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Chapter 1385: A Terrifying Fight!


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“Haha! Lin Feng, you can’t escape anymore!” Zhan Ling Yan sneered when he saw the golden river was about to catch Lin Feng. He didn’t care about the consequences of killing Lin Feng.

Zhan Ling Yan waited, his heart racing

Everybody suddenly swallowed. Lin Feng clenched his fists, and golden beams of light appeared all around him. At the same time, Lin Feng rose back up in the air a few hundred meters. In the blink of an eye, he was away from the golden river again. 

Zhan Ling Yan didn’t react. He was still too excited, thinking Lin Feng was going to die. 

Lin Feng glanced around and grinned mockingly. He smiled nonchalantly and said, “Enough playing. Let’s see if I’m going to die now. Hehe!” Suddenly, two threads of different Qi emerged from Lin Feng’s hands. Fire Qi emerged from his left hand, and the temperature in Tu Ying Shan increased hundreds of thousands of degrees suddenly. Ice Qi emerged from his right hand and suddenly, the temperature dropped again. 

Many cultivators couldn’t help but release energies to block the ice and fire Qi. For some of them, it was useless, and they were still injured! 

Lin Feng had no time to pay attention to those screaming, he kept releasing ice and fire. There were thousands of zhang tall towers of ice and fire looming in the sky already. 

The golden river was beneath Lin Feng, his energies were around him. He was in an ice and fire world. Everybody was silent. 

“Zhan Ling Yan, look! Your golden river is powerful? Look at this!” Lin Feng smiled. More and more ice and fire energies grew in the sky. They gradually grew more powerful than the golden river. 

When the golden light was threatened by Lin Feng’s energies, it groaned icily. Golden lights emerged from the golden river and shot in every direction, trying to destroy Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng’s ocean of flames and ice world didn’t agree!

“I’ll leave the rest to you,” Lin Feng said to the vast sea of his fire and ice. 

Lin Feng was the only one who knew how terrifying this Godly Tao Skill could be. 

Zhan Ling Yan looked grim, realizing he had underestimated Lin Feng. Lin Feng also had a plan. Killing Lin Feng was going to be too difficult!

The fire and ice didn’t submit to the golden river. Without pure Qi, the golden river was less powerful, and couldn’t compete with Lin Feng’s ice and fire Qi. Suddenly, the two energies grew in size and enveloped the golden river. 

At the beginning, the two sorts of energies collided and fought, but as time passed, the golden river weakened quickly! 

Ka! Ka! Ka! 

There were several explosions. Lin Feng’s fire and ice energies broke apart. The golden river had been largely destroyed. Initially, it was a thousand zhang long, and now it was only two hundred meters in length. It was also much less dazzling, and about to collapse. 

Lin Feng’s ice and fire energies disappeared, but golden energies rolled around. Lin Feng smiled, as he could sense some absorbing strength. 

“Hehe, I can kick that absorbing strength and destroy it. Hehe!” Lin Feng laughed. He raised his left foot and kicked the wave. The golden river broke apart and disappeared, along with the absorbing strength. 

Zhan Ling Yan was grinding his teeth. Lin Feng sighed. He knew how Zhan Ling Yan felt. 

“I thought you had incredible attacks, but they were just so-so. Zhan Ling Yan, I don’t think we need to fight. Your golden river was difficult to use and you can’t use pure Qi, so don’t waste your remaining pure strength,” Lin Feng called out mockingly. Zhan Ling Yan couldn’t feel humiliated because he couldn’t use pure Qi, but at the same time, he was an Overlord! He was much stronger than Lin Feng! 

It was the only way for the fight to be fair. The outcome of the duel wasn’t great for Zhan Ling Yan. Lin Feng knew that after becoming an Overlord, he would be able to destroy people like Zhan Ling Yan easily. 

He wasn’t a show off, it was a fact!

“Dream on! You think I am not strong enough to teach you a good lesson?!” shouted Zhan Ling Yan defiantly. He was an Overlord and Lin Feng had humiliated him! But it was a fact, they had fought a fair fight! 

The result of the fair fight wasn’t what he had expected. He was an Overlord, yet an insignificant Holy Godly Ancestor had humiliated him. If it spread around, everybody would make fun of him!

Lin Feng smirked, staring at Zhan Ling Yan. No matter what attack his opponent used, he could survive it. It felt awesome! And for once, it had been a fair fight. The only thing he didn’t feel happy about was that he didn’t have the strength of an Overlord. Otherwise, he could have destroyed Zhan Ling Yan! 

Such was fate!

“Zhan Ling Yan, don’t be like a woman. I am watching!” shouted Chieftain furiously. He hated people like Zhan Ling Yan. The battle was already over? It hadn’t even been bloody, and Lin Feng had even humiliated Zhan Ling Yan. 

Chieftain wanted to kick Zhan Ling Yan. He was lower than Zhan Ling Yan in the rankings, but he seemed stronger than him. 

If Zhan Ling Yan lost, it would be a catastrophe for him in the rankings, his ranking would drop!

Zhan Ling Yan was seething. It was all Lin Feng’s fault. The more he looked at Lin Feng, the more furious he grew. “Explosive Battle Lights!” Zhan Ling Yan shouted. Extremely sharp golden lights erupted from his body. It wasn’t pure Qi, it was pure strength. 

He instantly became thirty percent stronger, which meant he had eighty percent of his strength as an Overlord. With that kind of strength, he was convinced he could destroy Lin Feng. 

As expected, when Zhan Ling Yan used his pure strength, Lin Feng readied himself. That was eighty percent of the strength of an Overlord? It looked terrifyingly brutal. He had to be careful! 

“So, the real thing is starting!” Lin Feng whispered, looking solemn. Inside, he was excited! 

Golden lights rolled out and surrounded Lin Feng. No matter how fast Lin Feng was, he couldn’t get away from the attack. 

“Lin Feng, die!” screamed Zhan Ling Yan. He looked like a demon king. He couldn’t let Lin Feng humiliate him anymore. He was an Overlord, he had to defend his dignity and honor!

Ten thousand sword lights appeared. Lin Feng looked like a death god. 

“You want to kill me, but you’re not strong enough!” Lin Feng responded calmly. He formed some hand seals, and was surrounded by ten-thousand-zhang tall Buddhist lights. He looked like a Buddha God. 

The Buddha Qi made him much stronger. His Qi grew much more powerful. A hundred-zhang-high Buddhist Ancestor made of light appeared behind him, and a golden 卍 sign appeared on Lin Feng’s chest. 

Kacha, kacha, kacha!…

Roar, roar, roar!…

Slash, slash, slash!…

There was an explosion and some voices spread through the air. The crowd heard demons wailing and roaring. It seemed like the ten thousand things of creation were crying. 

It was a terrifying duel. Many people were just staring blankly. 

Ancestor Nü and Ni Huang clenched their fists nervously. Kun Dao narrowed his eyes and waited for Zhan Ling Yan to finish Lin Feng, excited at the thought.

People in the crowd all had different thoughts, but the most shaken ones were the Overlords from the South, especially Dong Fang Yu Qing. He hadn’t thought the person who had humiliated him was so strong. 

“Those are Buddhist lights? The Ten Thousand Buddhas skill?” whispered Ancestor Long. He suddenly looked absent-minded. How come a descendant of the Buddhist Ancestor of the West had participated in the Ceremony of the North?

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