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Chapter 1392: Caught!


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I have the feeling that the Overlords of the South have ulterior motives. They’re not here just to fight, thought Luo Zhao Sheng, frowning. He had a bad feeling. He hoped he was wrong. 

Kun Dao waited there for the winners to come back. He hoped all the Overlords from the North would come back, except Lin Feng. 

“I wish we could watch the battles…” 

“Indeed. I feel so down. I really wanted to see the Overlords’ amazing battles.” 

“It’s for our own good.” 

The disciples of the North were disappointed, but they had to obey Kun Dao’s orders. Nobody dared disobey him. 

Lin Feng and Ancestor Long appeared in Long Yan at the same time. There was a gigantic boulder there in the shape of a dragon, hence the name (Translator’s Note: long means dragon and yan is a boulder). The place was surrounded by forest. 

The others also arrived at their respective locations. They were all away from Tu Ying Shan, so the distance between all the battles was a few hundred li, ranging up to a thousand. 

Lin Feng had gotten ready. He had to be extremely careful, as Ancestor Long was extremely strong. Lin Feng didn’t know what Ancestor Long wanted from him. What if he suddenly used pure Qi? Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to do anything! 

“Please, Master!” Lin Feng smiled. Ancestor Long could start. No matter whether he won or lost, Lin Feng wanted to finish it as fast as possible. 

However, Ancestor Long grinned in amusement and said casually, “I don’t want to fight against you. I just want to talk to you.” 

“Hehe, Master, we should fight,” Lin Feng said. He had a bad feeling, but he pretended to ignore it with a smile. 

“No need. At the beginning, we really came here to see how strong the Overlords of the North were, but when we saw you, the five of us changed our mind,” said Ancestor Long, grinning broadly. He wasn’t worried Lin Feng would escape. How could he escape from Ancestor Long? 

Lin Feng’s face fell. At the beginning, he was convinced they were scheming in secret, but not against him. Now, he wasn’t so sure anymore. He was worried now. 

“Master, do you mean that I will not have the opportunity to go back to Tu Ying Shan?” asked Lin Feng calmly yet coldly. He couldn’t retreat anymore. If Ancestor Long used his Overlord strength, he could kill Lin Feng easily. It would be unwise to act foolishly.

Ancestor Long burst into a loud laugh. He nodded and answered, “Indeed! You will not go back to Tu Ying Shan. You will not even go back to where you live in the Northwest! You will come with us to the South, like a good little boy!” Ancestor Long smiled cheerfully, but he wasn’t joking. Ancestor Long and the others had talked for a very long time, pretending they were setting up rules for the fights, but actually they had planned all this. 

It was why the battles didn’t happen in Tu Ying Shan. Nobody would be able to save Lin Feng, because nobody would know he had been kidnapped in time! 

They had to finish their fights at the same time to flee with Lin Feng. If the five of them were together, bringing back Lin Feng wouldn’t be an issue. 

As soon as the Overlords of the North noticed there was something strange, Lin Feng would be far, far away already!

“Good plan, Master. But I am not an Overlord and I am not an important person, why kidnap me?” Lin Feng asked. There were many outstanding young geniuses in the South of the World of Battles too, right? 

Lin Feng stared at Ancestor Long. Ancestor Long smiled thinly. Lin Feng understood what was going on. 

“Lin Feng, little brother, you have Dragon-Phoenix blood, and you intend to hide it even now?” replied Ancestor Long, grinning broadly. 

Lin Feng felt ice cold on the inside. As he thought, Ancestor Long had noticed he had Dragon-Phoenix blood!

Ancestor Long was the leader of the Dragon Clan. How could anyone hide Dragon-Phoenix blood strength from him? 

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. Ancestor Long smiled even more. He looked confident, as if everything were over already, and Lin Feng were in the South already. 

Lin Feng remained silent, as did Ancestor Long, waiting for the four other Overlords from the South to finish their battles. Lin Feng realized that even if he were an Overlord, he wouldn’t have been able to escape this time. 

Ancestor Long waited for the four other Overlords – Su Gu, Dong Fang Yu Qing, Mo Kun and Tian Yu Dao – to surrender at the same time. 


Time passed slowly. Ancestor Long frowned with some worry. What if the plan didn’t go as expected?

Luckily, nothing happened. The four Overlords all arrived and surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng could only smile wryly. He was alone, and surrounded by five Overlords. They really thought highly of him! 

“Let’s go, Lin Feng, little friend. Hehehe!” said Ancestor Long, narrowing his eyes and smiling. His hand turned golden, and he tapped Lin Feng’s chest. Lin Feng suddenly had the feeling his pure Qi was going to explode, but he realized it was sealed. 

He couldn’t use pure Qi anymore. Without pure Qi, he was sixty to seventy percent weaker. 

Lin Feng didn’t even bother to look angry. He remained silent and followed the five Overlords as they flew south. 


At the same time, all the Overlords of the North who had won went back to Tu Ying Shan. Ni Huang and Ancestor Nü arrived at the same time. Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian was just behind them, and Chieftain was just behind Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian. 

When the four Overlords came back, everybody in the crowd cheered and clapped. They all looked excited. 

“Congratulations! Congratulations! Four of our Overlords won!” shouted Kun Dao happily. Even though he was sure the North would win at the beginning, he hadn’t thought they’d win four of the fights! 

The millions of people burst into an uproar when all the Overlords came back, especially when they saw Ni Huang and Ancestor Nü. It was rare to see them in normal times. It was even rarer to see them together. 

Ni Huang, Ancestor Nü and the others glanced at each other. Where was Lin Feng? Had he lost? But Ancestor Long should be there if Lin Feng had lost. Right? But Ancestor Long had disappeared, too! 

“Huh…? We all won at the same time?” Ni Huang realized they had all won at the same time and they had all come back to Tu Ying Shan at the same time. They had all won so easily, how was that possible?

 The Overlords of the South had lost on purpose! 

“Oh no, Lin Feng is in danger!” shouted Ni Huang suddenly, pulling a long face. Ancestor Nü suddenly realized why her opponent had left so suddenly. 

Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian and the other Overlords also realized there was something wrong. The four great Overlords looked in the direction of Long Yan and flashed away.


There was no trace of a battle there. The forest around was in perfect condition. Not a tree was broken. The grass on the ground was still emerald green. No battle had occurred. The four Overlords’ expressions changed drastically, and they clenched their fists. 

They had been fooled! Ancestor Long had fooled them! What fight? It was just an excuse! Their real purpose was Lin Feng!

Lin Feng has been kidnapped!, was Ancestor Nü’s first thought. 

Kun Dao arrived with many other strong cultivators. They saw that no battle had taken place here. Lin Feng’s Qi had vanished suddenly. 

“Ancestor of the North, Lin Feng has been kidnapped!” declared Ni Huang grimly. She looked at Kun Dao furiously, wishing she could kill him. 

Kun Dao grimaced. There were so many amazing Overlords in the North, and they had kidnapped Lin Feng? They had even kidnapped him without telling him! How humiliating! 

“Someone come here, everybody inspect the area!” shouted Kun Dao, waving his hands furiously. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of Godly Ancestors started looking for clues. 

Of course, everybody knew how it was going to end!

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