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Chapter 1374: Warning Everybody by Beheading Enemies!


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Lin Feng knew that since Ni Huang had told him so much, she was willing to tell him more. 

“Lin Feng, the List of the World of Battles is an old List. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points isn’t the one who made it, an Overlord from the ancient times made it. Unfortunately, he died during the chaotic ancient war in Shen Hai Mo Lin,” said Ni Huang, sighing helplessly. 

Lin Feng wanted to smile, but he couldn’t. Ni Huang was talking about the Old Ancestor. He wasn’t dead. He had been enjoying a peaceful and tranquil life on a mountain! 

“The List of the World of Battles is old. Many Overlords who are on the List are already much stronger than they used to be. Some Overlords are not qualified to be on the List of the World of Battles anymore. Therefore, we need a new one. 

“That’s precisely why the North and the South will also hold Ceremonies for the new List of the World of Battles. 

“Some Overlords can clearly be on that List already, but because of the restrictions of that old List, they are just strong without being in it. Some others are the same, like me, Ancestor Nü, Kun Dao, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, the Human Ancestor, Ancestor Tai, and so on. 

“Some others aren’t qualified anymore to be on the List, like Leader Xiao Hun, the leader of the Spiritual Warriors Clan, and even Leader Jing Rui,” Ni Huang added calmly. 

When Lin Feng heard that, he was extremely happy. Jing Rui and Leader Xiao Hun weren’t really Overlords anymore. They were going to disappear from the rankings! 

“Master, what about Ancestral World and Hong Meng?” asked Lin Feng. The Human Ancestor, the Buddhist Ancestor, and the others were third and four, so what about the leaders of Hong Meng and the Ancestral World? 

“The leader of the Ancestral World is just a concept. We know almost nothing about the Ancestral World. Hong Meng is at the very core and center of the World of Battles. We can’t go there. 

“We don’t even know who the leaders of Hong Meng and the Ancestral World are. They may be Heavenly Godly Ancestors!” replied Ni Huang, smiling thinly. Lin Feng was disappointed, but at the same time, he was even more curious. The very center of the World of Battles, and they couldn’t go there? They weren’t qualified? 

Even Overlords couldn’t go? They were definitely Heavenly Godly Ancestors there, right? 

“Alright, let’s get back to the main topic. The reason why I didn’t let you leave is that I would like you to go to the Ceremony,” said Ni Huang, suddenly looking quite serious, staring at Lin Feng resolutely. Lin Feng felt uncomfortable and looked away. 

“I…” Lin Feng wanted to say that the List had nothing to do with him and that he didn’t need to get involved, but he couldn’t say that. Ni Huang raised her hand, suddenly flashing and reappearing right in front of him. Lin Feng blushed. 

“Lin Feng, for the glory and honor of the Northwest, you have to participate. 

“Of course, you’re not the only one who’s going. I will also send some Overlords from the Northwest, and some strong cultivators from powerful influential groups will go, but they’ll be hiding. I will also participate,” declared Ni Huang. 

Lin Feng had no reason to refuse now. “Alright, when we leave, send someone to call me,” Lin Feng replied, scratching his nose and nodding. He couldn’t refuse anymore. 

“Alright, it’s a deal!” Ni Huang nodded and smiled. As long as Lin Feng participated, the Northwest wouldn’t lose face at the competition. Nobody in the Northwest could replace Lin Feng! 

“See you, Master,” Lin Feng said. He didn’t want to stay in Ni Huang’s world anymore. He was worried an incident would happen, so he left hastily. 

Ni Huang watched Lin Feng’s silhouette flash away. She couldn’t help but think of the Seventh Phoenix, who was going to die. She sighed helplessly, her face sad. It was the first time she had felt like this… 

Qian Jin Cai Yue appeared in the great palace again. She didn’t mention Lin Feng. She continued putting makeup on her mother, but she seemed absent-minded and preoccupied. Ni Huang sighed inside. 

It’s difficult to forget someone you love! 


It was noon, and the sun was high up in the sky in central Man Yu. A public square was bustling with activity and many people. In the middle of the public square was a gigantic stage. Three bound men were up on it: Lang Zhe, the big man in black clothes, and the Seventh Phoenix. 

The three great Holy Godly Ancestors of the Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil had already been taken care of by Li Ju and the others. Lin Feng didn’t need to waste his time on such people. 

Lang Zhe was a wicked man. He had tried to become the leader of Man Yu while the region was going through difficult times. He knew he was going to die, and looked quite desperate. Lin Feng was now the leader of the Region of the Eight Corners. Lang Zhe couldn’t compete with him. He had to face his destiny, so he just smiled bitterly. 

The man in black clothes grinned icily, leering at Meng Qing. He seemed aroused, and continued humiliating Lin Feng’s women, “Haha! Lin Feng, if you dare release me, I’ll tear your women’s clothes, one hundred times, one thousand times, hahahahaha! 

“Lin Feng, if you release me, I will fuck your women and you’ll have hundreds of stepsons! Hahahahahahaha!” 

“Shut up!” shouted Song Chou Jiu furiously. The man in black clothes never stopped shouting. Song Chou Jiu was sick and tired of him. 

The Seventh Phoenix was calm. He had taken off his seven feathers already and given them to Lin Feng. Lin Feng could return them to Ni Huang. Feathers were a symbol of the Phoenix Clan’s glory. They couldn’t lose them, so Lin Feng accepted them. 

Apart from the man in black clothes who kept shouting, nobody else said anything. Lin Feng wasn’t at the public square yet. 

Lin Feng could still hear him from inside the great palace. He was furious, but Chu Chun Qiu and the others were in the great palace with him, so Lin Feng controlled himself. 

“Damn it! That guy is pissing me off! I’m going to destroy him!” shouted Li Ju furiously. 

“Li Ju, I’m the one who’s going to kill him, so keep calm,” Lin Feng said frowning angrily. Lin Feng knew Li Ju meant to be nice but he couldn’t cause trouble. 

“Lin Feng, it’s twelve forty-five, go and kill them,” prompted Chu Chun Qiu coolly, seeing the sun was moving in the sky. Lin Feng nodded. He stood up and walked to Li Ju, patted his shoulder, and left the great palace. 

The sun was getting hotter and hotter. Of course, the temperature didn’t affect those strong cultivators. 

“Hello, Leader!”

“Open the way for our leader!” 

“Our leader is here to kill the enemies, move!” 

Many people started shouting when Lin Feng arrived. They sounded happy, as if this wasn’t a public execution, but a festival. 

Lin Feng was expressionless as he slowly climbed up the stairs to the stage. He was wielding the Godly Battle Sword. 

He got angrier with every step. The images of all the atrocities these people had committed flashed through his mind. His lust for blood grew even more intense. 

When he glanced at Lang Zhe, the man nearly fainted in terror. Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with murder. Lang Zhe was by far the weakest of the three. The other two were both Holy Godly Ancestors. 

Lin Feng walked over to the man in black clothes first, staring at him coldly. The big man continued shouting arrogantly and rudely. Lin Feng’s stare frightened him nonetheless, and his face paled. 

“Continue!” Lin Feng told him with steely indifference and a very cold smile. The big man paled further, and didn’t shout anymore. 

“My women are the apples of my eye. You humiliated them several times, so I have to kill you. You can only blame yourself!” Lin Feng stated, his smile even more frigid and furious. 

The Godly Battle Sword slashed, and blood gushed out. A head fell down, and his headless corpse collapsed and fell down on the stage. 

Everybody remained silent. Their leader was formidable, taking this responsibility upon himself. 

Lang Zhe had just fainted. When he came back to his senses, he saw the big man’s head on the ground and fainted again. It smelled like rotten fish on the stage! 

Lin Feng walked over to the Seventh Phoenix. The man looked calm and composed. Lin Feng recalled when Qing Huang Tian died and his anger rose again. 

“Do you have anything to say?” asked Lin Feng. The Seventh Phoenix shook his head. He was ready to face his destiny. 

“Die, then!” Lin Feng said. He didn’t feel like wasting time. He raised his sword and slashed. An arc of blood-red light appeared. Blood gushed, and another head fell to the stage. 

Everybody remained silent.

“Brother Song, you kill Lang Zhe. I’m off,” Lin Feng ordered, after executing the two. The blood disappeared from the Godly Battle Sword as the sword absorbed it all. Lin Feng turned around and put the Godly Battle Sword away. 

Song Chou Jiu nodded. He took out his own weapon and beheaded Lang Zhe. Unfortunately, Lang Zhe was still unconscious when he died, so he didn’t suffer. 

The crowd remained after Lin Feng left. People stood there and stared blankly, somewhat shaken. 

Lin Feng had invited the young geniuses of the Region of the Eight Corners to come and watch the execution for one reason: intimidate everybody! 

Lin Feng knew that those young geniuses were proud and arrogant, but after today, he was convinced that the young geniuses of the Region of the Eight Corners would never dare betray the Region of the Eight Corners. If they did, they would be executed too! 

“Alright, everybody can disperse,” prodded Song Chou Jiu, disposing of the corpses. Everybody left quickly! 

Lin Feng didn’t go back to the great palace or his room. He headed off to a mountain range, where the Old Ancestor and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points lived.

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