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Chapter 1371: With One’s Own Strength!


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“Hmph! Lin Feng, don’t piss me off, or you will regret it!” shouted the man in purple. The golden and fiery lights were faster than him, and about to reach him. He had no choice but to resist them directly. 

“Who provoked whom? Has the Region of the Eight Corners offended the Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil? When I wasn’t there, the Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil bullied, harassed and humiliated the people of the Region of the Eight Corners! You think I don’t know about that? 

“Today, many people are here, and I’m going to tell you one thing in front of them: if the Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil survives, it means I’m dead, and if the Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil is destroyed, it means I’m alive! As long as I’m alive, I’ll do my best to destroy the Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil!” 

Lin Feng’s voice pierced through people’s eardrums painfully. His voice was terrifying. Everybody in the Northwest of the World of Battles heard his promise. The Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil was going to be destroyed! 

Many people were impressed. Lin Feng looked tiny up there in the sky, surrounded by Buddhist lights, but he was at the center of the action! 

This time, the Buddhist lights didn’t stop. They rolled forward in waves and fused together with the flames. Lin Feng was fearless and attacked without hesitation. The ground shook for thousands of li. 

The golden Buddhist lights sounded like gongs being beaten, while the flames sounded fierce and hungry. The whole area was lethal! 

The man in purple clothes ground his teeth. He couldn’t escape, and if he didn’t attack, the flames and Buddhist lights would destroy him. He had to do everything he could now! 

“Lin Feng, don’t rejoice too soon. Now, I will show you how strong I really am! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” The body of the man in purple clothes started boiling. Lights appeared, turning into a gate. More strength and Qi emerged from the gate, and there was an explosion. The golden lights and flames were destroyed instantly. 

Lin Feng’s energies dispersed. He could sense that the new Qi was incredibly powerful. He hastily raised his arms to block it, but it was still strong enough to push Lin Feng a hundred meters away. 

Lin Feng was impressed. The man’s Qi was much more powerful than before. It was more powerful than the Qi of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer, but still less powerful than the Qi of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer. 

“You’re using a forbidden kind of strength?” he asked indifferently, staying calm and ready. 

“Lin Feng, I told you; since you wouldn’t listen to me, don’t blame me for being cruel. Argh!” The man in purple clothes was furious. He didn’t intend to give Lin Feng any opportunity to strike back. He appeared in front of Lin Feng and threw out his hand. “Heavy Mountain Destruction!” 

His hand became a hundred-zhang-high purple shadow. It looked like a hand coming from the sky, about to grab Lin Feng’s head. 

“Leader, I’ll help you!” shouted Zhan Gan explosively. The man in purple clothes was bullying their Leader! He couldn’t let him do that. The man was about to break through to the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer, and he kept bullying Lin Feng?! 

“Move away! I can take care of it alone!” shouted Lin Feng firmly. He pushed everyone who wanted to help him away, including Meng Qing. 

When Meng Qing saw Lin Feng looking so stubborn, she was reassured. It meant he knew he could win! “Back!” she ordered, retreating thousands of meters away; everybody had no choice but to follow her. 

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the hundred zhang tall purple hand, its Qi rolling like a furious river. It just made him want to fight even more. 

“Imperial Imprint Formula!” Lin Feng raised his hands. Golden lights flashed and emerged from Lin Feng’s hands, pushing the purple light away. The golden lights grew bigger and bigger. In the end, the Imperial Imprint continued moving towards the man in purple clothes. 

“Heavy Mountain Destruction!” shouted the man in purple clothes once more, throwing out a hand again. The purple lights that had almost disappeared brightened again. The hundred zhang high purple light shot towards Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng’s Imperial Imprint was above his head. It was three thousand meters tall, and dazzling to see, its light illuminating the whole area. His Imperial Imprint wasn’t weaker than the purple hand!

The two attacks collided. Everyone moved away, including extremely strong cultivators. That kind of strength was dangerous! 

Lin Feng’s Imperial Imprint and the man’s purple hand shattered. Many people looked at it with their eyes and mouths wide. They had moved dozens of li away for nothing? 

“How come there weren’t gigantic shockwaves?” A strong cultivator looked perplexed. He had a bad feeling, like the calm before the storm. 

“HURRY UP AND RUN! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” someone shouted suddenly. Suddenly, the purple lights expanded monstrously. The strong cultivators on the ground didn’t have time to react. The purple lights had turned into an ocean!

Meng Qing had isolated the world around the crowd, and Lin Feng was still standing in front, so he could protect the crowd. Therefore, his people were fine. 

Feng Cai and Ni Huang’s new war general looked desperate. They had nearly died because of the man in purple!

There were corpses everywhere on the ground. Their bodies had been cut to pieces by the purple lights, so most corpses were not intact. 

Lin Feng didn’t care. He just stared at the man in purple clothes. Lin Feng knew the man wasn’t a random cultivator. He was extremely strong, and had to be famous. 

“Who are you? Why do you want to fight against me? Won’t you tell me?” Lin Feng frowned. His terrifying Qi emerged, but the man in purple clothes destroyed it instantly. 

“Lin Feng, if you defeat me, I will tell you what you want to know. If you can’t defeat me, then just shut the fuck up!” snarled the man in purple clothes. Even if Lin Feng was strong, the man didn’t think that Lin Feng could continue fighting! 

Lin Feng clenched his fists. Since the man had said that, Lin Feng had to use his real strength to show him he could defeat him! 

“Since it’s that way, I have nothing to say. Let’s continue fighting!” Lin Feng said, smiling grimly. His body was surrounded by ten thousand zhang high pillars of lights, and his blue Genesis Spiritual strength emerged explosively. His Buddhist energies kept flashing, while his blood-red demon Qi floated behind him. 

The three energies were terrifying when Lin Feng fused them together. He could easily destroy the Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil with such an attack! 

The man in purple clothes condensed more Qi, grimacing as he did so. He knew what Lin Feng was trying to do, and was worried. Even if he was extremely strong, the strong cultivators he had brought with him were in danger! 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had given him precise orders: they had to distract Lin Feng from other things until the Ceremony of the World of Battles! But they had underestimated Lin Feng; he was much more courageous than they had thought. He was easily strong enough to destroy the Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil!

The man in purple clothes took a deep breath and got ready to fight to win or die. 

“Since you are insane, I have no choice but to kill you!” the man in purple clothes smiled harshly, trying to make Lin Feng nervous. 

When Lin Feng heard that, his three energies exploded forth! 

Lin Feng was grinding his teeth, looking savage and ready to kill. The man in purple clothes suddenly looked afraid. Lin Feng smiled in satisfaction. 

“I told you, I will destroy the Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil! Now, it’s time for me to keep my promise. Hahahahaha!” Lin Feng shouted murderously. His energies didn’t move towards the man in purple clothes, but towards the buildings of the Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil. 

“LIN FENG, YOU FUCKING SON OF A BITCH! YOU WANT TO DIE! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” shouted the man as Lin Feng’s triple attack annihilated everything below them! 

He couldn’t save his servants! What a tragedy!

Six of the Holy Godly Ancestors the man in purple clothes had brought with him exploded and died. Three were severely injured, and one of them escaped with injuries. 

All the ordinary Godly Ancestors and Great Supreme Gods were dead!

Lin Feng didn’t regret it at all. If the Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil hadn’t offended the Region of the Eight Corners, he wouldn’t have done this. 

It was their fault! They had offended the wrong people! 

“Ask all those who criticized the Region of the Eight Corners in the Northwest! They should help the Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil destroy the Region of the Eight Corners! 

“Tell them that the Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil has been destroyed by the Region of the Eight Corners! If they continue offending the Region of the Eight Corners, the same thing will happen to them!” Lin Feng said. His robe and hair fluttered in the wind, and his eyes were filled with murder. He looked like the ultimate ruler of the universe. 

He looked at the man in purple clothes icily, and his triple energies reached out… 

“Lin Feng, I will never forget what happened today. I will get my revenge!” swore the man in purple darkly. He fled with the only Holy Godly Ancestor who was still alive, and they disappeared from sight. 

Lin Feng smiled, and his three energies dispersed. As they did, he immediately paled. He had used lots of energy to destroy the Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil and resist the man in purple!

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