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Chapter 1383: Lin Feng Fights!


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“I was hoping you could participate,” said Ni Huang, looking at Lin Feng. She sounded quite solemn. Many people were speechless. 

Luo Zhao Sheng and Leader Jing Rui glanced at each other. They didn’t know what to say. Ni Huang wanted Lin Feng to participate in the Overlords’ battles?! How was that possible? If Lin Feng fought against an Overlord, he could be destroyed! 

“Eh, hehe, Ni Huang, my little brother is a Holy Godly Ancestor. He can’t participate in those battles,” Luo Zhao Sheng interrupted, standing up. If Lin Feng participated, he might die!

Ni Huang ignored him. She only cared about Lin Feng’s opinion. Lin Feng had asked her if they could fight in three years. Now, half a year had passed; could Lin Feng become an Overlord within the remaining two years? 

Ni Huang didn’t think so, but not being an Overlord didn’t mean one couldn’t defeat an Overlord. Lin Feng wasn’t strong enough to be on the new List of the World of Battles. If Lin Feng won some battles during this round, he would benefit a lot from it. 

Ni Huang was convinced that Lin Feng could now defeat some Earthly Godly Ancestors after he had broken through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer. He could take advantage of this opportunity to practice! 

Ni Huang stared at Lin Feng, waiting. Ancestor Nü was also curious to hear Lin Feng. They both watched him and waited. Kun Dao was extremely happy; he hoped Lin Feng would participate and be destroyed in front of everybody. 

His servants were the Leaders of the Spiritual Warriors Clan and the World Dragon Clan; they both wanted to kill Lin Feng, but they didn’t have any opportunity to do so! Ni Huang asking Lin Feng to participate in the battles was an incredible opportunity. 

Kun Dao didn’t understand why Ni Huang would ask Lin Feng to participate. Did she want Lin Feng to die? Or was there something he didn’t understand? Ni Huang and Lin Feng didn’t act like enemies… 

Lin Feng looked at the devastatingly beautiful Ni Huang, and his heart skipped a beat. He didn’t understand Ni Huang’s purpose either! 

She wanted him to fight against Overlords? Lin Feng had no reason to do such a thing, unless he was insane and wanted to die. He had broken through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer, but he couldn’t defeat Earthly Godly Ancestors. He needed more time for that. Ni Huang should be the first person to understand that! 

Lin Feng didn’t reply. He wasn’t a coward, but such a question didn’t need answering. 

“Lin Feng, Overlords don’t use pure Qi during this round, so to compensate for your lower cultivation level, we could let you use pure Qi. What do you think?” Kun Dao couldn’t help but say. He really wanted Lin Feng to participate. He was convinced that Lin Feng would be happy with the offer. 

Ni Huang was surprised, and glanced at Kun Dao, who smiled darkly. She hadn’t thought of allowing Lin Feng to use pure Qi, but if Lin Feng could, he could definitely participate in the fights!

Lin Feng knew what Kun Dao meant. He wanted him to fight and get killed. If he died during a duel, Lin Feng would only have himself to blame! 

But it was an alluring proposition. If the Overlords couldn’t use pure Qi and he could, then it would definitely compensate for his lower cultivation level! 

“What? Leader Lin, don’t you have balls?” asked Zhan Ling Yan, smiling coldly. He would never forget the fact that Lin Feng had stolen some of the strong cultivators of the Spiritual Warriors Clan!

Zhan Gan was sitting right behind Lin Feng. When Zhan Ling Yan saw him, he was infuriated. Zhan Gan used to be one of his elders. Now, he was Lin Feng’s servant, a traitor! 

Lin Feng frowned at him, then smiled and said, “If you are the first one to fight, I will participate as well. Will you dare, though?” 

Will you dare, though? 

Lin Feng stared at Zhan Ling Yan mockingly, humiliating him. Zhan Ling Yan looked grim. His eyes were filled with murder, but he controlled himself. If he couldn’t use pure Qi and Lin Feng could, he might really not be able to defeat Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng was insane, everybody knew that. Zhan Ling Yan knew it, too, and stayed sharp. He didn’t intend to act recklessly. Therefore, he didn’t say anything else. 

When Lin Feng saw that, he smiled icily and looked down on him. An Overlord? Really? A joke! 

When everybody saw how Lin Feng countered Zhan Ling Yan’s challenge and how Zhan Ling Yan remained silent, they didn’t understand. Some others even looked at Zhan Ling Yan mockingly. 

“Hehe, an Overlord…?” Xue Wu Tian was the first one to make fun of him. As time passed, Xue Wu Tian was more and more convinced that Lin Feng would become an incredible Overlord. 

“Why would an Overlord fear a Holy Godly Ancestor? What a joke!” 

“Maybe he wants to save his energy to fight against the other Overlords. He doesn’t feel like wasting his strength on Lin Feng,” some people defended Zhan Ling Yan. 

“Bullshit. If defeating Lin Feng were easy, even morons would want to fight against him,” retorted someone else. Many people looked at Zhan Ling Yan even more mockingly. 

“Enough! Stop arguing and watch!” shouted a big man. His voice sounded like drums, shaking the gossips. 

“Lin Feng, will you participate or not?!” Kun Dao demanded impatiently. 

If Lin Feng refused again, Kun Dao would be disappointed. 

“No need to be impatient. If Zhan Ling Yan is the first one to fight, I’ll participate for sure!” Lin Feng answered, ignoring Kun Dao’s angry look. Lin Feng was even smiling. 

Everybody understood what he meant!

“Zhan Ling Yan, go and fight,” Kun Dao frowned. He had done all he could to convince Lin Feng to fight, so now he had no choice. He couldn’t let Zhan Ling Yan withdraw. 

Zhan Ling Yan’s expression fell. He hadn’t thought Kun Dao would make him fight first! Unfortunately, he had no valid reason to refuse. As an Overlord, if he couldn’t defeat Lin Feng, everybody would make fun of him! 

Zhan Gan and Xue Wu Tian were sitting together. When Zhan Gan saw Zhan Ling Yan’s expression, he was even more disappointed. Zhan Ling Yan usually bullied people, and now he was afraid to fight Lin Feng? 

“Hehe, that’s the Leader of the Spiritual Warriors Clan, Zhan Gan. You followed the wrong person half of your life,” said Xue Wu Tian, looking at Zhan Gan in amusement. Zhan Gan could only blush and sigh. 

Lin Feng smiled and waited for Zhan Ling Yan’s reply. Of course, he did all this on purpose. The reason he provoked Zhan Ling Yan was because he wanted to show Zhan Gan that Zhan Ling Yan had no balls. Once they returned to the Region of the Eight Corners, Zhan Gan would tell Zhan Han and the others from the Spiritual Warrior Clan about it. 

If Zhan Han knew, as well as all the other strong cultivators Lin Feng had brought from the Spiritual Warriors Clan, the Region of the Eight Corners would be even more stable! 

“Zhan Ling Yan, are you hesitating?” asked Chieftain, the Leader of the Cavaliers of the Desert. He had never been afraid of anyone. Some people thought he could be thirtieth on the List. He wasn’t any weaker than Kun Dao. 

Zhan Ling Yan understood he had no choice. He had no choice but to fight. 

“Alright, I agree!” shouted Zhan Ling Yan angrily, clenching his fists. Then he threw a punch at the battle arena. He shouted at Lin Feng furiously, “COME HERE AND FIGHT, LITTLE BOY!” 

“Hehe, I’m sorry, I never said I would fight you. What I meant is that if you fought the first battle, I’d participate in the battles too,” Lin Feng answered, smiling gleefully and shaking his head. 

Zhan Ling Yan nearly coughed blood in fury. Lin Feng had fooled him! 

“Lin Feng, you’re shameless!” Zhan Ling Yan shouted icily. 

“Haha! Thank you for the compliment,” Lin Feng said, bursting into hearty laughter. He didn’t intend to fight the first duel at all!

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