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Chapter 1384: Lin Feng vs. Zhan Ling Yan!


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“Lin Feng, Zhan Ling Yan is the weakest of the Overlords. If you don’t fight him, who will you fight?” asked Ni Huang, amused at all this. 

Zhan Ling Yan’s expression fell. He clenched his fists and looked at Ni Huang angrily, but he didn’t dare act recklessly. 

Lin Feng pretended to be surprised and commented, “That IS surprising!”

“Of course. What did you think?” Ancestor Nü giggled. She had to control herself not to burst into laughter. Lin Feng had been making fun of Zhan Ling Yan since the beginning, and now the two women also started too. Zhan Ling Yan felt so humiliated… 

The two beautiful female Overlords stared at Lin Feng. Many men looked at him enviously, but not with hatred. 

“So… you think I should fight?” Lin Feng asked, scratching his nose. 

“Of course!” “Yes!” answered both Ni Huang and Ancestor Nü. 

The atmosphere was rather strange. Kun Dao sighed helplessly. It was like this Ceremony was for Lin Feng and the two female Overlords. Everybody looked at them and ignored him, the organizer of the Ceremony!

“Lin Feng, are you sitting or fighting? Are you a man or not?” Kun Dao interrupted them, glaring at Lin Feng. 

The atmosphere changed. Kun Dao’s expression reminded many people they were there not to watch a show, but for the Ceremony of the North of the World of Battles. 

When Lin Feng heard Kun Dao, he didn’t get angry. He stood up slowly and leisurely walked up onto the battle stage. 

Lin Feng smiled. “Since everybody says so, I have no choice.” The others would be more difficult to defeat?… 

Lin Feng wanted to laugh, but he didn’t. Everybody admired Lin Feng. He dared provoke Zhan Ling Yan! Everybody in the Northwest knew there were tensions between Lin Feng and the Spiritual Warriors Clan…

Now the Leaders of the two groups were here. No matter who would win, it was a good thing, and in any case, it would make their hatred for each other even stronger! 

“Hehe, Lin Feng, you are younger than me. I will not fight against you,” proclaimed Zhan Ling Yan righteously, controlling his anger and smiling. 

Lin Feng was surprised. Zhan Ling Yan was good at pretending. 

“Hehe, I don’t consider you an older Master,” Lin Feng snorted mockingly. He didn’t give the other any face at all. 

Zhan Ling Yan grimaced. “Since you want to die, I will help you, little boy!” Zhan Ling Yan shouted, flashing to the attack. An Overlord didn’t seem as terrifying when they didn’t use pure Qi, but Lin Feng still had to be careful. 

Lin Feng looked focused. He was in a good mood and felt confident, but he didn’t forget that he was facing an Overlord. Even without pure Qi, Zhan Ling Yan might still be able to hurt him!

“We’ll see about that!” Lin Feng smiled darkly. He jumped backwards and threw a palm strike. Golden lights emerged from his hands. 

The golden Imperial Imprint grew to a hundred zhang tall. It was extremely powerful. 

Zhan Ling Yan’s expression hardened. He couldn’t use pure Qi, so he felt awkward. He would need a lot of patience if he wanted to defeat Lin Feng using pure strength. 

Many people were interested in their battle, including the five representatives of the South. They were all happy to see something new. A Holy Godly Ancestor vs. an Overlord! 

“Today, I will show you that even if an Overlord doesn’t use pure Qi, you can’t defeat them because you are a tiny little insect, an insignificant person, a buffoon! You’re just humiliating yourself here!” shouted Zhan Ling Yan, like a demonic lion. His fist turned into a beam of light. He threw a punch at the Imperial Imprint. 

The Imperial Imprint broke apart and its golden lights disappeared. Zhan Ling Yan appeared in front of Lin Feng in the blink of an eye, and threw a palm strike. His hand weighed at least twenty billion jin. Lin Feng’s eyes narrowed. He threw a punch without hesitation as well. 

He used his Aggressive Punch. He had condensed Genesis Spiritual and Buddhist strength in it. The battle arena trembled. It seemed like there were demonic tigers roaring about. 

Their fists collided. Lin Feng was blown away, but managed to get back on his feet in the air despite it all. Zhan Ling Yan was forced back as well, rolling on the battle arena towards the edge. 

Lin Feng shouted out, releasing an explosive strength to stay up and stand firmly. Zhan Ling Yan did the same, stopping not far from the edge of the battle arena. He punched the ground angrily and stood up. 

“Lin Feng, you want to die, fucking son of a bitch!” shouted Zhan Ling Yan. He wanted to use pure Qi and destroy Lin Feng in one slap. Of course, he couldn’t do that, or Kun Dao would be the first one to destroy him. 

“Haha! Zhan Ling Yan, how does it feel? Awesome, right?!” shouted Lin Feng, bursting into laughter. He hadn’t been injured during the collision. On top of that, it made him feel even more eager to fight. His blood was boiling! 

“You’re an insignificant Holy Godly Ancestor! You want to die!” Zhan Ling Yan flashed. A ten thousand zhang tall beam of light appeared, slowly condensing in the sky. It looked like a golden river. 

It was a hundred zhang wide, and thousands of zhang long. It felt like Tu Ying Shan was going to be destroyed. 

Everybody’s gaped. Zhan Ling Yan had used his ultimate attack. If he had added pure Qi, he would definitely be able to kill Lin Feng, but without pure Qi, the power of the attack was cut in half! 

“The Celestial Golden River can easily kill you!” promised Zhan Ling Yan, smiling coldly. His eyes were filled with murder. He had never wanted to kill someone so much. All he had in mind was killing Lin Feng. A year ago, Lin Feng had cost the Spiritual Warriors Clan much face, and he had killed many strong cultivators from the Spiritual Warriors Clan. 

Lin Feng was now even more powerful. The Spiritual Warriors Clan couldn’t really do anything to him anymore. As time passed, their chances of killing Lin Feng kept falling, so now was a great opportunity!

Zhan Ling Yan knew that he couldn’t miss this chance. If he did, he might have to wait until the year of the Monkey and the month of the Horse to have another opportunity to kill Lin Feng,

(Translator’s Note: This is not a valid date in the Chinese calendar, it means never.)

“Lin Feng, you are an enemy of the Spiritual Warriors Clan. Today, I will make you pay for offending the Spiritual Warriors Clan!”  Zhan Ling Yan roared furiously. He looked excited and grave at the same time, already imagining his enemy’s corpse lying on the ground. 

“Is that so? I can’t wait!” Lin Feng shot back, smiling coldly, but remaining wary. The golden river was a terrifying attack. He couldn’t afford to drown in it. 

“Go, golden river!” said Zhan Ling Yan. He didn’t feel like wasting any more time. He just wanted Lin Feng to die quickly. 

He was much faster than a Holy Godly Ancestor. The golden river rolled out, absorbing anything in its way. 

The golden river looked like a person at that moment. There were waves building under Lin Feng’s feet. The tip of the curly waves turned into arms and tried to grab Lin Feng’s feet to drag him into the golden river and bring him down. 

The crowd was tense. Everybody stared at Lin Feng. 

The golden river kept rolling past him. It was thousands of meters long, and each time an arm tried to grab his feet, it was scary. 

Lin Feng kept rising into the sky to escape from the golden river. At the beginning, he was only one or two thousand meters up in the sky. Now, he was five thousand meters up in the sky, but the golden river kept rising as well. Its sole purpose was to drown Lin Feng! 

Everybody’s hearts were racing. Zhan Gan and Xue Wu Tian clenched their fists, hoping Lin Feng would be fine. 

“Lin Feng is using too much pure Qi!” Luo Zhao Sheng frowned and looked worried. Leader Jing Rui nodded. The golden river attack was terrifying!

Lin Feng struggled to get away from the golden river, so many people already thought Lin Feng was doomed. 

“It’s over. Lin Feng will lose.”

“Worse. He’s going to die.” 

“Some people shouldn’t act so arrogantly if they don’t want to die.” 

“Hehe. He dared provoke an Overlord though, he’s got balls.” …

Everybody started talking. They were all convinced Zhan Ling Yan was going to kill Lin Feng. 

The golden river kept rising and rolling in waves at the same time. The sky in Tu Ying Shan went dark. Everybody saw the distance between Lin Feng and the golden river kept decreasing. It had decreased from a thousand meters to merely a hundred. In the end, there were only a few meters between them. 

“What do you think?” asked Ni Huang to Ancestor Nü. 

Ancestor Nü didn’t smile anymore. She shook her head and remained silent. Ni Huang smiled and looked at Kun Dao, who was frowning angrily. 

He had noticed? 

Ni Huang smiled. She had faith in Lin Feng, and it was well-founded. If Lin Feng was supposed to die from this attack, then he would have died earlier. 

Most people hadn’t noticed that Lin Feng was the one who had moved back down towards the golden river. 

As for the reason… who knew?

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    Maybe he would absorb it with his 9 headed dragon. Because he can absorb just about anything with that. Lin mentioned he was frustrated that no one seemed to use spirits but it’s an astounding asset. He completely forgot about the absorbing punch he used to use or that the aggressive punch was filled with over 15 kinds of chi. Or maybe use sword dao. Or inscriptions. No? Just punches and pure chi? No thoughts be hind it? No clones? Got it.

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