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Chapter 1386: Zhan Ling Yan Makes a Fool of Himself!


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“Hmph, even if you use all your pure Qi, you will not survive today!” swore Zhan Ling Yan, getting ready to use all his strength to kill Lin Feng. He couldn’t let Lin Feng survive, or everybody would make fun of him in the World of Battles. 

“Hehe, it’s useless to talk!” Lin Feng retorted icily. His ten-thousand-zhang high Buddhist lights hurtled towards the sword lights. They were unstoppable; completely silent, yet dazzling. 

Everybody was terrified. Buddhist lights were supposed to make people feel warm in their hearts but Lin Feng’s Buddhist lights were terrifying, hungry, and bloodthirsty!

The big Buddha illusion raised its hand and threw a palm strike out, and the sword lights exploded. They didn’t pose a threat to Lin Feng anymore!

“Fuck! Fuck! Impossible!” Zhan Ling Yan roared madly. He had a bad feeling. He had exchanged a hundred attacks with Lin Feng, and now he was going to lose? 

Zhan Ling Yan didn’t want to lose. He was the Leader of the Spiritual Warriors Clan. Losing meant facing the risk of having to give up his position as an Overlord! 

“Lin Feng, you’re lucky I can’t use pure Qi. Otherwise, I could easily destroy you!” shouted Zhan Ling Yan madly. He wanted to use pure Qi and destroy Lin Feng, but he was an Overlord, and he couldn’t do that. It would tarnish his reputation. 

Lin Feng smiled coldly. He took his hands back and the Buddhist lights disappeared. A golden light floated in the air, but the terrifying Qi disappeared. Everybody took a deep breath. It felt so good to be alive!

“At the same, I also want to tell you that likewise, you are lucky that I am not an Overlord, because you’d be dead otherwise,” Lin Feng replied coolly. He didn’t look at Zhan Ling Yan anymore. To Lin Feng, the battle was over, and he didn’t need to continue fighting. If they continued, Zhan Ling Yan would make a fool of himself. 

“Ridiculous! I won’t believe it!” shouted Zhan Ling Yan crazily. He threw a punch at Lin Feng. 

Everybody could see that Zhan Ling Yan was still determined to defeat and kill Lin Feng. He had lost his mind already. They didn’t think Zhan Ling Yan could win anymore. Lin Feng had shown them how strong he really was!

“Old grouch, you’re losing face and making a fool of yourself,” Xue Wu Tian said icily. Zhan Ling Yan grew even more furious! 

“Being determined is good, being a moron isn’t,” sighed Zhan Gan helplessly. He used to be the former Leader; he was so disappointed. 

Zhan Ling Yan could ignore anyone but Zhan Gan. When he heard Zhan Gan, he felt even more humiliated, and glared at Zhan Gan furiously. His eyes reddened, he clenched his fists, and his arms were shaking in rage!

He had to destroy Lin Feng! What a horrible price to pay! 

“Since you want to die that much, don’t blame me,” Lin Feng said. His eyes were filled with murder now. 

“I don’t think you can do anything to me!” spat Zhan Ling Yan, smiling mockingly. Lin Feng was strong, but he probably couldn’t kill an Overlord. 

“Is that so?” Lin Feng smiled back. He found Zhan Ling Yan ridiculous. The worst thing was that Zhan Ling Yan thought he was imposing and awe-inspiring. 

“Come then!” challenged Zhan Ling Yan. He didn’t feel like wasting time. Since Lin Feng kept humiliating him, he could continue, but Zhan Ling Yan didn’t intend to let him off! 

“Chiliocosm of the Great Tao! Aggressive Punch! Two Heavy Waves, Sky Burning Fire!” 

In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng used three attacks he hadn’t used in a while. These days, Lin Feng had fewer opportunities to fight in battles to death, so he didn’t need to use so much pure Qi to win them. This time, he thought it was worth it. 

Rumblings sounds shook people’s heads. Two blood-red eyes appeared, terrifying beams of light emerging from them. Blue Genesis Spiritual strength dashed to the skies. 

Everybody stood up and looked dumbstruck, especially the Overlords. Even Ni Huang stood up! She looked impressed. Ancestor Nü also stood up in shock. 

Dong Fang Yu Qing suddenly glanced at Lin Feng in admiration. He was only a Holy Godly Ancestor, and he could use such terrifying attacks. That was extraordinary! No Holy Godly Ancestor could compete with him!

Ancestor Long narrowed his eyes. He was more and more convinced Lin Feng was an extraordinary cultivator. He thought Lin Feng would become an incredible cultivator in the World of Battles. 

Luo Zhao Sheng and Leader Jing Rui were shocked. Lin Feng had such incredible combat talent! He defied the laws of physics of the World of Battles! Zhan Ling Yan couldn’t do anything against Lin Feng anymore. Zhan Ling Yan was even severely injured, and looked miserable. 

Kun Dao was unsightly. He hadn’t thought Zhan Ling Yan would lose. It was a fair fight, but Lin Feng wasn’t supposed to have the advantage. If Lin Feng had been an Overlord, Zhan Ling Yan would now be a corpse!

“How terrifying. Lin Feng has such terrifying attacks!” 

“Indeed, Leader Lin from the Region of the Eight Corners is extremely strong. Back then, the rumors were true! When he was a Spiritual Godly Ancestor, he really could defeat Holy Godly Ancestors!” 

“Indeed. He’s the madman who made trouble in Ni Huang’s world. Not just anyone could do that!” 

Everybody complimented Lin Feng. They were all strong cultivators from the Northwest, so they had been hearing about Lin Feng for a while now. 

The members of the Alliance of the Young Geniuses of the World of Battles were also present. When those young geniuses saw how strong Lin Feng was, they were dumbstruck. They couldn’t afford to offend Lin Feng now, they had to leave him to their Leader or Vice Leader! 

Zhan Ling Yan was extremely worried now. When he saw how terrifying Lin Feng’s attacks could be, it felt like his world was collapsing around him. He had never thought their duel would be this tough! 

“No, no!” whispered Zhan Ling Yan. He suddenly remembered a few things and felt dizzy. When he heard all those people making fun of him, he glanced around. He could see all those yellow teeth and those people laughing loudly. He found himself covered in cold sweat. 

Lin Feng didn’t intend to let him off, and continued attacking him. His fist was about to reach Zhan Ling Yan’s head, like an almighty heavenly punisher!

Ka! Ka! Ka! 

There were three explosions. Zhan Ling Yan was blown away. His hair was messy, and his clothes were torn. He looked miserable, with wounds all over his body. Some of his bones were protruding. 

Lin Feng had won against an Overlord who didn’t use pure Qi. He would become even more famous. Zhan Ling Yan didn’t scream in pain because he had already fainted. 

There was an explosion as Zhan Ling Yan crashed at the foot of the battle arena, and a huge crater appeared. 


“No! Leader! I will avenge you! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” 

At that moment, the strong cultivators of the Spiritual Warriors Clan were aghast. Some of the disciples of the Spiritual Warriors Clan already flashed to the attack. They wanted to kill Lin Feng and avenge Zhan Ling Yan! 

Lin Feng watched those people icily. There were Holy Godly Ancestors and Spiritual Godly Ancestors. They had already gone crazy. 

“Kun Dao, you’re the Organizer of the Ceremony, so you probably intervene when such things happen, right? Otherwise, I can kill them all too, but it’s not the best solution!” Lin Feng grinned coldly. 

Kun Dao narrowed his eyes. He didn’t believe Lin Feng would kill them. How could he kill innocent people from the Spiritual Warriors Clan in front of everybody? 

Therefore, he decided not to do anything. He just watched calmly. 

Ni Huang shook her head. She knew that Lin Feng had a very bad temper. Initially, Lin Feng didn’t want to kill them, but now Kun Dao had provoked him. 

“Alright, let’s make Tu Ying Shan a bloodbath then!” Lin Feng smiled. His eyes gradually became bloodshot. He looked like the ultimate demon ruler from hell. 

He was now holding the Godly Battle Sword, and glanced around furiously. There were four Holy Godly Ancestors and six Spiritual Godly Ancestors coming. To Lin Feng’s sword, they were just new souls to harvest. A blood red beam of light streaked across the sky. 



“I will fucking kill you! ARGH!” howled a bald cultivator from the Spiritual Warriors Clan, using his most powerful attack against Lin Feng. But even Zhan Ling Yan had lost against Lin Feng, so how could this insignificant cultivator succeed where Zhan Ling Yan had failed? 

“Zhan Qi, go back! Damn!” 

Zhan Gan looked furious when he saw the bald man. Anyone could die, but not Zhan Qi! He was one of Zhan Gan’s good friends. His two best friends were Zhan Han and Zhan Qi! 

He didn’t want Zhan Qi to die, especially for offending Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes. When he heard Zhan Gan, he understood. 

“I’ll spare your life. You can thank Zhan Gan. Now piss off!” shouted Lin Feng, using his Qi to push Zhan Qi back. He promptly slaughtered two strong cultivators, a Holy Godly Ancestor and a Spiritual Godly Ancestor. 

Kun Dao realized that Lin Feng hadn’t lied. He shouted furiously, “Enough!” 

His voice made the ground shake. An explosive energy in his voice also rolled out. Lin Feng’s Godly Battle Sword was blown away. It slid on the ground over three hundred meters, and Lin Feng grunted. 

As expected, the difference between him and Kun Dao was still huge!

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