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Chapter 1391: Kidnapping Lin Feng!


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“Haha! Awesome! The Ancestor of the North is wise,” Ancestor Long acknowledged. He didn’t need to hide anything anymore. 

“We want the top five cultivators of the North of the World of Battles to exchange views on cultivation with the ones from the South, to deepen our friendship,” announced Dong Fang Yu Qing, smiling coolly. When he said “friendship”, he didn’t sound very friendly, however…

“Since it’s that way, they can fight,” agreed Kun Dao, smiling happily. He was the host of the event, so he had nothing to fear, especially since the leader of the Northeast and the leader of the Northwest were there too. 

“Since it’s that way, we need to set some rules,” said Ancestor Long, looking at Kun Dao. 

Kun Dao turned away, muttering to himself irresolutely. He slowly nodded and smiled, “Since you are guests, you can choose the rules. I am convinced you will set fair rules.” 

“Of course. We’re always fair,” said Tian Yu Dao, who rarely said anything. He looked quite serious. The five people started discussing the rules. 

Kun Dao had a huge smile. He liked it when things went smoothly. He had just appeared as someone powerful and influential, so the disciples of the North had more esteem for him again. 

Ni Huang turned around. She didn’t feel like seeing the smug bastard’s face. Kun Dao wanted to kill his own teacher, after all. He was a real traitor. She despised the Ancestor of the North. 

Ancestor Nü and Bai Nü stood next to each other. They both looked pure and noble, like celestial beings. Everybody found it hard not to stare at them. 

Lin Feng and Luo Zhao Sheng stood next to each other, remaining silent. Luo Zhao Sheng didn’t know what to say. After a long time, he sighed and went back to his seat. All he could do now was watch and rescue Lin Feng in case he was in danger. 

“If I die, go back to the mountain and tell the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points that in the future, he should organize the Ceremony in the Region of the Eight Corners himself. Remember!” Lin Feng said telepathically, glancing at Zhan Gan and Xue Wu Tian. 

Their expressions fell. They wanted to say something, but Lin Feng glared and made them stop. Xue Wu Tian and Zhan Gan’s hearts raced. They stared at Lin Feng imploringly. 

Lin Feng was the leader of the Region of the Eight Corners. If Lin Feng died, everything would change. Even if the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points used his Overlord strength, the members of the Region of the Eight Corners would change. 

If the Region of the Eight Corners is to remain stable, Lin Feng can’t die!, thought Zhan Gan and Xue Wu Tian desperately.

After a long time, the five Overlords of the South of the World of Battles finished discussing matters. Ancestor Long looked at Kun Dao and explained everything. “The rules are… one on ones, different places, not on Tu Ying Shan. 

“They can choose five different places, but they can’t be too far away from Tu Ying Shan, and stay within a perimeter of eighteen hundred li. Then, they can fight and the winner can come back to the top of Tu Ying Shan, and the losers can leave. What do you think?” 

“In order to ensure the fairness of the round, the fighters can draw lots to decide who they’re going to fight against. What do you think? Besides, Lin Feng, that little friend, is only a Holy Godly Ancestor, so no matter who he fights, his opponent will not use pure Qi. Alright?” Ancestor Long smiled. Zhan Ling Yan had provoked Lin Feng several times, but they weren’t all like that. Why would they bully a Holy Godly Ancestor? 

They had to be fair. Nobody would agree it was a good thing, thought Ancestor Long. 

Lin Feng looked surprised. “Master Long, Overlords, why do you want to fight in different places? Isn’t Tu Ying Shan a good place to fight?” asked Lin Feng curiously. He hoped Ancestor Long would have a good explanation 

Many people wanted to ask the same question. Tu Ying Shan was a good place for an Overlord duel. Why go elsewhere? There was something fishy going on. 

When Ni Huang heard Lin Feng, she frowned. She had a bad feeling. The Overlords from the South seemed to be scheming in secret. 

“Hehe, little friend, I knew someone would ask,” said Ancestor Long, smiling smugly. 

“If I’m not mistaken, it’s to protect the crowd from the energies of the battles, right?” offered Kun Dao, not giving time to Ancestor Long to reply. 

Lin Feng’s expression stiffened. Ni Huang suddenly understood. 

Ancestor Long stuck his thumbs up and smiled at Kun Dao, “Indeed. We don’t want to injure the people of the North, so we have to put some distance between them and the fighters. You know how terrifying Overlords can be. Imagine if their energies reached the crowd? Many people would be injured or even die. 

“Therefore, fighting away from here and forbidding the crowd from watching the battles is a preventive measure,” said Ancestor Long. He said as much as he could to shut Lin Feng up. 

Lin Feng had a bad feeling… 

“Alright, since it’s that way, as the host of the event, I will choose five different places for you,” said Kun Dao. 

“First place, three hundred li away, Yan Que Ling. Second place, five hundred li away in the forest of the North. Third place, a thousand li away, Mo Gan Shan. Fourth place, seven hundred li away, Teng Hu. Fifth place, one hundred li away, Long Yan,” said Kun Dao. All those places were completely desolate. There was nobody there, and the crowd wasn’t allowed to go and watch. 

“Alright, let’s draw lots,” agreed Ancestor Long, nodding and smiling. He raised his hand, and five golden dragon lights appeared in the air. It looked like they were waiting for their Master to give them an order. 

“You all choose a golden dragon and destroy it. The name of your opponent will appear,” Ancestor Long laughed easily. 

“Haha! I’ll start.” Chieftain was too excited. Of course, he hoped he wouldn’t have to fight Ancestor Long. Of the five Overlords from the South, Chieftain feared only Ancestor Long. 

Boom! A hammer destroyed a golden dragon. The light turned into shooting stars. Nobody paid attention to that, as everybody focused on the name of Chieftain’s opponent. 

Mo Kun! 

The name quickly disappeared. 

Chieftain was surprised. He was going to fight against Ancestor Mo’s biological brother? But then he grew excited again. 

“Haha, good! Mo Kun, let’s go to Mo Gan Shan, alright?” Chieftain proposed with a laugh. 

“Of course, let’s go,” Mo Kun agreed easily. He didn’t mind going to Mo Gan Shan. Chieftain disappeared and suddenly, nobody could hear him laughing anymore. 

Many people wanted to go and watch, but when Kun Dao saw those shameless disciples, he shouted explosively, “Piss off! If anyone dares go and spy on the battles…” 

“Eh…” Everybody was astonished. They all stopped, not daring to offend the Ancestor of the North. At the same time, they were worried the Overlords’ energies might really hurt them if they disobeyed. 

“I choose this one…” Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian pointed at a golden dragon and popped it. Dong Fang Yu Qing’s name appeared! 


The crowd murmured loudly. Dong Fang Yu Qing’s expression suddenly looked very serious. Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian was an older Master. Poor Dong Fang Yu Qing! 

“Teng Hu!” shouted Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian icily. He had already disappeared. Dong Fang Yu Qing left silently. He wouldn’t forget the agreement he had with the others. 

Their main goal was to catch Lin Feng! 

“My turn.” “My turn,” said Ni Huang and Ancestor Nü at the same time. They both popped a golden dragon. 

Ancestor Nü vs. Su Gu from the Su Clan, in the forest to the north! 

Ni Huang vs. Tian Yu Dao, in Yan Que Ling! 

The last golden dragon broke apart. Lin Feng vs. Ancestor Long! 

Everybody was dumbstruck. Poor Lin Feng! Lin Feng was going to fight against Ancestor Long? Ancestor Long from the Southeast? How was he supposed to fight against him? 

Lin Feng forced a smile. If Ancestor Long could use his full strength, Lin Feng would have no choice but to ask the Ice Spirit for help. In an even fight, his life wasn’t at risk, but winning would still be very difficult! 

At the same time, he wanted to try and see how strong he was compared to Ancestor Long in a fair battle. Lin Feng would feel more confident even if he tied against Ancestor Long! 

“Hehe, little friend. Let’s go to Long Yan.”

“Alright, Master,” Lin Feng agreed, bowing hand over fist and taking a deep breath. He glanced at Zhan Gan and Xue Wu Tian, indicating they should stay calm.

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