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Chapter 1389: Chieftain gets Qualified!


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“Ok, let’s chat,” said Ancestor Long, chuckling and patting the chair next to him. Lin Feng looked at the chair and the other Overlords. Apart from Dong Fang Yu Qing, they were all older people. 

Su Gu, Mo Kun, and Tian Yu Dao nodded as they all looked at Lin Feng. Tian Yu Dao understood Lin Feng’s background. 

Of course, Ancestor Long was the strongest of the group. He was the best in the South, strong enough to be their master. 

“Just tell me what you want, Master,” Lin Feng said, sitting down but remaining careful. He was sitting with the other side, after all. Ancestor Long had called him and Lin Feng had no idea what he wanted. Everybody was watching them! 

Three Overlords were still in the sky. Leader Jing Rui was blown away, but he didn’t crash at the foot of Tu Ying Shan, which would have caused tragedy. Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian didn’t over do it, because he thought highly of Jing Rui. 

“Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian is qualified!” announced Kun Dao. It was good for the North of the World of Battles. As for Leader Jing Rui’s defeat, everybody had expected it. 

When Lin Feng saw that, he remained expressionless, but inside, he hadn’t wanted Leader Jing Rui to win. 

Zhuang Chong Huan and Xiao Hun’s battle was about to end. Chieftain and Godly Ancestor Bei Jian’s battle was fierce, almost like a battle to death. 

Ancestor Long looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “Little boy, watch your words when you talk to me, hehehehe!” 

The old man meant to warn him. Lin Feng frowned, but didn’t provoke him. He didn’t want to offend an old Master, after all. 

“Master, please tell me what you want to tell me,” Lin Feng answered, looking at Ancestor Long. He didn’t watch the fight anymore. 

Ancestor Long smiled, “You don’t like wasting time, little boy, huh?” said the old man, smiling coldly inside. 

“Indeed. So please be straightforward,” Lin Feng confirmed honestly. 

Ancestor Long felt awkward and scratched his nose, but then he smiled. “I asked you to come over here because I wanted to sense your Qi. As simple as that. Hehehehe…” said Ancestor Long, narrowing his eyes and staring at Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng was quite handsome, and nearly as slender as a woman. Lin Feng remained wary, as he was worried Ancestor Long would see his Dragon-Phoenix blood. Ancestor Long wouldn’t leave the matter alone if he saw Lin Feng had Dragon-Phoenix blood. 

Dragon-Phoenix blood was the blood of the ancestors of the Phoenix Clan and Dragon Clan. Ni Huang knew that, and Ancestor Long knew that. Ni Huang knew, but it was not a problem for Lin Feng. However, Ancestor Long didn’t know, and if he knew, Lin Feng would be in great danger! 

Lin Feng watched Ancestor Long’s expression. Indeed, he wanted to check something, but luckily, he didn’t notice Lin Feng’s Dragon-Phoenix blood. 

After a while, Ancestor Long had no choice, but to give up. He smiled at Lin Feng, “Alright, anyway, you’re a young man and in a fair fight, you bested an Overlord. Not bad. A bright future awaits you!” 

“Thank you, Master. Since we’re done, I’m going back,” Lin Feng smiled. He bowed hand over fist and stood up quickly. The longer he stayed there, the more dangerous it became. 

Ancestor Long watched Lin Feng walk back to Ancestor Nü and Ni Huang before turning away and sighing helplessly. He had noticed something, but he hadn’t been able to check deeper, or Lin Feng would have noticed something was wrong. 

“Hmph! Master Long, why were you so polite to a young man? Are you interested in him? Ask the Ancestor of the North if Lin Feng can follow you!” Mo Kun spoke up, smiling suggestively. 

Ancestor Long glanced at Mo Kun, but then ignored him. Mo Kun was Ancestor Mo’s younger brother, and Ancestor Long despised Mo Kun. Even though he was an Overlord on the List of the World of Battles, to Ancestor Long he was just an insignificant person. 

Mo Kun pulled a long face. He knew what Ancestor Long was thinking. The old man wasn’t friendly at all. But what could he do? Ancestor Mo had warned him that if he offended Ancestor Long, he would be crushed! 

Dong Fang Yu Qing was still staring at Lin Feng. He couldn’t believe there was such a strong young genius. He had even destroyed Zhan Ling Yan! It was so incredible. Dong Fang Yu Qing had a bad feeling about that… 

“Master Long, tell me your suspicions,” asked Tian Yu Dao. He hadn’t said anything else so far. He whispered so that nobody else would hear him. 

Ancestor Long shook his head and whispered, “Not for the time being, I’m not sure.”

“Alright. If you need help, feel free to ask me. I will help you,” said Tian Yu Dao, nodding casually. The Tian Ji Sect was in Southeast, after all, which was where Ancestor Long was from. 

Ancestor Long remained silent and continued watching the two duels remaining. 

“Brother Zhuang, I’m sorry. I need to get qualified,” said Leader Xiao Hun. When he saw the other Overlords were almost all done, he didn’t feel like wasting time anymore. Zhuang Chong Huan hadn’t managed to defeat him for a long time and Leader Xiao Hun was getting impatient. He didn’t intend to give Zhuang any opportunity to win. 

He threw dazzling punches ten thousand zhang long. The two gigantic fist shadows looked like ferocious tigers. In the blink of an eye, they were in front of Zhuang Chong Huan’s chest. Nothing could stop the two punches. 

“I’ve lost!” admitted Zhuang Chong Huan, shaking his head and smiling. He put his hands in front of his chest and was blown away. He didn’t crash at the foot of Tu Ying Shan, but landed firmly on the stage. 

Zhuang Chong Huan preferred the easy way. He could have risked his life to try and defeat his opponent, but why? Xiao Hun and he had a special relationship. Risking his life wasn’t necessary. He had shown up, so people knew about Jun Hall now. That was his main goal for being here. 

“Xiao Hun is qualified!” announced Kun Dao with a grin. Chieftain and Godly Ancestor Bei Jian’s duel was the last one. People were enjoying it.

“Haha! Bei Jian, piss off!” shouted Chieftain, his eyes flashing. He was gripping his hammers and kept striking his opponent with them. 

Everybody was impressed. Those two hammers were scary. Lin Feng hissed when he saw how terrifying Chieftain’s attacks were. Without even realizing it, he put his hands on his chest. 

Chieftain was brutal, violent and aggressive. Not just anyone could stop those two hammers, as they weighed at least two hundred million jin. Even Overlords couldn’t easily defeat him! 

No wonder Chieftain was the Leader of the Cavaliers of the Desert. He was a valiant man! Lin Feng admired him. Chieftain could easily be in the top thirty of the List. 

Godly Ancestor Bei Jian was thirty-eighth but Chieftain was much, much stronger than him! 

Godly Ancestor Bei Jian looked quite serious. Even if his sword could still fight, it kept shaking, as if it was in pain. It looked weak and numb. The two hammers had severely injured the sword. Godly Ancestor Bei Jian didn’t think he could block the hammers with his bare hands. 

He didn’t intend to surrender though. He preferred being beaten down first. 

“Heavenly Mysterious Sword!” 

“Mysterious And Shocking Skies!” 

At that moment, Godly Ancestor Bei Jian condensed his entire strength in his sword. At that moment, he completely fused together with his sword. He turned into a golden beam of light and fused together with his sword. Now, he was just a sword, and the sword lunged towards Chieftain’s chest. 

Chieftain was astonished and burst out in cold sweat. He hadn’t thought Godly Ancestor Bei Jian would use such a powerful attack at the last minute. 

“Fuck! Damn it!” Chieftain crossed his hammers before his chest. He had palpitations. The sword could pierce right through him. Luckily, his two hammers knocked the sword away! 

Godly Ancestor Bei Jian also reappeared and fell from the sword. He was covered in wounds and crashed to the battle arena. 

“Bei Jian!” Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian’s expression fell. He flashed over and appeared in front of Godly Ancestor Bei Jian, taking him in his arms. They were brothers. Godly Ancestor Bei Jian had done a great job. He just needed a slightly more powerful attack. If he had one, he would have qualified. 

It had been an extraordinary and splendid fight, though. They had both shown everybody they were extremely strong, and they both had balls. Neither of them had looked scared or alarmed. 

Lin Feng looked at Godly Ancestor Bei Jian’s injuries. He admired Chieftain, but he admired Godly Ancestor Bei Jian even more. Godly Ancestor Bei Jian was valiant and brave, and dignified to the end.

“Chieftain is qualified!”

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