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Chapter 1379: Looking Down Upon Lin Feng!


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The top of Tu Ying Shan…

Many people had gathered already. There was an ocean of people throughout the entire mountain range, an astonishing sight. There were millions and millions of people. What an incredible event! 

When Lin Feng looked down from the cloud, he was dumbstruck. It was probably the first time the Ceremony had attracted so many people, he thought, but actually, it was quite normal. The Ceremony of the World of Battles was one of the world’s most important events. 

At the top of the mountain was a thousand-meter-tall battle arena made of white stones. There were many seats there for distinguished guests and strong cultivators. 

Kun Dao was already there. The Ceremony took place in the North, his territory, so he had to come personally to manage the Ceremony. He wasn’t on the List of the World of Battles yet, so the Ceremony was an important event for him this time. It was his opportunity to be on the new List of the World of Battles! 

“Ancestor of the North, Ni Huang and the others are here,” a young man said to him at that moment. Kun Dao raised his head and saw Ni Huang. He immediately smiled gently. 

But then he saw a stranger’s face. Lin Feng! Lin Feng and Luo Zhao Sheng were on the same cloud and getting drunk together, looking free and unrestrained. Kun Dao was angry, but he couldn’t show it, or the people of the Region of the Eight Corners might cause trouble. 

However, he wanted to avenge his servants. He had sent ten powerful Holy Godly Ancestors, one of whom was about to break through to the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer, Zi Dian! Lin Feng had killed nine of the Holy Godly Ancestors, only Zi Dian and one Holy Godly Ancestor had escaped! 

Sooner or later, he would be able to release his anger, but it was not the right time. 

“Everybody, let’s welcome Master Ni Huang!” announced Kun Dao sternly. When Kun Dao said that, everybody stood up. 

“Welcome, Master Ni Huang!” 

“Welcome, Master Ni Huang, we are honored by your presence! Hahahahahaha!” Kun Dao laughed loudly, staring at Ni Huang. He wished he could have this incredible beauty, what a pity… 

Ni Huang’s cloud landed. Ni Huang and Qian Jin Cai Yue jumped down to the stage. Luo Zhao Sheng, Lin Feng, Leader Jing Ru,i and the others followed. 

Everybody was surprised. Ni Huang had come with so many strong cultivators! Kun Dao was surprised. How come Ni Huang had so many strong cultivators around her? 

“Kun Dao, long time no see,” Ni Huang smiled at him. Kun Dao looked like a young, handsome, and well-educated scholar in his black robe. 

Of course, Lin Feng knew what kind of person he was. Kun Dao was a traitor. He had nearly killed the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, and had chased him many times. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had had to hide inside the List of the World of Battles! 

Lin Feng couldn’t wait to kill him, but he wasn’t strong enough to avenge the Ancestor yet. 

Of course, if Kun Dao tried to kill him now, then Lin Feng would have to rely on other methods to get rid of him… 

Unfortunately, only the Ice Spirit had followed him this time. She was currently in her ice world. The Fire Spirit was in the ocean of flames of the Region of the Eight Corners, not with him. The two women were acting strange these days. It was as if they were trying to put some distance between him and them. 

Lin Feng didn’t know why. Had he done something wrong? But in the end, he didn’t really care. Even if they didn’t protect him, it didn’t matter. Lin Feng had to rely on his own strength to travel and fight other people. 

“Ni Huang, please take a seat,” said Kun Dao. He couldn’t say too much. He didn’t know Ni Huang very well, after all. The Ceremony was about to start, so he had other things to do. 

Kun Dao was usually a good host. Ni Huang and Qian Jin Cai Yue sat down. Kun Dao turned to Leader Jing Rui and the others. They were all Overlords. Even if they were as strong as him, he didn’t dare offend so many strong cultivators standing together. 

“Leader Jing Rui, it has been a long time.” 

“Kun Dao, I hope the Ceremony will go perfectly this time,” said Jing Rui, bowing hand over fist respectfully. Kun Dao was an Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. Even if he knew Kun Dao was a traitor, it didn’t matter. It had nothing to do with Jing Rui. 

“Haha! Kun Dao, little boy! You’re pretty handsome! Hahahahahaha!” Luo Zhao Sheng exclaimed. Luo Zhao Sheng and Kun Dao had been very good friends for a long time. They often got drunk together in the past. Luo Zhao Sheng was natural and unrestrained. 

“Good, good!” Kun Dao smiled broad. He didn’t want to offend Luo Zhao Sheng anyway. In the World of Battles, many Overlords had enemies and friends, but only two people had only friends and no enemies: Luo Yu Zheng and Gui Hun Yue Du Sheng, Bai Mu Xiao!

“Who’s this?” asked Kun Dao, glancing at Zhuang Chong Huan. He could sense his powerful Qi, but he didn’t know him. He definitely wasn’t on the List of the Overlords. 

Zhuang Chong Huan looked at the man in black clothes and recognized who he was. He bowed hand over fist and introduced himself, “I am the leader of Jun Hall, Zhuang Chong Huan!” 

“Jun Hall? You mean Jun Hall, from Shen Hai Mo Lin?” Kun Dao couldn’t believe it. Everybody in the World of Battles knew about Shen Hai Mo Lin, where the chaotic ancient battle of the Overlords had taken place. 

Shen Hai Mo Lin was considered a mysterious and dangerous place. Nobody dared go there. Nobody knew whether Jun Hall was still in Shen Hai Mo Lin or not! 

“Shen Hai Mo Lin, indeed,” Zhuang Chong Huan replied unhappily. People knew about Shen Hai Mo Lin but they didn’t know about Jun Hall?! He needed to travel around, it seemed! 

“I see. Please, please,” Kun Dao said happily, hastily pointing to some chairs. 

He turned around, glanced at Lin Feng, then turned around and walked in the other direction, where Ancestor Nü was being attended by many people. 

“Hehe, Brother Lin, come, let’s go and sit down!” said Luo Zhao Sheng, shaking his head. He ignored Lin Feng’s glum expression and pulled on his sleeve, looking for some empty chairs. 

Lin Feng forced a smile, but stared at Kun Dao. He had looked down on Lin Feng because he knew who Lin Feng was. If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have reacted like that. 

Zhan Gan and Xue Wu Tian were furious. Lin Feng was the leader of the Region of the Eight Corners and Kun Dao had ignored and looked down on him?! What a joke! They didn’t know there were tensions between Lin Feng and Kun Dao, and they didn’t know Kun Dao had sent the Alliance of the Destroyers of Evil. 

“Leader, ignore him. Sooner or later, you will become an Overlord too,” said Xue Wu Tian, trying to cheer Lin Feng up. He felt sad for Lin Feng and the Region of the Eight Corners. 

“Indeed I will. Don’t worry,” Lin Feng nodded, appreciating the words. Xue Wu Tian had changed so much. 

“Lin Feng, come here,” said Ni Huang, pointing to a chair next to her. It instantly drew everybody’s attention, and they all looked at Lin Feng. Many people’s mouths were hanging open. 

“He’s the Leader of the Region of the Eight Corners, Lin Feng?!” 

“As expected, what a genius! He’s so young! Why did the Ancestor of the North ignore him? There’s no reason to ignore him!” 

“Hehe, the Ancestor of the North probably just pays attention to Overlords. Lin Feng isn’t one.” 

“But he wasn’t a Holy Godly Ancestor before, right? And now he broke through to it so quickly? Damn! I wish I were as strong!” 

Many people whispered and looked at Lin Feng in admiration. 

Lin Feng ignored them. He slowly walked over to Ni Huang and sat down on Qian Jin Cai Yue’s right. Qian Jin Cai Yue looked at Ancestor Nü; Bai Nü and the others were completely ignoring Lin Feng. 

“Now that you have seen Kun Dao, what do you think?” asked Ni Huang, ignoring Ancestor Nü and the others. She was one of the few people who knew Kun Dao had betrayed the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, after all. 

“Nothing,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head. His expression and tone of speech didn’t change. 

“Are you not angry that he looked down upon you?” asked Ni Huang. She didn’t believe it.

“He ignored me, so he’ll have to pay the price for ignoring me. Why would I be angry?” Lin Feng replied smoothly, shaking his head. 

Ni Huang was speechless, then smiled, looking like a younger woman.

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