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Chapter 1373: Assign an Important Task!


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“What’s wrong, Master Ni Huang?” asked Lin Feng, sighing helplessly and coming back inside. 

Ni Huang felt guilty. Lin Feng could see that. She had overreacted when she had not seen Fu Xi’s face in the mirror, only Lin Feng’s! Anyone would have been worried. 

“Nothing. It’s because of my condition. I hope you’re not injured?” asked Ni Huang, shaking her head and not explaining anything. She just hoped Lin Feng wasn’t injured. She hadn’t controlled her strength, but she was surprised when she saw Lin Feng seemed only lightly injured. 

“If I didn’t have Dragon-Phoenix blood in my body, I would have died,” Lin Feng said, smiling. He was still in pain. 

“I owe you,” said Ni Huang, after she realized she could have killed Lin Feng. That would have had tragic consequences for the Region of the Eight Corners, and Qian Jin Cai Yue would have been devastated. What would Fu Xi say?! 

“Nah, I shouldn’t have combed your hair,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head. He didn’t take it to heart. But actually, even if he didn’t have Dragon-Phoenix blood, he wouldn’t have died, he had said that just to make Ni Huang feel guiltier!

“Alright, let’s forget about it. What do you want from me?” asked Ni Huang, waving the matter away. 

“Master Ni Huang, I came for two things. The first thing I’d like to explain to you is what happened and why I killed some people. The Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil appeared and humiliated the Region of the Eight Corners. The reason for that are rumors. I had to kill those who spread rumors. 

“Those people were evildoers, spreading false rumors around the world. They were afraid not enough people would hear the rumors, so they deserved to die!

“I’m sorry for killing people that you considered as an asset for the Northwest,” Lin Feng said, apologizing earnestly. 

Ni Huang sat down. She didn’t listen very carefully, but nodded now and then. In the end, when Lin Feng finished, she raised her head and looked at Lin Feng, “Even if you hadn’t given me an explanation, I wouldn’t have minded. Since you did it, you did, there is no problem. 

“You killed those people to show everybody in the Northwest that from now on, nobody should spread rumors carelessly. It’s not good for the Northwest’s reputation,” said Ni Huang, nodding indifferently.

She didn’t blame Lin Feng. Those people were dead already, anyway. Lin Feng was the Region of the Eight Corners and rising quickly, so she should support him. Lin Feng was also from the same clan as Fu Xi, so she was even more willing to help him. 

“I’m glad you understand, Master,” Lin Feng replied, taking a deep breath. He was initially worried Ni Huang would be mad at him. He wasn’t afraid she would punish him, he was afraid his relationship with Ni Huang would become more complex again. He didn’t want tensions to arise between them again. 

“So, the first issue is solved. Second thing, no need to tell me. I know what you meant,” said Ni Huang, smiling hesitantly. She had no choice. Since she had promised Lin Feng, she had to do it. 

“Since you know, leave the Seventh Phoenix to me,” Lin Feng said. His smile gradually disappeared. From now on, he had to solve Qing Huang Tian’s issue, Zhen Yu was dead, but the Seventh Phoenix was still alive. 

Lin Feng couldn’t let him off. The Seventh Phoenix had humiliated him and meant him harm. He hadn’t had time to deal with the issue yet, but it didn’t mean he had forgotten about it. 

Now, he had time to do something about it! 

“Lin Feng, you really want to do it? Qing Huang Tian is already dead, she…” said Ni Huang. The Seventh Phoenix was a Holy Godly Ancestor. She needed his help. If Lin Feng killed him, the Northwest would become less powerful. 

But Lin Feng interrupted her resolutely. “Master, leave him to me,” Lin Feng said, taking a deep breath. He had been in the Phoenix Altar before. The Seventh Phoenix had warned him, but now Qing Huang Tian was dead, and why? Because of Zhen Yu and the Seventh Phoenix! 

Ni Huang had no choice. So many people had been involved. If their issues had been solved earlier, things might have been easier, and she might have been closer to Lin Feng too. 

“Feng Cai, call the Seventh Phoenix!” Ni Huang snapped angrily. 

After a short time, Feng Cai brought the Seventh Phoenix back. Feng Cai restricted the Seventh Phoenix with pure Qi. The Seventh Phoenix didn’t look as majestic as he once had. He didn’t look like the leader of a big clan like the Phoenix Clan anymore. After Qing Huang Tian’s death, one of her uncles had replaced her. 

The Seventh Phoenix glanced at Ni Huang and Lin Feng listlessly, then smiled faintly. He knew he was going to die. Lin Feng had become so strong. Ni Huang was about to give up on him, one of her War Generals, to make Lin Feng happy. 

But he didn’t regret it. Zhen Yu was a good friend of his. If he was given the chance to start all over again, he would still do the same. He was just sorry for Qing Huang Tian. She was a good girl. He had hounded her to her death! 

“Go ahead, Lin Feng,” said Ni Huang, closing her eyes, and her voice trembling. She wasn’t happy, but she did it for the future of the Northwest. As a leader, it was her responsibility! 

The Seventh Phoenix was depressed, and sighed helplessly. He at least felt some warmth in his heart when he saw Ni Huang’s reaction. He could only blame himself for his death, and he was proud he had served Ni Huang. 

He had to bear the responsibility for his actions. It was a logical outcome. 

Feng Cai closed his eyes and sighed. He wasn’t happy either, but what could he do? 

Lin Feng’s eyes glittered. He wasn’t a piece of trash people could bully as they wished anymore. Even Ni Huang had to submit to him sometimes!

Lin Feng put the Seventh Phoenix in one of his rings expressionlessly. He would kill him at the same time as Lang Zhe, Cheng Shan, and the man in black clothes. 

Lang Zhe, Cheng Shan, the Seventh Phoenix, and the man in black clothes had humiliated him and his women several times. Those four men had to die! 

Lin Feng clenched his fists. He looked at Ni Huang and said, “Master, I think we’re done for today, so I’m off.” 

“Wait, I also have something to tell you,” said Ni Huang. She needed to negotiate with him. 

Lin Feng had just turned around and gotten ready to leave, so he turned back and looked at her, waiting for her to speak. 

“Go out first,” said Ni Huang, glancing at Feng Cai absently. Feng Cai bowed hand over fist respectfully, glanced at Lin Feng with a grin, turned around and left. When Feng Cai left, Ni Huang stood up. She was one meter-seventy, with beautiful long white legs and small feet. She walked forwards slowly. 

When she stopped, she was so close to Lin Feng that he could smell her spicy perfume. Lin Feng could also see the shape of her beautiful breasts and figure. 

Lin Feng thought that Fu Xi was lucky to be the lover of one of the most beautiful women in the World of Battles! 

“Lin Feng, I would guess your servants mentioned the Ceremony of the World of Battles to you,” began Ni Huang. Lin Feng knew that right now the Region of the Eight Corners was as powerful as Ni Huang’s world. 

“Indeed they did,” Lin Feng nodded. He knew what she wanted to say. Ni Huang was one of the strongest cultivators in the Northwest, so she was going to send some strong cultivators to the Ceremony. She couldn’t lose face at the Ceremony, or the Northwest would lose face. 

“Even though you’ve heard about it, you may not know everything. Do you know why the Ceremony exists?” asked Ni Huang, smiling and shaking her head. 

Lin Feng shook his head and smiled thinly. How could he know? 

“It’s not just to show who the strongest ones are, but it’s also a way of getting prepared for the new List,” explained Ni Huang, not wasting time. 

Lin Feng’s expression changed,  and he asked curiously, “New List? You mean, a new List of the World of Battles?” 

“Yes, the List of the World of Battles, the Overlords. How many Overlords on the List of the World of Battles have you bumped into so far?” asked Ni Huang. 

Lin Feng answered promptly, “Leader Xiao Hun, the leader of the Spiritual Warriors Clan, the leader of the World Dragon Clan, Leader Jing Rui, you, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, the Human Ancestor…” 

Ni Huang nodded patiently. Then she lifted her dress a little and went back to her throne. She looked very attractive. 

“The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points is only fifteenth in the rankings. I am not on the List, but you still call me an Overlord. Ancestor Nü and Ancestor Tai are not on the List, either. 

“The Ancestors of the whole world, including Kun Dao, are not on the List. The Human Ancestor of the East is ranked fifth, the Buddhist Ancestor of the West is fourth, Ancestor Mo is third, and the second and first are Hong Meng and Ancestral World!” 

“Why is that?” asked Lin Feng, shaking his head.

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