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Chapter 1401 – It’s my Turn to Torture You!

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“You’re not kidding, are you?”

When the bald man came to the prison and heard Lin Feng’s request, he was astonished at first. Then he smiled. This was a little unbelievable. Of course, he was angry. He couldn’t believe that Lin Feng’s request was to get a more powerful person to torture him.

It was just a joke, a big joke. The bald man was furious. He clenched his fists and rushed straight to Lin Feng. He couldn’t stand such humiliation. He thought, Lin Feng is just a Holy Godly Ancestor whose pure Qi is Sealed. How dare he say these words? 

“I’ve told you, and you didn’t believe me. Don’t blame me.” Lin Feng sighed, having lost any interest in fighting with the bald man after a week of scrapping with him. When the bald man made a move, Lin Feng also clenched his fists and took the initiative.

The only thing left for the bold man was astonishment. Apart from that, nothing left. Lin Feng’s double fists were bursting with unprecedented energy. Although there was no pure Qi, the energy still made him feel like Lin Feng was a demon who had been imprisoned for a long time and suddenly freed from the prison to kill at will.

After the bald man overcame his shock, he dared not be neglectful. He started to use his palms instead of fists. He was trying to use his unique Tao skills. He didn’t dare to be too confident about himself. Although he did not understand why Lin Feng had undergone such a great change, it was very clear that if he was too confident this moment, he would be the one that would be tortured!

“Surged the World!” the bald man roared, and the energy in his hand suddenly seemed ready to destroy the whole world. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. Lin Feng clearly heard the call of death, but it was no longer so hard for him to fight back.

Although his hands and feet were locked and his pure Qi was Sealed, his new Ancestor’s Body could resist such attacks now. And at the same time, the energy bursting out of his Ancestor’s body could defeat the bald man.

Lin Feng smiled. He had never been as freewheeling as he was now since he had been brought to the Zhen Wu Dynasty. He was always being tortured by the people of the Zhen Wu Dynasty. This time it is my turn to torture you!, Lin Feng thought.

The shadow of Lin Feng disappeared from in front of the bald man, making the man’s face change dramatically. The palm the bold man drove out missed entirely. The whole prison was starting to vibrate. However, the prison was saved by the barrier of Dong Fang Yu Qing. Otherwise, Lin Feng would have escaped at this moment.

The bald man patted his chest. Fortunately, he didn’t make a big mistake. He was sweating now, astonished that he nearly broke the prison. Meanwhile, he was also astonished that Lin Feng’s power had doubled and redoubled.

A few moments before, he had considered what Lin Feng had said to him as a joke. Now he realized it was not a joke. Maybe it was time to get a stronger Holy Godly Ancestor to torture Lin Feng. But it was too late now!

“Buddy, I told you a long time ago, and you didn’t believe me. Don’t blame anyone but yourself.” Lin Feng was standing beside the bald man like a ghost, patting his shoulder with a smile on his face.

“Well, then you have to prove that you have the strength and power!” The bald man was very angry. He had never been so humiliated. He wanted to torture Lin Feng severely, or it would be hard to deal with his anger.

“Do you think you would have a chance to beat me if my hands and feet weren’t locked and my pure Qi wasn’t Sealed?” Lin Feng sighed, not just for the bald man’s stubbornness, but also for his own loneliness. If his pure Qi wasn’t Sealed, he wouldn’t be worried about a Holy Godly Ancestor.

“Beat me first!” the bald man roared like a crazy beast. This servant of the Zhen Wu Dynasty was being humiliated by Lin Feng. It was a great shame.

Of course, the bald man did not know the background and status of Lin Feng. If he knew that there was a man named Lin Feng in the Northwest, he would not be thinking that.

Lin Feng stopped talking, and vanished again. Although his hands and feet were bound and his pure Qi was Sealed, Lin Feng had developed a new way of fighting with the help of his Ancestor’s Body. His body became more than a thousand times stronger.

The bald man’s face changed dramatically. When Lin Feng disappeared from in front of him, his mind changed completely. He wanted to retreat. His face was much paler.

“Well, I told you to get someone else to fight with me, and you didn’t listen. Don’t blame me.” Lin Feng’s voice was like a ghost as it flew into the ears of the bald man. The man’s face changed dramatically. Looking at the ghostly silhouette in front of him, he stepped back quickly.

However, Lin Feng was faster. Lin Feng appeared in front of the bald man’s chest in an instant. Lin Feng kicked out with the power of his Ancestor’s Body. The kicks weighed millions of tons.


A scene that shocked the guard appeared. Lin Feng kicked the chest of the bald man. The bald man suddenly spewed out a mouthful of blood. He was directly kicked into the opposite prison through the door of this prison.

Lin Feng seized the chance and ran straight out the door. It scared everyone.

“Hell no. Catch him! He’s running away!” The bald man’s face had turned extremely white. He covered his chest with his hands and coughed a few times. His blood was spewing out again. Lin Feng’s heavy kick had shattered his internal organs!

But he didn’t have time to think about it. He could only stand up again and run straight to the corridor where Lin Feng had fled. If Lin Feng escaped, Dong Fang Yu Qing would kill him!

“Stop! You have nowhere to go.”

All the guards in the prison were in place, but they were too weak. Even the leader of guards had just reached the Godly Ancestor. So these guards were nothing but a bunch of Great Supreme Gods. They were too weak for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng almost blew a group of people away with only one fist. He jumped to the gate of the prison in a second and kicked the gate into pieces, fleeing quickly.

Even though the prison was warded by the barrier of Dong Fang Yu Qing, he still escaped through the gate. The barrier of Dong Fang Yu Qing was nothing to him!


It was evening and dark outside, but it was brilliantly illuminated in the Zhen Wu Dynasty. Lanterns hung on the ceiling of the pavilions, illuminating every street in the Dynasty.

“Come on! Hurry up! Get the escaped prisoner!”

The quiet Dynasty was chaotic because of the roars of the bald man and the frantic running about of the jailers.

At almost the same time, the main mansions opened the doors, and the servants came out to check the situation. They hurriedly went back to report to their masters.

Before long, more than a dozen Holy Godly Ancestors were walking out of their homes. Everyone was wearing the official uniform of the Zhen Wu Dynasty. They came up to the bald man.

“What’s the matter, Minister Lin?” a burly man asked angrily, his face serious. He was directly responsible for law enforcement, and the only Earthly Godly Ancestor among the people walking out from the hall.

“Please let me report to you. There is a prisoner running away!” The bald man was looking a little pale, but he still reported the whole thing after calming down.

Hearing that, the burly man’s face slightly changed and shook his head, “Never mind. It was just a prisoner. Sooner or later we will catch again.”

“No, it’s not. This prisoner is the one that the Prime Minister Dong Fang caught by himself!” The bald man tried to weep, but failed to shed a tear. He reported it honestly.

Suddenly, the burly man who was the Minister of Law Enforcement looked very nervous and afraid. Cold sweat came out of his forehead.

“Screw you! You’ve implicated me!” the burly man roared and kicked the bald man’s chest hard. The poor man had just been cruelly tortured by Lin Feng. After being kicked by the burly man, he fell to the ground and passed out.

“Hurry up! All the Holy Godly Ancestors go search every house. I will report to Prime Minister Dong Fang.” The burly man realized the seriousness of the incident, so he dared not pretend to be calm. He ran faster than anyone to find Dong Fang Yu Qing.


Dong Fang Yu Qing had sensed Lin Feng’s escape from the fluctuation of the barrier. His face was growing more and more gloomy. At the same time, there was a sense of panic in his heart. If Lin Feng raided in the dark, what should he do?

As one of the few people who knew about Lin Feng’s situation, Dong Fang Yu Qing was very worried about what would happen if Lin Feng really attacked.


It was late at night, but the Zhen Wu Dynasty was in disorder. Almost all the palaces and pavilions outside would be searched, apart from the Imperial Palace. No one dared to say anything, because it was the Prime Minister’s order.

After Lin Feng escaped from the prison, he knew that he could not escape from the Zhen Wu Dynasty. He could only hide in the Zhen Wu Dynasty, but where was the safest? Of course, Lin Feng knew it would be the Imperial Palace. However, there were many Holy Godly Ancestors and Ancestor Tai in the Imperial Palace. Once he stepped inside, he would be caught.

After considering for a while, Lin Feng rejected what was near at hand and sought what was far away. He rushed directly into a mansion that was not too luxurious, with not many servants there. It seemed to be a small official’s mansion. After he jumped into the mansion, Lin Feng fled directly into one of the rooms.

But after he went inside, he was stunned. This was a woman’s boudoir!

The room was not too big, about a hundred square meters. It was decorated in the ancient style. The rooms were all made of ancient wood, and there was a pink curtain in the middle. Behind the curtain was a woman’s bed with a peony pattern, and a gold silk quilt which was perfuming the whole room strangely.

There were more and more soldiers and horses outside, and nearly a hundred Holy Godly Ancestors. Lin Feng didn’t dare to risk. He couldn’t go out tonight. He could only hide in this boudoir.

Don’t blame me, please! I hope the owner of this boudoir won’t come in!, Lin Feng clenched his fists and thought to himself. But the thought had not yet faded away when he heard a creak in the yard outside and the sound of the light footsteps came to Lin Feng’s ear.

Oh no. She came after all…

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