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Chapter 1375: Breaking Through Again!


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“That’s basically all, teacher.” 

Lin Feng and the Old Ancestor were sitting outside of the thatched hut. Lin Feng told the Old Ancestor everything that had happened. The Old Ancestor was seated on his stone chair, and kept nodding while Lin Feng spoke. He thought Lin Feng made the right decisions. He showed people he wasn’t a weakling, but he hadn’t gone too far, either. 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was there too. He kept smiling and stroking his beard. He was sure that the one behind the Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil was Kun Dao. Kun Dao might already know that the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and Lin Feng worked together, so he had sent those people to investigate and sound out Lin Feng’s strength, but he hadn’t known Lin Feng would be so strong! 

“Kun Dao must regret things now,” the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points chortled. He was more and more satisfied that he had noticed Lin Feng back then. Choosing Kun Dao as a disciple had been his biggest mistake in life. 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had told the Old Ancestor about Kun Dao. If Kun Dao hadn’t betrayed the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, he would have had an Overlord disciple! 

“It’s all your fault. You had a bad sense of judgement,” wheedled the Old Ancestor, pointing at his disciple. He looked firm and strict, but he wasn’t really angry. 

“It was my mistake, yes. I trusted him too much,” agreed the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, nodding. He didn’t dare contradict his teacher regardless. 

The Old Ancestor turned around and looked at Lin Feng. He lowered his head and said gravely and seriously, “Do you really intend to participate in the Ceremony of the North of the World of Battles?” 

“Yes. I promised Ni Huang. I have no choice but to go. So, I’d like to stay here with you for two weeks. I was hoping you could help me break through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer!” Lin Feng answered, smiling. 

Lin Feng was convinced that since the Ancestor of the Tower had so many battle coins, then the Old Ancestor also had some. Lin Feng hoped he would be granted some to break through to the Holy Godly Ancestor. 

To participate in the Ceremony, one had to be a Holy Godly Ancestor. Otherwise, one was just cannon fodder. With his strength, Lin Feng wouldn’t be cannon fodder, but it would be extremely difficult to do well. If he broke through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer, then no Holy Godly Ancestor would be able to defeat him! 

He had managed to push the man in purple clothes back, not just because he was strong, but because the man in purple clothes had started fleeing. Otherwise, the battle wouldn’t have ended there. 

Therefore, Lin Feng wanted to become stronger, to be sure he wouldn’t need to worry at all anymore. With the strength of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer, he would be able to defeat any Holy Godly Ancestor, and he would also be able to defeat those who were Half-Earthly Godly Ancestors. 

The Old Ancestor looked at Lin Feng huffily, but then sighed helplessly. He knew that since he had recruited Lin Feng as a disciple, he had to grant him some favors. 

“Little boy, I helped you obtain floating fragrance, and you even brought the Ancestor of the Tower back, but you want to extort more things from me?” snorted the Old Ancestor. He naturally couldn’t concede immediately. He had to put pressure on this young punk first! 

“You did tell me about the floating fragrance, but I had to find it myself. Otherwise, I would have never found it. You didn’t even know about the existence of the Ancestor of the Tower, so it has nothing to do with you! Therefore, no matter what, you should help me!” Lin Feng countered shamelessly. 

Since they were now disciple and teacher, Lin Feng could do so! 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was stupefied. He had never seen Lin Feng like that, acting so shamelessly, and found himself smiling. He was happy Lin Feng and he had become fellow disciples. If he had continued being Lin Feng’s teacher, Lin Feng would have requested those things from HIM! 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points looked at the Old Ancestor in good humor and waited for him to reply. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was curious to see how the Old Ancestor would react.

The Old Ancestor started having a headache and almost started regretting leaving Shen Hai Mo Lin. 

“So you’re a pillar? Why me?” the Old Ancestor sighed helplessly and shook his head sadly, but he still took out a ring. Lin Feng stopped breathing. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points looked at Lin Feng with his eyes alertly. What had the old man given him? 

“Have some sweets!” said the old man, taking out some candy from the ring, then bursting into laughter. 

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points also burst into laughter; his teacher was so funny! He had never seen the Old Ancestor act so shamelessly, either! 

“Alright, I was joking. I know the Ceremony of the North of the World of Battles is dangerous. I’ve participated in it in the past. Therefore, if you manage to break through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer, that would be best. 

“I’ll give you something good… a Godly Tao Skill!” 

The Old Ancestor took out a yellow sheet of paper made of cowhide. It was extremely dry, and its corners were crackled. It looked extremely old. 

Lin Feng looked at it. He could imagine it was an extraordinary item. A Godly Tao Skill? 

Lin Feng already had the Three Heavy Waves. With another Godly Tao Skill, he would naturally become stronger! 

“Teacher, isn’t that the Godly Tao Skill you don’t understand yourself?” blurted out the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, stupefied… and then he realized he had said something wrong. 

As expected, Lin Feng and the Old Ancestor looked at him at the same time. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points blushed hastily and exclaimed, “Sorry, you guys continue. I’m off!” 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points ran away rather quickly. He didn’t want to infuriate the Old Ancestor. 

“Teacher, you…” Lin Feng looked at the Old Ancestor skeptically. When he saw the old man’s expression, he understood that what the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had said was true. 

“I’ll tell you the truth. I indeed do not understand this skill. I found it accidentally, after he brought it to me. It’s a Godly Tao Skill, and on top of that it’s a gathering of memories of Godly Tao Skills. 

“I can’t understand it, so you’ll see if you can. Besides, I’m an old man. I will never rise. You should have it,” the Old Ancestor said awkwardly. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had told Lin Feng the truth, so the Old Ancestor had lost face. No teacher was happy when their disciples made fun of them. 

The old man’s last words drew Lin Feng’s attention. A gathering of memories of Godly Tao Skills? 

A Godly Tao Skill was already something extraordinary, but a gathering of memories? He could imagine that it was probably something extraordinary for one’s cultivation. 

“Thank you, teacher. No problem, I’ll do my best. If it doesn’t work, we can consider it the will of Heaven,” Lin Feng answered, nodding and smiling. Some precious items were impossible to use sometimes. He thanked the old man anyway. 

The Ancestor of the Four Directions wasn’t as strong as the Old Ancestor. It was kind of bittersweet. He wasn’t weaker than the Ancestor of the Four Directions, but he was just an old independent cultivator. 

What ambitions could an Old Ancestor have? He already had a Godly Tao Skill, it wasn’t bad! 

“Good that you understand! Hahahahaha!” the Old Ancestor said when he saw Lin Feng thanking him earnestly. He felt so relieved he burst into laughter. 

“Lin Feng, do your best to break through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer within two weeks,” the Old Ancestor called out as Lin Feng left.

Lin Feng went into a small cave in the mountain. Nobody would disturb him there. 

Two weeks to study this Godly Tao Skill was a tight deadline. If Lin Feng understood the words, no problem, but if he didn’t, then wouldn’t he just waste two weeks sitting here? 

He carefully opened the yellow scroll. Lin Feng saw some words the Old Ancestor didn’t understand. 

Lin Feng was surprised. Suddenly, he felt sad, extremely sad! 

Yan Huang Jing, all the descendants of Yan Di and Huang Di were secretaries, all the members of the great clan of Huaxia were cultivators, all the members of the Hong Meng Clan were doctors and weapon makers, and all the members of the Universe were representatives! 

“What’s this…?” Lin Feng felt an indefinable sadness. When he saw those familiar words, he really felt like crying. Those were characters from Huaxia! Even though Lin Feng didn’t know all the characters, he could read most of them and guess the rest. 

(Translator’s Note: Huaxia is a historical name of China).

“Yan Huang Jing! This is Yan Huang Jing!” Lin Feng clutched the scroll. His heart was pounding for a long time. It was Fu Xi’s greatest work! But after the Qin Dynasty, Confucian books and their authors were burned by the first emperor of Qin, so it had disappeared! 

Some people said that if Yan Huang Jing still existed, it might reappear someday, and Yan Huang would unify the whole world! However, nobody could predict the future. 

Lin Feng had found Yan Huang Jing, and was extremely moved. 

“Fu Xi must have left this behind. The Old Ancestor accidentally obtained it.” Lin Feng took a deep breath. He tried to remain calm, but it was difficult. 

He looked at the second page, where the real contents of Yan Huang Jing started. As one of the descendants of Yan Di and Huang Di, Lin Feng didn’t need to study or practice it. The knowledge of the skill automatically penetrated into his brain. In the blink of an eye, he fused together with Yan Huang Jing. 

Lin Feng was inside every word of Yan Huang Jing. The words flashed in his brain. It felt like every single word was an entire world. 

Lin Feng was sitting inside Yan Huang Jing cross-legged. There was a whirlwind around him. It seemed like it was cutting the air around Lin Feng. That wind looked like… 

Alas, some of my descendants hate me! 

Lin Feng understood what Fu Xi meant. He also understood why Fu Xi bemoaned the state of the universe and pitied the fate of mankind. He had understood the real Dao! 

The self is the Great Dao! 

At that moment, Lin Feng suddenly understood, and broke through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer!

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