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Chapter 1388: Overlords’ Battles!


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The fight had already started. Overlords’ battles were terrifying. Lin Feng’s eyes were wide, and his hands were sweaty as he watched the ten-thousand-zhang long trails in the sky. It was incredible to see! 

This was how strong Overlords were? Lin Feng was lucky that he had had the opportunity to fight against Zhan Ling Yan in a fair fight. Otherwise, he would have died in the blink of an eye! 

Lin Feng stared at the five battles. Ni Huang was surrounded by incredible flames, making the atmosphere around her scorching hot. Jie Hong was about to collapse, but he grit his teeth. The only thing he wanted was not to be the first one eliminated. That would be a problem for him in the future. 

Ancestor Nü and Luo Zhao Sheng’s battle seemed natural. Ancestor Nü’s dress fluttered in the wind. She was incredibly beautiful. Luo Zhao Sheng didn’t want to offend her. He was also convinced that Lin Feng and Ancestor Nü were close, so he didn’t use his full strength. 

Chieftain and Godly Ancestor Bei Jian’s battle was explosive. Chieftain was an incredibly valiant and intrepid cultivator from the Cavaliers of the Desert. There were two hammers in front of him, weighing one billion jin each. Both flashed. Godly Ancestor Bei Jian used a sword. Each time the sword and the hammers collided, they sparkled. Shockwaves spread out around them. 

“Destructive Desert Hammer!” shouted Chieftain furiously. He sounded like a beast from hell, let out of a cage after ten thousand years. Godly Ancestor Bei Jian looked like an almighty god as well, his Qi rolling and surging around him. 

Their duel was the most terrifying one. Millions of people watched them. The other fights weren’t as fun. 

“Lin Feng, do you think my mother is beautiful?” asked Bai Nü. She was standing next to him. Bai Nü looked as pure and noble as a celestial being. But compared to her mother, her light dimmed. Ni Huang and Ancestor Nü were more beautiful than their daughters. 

Lin Feng was watching the battles when he heard her soft voice. He turned his head and saw her. She looked cute and proud. Lin Feng didn’t remember Bai Nü acting like that back when she had chased him. 

They didn’t know each other. They were never in contact. But Lin Feng didn’t really like her at first, but after they arrived in the World of Battles, things were different. Bai Nü’s man, Zhao Yun Xiao, was dead already. Xiao Chuan had killed him! 

“Your mother is beautiful; what does that have to do with me?” Lin Feng replied indifferently. He turned back to the fight between Chieftain and Godly Ancestor Bei Jian. It was fierce and bloody. Lin Feng was excited. 

Bai Nü pouted. She hadn’t thought Lin Feng would react like that. She was angry, but she didn’t intend to give up. She didn’t like Lin Feng, but she still wanted him to fall for her. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue saw Bai Nü was standing next to Lin Feng. She was worried Lin Feng would fall for her, but then thought, There’s nothing between Lin Feng and me. Why would I think that? 

Qian Jin Cai Yue didn’t know what to think. She was lost in thought. 

Lin Feng and Bai Nü had nothing to talk about, so they remained silent. The duels grew more and more impressive. 

“Haha! Get down! Hahahaha!” shouted Chieftain explosively. His hammers crashed against Godly Ancestor Bei Jian’s chest. Godly Ancestor Bei Jian ground his teeth and threw his sword, so both sides were in danger. 

“FUCK! I’m so unlucky!” bellowed Chieftain. He had no choice but to give up on his hammers. If he didn’t let go of them, the sword would run him through! 

“Defeating me is not easy! Hehe,” said Godly Ancestor Bei Jian, smiling icily. He was the Leader of Zhu Sword Mountain; he couldn’t lose against Chieftain so easily. Godly Ancestor Bei Jian’s ranking was much higher than Chieftain’s!

“I don’t think you’re really that strong!” huffed Chieftain. He was angry because his rank was lower at forty-fifth. Therefore, he used his full strength. He wanted everyone to understand he was extremely strong!

“You can try,” replied Godly Ancestor Bei Jian, smiling coldly. He and Chieftain weren’t friends, so he didn’t need to be merciful. That was why their battle was the most violent one. 

Ni Huang and Jie Hong’s battle was about to finish. When Ni Huang’s flames surrounded Jie Hong, Jie Hong surrendered, or he would have died. 

“I yield!” Jie Hong coughed. His skin burned. He had used a Godly Tao Skill against Ni Huang, but it hadn’t worked. Ni Huang was too strong. Even Kun Dao might not be strong enough to defeat Ni Huang! 

The Overlords of the Four Directions might surpass the five Ancestors! 

“Good,” Ni Huang smiled. She was extremely beautiful, even when her eyes were filled with flames. She looked so hot, especially since she was smiling. 

Lin Feng sighed. Fu Xi was extremely strong. He had made the most beautiful woman of the World of Battles fall for him. Ni Huang was even devoted to him. No wonder he was a legendary man. 

“I give up as well.” When Luo Zhao Sheng saw Ni Huang had won, he understood how Ancestor Nü felt,  so he surrendered and smiled. He took out a bottle of wine, opened it and took a big swallow. Yummy! 

Ancestor Nü’s face reddened. Luo Zhao Sheng was so free and unrestrained. She couldn’t help but think of Dao Yi when she saw him, and wonder where he was. 

Ancestor Nü suddenly felt sad for this sad and cruel world. She looked desolately beautiful. 

“Ancestor Nü is sad” whispered Kun Dao. He remembered the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had told him that Ancestor Nü was always in sorrow. 

Bai Nü saw that her mother felt depressed, so she felt sad too. She had never seen her mother really happy. She couldn’t forgive the father she had never seen. He had fooled her mother and abandoned her. 

“My mother misses my father,” whispered Bai Nü, shaking her head. She looked so sad. When Lin Feng heard that, he frowned. She missed Dao Yi? 

Dao Yi and Fu Xi were both Heavenly Godly Ancestors, but where were they? Hong Meng? Were Fu Xi and Dao Yi in Hong Meng, that forbidden territory? 

“Ancestor Nü and Ni Huang are both qualified,” said Kun Dao, laughing loudly. The two most beautiful women of the World of Battles were qualified. What a wonderful thing for the North! 

“So beautiful.” Dong Fang Yu Qing was bewitched. His biggest dream in life was to sleep with Ancestor Nü and Ni Huang at least once. Of course, it was an impossible dream. Ancestor Tai had warned him that if he ever dared think about trying to sleep with Ni Huang or Ancestor Nü, their respective men would destroy the entire World of Battles!

Leader Xiao Hun and Zhuang Chong Huan’s duel wasn’t over. Chieftain and Godly Ancestor Bei Jian’s fight was crazy. One of them was going to end up severely injured. Godly Ancestor Bei Jian was probably going to win. 

“Congratulations, Masters,” Lin Feng said respectfully as Ancestor Nü and Ni Huang passed next to him. 

The two women didn’t pay attention to Lin Feng and sat down, remaining silent. Lin Feng scratched his nose and shook his head. 

“Lin Feng, little friend, come here,” an Overlord from the South called out. He was sitting opposite Lin Feng. Ancestor Long looked at Lin Feng and smiled encouragingly. 

Lin Feng was surprised. Ancestor Long from the Dragon Clan of the Southeast. He was extremely strong. Why had he asked Lin Feng to come over? 

“Master, you…?” Lin Feng was wary. 

“Haha! Little boy, don’t look so spooked. I am in the North, your territory, why would I hurt you here? I just want to talk to you,” said Ancestor Long smiling and stroking his beard. He looked friendly. He had the feeling he knew Lin Feng, but he didn’t know why. 

When Lin Feng saw how friendly he looked, he stood up and walked over to him. 

Ni Huang and Ancestor Long glanced at Ancestor Long and understood something. He was an old fox, but he wasn’t going to hurt Lin Feng. 

They were still surprised, though. Ancestor Nü and Ni Huang admired him.

How impressive!

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