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Chapter 1390: Top Five!


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“At the moment, I, Kun Dao, Lin Feng, Ni Huang, Ancestor Nü, Chieftain, Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian, and Xiao Hun are qualified,” Kun Dao announced. Seven people in total. They needed to have more fights, until only five cultivators remained. 

Lin Feng looked calm and composed. He had defeated and humiliated Zhan Ling Yan, an Overlord. He was satisfied. As for the top five, Lin Feng hadn’t thought about it. The five strongest cultivators would probably go against the South to fight against their top five cultivators. 

Lin Feng looked at them. Dong Fang Yu Qing, Ancestor Long, and the others were all much, much stronger than Lin Feng, unless they had fair fights. Why would they fight against him without using pure Qi? Lin Feng had no plans to finish in the top five. 

“Everybody understands we need five cultivators, so two have to be eliminated. I don’t know if…” Kun Dao trailed off, but he didn’t express himself too clearly. Everybody knew what he meant when he said that, but not everybody had the same reaction. 

Xiao Hun and Chieftain didn’t intend to give up and miss this opportunity, especially Chieftain. He really wanted to be one of the five strong cultivators and fight against the Overlords of the South. He would never agree to withdraw from the competition. 

Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian didn’t really care, but he didn’t intend to take the initiative to give up, unless Ancestor Nü asked him. 

Ni Huang looked at them. Lin Feng and her were the only representatives of the Northwest. Kun Dao, Chieftain, Ancestor Nü, Xiao Hun and Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian were from the Northeast. 

“Lin Feng, give up, come and get drunk with your older brother,” Luo Zhao Sheng spoke up when he saw the atmosphere was awkward. He smiled and spoke to get everyone to relax. He ambled towards Lin Feng with a bottle of wine in his hand. He put his hand on Lin Feng’s shoulder and got ready to leave. 

He knew that if Lin Feng finished in the top five, he would have to fight against the Overlords from the South. He wouldn’t be able to withdraw then, or everybody in the World of Battles would make fun of him. His opponents wouldn’t be merciful either, so Lin Feng might even die. 

As Lin Feng’s older brother, he had to find a good reason to make Lin Feng back out. Lin Feng couldn’t take the initiative to say so first, so Luo Zhao Sheng made it less awkward. 

Lin Feng looked at Luo Zhao Sheng, Luo Zhao Sheng gave him a bottle of wine, and then they turned to leave, but at that moment, Kun Dao said icily, “Outsiders are not allowed to get involved in the battles of the top five. Brother Luo, wait here.” 

He sounded angry. Many people were surprised. Luo Zhao Sheng had no almost no enemies, but now Kun Dao had humiliated him, which meant something had happened. 

Luo Zhao Sheng grinned as he glanced back at Kun Dao. He understood why Kun Dao talked to him like that… because he had helped Lin Feng against Zhan Ling Yan! 

“Ancestor of the North, I just spoke in Lin Feng’s name. I didn’t get involved,” said Luo Zhao Sheng mockingly. He didn’t take it to heart. Kun Dao was the Ancestor of the North, so what? Luo Zhao Sheng wasn’t afraid of him. 

“I’m sorry. Lin Feng has to say it himself,” said Kun Dao icily, “Are you sure you want to give up? Do you want to be a coward?” 

Do you want to be a coward? 

Many people looked at Lin Feng when Kun Dao asked that question. Lin Feng clenched his fists. Kun Dao was doing all this on purpose. He was afraid Lin Feng would leave; he wanted to see the Overlords of the South overwhelm and kill Lin Feng. If he let Lin Feng leave now, he wouldn’t have another opportunity to kill him any time soon! 

It was a huge problem for Kun Dao. Now that Kun Dao had asked Lin Feng if he wanted to be a coward, Lin Feng was in a difficult position. If he did give up, everybody would make fun of him; if he agreed, the Overlords of the South would kill him. 

Luo Zhao Sheng realized that, and pulled a long face. He started having doubts regarding Kun Dao and Lin Feng’s relationship. There were definitely tensions between them. He wouldn’t keep plotting against Lin Feng otherwise. Lin Feng was just a Holy Godly Ancestor, after all! 

“Ancestor of the North, don’t go too far. I am a Holy Godly Ancestor. Giving up is a logical decision. I am not an Overlord,” Lin Feng replied, trying to keep calm. He didn’t intend to submit to Kun Dao. He couldn’t compete with him, but he didn’t fear him. 

“Haha! It is everything but normal! You and Zhan Ling Yan had a fair battle and you showed how strong you are. If you were an Overlord, none of us could defeat you, hahahaha! Lin Feng, little friend, you are too modest!” said Chieftain, laughing loudly. 

Of course, his goal was the same as Kun Dao’s! 

Lin Feng wanted to contradict him, but then Xiao Hun bowed hand over fist in front of Kun Dao and smiled, “I give up. I am not strong enough. I don’t want to be a disgrace for the North. Hehe!” 

Xiao Hun couldn’t miss such a wonderful opportunity. If he surrendered, only five people would remain, and Lin Feng wouldn’t be allowed to give up. 

“Alright, you give up. I give up too. I am the host of the event, so I can’t be in the top five. I give up as well,” announced Kun Dao suddenly. Everybody looked at him curiously. Everybody was shocked. Kun Dao was extremely strong, he could even be the best of the five winners. Why did he give up? 

Why? Nobody understood. Some realized he had ulterior motives. 

“Hehe. So, we have five people now, Ancestor Nü, Ni Huang, I hope you’ll do your best for the North of the World of Battles,” said Kun Dao, chuckling and bowing hand over fist. To kill Lin Feng, anything was worth doing! 

Ancestor Nü didn’t understand why Kun Dao and Xiao Hun had withdrawn from the competition, but she was angry. When Xiao Hun saw Ancestor Nü looking furious, he blushed and smiled apologetically. He had no choice in this manner. 

Luo Zhao Sheng was astonished. He hadn’t thought Kun Dao would be so shameless!

To force Lin Feng to fight, he had resorted to shameless methods…

Creak… Lin Feng ground his teeth and clenched his fists. His muscles twitched with anger. But Luo Zhao Sheng grabbed Lin Feng’s shoulders. It wasn’t the right time to release his anger. Even if he was angry at Kun Dao, he couldn’t go berserk. 

Lin Feng was now one of the five cultivators. It couldn’t be changed now. Ni Huang, Ancestor Nü, Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian, Chieftain, and Lin Feng. The millions of people in the crowd looked at them in admiration. 

Luo Zhao Sheng smiled wryly. He had not thought Kun Dao would be so despicable and shameless… 

Ni Huang was regretting things now. If she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have asked Lin Feng to participate. Initially, she just wanted Lin Feng to become even more famous in the World of Battles. She had also thought Lin Feng would be able to withdraw before the competition for the top five. 

But it was too late. Lin Feng was now in the top five, and everybody had seen it. If the five cultivators didn’t do well, the people of the North would be angry. 

Ni Huang shook her head and looked at Lin Feng, feeling guilty. Lin Feng looked coldly impassive. Since Kun Dao wanted him to die, Lin Feng would disappoint him! 

“I’m alright, Master. Don’t feel guilty,” Lin Feng told her smoothly. He could see Ni Huang felt bad. 

He would have to fight against Overlords from the South. Xue Wu Tian and Zhan Gan were extremely worried, especially Xue Wu Tian. If Lin Feng died, what would they do? 

The two of them felt worried and nervous. Huo Xi was worried too. The Fire Spirit would be devastated and remorseful if Lin Feng died; she wished she had come with him. 

Of course, nobody knew there was an Overlord on Lin Feng’s side: the Ice Spirit! Even though she was in her Ice World in his Spirit World, she could also intervene and help Lin Feng at any time. Lin Feng wasn’t worried at all, but he was furious that Kun Dao kept plotting against him. 

Kun Dao had become one of Lin Feng’s sworn enemies. After what Kun Dao did here, Lin Feng decided that he would definitely avenge the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. He would kill Kun Dao, behead him and bring his head back to the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. 

Kun Dao was shameless and a traitor. He deserved to die. Lin Feng couldn’t think of anything else befitting Kun Dao more. 

“Alright, we have five cultivators. Master Ancestor Long, you can tell everybody your goal now, right?” Kun Dao smiled and looked over the five people. He was convinced the five Overlords had a purpose for coming. 

Since the North now had five strong cultivators, they didn’t need to hide the truth anymore. The South could show their true colors, and explain to everybody the purpose of their presence!

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