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Chapter 1380: The Talk of the Town!


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“Please, Ancestor Nü,” said Kun Dao, showing Ancestor Nü and her people to their seats. “Welcome, Brother Bai Mu Xiao!” Kun Dao bowed hand over fist again when he saw Bai Mu Xiao. The latter was wearing heavy clothing. He looked cold and detached. 

“Xiao Hun, you’re here too.” Kun Dao turned around and looked at a man in purple clothes. Leader Xiao Hun had brought three servants, who also greeted Kun Dao. Leader Xiao Hun looked enthusiastic, and kept bowing hand over fist. 

“Hey! Master Zhu Jian, you and Godly Ancestor Bei Jian are here too!” said Kun Dao happily. Ancestor Nü had even brought the Leader of Zhu Sword Mountain, Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian, as well as Godly Ancestor Bei Jian. 

One was an old man with a white beard; he looked elegant, well-mannered, handsome, and polished. The other one was a middle-aged man, appearing proud, cold, solitary, with a sword slung across his back. 

At that moment, Lin Feng’s Godly Battle Sword started shaking violently and buzzing inside his ring. It seemed like it wanted to provoke the Sword on Godly Ancestor Bei Jian’s back. 

Lin Feng pressed on his ring to prevent the Qi from emerging. It would bring him trouble if the others saw it… 

Ancestor Nü was with Bai Nü. Bai Nü was wearing a simple white dress and had a jade hairpin in her hair. One couldn’t see her legs or feet because her dress was long and reached the ground. 

Ancestor Nü was different. She was wearing a beautiful dress and looked like a celestial being, like Xuan Nü the Celestial Fairy. 

Many men were staring at Ancestor Nü. At the foot of the mountain, people were pushing each other to see Ancestor Nü better. Some of them even started fighting. 

Ancestor Nü walked closer to Ni Huang. Everybody was dumbstruck. Two of the most beautiful women in the world were there, standing next to one another! How wonderful! 

At that moment, many men wished they could destroy Lin Feng and sit down there. Of course, they would never dare offend him, so all they could do was look at him with envy and jealousy. 

“It is good to see you again, Lin Feng,” said Ancestor Nü. She looked and sounded beautiful, soft, and noble. She also had a perfect body. Not getting aroused when seeing her was really difficult. 

“He… Hello! Hehe,” Lin Feng said. He was surprised. Ancestor Nü had just been speaking to him. She hadn’t spared a glance for anyone else, which was even more surprising. Wouldn’t that cause trouble for him? 

But Lin Feng had to reply, or many people would hate him. So he lowered his head and smiled, hoping Ancestor Nü would move away from him. 

“Hehe, what are you doing? You seem uncomfortable, Lin Feng,” said Bai Nü, smiling in amusement. She couldn’t help but intervene. 

“Be polite, daughter!” scolded Ancestor Nü, glancing at Bai Nü, but she didn’t seem angry. She looked at Lin Feng again and smiled, “Lin Feng, after the Ceremony, will you come and visit us in the Northeast?” 

The crowd burst into a quiet uproar. Everybody’s eyes were wide. It felt like they had been struck by lightning. Ancestor Nü had given an invitation to a Holy Godly Ancestor? 

“Eh…” Lin Feng was astonished. What was going on with Ancestor Nü? She was acting strangely. Lin Feng didn’t understand, so he looked at Ni Huang for help. 

At the beginning, Ni Huang wanted to stand there and wait to see how he would react to Ancestor Nü’s request, but she was disappointed. Lin Feng could kill people in the blink of an eye but when facing women, he seemed helpless. If she didn’t get involved, Lin Feng’s soul might explode and disperse. 

“Sister Ancestor Nü, Lin Feng is the leader of the Region of the Eight Corners, which is in my jurisdiction, and you dare say those things in front of me?” Ni Huang huffed proudly and arrogantly. She was a bit angry, too. 

Some people were covered in cold sweat. Even Kun Dao was startled. He couldn’t believe his earses. The two most beautiful women in the World of Battles were arguing because of Lin Feng?! 

Ancestor Nü just smiled provocatively and winked. Even more men were about to explode. “Sister, I just want to invite Lin Feng to pay us a visit and see the landscapes of the Northeast, what’s wrong about that? Why would you have an objection?” 

“Hehe, if I agree and Lin Feng goes to the Northeast, the Region of the Eight Corners will become unstable,” countered Ni Huang. 

The two women’s argument captivated the crowd. 

“Hehehe, that escalated quickly. Without Lin Feng your empire could collapse, is that what you mean? Hehe!” mused Ancestor Nü. 

The atmosphere was becoming a bit tense. Ni Huang’s expression slightly changed, but she still smiled, “So what? If Lin Feng agrees, I can let him become the leader of the Northwest! He can replace me!” 

“Enough! Enough! Stop arguing!” shouted Lin Feng. He couldn’t stand this anymore, and had to interrupt them. He had just arrived, and everybody was looking at him with hatred. 

Lin Feng was angry that they were talking about him like an object, as well! 

Ancestor Nü and Ni Huang saw that Lin Feng’s expression had hardened. Ni Huang turned away, and Ancestor Nü and Bai Nü went to sit on Lin Feng’s left. 

The crowd couldn’t help but notice Ni Huang and Qian Jin Cai Yue were sitting on his right side and Bai Nü and Ancestor Nü were on his left. Lin Feng was surrounded by four incredibly beautiful women! How lucky! The whole crowd of men was searingly jealous. 

Luo Zhao Sheng’s eyes were wide, and he kept shaking his head. How incredible! Women really were sly and evil. Luo Zhao Sheng didn’t intend to have any kind of relationship with a woman in his life, ever! 

“Brother, you have to save me,” Lin Feng said to Luo Zhao Sheng telepathically. Luo Zhao Sheng pretended he hadn’t heard anything. He didn’t get involved in such things; if he did, the two women would hate him, and that very much wasn’t worth it. Besides, Lin Feng was lucky. If he handled the situation well, he might become the leader of both the Northeast and Northwest. Hahahahahaha! 

Of course, it was only a joke!

Ni Huang and Ancestor Nü had clashed over Lin Feng. Lin Feng had interrupted them. Now everybody was looking at him, and he could only look calm and indifferent at that moment. 

Kun Dao smiled. Initially he had wanted to find a way to draw people’s attention to Lin Feng, but in the end, he hadn’t needed to do anything. 

It felt like being a criminal and getting away with the crime! 

“Alright, the three territories of the North of the World of Battles are represented: Ni Huang, Ancestor Nü, and the North itself.” Kun Dao was standing in the center as he glanced around. So many strong cultivators were here! 

“I need to introduce some people. The five people here are friends from the South of the World of Battles,” said Kun Dao. They had to accept strong cultivators from the South, even at the Ceremony of the North. Besides, those five people were the five winners of the Ceremony of the South, which had just ended. 

All the strong cultivators of the North looked at those five people from the South. They all looked extraordinary. 

“Tian Yu Dao from the Tian Ji Sect! Ancestor Mo’s biological little brother from the Demon Region, Mo Kun! Ancestor Tai’s nephew, Dong Fang Yu Qing! Su Gu from the Su Clan, and Ancestor Long!” announced Kun Dao, introducing them. Everybody burst into an uproar. The commander-in-chief from the Southeast, and Ancestor Long! 

There were also five Ancestors here: Ancestor Nü, Ni Huang, Ancestor Long, and Kun Dao!

Why are they all there?, Lin Feng wondered. Since they had sent people, it probably wasn’t just to watch the Ceremony of the North. They probably had ulterior motives. 

Lin Feng knew that the Ceremony of the South included the Demon Region and the Dragon Clan from the Southeast. Their heroes were Ancestor Mo, Ancestor Tai, and Ancestor Long. 

If nothing unexpected happened, some members of those groups would win the Ceremony of the South. 

The West and the East didn’t participate in the Ceremony of the South, though. Why not? Lin Feng was perplexed. He would need time to figure it all out. Lin Feng wasn’t there to become famous or rise. He was there to understand the world order and a few other things, but because Ni Huang and Ancestor Nü had argued over him. Lin Feng knew he was going to be in trouble this time, and he was definitely going to kill some people! 

“I am Dong Fang Yu Qing, forty-third on the List of the World of Battles,” said Dong Fang Yu Qing standing up and greeting everybody, neither haughtily nor humbly. Of course, it meant he looked down upon them. 

The South looked down upon the North, everybody knew that. Dong Fang Yu Qing was the youngest cultivator on the List of the World of Battles. 

When Lin Feng saw Dong Fang Yu Qing, he thought the man looked arrogant, proud, cold, and detached. 

“I don’t need to introduce the four others, since they are older Masters,” said Dong Fang Yu Qing, sitting back down. He didn’t look at anyone else. 

Many strong cultivators from the North looked unhappy, but the guests from the South were all Overlords. The Northerners could only control themselves. 

“What do you mean? If the four others are older Masters, does it mean you are younger Masters?” Lin Feng asked when he heard Dong Fang Yu Qing. He pointed coldly to Kun Dao, and the two women around him. “Are they young Masters?”

Everybody was astonished that he dared speak so proudly. 

The atmosphere became tense. The strong cultivators of the North were happy that Lin Feng said that, and Dong Fang Yu Qing’s expression shifted uneasily…

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