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Chapter 1377: Luo Zhao Sheng!


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Lin Feng came out of the great palace a half hour later. Meng Qing wasn’t behind him, she had gone back into his Spirit world. She would cultivate with Tang You You and the other women, the Ice Spirit’s new Ice Generals. The Ice Spirit would help them break through to the Godly Ancestor layer. 

People discussed who would go. Of course, many people were shameless. In the end, they organized duels, but they didn’t use pure Qi because they were afraid the buildings around them would collapse. In the end, four people were qualified. 

But Lin Feng only needed three, so in the end Li Ju decided to withdraw from the running. He had already followed Lin Feng in destroying the Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil, so he gave this opportunity to other people. 

“Zhan Gan, Xue Wu Tian and Huo Xi, come with me. The others stay in the Region of the Eight Corners and protect it,” Lin Feng declared before they departed. 

Everybody staying waved them goodbye. People dispersed only a long time after he disappeared. 

The North wasn’t the only part of the World of Battles concerned by the Ceremony of the World of Battles. The South was going to participate. Of course, they didn’t contact each other as they got ready. When the South finished their preparations, the North was just starting them…


It was noon, and the sun was high up in the sky and scorching hot. Lin Feng had left with Zhan Gan and the others. When they arrived at the mountains near Ni Huang’s world, Lin Feng didn’t enter. He just waited at the top of a mountain. 

Half an hour later, a few strong cultivators had arrived here and there. Lin Feng didn’t know them, but they had all heard of Lin Feng. 

“Lin Feng, you’re very early.” Leader Jing Rui showed up after a short time. An old man was behind him, an Earthly Godly Ancestor. Everyone treated the Earthly Godly Ancestor respectfully. Of course, they respected Leader Jing Rui even more. He was an Overlord, after all! 

Lin Feng and Jing Rui were good friends. They had not become enemies even after what happened with Cai Yue. The age difference between them was great, but neither of them could be considered extremely old or extremely young. 

“Brother Jing Rui, you’re going to be on the front line this time, you’ll be the first to get hit. Hahahahahahaha!” Lin Feng laughed. Everybody burst into laughter. 

It really was the case. Jing Rui was an Overlord and a pillar in the Northwest. The competition wasn’t going to be easy this time. He would have to fight for his dignity! 

When Jing Rui heard Lin Feng, he didn’t get angry. He smiled and admitted, “I am much less strong than you, Master. You are now the leader of the Region of the Eight Corners. Your position is just below Ni Huang’s, and superior to everybody else’s. Hahahahahaha! You’re the one who’s going to get hit first!” 

“So work together, why argue?” a cold and piercing voice asked suddenly. Lin Feng and Jing Rui raised their heads and saw silhouettes arrive in a flash. 

The leader of the group was a good-looking man. He was wearing white clothes, appearing pure and noble. When people saw him, they felt like bowing. At the same time, his Qi was quite powerful. He was also an Earthly Godly Ancestor, and an Overlord. 

“Luo Zhao Sheng!” Jing Rui suddenly burst into laughter and looked happy. He took the initiative to stretch out his hand first. The other took it, and they shook hands. 

“Long time no see, Jing Rui! How have you been?” Luo Zhao Sheng asked with a smile. He didn’t seem nervous about the Ceremony. They were all Overlords from the bottom of the List and almost all of them  were nervous, but not Luo Zhao Sheng. He felt confident and at ease. 

Lin Feng eyed the man in white clothes. He was the forty-eighth cultivator on the List of the World of Battles, Luo Zhao Sheng!

“Not bad. I don’t care about the rankings,” admitted Jing Rui, smiling honestly. He didn’t lie, but Luo Zhao Sheng nodded approvingly, before looking at Lin Feng. 

In ordinary times, Luo Zhao Sheng didn’t care about Holy Godly Ancestors, but Lin Feng was different. Leader of the Region of the Eight Corners, supported by the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, one of the young geniuses in Ni Huang’s circle… 

“Hello, I am Luo Zhao Sheng,” said Luo Zhao Sheng, politely extending his hand and smiling. Luo Zhao Sheng smiled sincerely, so Lin Feng didn’t act insolently. 

“Hello, Master Luo Zhao Sheng. I am most honored to meet you after hearing so much about you,” Lin Feng greeted him, shaking hands with Luo Zhao Sheng. Luo Zhao Sheng sensed Lin Feng’s Qi and was astonished. 

“Don’t call me Master. I am Jing Rui’s good friend, call me brother too,” said Luo Zhao Sheng. He wasn’t the kind who adhered strictly to formalities. 

Lin Feng liked that, so he called him brother. 

“We’re going to fight for the Northwest. We can’t lose face in front of the others,” said Luo Zhao Sheng resolutely. Lin Feng and Jing Rui glanced at each other. 

Xue Wu Tian and Zhan Gan stood behind Lin Feng. These days, all they could do was watch from behind. They were rather dazed. Back in the days, they had heard of these incredible cultivators. Leader Jing Rui and Luo Yu Chao Sheng were both Overlords, so Xue Wu Tian and Zhan Gan admired them. 

Now they had the opportunity to meet such strong people, thanks to Lin Feng, so they were quite grateful. However, Lin Feng and those people called each other brothers. The Region of the Eight Corners was rising! 

Back then, they weren’t qualified to stand next to such powerful people, but these days they could, thanks to him. Hehe! They didn’t need anything else, they felt quite proud! 

In the past, when people asked them which influential group they were from, all they could say was Ni Huang’s territory, but now they felt proud to say the United Allies of the Region of the Eight Corners! 

“Brother Luo, Brother Jing Rui, tell me more about the Ceremony. I’m not sure I understand everything,” Lin Feng requested, lowering his voice. He didn’t feel very comfortable. First, he wasn’t an Overlord, and second, those two people were older Masters. 

“Alright, I’ll tell you a few things. To tell you the truth…” 

“Hmph! Lin Feng, here we meet again, hehe!” 

As Luo Zhao Sheng started talking, they all suddenly sensed an ice-cold Qi. The voice came from the foot of the mountain. In the blink of an eye, the person appeared at the top of the mountain, next to Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes. When he saw the person’s face, he was startled. How come he’s here? 

“Leader Zhuang, long time no see.” Even though Lin Feng was surprised, he quickly bowed hand over fist respectfully and smiled politely. 

Indeed, the one in front of him was the leader of Jun Hall, Zhuang Chong Huan. Behind him was his third brother, Zhuang Chong Yuan! 

“Who’s this?” Jing Rui and Luo Zhao Sheng looked at Zhuang Chong Huan curiously, then at Lin Feng. Jun Hall never showed themselves in public, so they didn’t know Zhuang Chong Huan. 

“Jun Hall, Zhuang Chong Huan,” Lin Feng introduced them casually. 

When Jing Rui and Luo Zhao Sheng heard him, they were surprised. This man was from Jun Hall in Shen Hai Mo Lin?! 

“Leader Zhuang, I am most honored to meet you after hearing so much about you,” said Luo Zhao Sheng, bursting into laughter and bowing hand over fist. 

Zhuang Chong Huan noticed he was an Overlord and didn’t dare offend him. He bowed hand over fist as well and replied, “What’s your name, brother?” 

“He’s Luo Zhao Sheng, and I am the leader of Jing City, Jing Rui,” stated Jing Rui. He understood there were tensions between Lin Feng and Jun Hall, so he remained cold and detached. 

Zhuang Chong Huan’s expression changed slightly, but he nodded and smiled, feigning admiration, “I see! I am most honored to meet you after hearing so much about you!” Luo Zhao Sheng responded when he saw Jing Rui and Lin Feng didn’t seem happy to see him. He preferred not offending Jing Rui, so he remained polite. Luo Zhao Sheng had no enemies in life. 

“Haha! Brother Zhuang, we’re so lucky to have you! Awesome! Hahahaha!” Luo Zhao Sheng wholeheartedly laughed. Zhuang Chong Huan looked at him curiously, but he knew a few things about Luo Zhao Sheng. 

Since he had the opportunity to be friends with him, he wasn’t going to offend him, either. Why not be friends with Luo Zhao Sheng? 

“Ni Huang is not here yet?” Lin Feng turned around, ignoring them. He looked in the direction of Ni Huang’s world, but saw nothing. 

“Wait here. I’ll go and see,” Lin Feng told Zhan Gan and the other two. He flashed away, using his phoenix blood to open Ni Huang’s world. A golden light beam appeared and he disappeared. 

“Lin Feng is so fucking awesome! He goes into Ni Huang’s world as if it were his own?!” Luo Zhao Sheng was dumbstruck. He couldn’t enter Ni Huang’s world like that, but Lin Feng did! The rumors were true. Lin Feng and Ni Huang were close to each other! 

Lin Feng loved beautiful women. He killed people each time they made his women suffer. He had killed Zhen Yu, the leader of Ni Huang’s War Generals. He had destroyed a third of the Phoenix Clan! 

Ni Huang hadn’t punished Lin Feng for all those things, which was very strange!

Zhuang Chong Huan looked cold. He remained silent and clenched his fists. He realized now that Lin Feng had lots of power and influence. No wonder the others didn’t dare offend him! 

Hehe, Lin Feng, wait until the Ceremony. I will kill you! Zhuang Chong Huan smiled icily. He remembered a month ago when he had seen the ancient Overlord at Lin Feng’s side. 

If the World of Battles knew that an Overlord of Shen Hai Mo Lin had come out, how would they react? 

Lin Feng, you’re going to die soon, thought Zhuang Chong Huan, grinding his teeth like a sly snake.

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