrogant. He looked down upon them, so they had to punish him! 

“Lin Feng, you’re qualified to fight against me; you even managed to attack first. But you were lucky, you will not have such an opportunity again!” declared the man coldly. He disappeared and reappeared above Lin Feng. He condensed power in his feet and came crashing down. 

Lin Feng suddenly felt as if he was being crushed by a billion jin mountain. It wasn’t pleasant. His opponent was a Holy Godly Ancestor, so he was strong. 

But Lin Feng had obtained the floating fragrance and was about to break through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer. He didn’t need to fear Holy Godly Ancestors at all. What Lin Feng was thinking was… to kill or not to kill? 

Lin Feng decided to kill. Since he was in Jun Hall, he could teach them a good lesson. If he didn’t, Zhuang Chong Huan might quickly forget their discussion and come to the Region of the Eight Corners with a few strong cultivators to cause trouble! 

“Come. I don’t have time to play around with you. I’ll get rid of you in one attack,” Lin Feng swore when he noticed the sun was going down already. The sky was beautiful at this time of the day… 

Lin Feng threw a palm strike, and a golden Imperial Imprint appeared. It was thousands of zhang tall. Its golden lights surrounded the man. 

The man kicked the golden lights, which dispersed. He grinned and looked down upon Lin Feng, saying icily, “Lin Feng, you are a piece of trash. Haha! Die!” 

“Is that so?” Lin Feng smiled icily. He had just used the Imperial Imprint attack to distract his opponent. His real attack was coming now. 

“Second Wave, Flames Two Heavy Waves, Sky Burning Fire!”

When Lin Feng finished his sentence, the crowd heard a sound, as if someone was burning. It was a terrifying sound. They saw flames in Lin Feng’s palms. 

A three zhang tall wave of fire appeared and surrounded the man. 

“Lin Feng, you despicable bastard!” shouted the man desperately, paling. He knew he couldn’t escape anymore. He was surrounded by a wall of flames. Lin Feng could kill him in less than three seconds! 

“Bastard? You attacked me! I didn’t provoke you. And I am not despicable, I just created a diversion. You’re arrogant and you looked down upon me, so you underestimated me and acted carelessly,” Lin Feng smiled icily. 

The man was scared now. Lin Feng was happy to see the man so scared. The man had underestimated him, and now he had to pay. 

“Lin Feng, no! Leader Lin! Spare my life! I was wrong! I was so wrong!” The man was terrified, and begged Lin Feng for mercy. 

Lin Feng glanced at him and shook his head. The man had pushed him to the limits. He had to kill him!

“Everybody, listen up! I’ve never offended any of you. He offended me first, so you all understand why I have to kill him! 

“Anyway, we’ve wasted enough time. I never spare my enemies’ lives, I always kill them! When someone humiliates me, they die, as simple as that! So, I’m sorry, but now I have to kill him!” Lin Feng warned the crowd. 

Everybody had a different expression as the flames around the man suddenly grew larger and roared. 

He was terrified. He knelt down and begged Lin Feng again. However, Lin Feng ignored him. Spare his life? When the man had attacked him, he hadn’t thought of sparing his life!

“See you! Don’t offend me again in your next life!” Lin Feng proclaimed, smiling heartlessly. He raised his left hand and the ocean of flames closed in on the man. He disappeared in the flames and burned in front of the whole crowd. Everybody could see his struggling silhouette in the flames! 


Kacha, kacha, kacha…

The man kept crying as his bones started burning. Poor man… 

It didn’t last for too long. The man quickly stopped shouting and the flames disappeared soon after. 

The whole crowd was shaken. They would never forget the man’s desperate expression. 

Lin Feng had just destroyed someone who had offended him. 

Cruel. How cruel! Everybody stepped away from Lin Feng. Nobody dared look at him. If Lin Feng thought anyone was making fun of him, he might kill them!

Lin Feng glanced around and landed on the ground. He looked at the gate of the mansion house of Jun Hall. It was closed, so he left. 

When Lin Feng left, Zhuang Ling Yun followed him. Initially, he wanted to go and see Zhuang Chong Quan, but then Lin Feng had fought against the man. Zhuang Ling Yun had watched him. 

In the end, Lin Feng had won and killed the man. Zhuang Ling Yun was extremely happy. He didn’t consider himself a member of Jun Hall. 

He followed Lin Feng silently. Lin Feng took Zhuang Ling Yun in his arms and went back to the inn. 


A huge battle happened in Jun Hall. Some of them were strong cultivators who thought Zhuang Chong Huan was a weakling and a coward. He hadn’t even dared deal with Lin Feng. On top of that, Lin Feng had trespassed on their territory!

But a few strong cultivators also supported Zhuang Chong Huan. Jun Hall was going through difficult times, after all. They couldn’t let Jun Hall collapse because of Lin Feng. Half an hour later, they had to change their mind. 

Over ten thousand people gathered outside of the mansion house of Jun Hall. They all waited for Zhuang Chong Huan to give them an explanation. Why hadn’t he done anything, even though Lin Feng had threatened them? 

Nobody had ever humiliated Jun Hall like that! 

Zhuang Chong Huan’s palace was closed. He didn’t dare face those strong cultivators, because he didn’t know what to tell them! He knew what they were thinking. He actually wasn’t worried, because Lin Feng couldn’t do anything. A million li separated Jun Hall and the Region of the Eight Corners, so Lin Feng couldn’t send many strong cultivators to attack Jun Hall. 

“Damn! He fucking fooled me!” When Zhuang Chong Huan understood Lin Feng’s plan, he was furious and clenched his fists. He went out of the palace and shouted furiously, “Inform the ten Great Elders and the four Eminent Scholars to come with me; we’re going to kill Lin Feng!” 


When the crowd heard him, they were overjoyed. The leader had finally stopped hiding. 

“Our leader said the ten Great Elders and four Scholars had to go and kill Lin Feng!” 

“The leader also said all the strong cultivators who wanted to, could go and kill Lin Feng to avenge Jun Hall!” 

The people of Jun Hall were overjoyed. They could imagine themselves destroying Lin Feng already! 

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