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Chapter 1372: Meeting Ni Huang Again!


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“Leader Lin said that if anyone offended or humiliated the Region of the Eight Corners, he would kill them!” 

Everybody heard the news. The Region of the Eight Corners had sent twelve people to destroy close to one thousand people, all of them people who had helped or supported the Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil to humiliate the Region of the Eight Corners. 

During those two weeks, people had humiliated the Region of the Eight Corners many times because of the Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil, but also because of some rumors. Now Lin Feng had killed those people, so nobody would dare spread rumors or humiliate the Region of the Eight Corners again. 

From then on, people wouldn’t dare gather together and criticize them. 

Lin Feng was kind in the past, but now he had become much stronger, and he didn’t intend to let anyone humiliate his people! 

The news that Lin Feng had destroyed the Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil spread around quickly. Within a week, everything calmed down in the Northwest. 


Ni Huang sent her servants to investigate a few times, but they learned nothing. 

Ni Huang stopped trying to understand. She guessed that because of Lin Feng’s cruel and aggressive methods people were all really afraid of him now. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue was seated next to her. Qian Jin Cai Yue had become colder those days. She thought of Lin Feng often, but she knew the chances kept decreasing with time. If Qing Huang Tian hadn’t shown up in his life, Qian Jin Cai Yue would be with Lin Feng now. 

Lin Feng was polygamous, a man of passion. Qing Huang Tian had died, so Lin Feng couldn’t accept new women in his life. He would feel guilty for Qing Huang Tian. Qian Jin Cai Yue decided to try and forget about him out of respect for Qing Huang Tian. 

Initially they weren’t very close, but she had quickly fallen for him, but Lin Feng never took her feelings to heart. 

Ni Huang understood how Qian Jin Cai Yue felt. Ni Huang thought about the issue for a long time and in the end she decided to make Qian Jin Cai Yue become someone. Cai Yue was her daughter, after all. 

She thought it was normal to try and find a husband for her, because every influential group had marriage alliances with other influential groups. She just wanted her daughter to be happy. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue slowly forgot about Lin Feng, so Ni Huang was happy. When Ni Huang learned about Lin Feng and Fu Xi, she was even more convinced that they had to cut ties!

“Mother, I want to get married,” said Qian Jin Cai Yue. She was standing behind Ni Huang. Ni Huang had just woken up and taken a shower, and her hair was still wet. She had yet to put her makeup on when Qian Jin Cai Yue suddenly came in. What she said made Ni Huang shake from head to toe. 

Ni Huang was startled. “Cai Yue, do you still hate me?” 

“No, mother. I just want to get married. I’m not that young anymore. I need to get married,” replied Qian Jin Cai Yue, shaking her head. She didn’t hate Ni Huang. She just understood she needed to get married now. 

When Ni Huang saw Qian Jin Cai Yue looked so resolute, she nodded and smiled, “I’m happy for you, but finding someone isn’t easy!” 

“Mother, I can get married to Leader Jing Rui, if he still agrees,” Qian Jin Cai Yue smiled. She felt awkward, but she was sure she wouldn’t regret it. 

Ni Huang’s expression slightly changed, and she scratched her nose. Qian Jin Cai Yue couldn’t get married to Leader Jing Rui anymore. 

Jing City had become a second-class influential group when the Region of the Eight Corners started rising. The Region of the Eight Corners was at the apex of its power now. The Region of the Eight Corners was as powerful as Ni Huang’s group. If they wanted to, they could even destroy her empire if the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points intervened. Lin Feng’s servants could easily destroy the members of Ni Huang’s World and the Phoenix World. 

The Northwest was now Lin Feng’s. Of course, Ni Huang was convinced that Lin Feng wasn’t going to conquer the whole Northwest, probably because of Fu Xi! 

“In two weeks, the Ceremony of the World of Battles will start. You can come with me and we can see if there are talented and outstanding young geniuses for you. If you find one you like, I can help you. What do you think?” Ni Huang asked. She didn’t want her daughter to feel depressed or suffer because of Lin Feng. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue nodded impassively. She didn’t mind. 

“Reporting! Lin Feng is here!” announced Feng Cai, suddenly showing up in the great palace. 

Ni Huang’s expression stiffened. Qian Jin Cai Yue looked normal as she smiled at her mother and said, “I’m going, mom.” 

“Alright, you go now,” Ni Huang nodded. When her daughter left, Ni Huang turned around and said both proudly and unhappily, “Tell him to come in.” 

Feng Cai had told Lin Feng to wait outside. When Lin Feng heard her voice come from inside, he grinned and entered the great palace. He patted Feng Cai’s shoulder and smiled. 

When Lin Feng entered the room, Feng Cai turned away. He was in pain, and his shoulder hurt. It felt like it was broken. Lin Feng had punished him! 

At the same time, Feng Cai understood that Lin Feng had grown a lot, but Feng Cai hadn’t changed. He was the same old Feng Cai, still Ni Huang’s war general. The only difference was that he was now the leader of the war generals, thanks to Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng walked to the center of the room and saw Ni Huang. 

Ni Huang was wearing a thin and transparent blue bathrobe. One could see her body through it. Her body looked flawless. Her hair wasn’t dry, so water was dripping on her face and shoulders, which made her look even sexier. 

Lin Feng couldn’t help but gasp when he saw her again. But he couldn’t forget Qing Huang Tian either, so it was difficult for him to face Ni Huang. 

“Greetings, Master Ni Huang,” Lin Feng said, bowing hand over fist sincerely. He didn’t take a chance just because of the changes in the Region of the Eight Corners. 

Ni Huang waved and smiled indifferently, “Leader Lin, please don’t be so polite.” 

“Master Ni Huang, you’re flattering me,” replied Lin Feng smoothly. He didn’t take her words to heart. Ni Huang might be angry about the new changes, and the fact that Lin Feng killed people as he wished. 

Therefore, this time, he took the initiative to come and see her first. That way, they could talk about a few issues. 

“So, I guess you’re here because you want something?” asked Ni Huang, looking at her mirror. She took some cream and applied it to her hair. Her hair smelled sweeter and looked shinier. 

“Yes,” Lin Feng answered honestly. He wouldn’t have come to Ni Huang’s world otherwise. 

“Yes, come over here and comb my hair,” said Ni Huang directly. She wiggled her index finger and smiled at Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng instantly felt awkward. Ni Huang smiled jokingly and said, “What? Are you afraid?” 

“No. I just think it’s weird,” Lin Feng replied. He was blushing, but he didn’t move. He didn’t know what Ni Huang meant, so he didn’t take any risks. 

“Don’t think too much. I just need this. It reminds me of when Fu Xi combed my hair. You’re from the same place as him, and even the same clan, so please, comb my hair,” Ni Huang requested, blushing slightly. How many years had passed since the last time she had blushed in front of a man? 

Lin Feng took a deep breath and took the comb to comb her hair. His hand kept brushing against her skin accidentally. Her skin was as soft as a child’s skin. 

Ni Huang shivered and looked at Lin Feng in her mirror. She couldn’t think of Fu Xi. All she had in mind at that moment was Lin Feng’s face. 

“No! Nooo! Piss off, piss off!” Ni Huang suddenly shouted explosively. She glared at Lin Feng ferociously, her eyes filled with lethal intent. She pushed Lin Feng hard, and he had no time to react. He was blown away. 

Boom! Lin Feng was hurled out of the great palace. 

Lin Feng coughed up some blood. He used his full strength to control his body, but he still crashed to the ground outside. Luckily, he had also used his Dragon-Phoenix blood to protect himself and push Ni Huang’s energies away. 

“I’m not very lucky…” Lin Feng sighed with a wry smile. Ni Huang had asked him to comb her hair and then she had flipped out. 

Lin Feng was sure that Ni Huang didn’t want to kill him. She had just gone crazy. 

Feng Cai was surprised. He had never seen Ni Huang get so angry. She had even hurled Lin Feng out of the palace! 

Feng Cai looked at Lin Feng curiously. Had Lin Feng tried to get… intimate with Ni Huang? 

Suddenly, Lin Feng heard Ni Huang’s soft voice again. “Lin Feng, come back in. I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened!” 

She didn’t sound angry anymore. Lin Feng rubbed his aching chest and went back in, smiling patiently… 

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