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Chapter 1381: Appetizers


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“Who the fuck do you think you are? Who allowed you to speak?” Dong Fang Yu Qing’s expression fell angrily. He was an Overlord, and Ancestor Tai’s nephew. He was an important person, and a Holy Godly Ancestor dared provoke him? 

Dong Fang Yu Qing looked down on Lin Feng. People in the South rarely talked about Lin Feng. He wasn’t famous there. 

But it was the Ceremony of the North, an important event. Even if Dong Fang Yu Qing was an Overlord, he couldn’t cause trouble. 

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change as he looked at Dong Fang Yu Qing, waiting for the Overlords of the North of the World of Battles to intervene. The Godly Ancestors of the North didn’t dare offend Dong Fang Yu Qing. Lin Feng was too weak to compete with him. 

“He’s a little piece of shit, but what about me?” Kun Dao frowned. He had no choice. Dong Fang Yu Qing was going too far. Lin Feng defended the North, but Kun Dao still made fun of him? 

Dong Fang Yu Qing felt uncomfortable, but he still glared at Lin Feng and shouted, “What’s your name? Who’s the Leader of your Clan?”

I am the Leader of my clan, and I won’t tell you my name,” Lin Feng replied, sitting down and ignoring him. 

Dong Fang Yu Qing looked even angrier as he clenched his fists. He really wanted to teach Lin Feng a good lesson, but Ancestor Long stopped him and frowned, glancing at Lin Feng. He found Lin Feng’s face familiar, but he didn’t know where he had seen him before. 

“Dong Fang, you’re an Overlord. Keep calm and sit down!” ordered Ancestor Long. Dong Fang Yu Qing had no choice but to sit down… but he would make Lin Feng pay sooner or later! 

Lin Feng was still seated between Ancestor Nü and Ni Huang, but now more and more people were looking at him with admiration and respect. He was only a Holy Godly Ancestor, and he had just provoked Dong Fang Yu Qing, forty-third Overlord in the List of the World of Battles. If he had done that just to attract people’s attention, it wasn’t a very good idea… 

“Sorry for this. The Ceremony can start. Since it’s a Ceremony, we need appetizers. All the Overlords can send servants and we can warm up, what do you think?” said Kun Dao loudly. His voice made the surrounding forests tremble. 

“I don’t mind,” Zhuang Chong Huan was the first one to reply, shaking his head. He was new there, so he couldn’t suggest anything; he had to listen and remain discreet. His ultimate goal was killing Lin Feng!

“I agree. We can warm up a little bit,” said Godly Ancestor Bei Jian, nodding and smiling indifferently. The sword on his back seemed excited for a second, but then it quickly stopped in disappointment. 

“Let’s start then,” Ni Huang agreed. She didn’t mind. It was just a way for the Overlords to show their strength. It was actually an important part of the whole Ceremony. 

“Alright, Ni Huang. You can start and send someone,” said Kun Dao, smiling and glancing at Lin Feng repeatedly. He wanted to humiliate Lin Feng in front of everybody. 

Dong Fang Yu Qing had gotten angry, so everybody had stopped paying attention to Ni Huang and Ancestor Nü, but Kun Dao didn’t intend to let Lin Feng off. 

Ni Huang knew Kun Dao was trying to plot against Lin Feng, so she looked at Feng Cai and nodded, “Alright, I choose Feng Cai, the Leader of my War Generals.” 

“I send the Leader of my War Generals, too.” When Ni Huang finished talking, Dong Fang Yu Qing replied and smiled, waving at one of his servants. 

There was an explosion as a blood-red silhouette appeared swiftly. The person had reached the top of Tu Ying Shan in one jump from its feet. Everybody was startled. 

“You can’t cause trouble at the Ceremony of the North,” Bai Mu Xiao spoke up casually, having not said anything yet. It seemed like Bai Mu Xiao and Dong Fang Yu Qing were good friends. He said, “Since those are appetizers, who cares about the others’ dedication? Brother Bai, no need to adhere strictly to formalities.” 

“You’re pretty smart, little boy,” said Luo Zhao Sheng, smiling and insulting Dong Fang Yu Qing. 

When Dong Fang Yu Qing recognized Luo Zhao Sheng, he knew he couldn’t afford to offend him, and merely replied calmly, “Brother Luo, you caused trouble in the South too though, right?” 

“You son of a bitch! Damn! Well, YES, I ADMIT it! But I was HAMMERED, alright?!” shouted Luo Zhao Sheng in reply. 

Dong Fang Yu Qing ignored him and looked at Kun Dao while smiling placidly, “I think the Ancestor of the North doesn’t mind.” 

“Since it’s that way, fight!” said Ni Huang emotionlessly. If she had known this before, she would have sent Lin Feng to fight. It wouldn’t have been a problem. 

But now, with Feng Cai, all they could do was wait and see how strong the enemy was. 

The man in the blood red robe looked cruel and evil. Feng Cai would probably need to be lucky to win. 

Feng Cai bowed hand over fist in front of Ni Huang. Then, as everybody watched, he walked towards the man in blood-red. The man was proud and arrogant, looking down upon Feng Cai. 

“Xue Xuan, that’s Ni Huang’s War General, don’t hurt him. Otherwise, Ni Huang and I won’t be friends anymore,” spoke up Dong Fang Yu Qing, smiling mockingly. 

Xue Xuan fully understood what he meant. He looked at Feng Cai and smiled. “Attack!”

“How arrogant!” shouted Feng Cai. He flashed and released energies at Xue Xuan. Lin Feng was arrogant, but he wasn’t arrogant in the same way as people like Xue Xuan. People like Xue Xuan always went too far. 

Xue Xuan watched Feng Cai. As expected, Feng Cai was quite strong. No wonder he was the Leader of Ni Huang’s War Generals… but he wasn’t strong enough! 

“Enough. What are you doing in front of me with that kind of strength? You’re humiliating yourself. Piss off!” shouted Xue Xuan, laughing arrogantly. 

He raised his arms, and ten thousand blood-red beams of light appeared and turned into sharp sword blades. They destroyed the air around the, creating a vacuum. It was incredible. 

“He’s lost!” whispered Lin Feng from next to Ni Huang. Ni Huang was angry, but it was a fact. 

There was an explosion. Feng Cai was injured by the blood-red lights. He activated his phoenix blood, but the terrifying strength still pushed him far away. Xue Xuan was only pushed back a dozen steps. He was much stronger. 

After Feng Cai was pushed back hundreds of steps, Lin Feng flashed up and appeared next to Feng Cai, supporting him by the arm and helping him down from the stage. 

“Master, I lost face for you today.” Feng Cai looked miserable and furious. Xue Xuan was quite strong. They were both Holy Godly Ancestors, but Xue Xuan was still much stronger. 

“Go down,” replied Ni Huang, sighing sadly. Feng Cai looked at Lin Feng, hoping Lin Feng would avenge him.

But Lin Feng didn’t intend to do anything. After that defeat, the other young geniuses of the North of the World of Battles were naturally going to take the initiative to intervene. 

“Fucking son of a bitch! He thinks he can cause trouble on our territory! I’ll go and destroy him!” shouted someone angrily. Everybody saw a middle-aged man show up in front of Xue Xuan. The man was big, and looked ferocious. 

“What’s your name? I don’t hit unknown people,” said Xue Xuan coldly, playing around with his blood-red hair. 

“You are not qualified to know my name. All you need to know is that I am Master Kun Dao’s great servant and today, I’m going to teach you, bastard!” shouted the big man explosively. He clenched his fists and flashed to the attack. 

But this time, Xue Xuan took the initiative to attack first. He turned into a blood-red beam of light. 

At that moment, everybody was on tenterhooks. They had a bad feeling. 

“We lost again,” Lin Feng said calmly. Kun Dao frowned angrily. 

But indeed… Boom! Slash! 

The man was blown away by the blood-red beam of light. His belly was ripped open and blood gushed out. 


Kun Dao looked devastated. His servant was crushed by the servant of an Overlord who was forty-third on the List of the World of Battles? He couldn’t believe it. 

“Piss off!” shouted Kun Dao explosively, throwing a kick. He wished he could destroy the piece of ill-performing trash! 

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!,” the man screamed as Kun Dao kicked him. Lin Feng was disappointed. 

Lin Feng grabbed the big man and released life Qi to heal him. 

Lin Feng landed on the ground with the man in his arms. He put the big man on the ground and moved towards Xue Xuan. 

It was the best time to attack!

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