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Chapter 1393: The Region of the Eight Corners Sinks into Chaos!


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Zhuang Chong Huan was standing in the back, grinning. He was so happy, and rejoicing inside. The Overlords of the South had kidnapped Lin Feng? Awesome! He had hope again!

Since Lin Feng was going to die, it was also time for Zhuang Chong Huan to tell everybody about Lin Feng’s secret. 

Thinking about that, Zhuang Chong Huan pushed Leader Jing Rui and shouted furiously, “Everybody, Lin Feng brought an Overlord from the ancient war out from Shen Hai Mo Lin! He’s in the Region of the Eight Corners!” 

Suddenly, everybody was astonished, furious, or curious. 

Kun Dao reddened, and then he paled. His expression kept changing. Ni Huang was astonished. 

It was over! The Region of the Eight Corners was going to fall! 

Lin Feng had brought an Overlord from the ancient times back from Shen Hai Mo Lin? 

Ni Huang’s eyes were wild, and she wanted to slap Lin Feng. An Overlord from the ancient war? And Zhuang Chong Huan had seen it? 

The situation was out of control, thoroughly out of control! 

“Some Overlords from the ancient days are still alive?” asked Kun Dao, clenching his fists. He had an idea. He glanced at Zhan Ling Yan, Chieftain and the other Overlords. Chieftain and the others nodded. What Kun Dao meant was clear. 

“Hmph! Lin Feng has balls! He dared take an Overlord from the ancient times back to the Region of the Eight Corners? Everybody, should we act and ensure everybody’s safety? If an Overlord from the ancient times has come back, we, the Overlords of the present, are doomed!” said Chieftain grimly. He looked ready to fight! 

Present Overlords knew how dangerous Overlords from the past were. They were in danger! Nobody could blame them. 

“Indeed. Overlords from that war pose a huge threat to us. Lin Feng really took one back? What if there is a second, a third, or even a fourth?” shouted Zhan Ling Yan. He wanted to release his anger on something before, and the Region of the Eight Corners was a great opportunity to do so! 

“Bullshit. Overlords from the ancient past are our ancestors. Why would they pose a threat to us? Aren’t your father and grandfather Overlords as well?” shouted Ni Huang icily, staring at Zhan Ling Yan. 

Zhan Ling Yan was terrified, and took a few steps backwards. He didn’t dare say anything. 

Kun Dao said icily, “You’re extremely wrong, Ni Huang. Overlords from ancient times are our ancestors, true, but a majority of them are demonic beasts, they’re not humans! If they show up in our world, they can destroy the Human Clan! If those demonic beasts show up, we’re doomed! We can’t let those old insane cultivators take control of the world. They’re evil!” he shouted. They had to fight for their dignity and honor! He looked at Ni Huang icily. 

Ni Huang was suddenly surrounded by golden flames. The temperature increased hundreds of thousands of degrees. Some strong cultivators burned away instantly. They didn’t even have time to shout! 

Kun Dao had no choice, but to release pure Qi to protect himself. 

“Demonic beasts?! Am I not a demonic beast?” spat Ni Huang icily. Kun Dao had infuriated her. A threat to the Human Clan? Could it be that demonic beasts threatened the Human Clan? 

Ancestor Nü and the other Overlords remained silent, but they knew that no matter how furious Ni Huang was, it wouldn’t save the Region of the Eight Corners. Everybody in the World of Battles would soon know about them. Ni Huang wouldn’t be able to do anything. 

Ancestor Nü ground her teeth. Even if she wanted to save the Region of the Eight Corners, she had no reason to. All she could do was try to convince the angry Overlords to calm down. 

Of course, it wouldn’t work. Ancestor Nü didn’t have a good feeling about this. The Overlords from that war were the best cultivators of their time. Shen Hai Mo Lin had become a forbidden territory. Nobody dared go there. 

Lin Feng had done what most people didn’t dare to, and on top of that, he had brought one out. How infuriating! 

“Don’t say anything. Everybody, I’m going to the Region of the Eight Corners, and I’m going to find that ancient Overlord!” declared Kun Dao, smiling icily. He had kept trying to find a reason to go and kill the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, and now, he had a great opportunity. He couldn’t miss it! 

“I’ll come with you,” said Chieftain. Overlords were in danger, he couldn’t leave the matter at that. 

“I’m coming too!” said Xiao Hun. Even though he was from Ancestor Nü’s territory, he still enjoyed some freedom. Even if Ancestor Nü tried to stop him, he would be able to fob her off. 

“I’m coming too,” said Bai Mu Xiao. He couldn’t let the Overlord from the ancient times off. He was known as someone who had no enemies in the World of Battles, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t make some and get rid of them. 

“And me!”

“I’m coming too.”

The North of the World of Battles began to fall apart. Ni Huang, Leader Jing Rui, and Luo Zhao Sheng also kept calm. The other Overlords all went crazy after Zhuang Chong Huan shouted. 

Ni Huang looked at Zhuang Chong Huan and Zhuang Chong Yuan furiously. It was all because of them! She would never forgive them. She understood now. Initially, she thought having Jun Hall in the Northwest was a wonderful thing, but they were just evildoers! 

The Region of the Eight Corners was in danger, but she couldn’t fight against ten Overlords alone! 

“You’re dead, Zhuang Chong Huan!” Ni Huang shouted explosively. Flames emerged from her hands and she threw a palm strike at Zhuang Chong Huan’s chest like a goddess of death.

Zhuang Chong Huan was dumbstruck. He used to think he was as strong as Ni Huang, but when she attacked, he realized he couldn’t block it. He was terrified. 

No! No! He couldn’t die! Lin Feng was dead. The Region of the Eight Corners was going to be destroyed. He was going to die? If he died, Jun Hall would be doomed! It came down to him committing suicide! 

“No! Ancestor of the North, save me!” shouted Zhuang Chong Huan frantically. 

Kun Dao, Kun Dao might save him!

However, Kun Dao just smiled mockingly, and he and the other Overlords disappeared. 

“No!!” Zhuang Chong Huan screamed desperately. He released all his strength, hoping it would block Ni Huang’s attack, but she was much stronger than he thought. Zhuang Chong Huan wasn’t even on the List of the World of Battles; she could easily destroy him! 

“You plotted against Lin Feng and the Region of the Eight Corners is going to fall because of you! You deserve to die!” said Ni Huang. She raised her hands, and three threads of strength ripped at Zhuang Chong Huan’s chest. 

Slash, slash, slash! 

Everybody saw Zhuang Chong Huan’s chest explode. His ribs stuck out. Pieces of white and red flesh flew around as he was hurled away. He had only a thread of Qi left. 

“No! Brother! Brother!” Zhuang Chong Yuan paled and jumped to catch Zhuang Chong Huan. He hadn’t believed Kun Dao would abandon his brother so quickly! 

“Hahaha! Lin Feng, even if I have to die, I’ll kill you! Hahahaha! The Region of the Eight Corners?! Fuck it! Haha! You will never see the Region of the Eight Corners again! Never! Hahahahaha! Ughhh…” 

Zhuang Chong Huan was laughing madly. His teeth bled as he laughed, and he coughed blood. His pupils dilated, and his Qi disappeared. 

“You deserved to die,” Ni Huang spat icily. She and Qian Jin Cai Yue quickly left Tu Ying Shan. 

But the Region of the Eight Corners was going to fall! 

“Let’s go back, daughter,” Ancestor Nü sighed. She turned around and got ready to leave with Bai Nü. 

However, Bai Nü shook her head and bit her lips. “Mother, I’m going to the Region of the Eight Corners!” 

“You come back!” ordered Ancestor Nü, her face falling. She raised her hand, but Bai Nü used space and time energy to leave. 

“Damn it!” Ancestor Nü sighed. She glanced at Zhuang Chong Huan’s corpse, thinking that he deserved to die. If Zhuang Chong Huan hadn’t blurted out Lin Feng’s secret, all this wouldn’t have happened! 

Initially, they had come for the Ceremony, and it had ended up in a nightmare. When Ni Huang killed an Overlord, he couldn’t come back to life, because her Rainbow Phoenix blood burned their very lives away!

“Bring your brother’s corpse away. Jun Hall should never appear in the World of Battles ever again. If Lin Feng ever comes back, he will destroy Jun Hall!” shouted Ancestor Nü in icy fury, and vanished. 

Zhuang Chong Yuan was trembling from head to toe. His heart started pounding, especially after Ancestor Nü’s last words. 

He was terrified. What if Lin Feng came back alive someday? He would destroy Jun Hall!

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