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Chapter 1378: Tu Ying Shan!


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“Is Ni Huang here?” Lin Feng asked Feng Cai at the entrance of Ni Huang’s great palace. 

Feng Cai was astonished by Lin Feng’s new cultivation level. The last time he had seen Lin Feng, the latter was a Spiritual Godly Ancestor, and now he was a Holy Godly Ancestor. It was hard to believe! 

“Yes, she’s inside. Keep calm, Master Lin,” confirmed Feng Cai, not daring to offend Lin Feng, especially since Lin Feng had broken through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer. 

Lin Feng nodded. He stood there and waited for Ni Huang to come out. Ni Huang didn’t want to waste time, either. She came out quickly, Qian Jin Cai Yue on her arm. They were both dressed  magnificently. 

Ni Huang was wearing a short rainbow-colored dress, and a beautiful jade hairpin with a dragon and a phoenix carved on it, along with golden shoes. She looked proud and noble. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue was wearing a short red dress, displaying her beautiful white thighs and blue shoes. She also had a hairpin in her hair, sparkling emerald green. She looked like a noble phoenix. 

When Lin Feng saw the two women, he thought, No wonder one is Fu Xi’s woman and the other is his daughter. They’re both extraordinary! 

“Lin Feng, let’s go,” said Ni Huang, smiling aloofly. Lin Feng nodded. Qian Jin Cai Yue followed her mother closely, not sparing a single glance for Lin Feng. She looked cold and detached. 

Lin Feng was surprised at first, but then he smiled in resignation. It might be better that way. 

Feng Cai followed as well. Ni Huang only brought Qian Jin Cai Yue and Feng Cai, none of her other generals. They had to guard her world. Of her five original War Generals, Lin Feng only knew the roc and Feng Cai. All the others were gone. Even the Golden Crow had been killed by the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points! 

Lin Feng followed Ni Huang, and Feng Cai followed them. The four of them left Ni Huang’s World and appeared at the top of the mountain. Luo Zhao Sheng, Leader Jing Rui, and Zhuang Chong Huan were still waiting. 

“Master Ni Huang.” 

“Ni Huang, long time no see!”

“Master Ni Huang.” 

Zhuang Chong Huan, Luo Zhao Sheng, and Jing Rui greeted Ni Huang. Luo Zhao Sheng seemed free and unrestrained in front of Ni Huang. He didn’t feel nervous, even if he was alone. He didn’t belong to any influential group, but he also lived in the Northwest, so Ni Huang had contacted him. 

“Let’s try and win!” Ni Huang smiled. She had such a beautiful smile. Everybody at the top of the mountain seemed bewitched, especially Zhan Gan and Xue Wu Tian. They had never seen Ni Huang before, and they could die happy now. 

“Ni Huang, come on, cut the nonsense, hahahaha!” exclaimed Luo Zhao Sheng, laughing loudly. 

“Master Ni Huang, it’s the first time I have participated in this ceremony. If I accidentally do anything inappropriate, please forgive me,” said Zhuang Chong Huan. He was the first one to feel bewitched by Ni Huang’s beauty. She was ten thousand times more beautiful than the most beautiful women of his clan. 

But he knew that such a strong woman wasn’t easy to get. She was at the top of the Northwest! 

“Thank you for your help, Leader Zhuang. I, Ni Huang, am grateful,” Ni Huang demurred, nodding at Zhuang Chong Huan. She looked so charming. 

“Alright, we’ve wasted enough time. Let’s get going!” Lin Feng said. He was sick of people who kept wasting time. He couldn’t help but interrupt them. 

Everybody stared at him, especially Xue Wu Tian, Huo Xi, and Zhan Gan. They were covered in cold sweat. 

“Alright, let’s go. This time, our target destination is the North of the World of Battles. It’s five million li away in Tu Ying Shan.” Ni Huang was surprised by Lin Feng’s reaction, but she didn’t get offended. She just smiled dismissively. 

Everybody couldn’t help but sigh. What was going on between Lin Feng and Ni Huang? Lin Feng acted insolently and arrogantly in front of her, was even bossy and impolite, and she didn’t mind? 

“Alright, use your own way to travel, then,” said Luo Zhao Sheng. A white cloud appeared under his feet, and he flashed away into the disappearance. Zhuang Chong Huan and Zhuang Chong Yuan also released their flying clouds and followed Luo Zhao Sheng. 

“Lin Feng, let’s share a cloud,” said Jing Rui. He knew Lin Feng didn’t like using a cloud to travel, but he had to save his energy and pure Qi. 

“Alright. Thank you, Brother Jing Rui,” Lin Feng said. He naturally wasn’t going to refuse. Even if Jing Rui hadn’t suggested sharing a cloud, he would have traveled with Ni Huang. 

Jing Rui summoned his golden cloud. It was a hundred meters wide and really fast. Lin Feng had brought Zhan Gan, Xue Wu Tian and Huo Xi, and they all jumped on the cloud before it sped off. 

Ni Huang, Cai Yue, and Feng Cai headed off too. Everybody was going to the North of the World of Battles, to Tu Ying Shan! 


Tu Ying Shan was where the Ceremony of the North had taken place each time since the ancient days. The city was going to be packed with people. All the strong cultivators of the North of the World of Battles were going to be there. It was a splendid event each time. 

Tu Ying Shan was thirty thousand meters above sea level, its top high up above the clouds on a high and magnificent mountain. It was even more beautiful to watch the stars from its top. 


It took two days to travel from Ni Huang’s world to Tu Ying Shan. They couldn’t stop and take breaks on the way, so using a cloud was the best option. 

Lin Feng and Jing Rui passed in front of Luo Zhao Sheng and Zhuang Chong Huan in less than half a day, but they hadn’t caught up with Ni Huang’s cloud yet. Zhuang Chong Huan was third. Luo Zhao Sheng was lying on his cloud, getting drunk and singing alone. He was in a good mood. 

“I’m allllllllll aaaaaaaaaalone in the woooorld, I contemplate life and the Dao from the vault of heaven! Hahahahahahaha!” Luo Zhao Sheng sang and sang, completely drunk. He was so skinny that he looked funny when drunk. 

Ni Huang looked at Luo Zhao Sheng, then at Qian Jin Cai Yue, smiled and asked, “What do you think about Luo Zhao Sheng?” 

“Master Luo is wholehearted and fun. He’s a good guy,” Qian Jin Cai Yue nodded, missing Ni Huang’s purpose in asking the question. 

“Alright then,” said Ni Huang. She didn’t want to insist. She feared Qian Jin Cai Yue would be offended or angry. She had to go slowly with her. Luo Zhao Sheng was relatively young for an Overlord. He was funny and laughed a lot, and had only friends. He didn’t have any enemies in the World of Battles. 

“Haha! Brother Lin Feng, let’s compose a poem together!” proposed Luo Zhao Sheng, turning around. He had passed in front of Zhuang Chong Huan in the blink of an eye, and was now behind Lin Feng and Jing Rui, laughing excitedly. 

Lin Feng smiled and said, “Nah, it’s pointless.” Lin Feng never did anything useless out of habit. He wasn’t going to change now. 

“Hahahahaha! Alright! Let’s make it meaningful then! We can compete and the one who wins can call the other one older brother, what do you think?” 

“Aright, that’s a deal! Hahahahahaha!” Lin Feng rolled up his sleeves and sat down on the cloud. 

“You start with a couplet and I reply. Then, Brother Zhuang, Brother Jing Rui, Ni Huang, and Cai Yue can give us a grade,” proposed Luo Zhao Sheng. 

Lin Feng frowned and looked at the mist of the mountains, frowning. It looked like a celestial place. With such a landscape, he didn’t need to think of anything else, he had a couplet. “My couplet is… Traveling on a cloud, like a leaf on a river winding in valleys.” 

“Haha! Tranquility, serenity and landscapes, perfect ingredients for a poem! You’re awesome!” Luo Zhao Sheng couldn’t help, but look at Lin Feng approvingly. Then he looked at the others, who nodded as well. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue was worried that Luo Zhao Sheng would win with an antithetical couplet, but at the same time she hoped Lin Feng would lose. In the end, she had very mixed feelings. 

“Alright, listen to my couplet! The wind carries the sweet fragrance of fine liquor ten thousand li away from home.” Luo Zhao Sheng looked at the alcohol flask he was holding and thought of home. 

“Alright, Brother Luo, you’re extremely talented, you win!” shouted Zhuang Chong Huan. He naturally wasn’t going to let Lin Feng win. 

Ni Huang shook her head. Lin Feng’s couplet was fresh and elegant. Luo Zhao Sheng’s couplet reminded people of a valiant, free, and unrestrained hero. It was difficult to compare them. 

“Again! My turn… Soaring on the wings of a cyclone thirty-thousand li, back and forth, watching the vault of heaven,” said Luo Zhao Sheng. He wasn’t satisfied with his first performance, so he quickly went again. 

Lin Feng was happy though. “Next, a robe fluttering in the wind, an Overlord rises and shakes the world!” Lin Feng said, raising his arms. His robe started fluttering in the wind. He looked heroic and valiant. 

“Next couplet! How could the chilly weather beyond the Great Wall attract anyone?” Lin Feng said, staring at Luo Zhao Sheng. 

Luo Zhao Sheng replied immediately, “Next couplet… South of the Chang Jiang River, one day, new cordyceps-infested cicada larva.” 

“Alright, amazing!” Leader Jing Rui clapped. Zhan Gan and the two others had no idea Lin Feng was so talented. He wasn’t any weaker than Luo Zhao Sheng. 

Luo Zhao Sheng sighed. It was the first time he had met someone who could compete with him in terms of poetry. 

“I haven’t lost, but I haven’t won. From now on, call me Brother Luo. I’ll call you Brother Lin, what do you think?” proposed Luo Zhao Sheng, laughing freely. 

“I’ll call you Older Brother, I’m still your younger brother,” Lin Feng answered. He didn’t adhere strictly to formalities when it came to trifles. He knew what kind of person Luo Zhao Sheng was. Luo Zhao Sheng would be disappointed if he didn’t demur. 

As he expected, Luo Zhao Sheng was delighted. He had only asked Lin Feng to sound him out. If Lin Feng had agreed to call him Brother, Luo Zhao Sheng would have been disappointed, but Lin Feng remained humble. 

“Alright, if anyone dares bully my younger brother, I’ll destroy them! Hahahahahaha!” Luo Zhao Sheng shouted happily. 

“Awesome, I’ll drink with you then!” Lin Feng said, jumping onto Luo Zhao Sheng’s cloud and taking out five bottles of fine wine from his ring. 

“Haha, good!”

Everybody saw them flash away. Luo Zhao Sheng’s cloud was incredible! 

Without noticing it, they were getting closer to Tu Ying Shan…

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