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Chapter 1398: Dynasty of the Lord of Profound Heaven!


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“Ah, alright. I’ve been torturing you for half an hour. If you’re happy, awesome, haha! I’m enjoying it too!” said Dong Fang Yu Qing pleasantly, shaking his hands. They felt a bit numb. He glanced at Lin Feng’s fingers. They kept bleeding, and he smiled even more widely. 

Lin Feng was covered in cold sweat. He didn’t beg for mercy. He remained focused in case he had an opportunity to escape. 

“Come with me. Ancestor Long and the others are not back yet, so let’s head to the Dynasty of the Lord of Profound Heaven, my group. Hahaha!” said Dong Fang Yu Qing, bursting into laughter. He looked at Lin Feng mockingly, then grabbed him and took him to the Dynasty of the Lord of Profound Heaven. 

He was convinced that Ancestor Long wouldn’t dare go to the Dynasty of the Lord of Profound Heaven alone, so he dared to betray Ancestor Long and kidnap Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng remained silent. He couldn’t use pure Qi, so he couldn’t afford to get angry. He had no choice but to get dragged along by Dong Fang Yu Qing and leave Glory City. They flew towards the Southwest. 


The Dynasty of the Lord of Profound Heaven was in the Southwest, and Dong Fang Yu Qing was Ancestor Tai’s nephew. Taking Lin Feng to the Dynasty of the Lord of Profound Heaven was a logical decision. 

Dong Fang Yu Qing and Lin Feng quickly disappeared from the Imperial City, racing away through the sky. Dong Fang Yu Qing was extremely worried. If Ancestor Long showed up at that moment and chased him, his whole plan would be ruined!

But half an hour and a hundred thousand li later, he was relieved. Even if Ancestor Long tried to chase him now, it would be too late!

“Lin Feng, your biggest mistake in this life is that you provoked me. Hehe! I will show you that sometimes, death can be better than life. Haha!” Dong Fang Yu Qing burst into sinister laughter. He didn’t know what was going to happen, but he felt confident that Lin Feng would never leave the Dynasty of the Lord of Profound Heaven alive! 

He was confident; in the Dynasty of the Lord of Profound Heaven, everybody obeyed Ancestor Tai. Lin Feng was doomed!


Lin Feng was sitting on the cloud and remained silent. He kept thinking of the Region of the Eight Corners. Without him, the Region of the Eight Corners would be in danger. What if Zhuang Chong Huan told everybody he had brought an ancient Overlord back to the Region of the Eight Corners? What would happen? What would happen to his children? 

Lin Feng looked ice-cold, and his heart burned. He was extremely worried. But what could he do? He had become a prisoner, and Dong Fang Yu Qing could do whatever he wanted to him. 


Time passed slowly as Dong Fang Yu Qing drove the cloud. They were getting closer and closer to the Dynasty of the Lord of Profound Heaven. At the same time, Ancestor Long and the other Overlords had seen Duan Rong and after a while finished paying their respects and returned to the inn. 

Of course, when Ancestor Long arrived, his expression fell. He understood Dong Fang Yu Qing had fooled them. Lin Feng had disappeared, and Dong Fang Yu Qing had as well. It meant Dong Fang Yu Qing had kidnapped Lin Feng from the kidnappers! 

“Fuck! Bastard!” Ancestor Long shouted explosively. Dragon Qi emerged. All the buildings around them started shaking, and nearly collapsed. The whole Imperial City began to tremble, and many strong cultivators ran away. 

Duan Rong had just seen Ancestor Long and the others off when he suddenly sensed some dragon Qi. He realized there was something wrong and Ancestor Long was definitely involved. He hastily left the palace and arrived at the inn. 

Duan Rong was wearing a golden Dragon Robe, but he wasn’t wearing his Dragon Crown, just wearing a crown made of feathers which symbolized his position as the Great Protector. Duan Rong enjoyed being the Great Protector. 

“What’s the matter, Master Ancestor Long?” asked Duan Rong. Ancestor Long seemed angry, so he didn’t dare offend him. 

Ancestor Long shook his head, but looked unhappy, wishing he could destroy Dong Fang Yu Qing. But in the end, he only sighed helplessly. Could it be that Dong Fang Yu Qing had kidnapped Lin Feng because Lin Feng had offended Ancestor Tai? They didn’t know each other well, after all. 

Even though he had doubts that Lin Feng might be connected to the Dragon Clan, he didn’t know. Therefore, Ancestor Long hesitated and decided to wait. 

“It’s alright, Duan Rong. Sorry for disturbing you. We’re leaving,” said Ancestor Long, shaking his head. Ancestor Long and the other Overlords vanished.

Duan Rong took a deep breath. If Ancestor Long had caused trouble, it would have been difficult to resolve the issue. He couldn’t compete with Ancestor Long, not to mention Ancestor Long AND a few other Overlords who were not weak either!


Ancestor Long made ready to go to the Southeast. Accordingly, Mo Kun said goodbye and turned around. He wanted to head back to the South where the Demon Clan and Ancestor Mo were. He had to report to Ancestor Mo. In the end, only Tian Yu Dao and Su Gu were on Ancestor Long’s side. The Tian Ji Sect and the Su Clan were two influential groups in the South of the World of Battles, both quite close to Ancestor Long. 

“Ancestor Long, Dong Fang Yu Qing isn’t a very kind man,” said Su Gu astutely. 

Ancestor Long glanced at him and then at Tian Yu Dao. He shook his head and said, “Dong Fang Yu Qing probably did that for a reason. There were probably tensions between him and Lin Feng. Lin Feng humiliated him and his servants, so Dong Fang Yu Qing wants revenge.” 

“I see. That little boy is in danger, huh?” agreed Tian Yu Dao when he heard Ancestor Long. Dong Fang Yu Qing was probably going to kill Lin Feng… 

“Indeed. I should have thought about that. I can only blame myself…” Ancestor Long sighed. He regretted kidnapping Lin Feng. If he hadn’t, Dong Fang Yu Qing wouldn’t have seized the opportunity to do the same. Killing a young genius was a sad thing. 

“Master, why did you kidnap him in the first place?” asked Tian Yu Dao. He didn’t understand why Ancestor Long had kidnapped Lin Feng. 

Ancestor Long frowned at Su Gu, who was nodding and frowning as well. Neither of them understood. Ancestor Long smiled wryly. He wasn’t even sure himself. But one thing was sure, he didn’t intend to kill or torture Lin Feng. On the contrary, he would have supported the young man! 

What a pity! 

“Let’s stop talking about it. Let’s go.” said Ancestor Long, sighing indifferently, and he sped away.


As Ancestor Long and the others were leaving, Lin Feng and Dong Fang Yu Qing arrived on the border of the Dynasty of the Lord of Profound Heaven. When they entered the territory of the Dynasty of the Lord of Profound Heaven, Lin Feng was astonished. It was millions of li across. There were tall and lofty buildings and pavilions everywhere. There were forests, lakes, rivers, and great palaces, with wide streets. 

It made Lin Feng think of the Fa Lan Empire in the Country of Eternity, but the Dynasty of the Lord of Profound Heaven was much, much more magnificent. The Dynasty of the Lord of Profound Heaven was probably the first-ranked Dynasty of the World of Battles. 

Lin Feng and Dong Fang Yu Qing landed on the street in the city’s center. There were buildings everywhere. They were magnificent, purple and golden. The gates and pillars were made of jade. 

Strong cultivators lived in the mansion houses in this neighborhood. The higher the manor house, the stronger the cultivator who lived in it was, and the bigger their gardens. 

Of course, the most magnificent building was the Great Palace. It was hundreds of meters high, painted purple, red, and gold. The sun made it look dazzling; it was incredibly beautiful. 

The golden pillars were dozens of meters high. Eighteen dragons were carved on them. Each dragon looked lifelike, as if they were about to come out and conquer the world. 

Lin Feng was astonished. There was a flight of stairs with three thousand steps. Each step was the symbol of a path to glory. 

In the Dynasty of the Lord of Profound Heaven, people’s positions were based on their strength. Apart from the royal family, the highest officials were the Imperial Minister in charge of Military Affairs and the Prime Ministers (also called Chief Ministers), who had to be descendants of the royal family and Earthly Godly Ancestors. 

Dong Fang Yu Qing was destined to become Prime Minister, the leader of all the officials. Of course, that could also change. Ancestor Tai had no son, but he had a daughter, a noble and beautiful princess who looked down upon people like Dong Fang Yu Qing. 

She rarely showed up in public, so she didn’t pose a threat to Dong Fang Yu Qing. Most of the time, Dong Fang Yu Qing had great power and influence in the Dynasty of the Lord of Profound Heaven. 

Apart from the Prime Minister, the Minister of Impeachment, and the Imperial Minister in charge of Military Affairs, who were first-class officials, there were second-class officials, like Great Protectors. Even though Duan Rong wasn’t in the Dynasty of the Lord of Profound Heaven, he protected the central area of the World of Battles and didn’t let anyone destabilize the area. 

In addition to those noble officials, there were also many senior officials, vice-presidents, imperial censors, and so forth, but they all had to be Holy Godly Ancestors. 

“Are you surprised?” asked Dong Fang Yu Qing, glancing at Lin Feng. Lin Feng seemed astonished and kept glancing around, so Dong Fang Yu Qing smiled mockingly. He looked down upon Lin Feng even more. 

Lin Feng ignored Dong Fang Yu Qing’s reaction and continued looking around. Dong Fang Yu Qing was furious. He ground his teeth and wrenched Lin Feng’s arm, flashing away. He was taking Lin Feng to the prison for criminals sentenced to death!

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