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Chapter 1395: What a Turnaround!


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Chieftain looked confused, but then clenched his fists and ground his teeth. After looking pensive for a few seconds, he shouted furiously, “Master, I have to! The new Ancestor of the North is Kun Dao! Please forgive me for being impolite!”. He decided to attack. He didn’t think about his friendship with the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. The Ancestor smiled coldly. 

As he expected, Kun Dao and Chieftain were the same kind of people! They were both traitors and had no moral values! They didn’t care about people who were kind to them. 

“Haha! Come! Haha!” shouted Chieftain, clutching his hammers and waiting for Song Chou Jiu and the others. They were all little ants of Holy Godly Ancestors. What harm was there in killing a few of them? He was convinced some of them were Lin Feng’s friends and close ones. 

He glanced at Zhuang Ling Yun, Lin Heng and Lin Sheng Xie. Those were Lin Feng’s children, right? Chieftain smiled and threw a hammer at them!

Everything seemed to freeze!

“You’re an Overlord, and you dare attack children? How shameless!” an illusory voice exclaimed. An incredible Overlord Qi appeared. People suddenly looked very serious, especially Chieftain. That Qi could kill him! 

“Stop being deliberately mystifying. Piss off!” shouted Chieftain defiantly, throwing his other hammer. It was his most powerful godly skill, and useful when being attacked by surprise. The hundred-zhang-long hammer streaked across the sky, its energies surging around it. All the Holy Godly Ancestors and weaker cultivators ran away. 

However, to someone like the old man, that kind of strength was nothing. He appeared in front of Chieftain in his white robe, only ten meters away. Chieftain was terrified, but he reacted quickly and threw his hammer again hard. “I will crush your head!” he shouted ferociously.

“You cannot hold a candle to me. You’re not qualified to be an Overlord in the World of Battles. I will cripple thirty percent of your cultivation. Then you can go back and study!” stated the old man blandly.

When the old man raised his hand, a beam of light emerged from his palm and struck Chieftain’s chest. All the Overlords’ expressions changed, including Kun Dao’s. 

At that moment, it was like time had stopped, as if the old man were the almighty ruler of the universe. Chieftain had no time to react. 

Wham! Chieftain was blown away. He crashed through gigantic palaces with several explosions. Chieftain’s face was completely red as he coughed blood, and his hammers were thrown far away. When they crashed to the ground, gigantic craters appeared around them. 

Chieftain was panicking, not because he had lost his two weapons, but because the Old Mentor had instantly crippled thirty percent of his cultivation. He only had the strength of the top of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer now. He wasn’t an Overlord anymore!

Terror! Despair! Fury! He screamed, “AAAAARGH! NO! How is this possible?!”

A moment ago, Chieftain was an Overlord with an impressive bearing and a commanding presence. He wanted to kill some ants of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer. Now his Qi had become so much weaker, and he looked miserable. 

When everybody saw that, they were covered in cold sweat, including Ni Huang and Kun Dao! 

“Master, you must be the Overlord from ancient times, right?” asked Kun Dao. He didn’t know the old man was his teacher’s teacher. He could see that the old man was extremely strong. Both he and Ni Huang were weaker than the old man. The Human Ancestor, Ancestor Mo, and the Buddhist Ancestor might be the only ones who were as strong as him! 

Initially, he wanted the Region of the Eight Corners to shatter, and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points to be killed, but now that was impossible. The Overlords wouldn’t dare take risks now that the Overlord from the ancient times was there. Not to mention he was a human, and not a demonic beast! 

“So, you’re Kun Dao?” the Old Mentor frowned icily. When he saw his face and blue shirt, he understood that this was Kun Dao, the new Ancestor of the North. 

Kun Dao was surprised. He hadn’t thought an Overlord from the ancient times would know his name. He felt proud and surprised, so he smiled hastily and bowed hand over fist, “Indeed, Master, you know me?” 

Kun Dao was excited. It proved he was famous. He felt very proud suddenly, and smiled proudly. 

When the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points saw Kun Dao acting like that, he wanted to crush him, but the old man stopped him with only a cold glance. 

“Of course I know you. You’re a great traitor! You betrayed your teacher and tried to kill him! How could I not know you?” replied the old man, smiling coldly.

Kun Dao’s expression changed drastically. He had thought the old man was going to flatter him. Instead, he was made fun of! 

“Hmph! Old grouch, you and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points are friends, it seems!” shouted Kun Dao furiously, pointing at the old man, losing any veneer of respect. 

“I am the Old Mentor, have you ever heard of me?” retorted the Old Mentor, stroking his beard and smiling mockingly. He was certain that everybody in the World of Battles knew about him. 

When the Old Mentor smiled, Bai Mu Xiao, Ancestor Nü, and the others’ expressions changed drastically, especially Ancestor Nü’s. She knew about the Old Mentor better than anyone else. 

“The free and unrestrained ancestor of the Four Directions wasn’t as strong as the Old Mentor. You’re Master Old Mentor?” asked Ancestor Nü. She seemed moved. She remembered when she was a child hearing some of the Old Mentor’s stories. She had succeeded in life and had become the Ancestor of the Northeast thanks to his legends. 

“Haha! Little sister, yes, I am the Old Mentor!” confirmed the Old Mentor, squinting and smiling. 

Ancestor Nü was astonished. She turned to Xiao Hun and said icily, “If you continue supporting Kun Dao, I will destroy Xiao Hun Hall!” 

“You, Ancestor Nü, you…” Leader Xiao Hun couldn’t even finish his sentence. He didn’t dare infuriate Ancestor Nü. 

He had no choice but to nod and force a smile, walking away from Kun Dao. 

When Kun Dao saw that, he looked even glummer. At the same time, he was astonished. The old man in white clothes was his teacher’s teacher!

“Haha! Little sister, no need to be like that. Hehe!”  the Old Mentor preened. Even though he shook his head, he felt touched. She hadn’t forgotten about him. She was a good person who had moral values! 

“You old grouch! You came to show off without me!” 

The Ancestor of the Tower was standing farther away and watching. When he saw the Old Mentor was showing off, he decided he had to step forward, too. He pushed Song Chou Jiu, Jing Rui and the others out of the way and came to the front. 

At first, everybody just stared at him. When they came back to their senses, they were dumbstruck. The old man who looked like a tramp was an ancient Overlord as well? His Qi was so explosive!

Kun Dao was looking very unsightly. One Overlord from the ancient war was difficult to deal with, but two? Zhuang Chong Huan had said Lin Feng had just brought one of the old Overlords back, right? What was going on now? 

The Ancestor of the Tower walked past the Old Mentor and looked at Ancestor Nü. She was so beautiful! Ancestor Nü noticed the Ancestor of the Tower looking at her, and blushed and looked away. 

The Ancestor of the Tower touched his nose and asked loudly, “You’re Lin Feng’s woman?”

“Bullshit! Piss off!” shouted the Old Mentor when he heard the Ancestor of the Tower’s question, irked. How humiliating! 

The Ancestor of the Tower ignored the Old Mentor, looking at Ni Huang and asking, “You’re Lin Feng’s wives, right?” 

“Eh… Master, you…” said Ni Huang. She could only smile badly. Even though she didn’t know who this old man who looked like a tramp was, she could see the Old Mentor sigh helplessly, and understood he was an old Overlord as well. 

“We’re not Lin Feng’s wives, sorry,” replied Ancestor Nü, blushing and stepping backwards, watching the Overlord with admiration. 

The Ancestor of the Tower nodded and smiled, “Since you’re not his wives, what are you doing here? Disperse now. And you, little boys, piss off now. Leave the Region of the Eight Corners. I want to have a rest in silence!” said the Ancestor of the Tower angrily. 

Bai Mu Xiao looked expressionless. Kun Dao, Chieftain, and Zhan Ling Yan ground their teeth, but they had no choice. They couldn’t stay there and cause trouble. 

“See you, Masters!” said Kun Dao. bowing hand over fist and grinding his teeth. He turned and got ready to leave. 

His plan had failed! He was furious. Who had thought there would be two Overlords from the ancient times here? On top of that, they were both extremely strong! 

Kun Dao was worried everybody would be destroyed! 

“Fucking bastard! Stop there!” shouted the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points explosively. His voice turned into energies pressuring Kun Dao. 

He wanted to kill Kun Dao. He had to get rid of him! Kun Dao had chased him with the intent to kill him, so the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had had no choice but to hide in the List of the World of Battles. Now, he had a chance to get his revenge, and he didn’t intend to leave the matter at that!

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