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Chapter 1382: The Warmup Is Over!


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“I’ll fight now,” Lin Feng said to Xue Xuan. Feng Cai and the big man had both lost. It wasn’t a good thing for the North. Lin Feng had to intervene now. 

When Dong Fang Yu Qing saw Lin Feng was going to bring about his own destruction, he grinned happily. He glanced at Xue Xuan and whispered something. Xue Xuan looked startled at first, but then he nodded coldly. 

He didn’t need to worry. Since his Master had told him to do so, he had to obey! 

Besides, this man had been disrespectful just now, so he didn’t mind avenging his teacher! 

“Tell me your name! I don’t kill little boys when I don’t know their name!” Xue Xuan challenged him. It was the first time he used the word “kill” and not “hit” or “injure”. Many people noticed the change. 

“Lin Feng, teach him a good lesson! Fucking asshole, he thinks he’s in the South or what?” 

“Indeed! Lin Feng, Leader Lin! Teach him a good lesson!” 

“Lin Feng, fight for the North! Teach him a good lesson!” 

“Good luck, Leader Lin!” 

At that moment, all the young geniuses of the North of the World of Battles were cheering for Lin Feng. Even if they despised Lin Feng, they had no choice but to rely on him now. 

Lin Feng ignored them, staying calm. He looked at Xue Xuan and waited for him to attack first. 

When Xue Xuan saw Lin Feng didn’t start, he grinned icily. He was pretending? Since you don’t attack, I will attack, and you will die! 

“You want to die,” Xue Xuan smiled coldly. He disappeared, and a blood-red beam of light appeared, then more of them. They all sharpened, and the stench of the blood Qi grew even thicker. 

“Lin Feng, be careful!” shouted Feng Cai. He had lost against that attack. He didn’t want Lin Feng to be defeated by it as well. 

Of course, Feng Cai’s worries were groundless. Lin Feng stood there and looked at the blood-red beams of light. Those beams didn’t pose a threat to him at all. 

“Two Heavy Waves, Sky Burning Fire!” Lin Feng grinned. Golden fire energies appeared, and the temperature increased hundreds of thousands of degrees. Xue Xuan’s confident expression faltered, especially when his arms started hurting. 

Crack, crack! The blood-red beams and the golden lights collided. Everything disappeared in the energy of their collision. 

The fire energies continued towards Xue Xuan. His expression fell further. He had no choice to throw punches to block the energies and then try to retreat. 

The moment he retreated, Lin Feng also flashed into motion, his robe fluttering in the wind. He looked like a hero. 

Lin Feng barely moved, and he was already in front of Xue Xuan. 

Everybody looked at them. Lin Feng raised his left hand and put it on Xue Xuan’s shoulder. Xue Xuan looked at him darkly, grinding his teeth and striking at Lin Feng. His Qi was growing more and more terrifying. He looked like a demon from hell. 

Lin Feng grinned icily, pressed on his shoulder hard. Something cracked, and suddenly blood gushed out. Xue Xuan’s shoulder was torn apart, his bones sticking out. 

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! MY SHOULDER! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You fucking want to die!” screamed Xue Xuan. His shout made everybody shiver, even though it wasn’t cold outside. 

Lin Feng was cruel and bloodthirsty. Many people realized they better not offend him in the future, or they would have the same fate as Xue Xuan. 

Xue Xuan’s shoulder was torn apart, destroyed, broken, crushed to mush! Lin Feng had no feeling at all. It was a duel. No matter what, stronger people won, weaker people were destroyed. If he had been weaker, Xue Xuan wouldn’t have hesitated to do the same, and would have destroyed Lin Feng as well. 

It was a normal thing to do for a strong cultivator. That was the difference between losers and strong cultivators! 

Lin Feng threw a kick, and Xue Xuan was smashed away. He crashed into a chair, which exploded into a thousand pieces. 

Lin Feng glanced at Kun Dao calmly. “Enough for the warm up, right?” 

“Of course it’s enough!” answered Kun Dao, reddening and smiling. Nobody could see he wanted Lin Feng dead. Strong cultivators were good at hiding their emotions. 

“Wow! Leader Lin is aggressive! Hahahaha! Good! He’s a good fighter!” 

“But the South humiliated us, the Northerners.” 

“Send someone else if you wish. Hahahahaha! Leader Lin will crush them all!” …

Everybody in Tu Ying Shan kept shouting hysterically. Ni Huang’s War General had lost a battle, but Lin Feng had crushed Kun Dao’s servant using only three attacks. He had won easily!

At the same time, it was a huge humiliation for Overlord Dong Fang Yu Qing as well. Lin Feng seemed ferocious, ruthless, powerful, and aggressive. He had an impressive bearing and a commanding presence. 

Zhan Gan and Xue Wu Tian looked at Lin Feng in admiration, as if they were bewitched. Their Leader Lin was so amazing! 

Huo Xi stood there calmly. That was the man the Fire Spirit liked? As expected, he was quite strong. He had just broken through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer, and he had destroyed a cultivator at the top of the same layer!

Many people stared at Lin Feng, their eyes twinkling with awe and veneration. This was how powerful the Leader of the Region of the Eight Corners was? Finally, they had faith in him! 

Lin Feng went back to his seat and ignored everybody’s expressions. Ancestor Nü and Ni Huang smiled. Lin Feng had stood out this time. Feng Cai’s and Kun Dao’s servant’s fights had been tragic, but people only remembered Lin Feng now. 

People from the South were there too. This time, they would go back and talk about what Lin Feng had done, so he would become a little bit famous there as well. 

“You’re good at stirring up trouble,” Luo Zhao Sheng prodded Lin Feng telepathically, forcing a smile. This little brother was fucking awesome! 

“Brother Dong Fang, more appetizers?” Kun Dao inquired, smiling at Dong Fang Yu Qing. Dong Fang Yu Qing was angry. He wanted to destroy Lin Feng on the spot, but it wasn’t permissible. 

“You continue,” replied Dong Fang Yu Qing icily. He ignored the crowd and helped Xue Xuan back to his chair. 

Tian Yu Dao from the Tian Ji Sect and Su Gu from the Su Clan wondered if the five candidates of the South and the five candidates of the North would exchange views on cultivation too. 

They were looking forward to it, because Overlord battles were the most amazing. Few people had witnessed the chaotic battle of the ancient Overlords, so they were happy to see these battles between the North and the South.

Kun Dao also understood how Ni Huang and Ancestor Nü felt. Rather than saying it was a ceremony, they should call it a series of selection exams which aimed at choosing five people who would fight against those chosen by the enemies. 

“A ceremony is a simple word to describe a gathering or a meeting. It’s an event during which people try to qualify to be on the List of the World of Battles, if they aren’t already. 

“Next, everybody, who? We only use pure strength, not pure Qi. That way, the World of Battles will not collapse when Overlords fight,” proposed Kun Dao. He was worried, and he was right to be. Overlords were extremely strong. Their energies were terrifying. Lin Feng had seen it in Shen Hai Mo Lin. 

Kun Dao didn’t want a new Shen Hai Mo Lin to happen on his territory!

The people looked at the other Overlords on the stage. Some of them were strong cultivators from the List of the World of Battles, some of them weren’t on the List, but they were known as incredible cultivators. 

Ancestor Nü, Ni Huang, and Kun Dao were incredible cultivators. Luo Zhao Sheng, Bai Mu Xiao, Godly Ancestor Bei Jian, and Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian were also extraordinary cultivators. 

Leader Xiao Hun, Zhuang Chong Huan, and Leader Jing Rui were not easy to deal with. The Leader of the Spiritual Warriors Clan, Leader Zhan Ling Yan, was here, along with Leader Jie Hong from the World Dragon Clan, and the Leader of the Cavaliers of the Desert. 

Those people were all seated. One fourth of all Overlords were there. It was a sumptuous feast! 

Lin Feng was also impressed. There were so many Overlords. The fights were going to be incredible. It was rare to see Overlords fight. Including the five Overlords of the South, there were at least twenty Overlords! 

“I suggest you make three groups who fight in turns, what do you think?” asked Ancestor Nü. She looked so soft and gentle, people’s hearts melted when she spoke. 

Kun Dao looked at Ancestor Nü, his heart racing. He knew who Ancestor Nü’s husband was, so he didn’t dare act insolently. If he wanted to die, he just had to provoke and humiliate Ancestor Nü! 

“Of course, no problem; we can divide into groups. My group can be composed of Leader Jie Hong, Leader Zhan Ling Yan, and the Leader of the Cavaliers of the Desert! 

“Ancestor Nü’s group can be composed of Xiao Hun, Master Zhu Jian, Godly Ancestor Bei Jian and Brother Bai Mu Xiao. 

“Ni Huang, your group can have Jing Rui, the Leader of the Jun Hall, and Luo Zhao Sheng, alright?” asked Kun Dao, waiting for the two women to reply. 

“Of course; I see no problem,” answered Ancestor Nü. She didn’t mind at all.

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