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Chapter 1376: Yan Huang Jing!


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“That little boy…”

The Old Ancestor hadn’t even gone back to his room yet when he sensed a powerful thread of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer streak across the sky. His face lit up in amazement. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and Lin Zu also stopped walking, and turned their heads towards Lin Feng’s cave, looking dumbstruck. They both stared blankly. 

“Impossible.” The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points couldn’t believe it. How could Lin Feng understand that Godly Tao Skill so quickly, and break through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer so fast? How was it possible? 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points couldn’t believe it. Lin Zu was dumbstruck as well. 


Lin Feng knew how lucky he was to have bumped into Yan Huang Jing. 

“Descendants of Yan Di and Huang Di, I swear that I will do my best for our ancestors and for our Yan Huang Clan!” Lin Feng clenched his fists and swore solemnly, his face was covered in tears.

He was now a Holy Godly Ancestor. He had worked hard for centuries, and he was finally a Holy Godly Ancestor. It was the result of so much work. Many people had supported him, helping him become a Holy Godly Ancestor. Lin Feng remembered every single one of them. 

“I succeeded!” Lin Feng whispered in a trembling voice. He had reached his next goal! 

Of course, it wasn’t the end. He still had to become an Overlord, perhaps the last step. After becoming an Earthly Godly Ancestor, he would finally be able to relax. If he became an Overlord, he would be able to protect his people, his family members, his Spirit world, and the people he loved! 

“Only one word can be used to describe Yan Huang Jing: Dao!” 

Lin Feng understood what Fu Xi had hoped. Unfortunately, he hadn’t succeeded. He hadn’t managed to make Huaxia rise. As time passed, it grew even more complicated. 

Someday, we will meet and talk about a few things, Lin Feng thought with a grin. He couldn’t wait to meet Fu Xi, the legendary person from Chinese history. 


Time passed slowly. Lin Feng didn’t leave too early, and focused on stabilizing his cultivation level. He also deepened his understanding of Yan Huang Jing. He read every page, not just the first two. 

Lin Feng noticed that those two pages could also be described in one word, but he didn’t understand what they meant. The characters were I and Thou

He could use them to cultivate, but understanding the mystery behind them was complicated. Lin Feng didn’t understand what Fu Xi meant there. 

But he had been able to use the first part to break through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer, which was already incredible. The Ceremony of the North of the World of Battles was going to start soon, and with the strength of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer, Lin Feng knew he could protect himself easily!


On the last day, the sun climbed into a rosy sky. The morning mist had disappeared. It was a beautiful new day. 

Lin Feng stood up early and went to the top of the mountain. 

The Old Ancestor and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had been in the courtyard waiting for Lin Feng for a long time. Lin Zu was cultivating behind the mountain. Lin Zu had been training under the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points for a month, and had already broken through from the first Great Supreme God layer to the top of the second. 

Lin Feng was stupefied. Breaking through to the Great Supreme God layer had been extremely difficult for him, but it was extremely easy for Lin Zu. No wonder he was heavenly-gifted. He was probably going to have an incredible life in the future!

“Congratulations for breaking through,” said the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, bowing hand over fist and looking at Lin Feng curiously. Could Lin Feng actually understand those words? 

“So tell me, I don’t want you to hide things from me,” said the Old Ancestor. He was amazed that Lin Feng had broken through, but at the same time, he didn’t feel like submitting to Lin Feng. He didn’t understand those words, but Lin Feng had easily broken through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer using them? The Old Ancestor had a bittersweet feeling. 

He was an Overlord from the ancient times, proud and ambitious. He didn’t exactly hope his disciples would become stronger than him, but it didn’t mean he would be angry at them if they did. He would just be mad at himself for not being strong enough. 

“Teacher, all I can tell you is that those words look like the words we use in my homeland. The one who created that skill is from the same clan as me. Therefore, I could understand what it meant without having to try,” Lin Feng admitted wryly. What else could he say? It was the best explanation he could give. 

The Old Ancestor didn’t understand what Lin Feng meant, but the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points did. He knew who Ni Huang’s man was, and he also knew that Lin Feng and Fu Xi were connected. They were both from another world. 

“Teacher, we need to talk. Little fellow disciple, go and get ready to leave. The Ceremony is very important. Don’t make Ni Huang wait for you.” The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points helped Lin Feng change the topic. Lin Feng was grateful. He glanced at the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, bowed hand over fist, and departed. 

The Old Ancestor looked at the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and waited for his disciple to give him an explanation. 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points thought his words over carefully. 

After a long time…

“Little boy, after the ancient war of the Overlords, you and the people of your generation have seen Heavenly Godly Ancestors again? And not just one?” the Old Ancestor asked curiously. He was dumbstruck. 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points nodded gravely and replied, “Teacher, those two Heavenly Godly Ancestors are called Fu Xi and Dao Yi. Some people think Dao Yi may be from the Extraterritorial World. Some people say he is the leader of the Ancestral World. However, I have no idea what Fu Xi’s background is… 

“But I am sure that he is a Heavenly Godly Ancestor! I know that Fu Xi’s woman is Ni Huang, the one who really controls the Region of the Eight Corners. Lin Feng’s identity isn’t simple. Fu Xi and Lin Feng come from the same world, they don’t come from ours!” explained the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. 

The Old Ancestor was growing more and more confused as he learned new things. If that was really the case, then everybody in the World of Battles would be shaken. But so far nobody could be sure that it was true… 

“Sigh, we are too selfish. If back then we hadn’t started a chaotic war, the World of Battles would also have some Heavenly Godly Ancestors, right?” sighed the Old Ancestor, forcing a bleak smile. The Buddhist Ancestor of the West would be a Heavenly Godly Ancestor if they hadn’t had a war back then. 

Unfortunately, it was too late! Now they had to witness the arrival of new strong cultivators from the Extraterritorial World! 

“I am convinced that my fellow disciple will break through to the Heavenly Godly Ancestor layer someday,” said the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, smiling wryly. 

The Old Ancestor didn’t understand. “Why are you certain?” 

“Intuition. Besides, don’t you think that Lin Feng is different from other people?” smiled the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. He had so much faith in Lin Feng that the Old Ancestor was impressed.

“What is different about him?” asked the Old Ancestor. He could only see that Lin Feng stood out a little after taking him out of Shen Hai Mo Lin. He was a talented and resolute young man, so the Old Ancestor had decided to recruit him as a disciple, but he hadn’t noticed anything drastically different from other people. 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points grinned and said plainly, “Cultivation is his biggest passion. He is ready to do anything to become the strongest cultivator in the universe. He’s different from us. We just want to become stronger. He wants to be THE strongest. That’s intrinsically very different,” said the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, shaking his head. He was convinced Lin Feng would be of great help in the future. 

When the Old Ancestor heard the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, he remained silent. The atmosphere became heavy and serious. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points left silently and went off to train Lin Zu. 


When Lin Feng arrived back at central Man Yu, everybody was astonished. He now had the strength of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer! Li Ju, Xue Wu Tian, Gan Yuan Chang, and the others all stared at him blankly. 

“I’m really lucky I had the opportunity to follow him in the end,” Xue Wu Tian smiled wryly. He was finally happy he had followed Lin Feng. He was such a young Holy Godly Ancestor. It was probably the first time in the history of the World of Battles! 

Everybody would find it amazing! 

Meng Qing was happy for Lin Feng, but she didn’t show it. She didn’t want to imitate Qing Huang Tian and Liu Fei. She wanted to be a silent woman, a woman who stood behind Lin Feng. When he needed her, she would be there. When Lin Feng needed to be alone, she supported him from farther away. 

At the same time, Chu Chun Qiu and Prince Ghost went to meditate in seclusion. If Chu Chun Qiu succeeded, the Region of the Eight Corners would have a new Spiritual Godly Ancestor! 

“The Ceremony of the North of the World of Battles will be dangerous. I will bring three people with me. Discuss together to decide who’s coming! In thirty minutes, I’ll leave with those three people. We’ll go and gather with Ni Huang,” Lin Feng said. He didn’t need to choose them himself, or he would offend some people. Letting them choose was the best. 

Lin Feng clasped Meng Qing’s cold little hand and entered the great palace. Lin Sheng Xie and the others were waiting for their father there. 

“Haha! Dad!” Lin Heng did a neck spring and jumped into Lin Feng’s arms. Lin Feng smiled wryly. These little kids of his were quite strong!

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