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Chapter 1404 – Fighting the Punishment Department Minister!

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On this day of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, the words of the Royal Princess changed the rules of the early morning meeting of the court to noon. However, the hundred officials did not dare to oppose her. Without mentioning the nobility of the Royal Princess and her special favor from Ancestor Tai, she was an Earthly Godly Ancestor and appointed as the Grand Commandant and the Imperial Censor, which made it impossible to fight her.

In the middle of the day, when all the officials arrived at the court in a proper manner, they had to go through the guards’ checks and verifications before entering the palace gate. However, the carriage of the Royal Princess came in at a mighty gallop.

“The Royal Princess is entering the palace; all officials stay away.”

When the guard saw the phoenix pattern on the carriage, his face changed greatly. He called all the officials who had come to him and drew back, so as not to impede the carriage of the Royal Princess from entering the palace.

When they saw the Royal Princess’s carriages, they could only pull aside obediently. There were many powerful figures, ministers, and all kinds of waiters and imperial officials. However, when they met the Royal Princess, they could only stand back obediently.

The Royal Princess’s carriages galloped into the palace, and soon disappeared. Lin Feng was sitting in the second carriage. Seeing the Princess’s hegemony, he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. Strength and status was highly esteemed in the World of Battles. However, in the Zhen Wu Dynasty, rank was most highly esteemed, which was really different.

The existence of the Zhen Wu Dynasty probably satisfied the greedy hearts of many secular, powerful people. Even though Buddhism and Taoism were merciful, they still had to classify people into different ranks, let alone these powerful people.

After the Royal Princess’s carriages disappeared into the streets of the palace, hundreds of officials dared to gather in the middle of the road, many of them surprised. Why did the Royal Princess’s entourage consist of two carriages today? There was no doubt that the Royal Princess was in front, but who was in the back one?

“The Prime Minister’s carriages will come soon. Let’s hurry in.” An official hurried in from the palace gate and went straight for the palace. He couldn’t bear missing two such adventures in a row. It was thrilling to see the Royal Princess, and it was also thrilling to see Dong Fang Yu Qing.

His words reminded many people, some of the officials who were not at high ranks verified their identities quickly to enter the palace gate, and went straight to the palace. The rest were the Ministers of the Ministries, all of whom were Earthly Godly Ancestors.


“Take care of the carriage. Let’s go in.” The Royal Princess got off her carriage and ordered her men to take Lin Feng to the palace gate, ignoring the guards on both sides. The guards dared not stop the Royal Princess, unless they didn’t want to live.

Lin Feng didn’t say a word. He followed Nian Ling Jiao’s side as they walked quickly into the building. The entry hall was resplendent, and eighteen giant pillars with dragons on them leading straight into the Cloud Palace. Lin Feng had already adapted to the wealth of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, so he was calm about this.

The only puzzle was why the Royal Princess had such a high status and yet lived in such a shabby courtyard. The whole courtyard was like a quadrangle. There was no grand scene at all. Not mentioning the palace of Shangshu, it was barely comparable to the Nietai which was at rank four.

“I haven’t asked you, what’s your name?” When Nian Ling Jiao first entered the hall, she remembered that she didn’t know the name of this strange man. She couldn’t help but smile bitterly. What was the matter with her? She didn’t even know the name of the man, and she dared to lead him into the hall.

Lin Feng was also quite speechless. He originally thought that Nian Ling Jiao knew his name, but now that she had asked such a question, Lin Feng learned she did not.

“My name is Lin Feng,”Lin Feng said softly, looking at Nian Ling Jiao.

Nian Ling Jiao nodded her head, but soon her expression changed quickly. She was blinking her eyes and crooked her neck to see Lin Feng, her expression gradually changing from dignity to surprise.

“Are you Lin Feng from the Northwest?” Nian Ling Jiao was shocked and surprised at the same time. She had been wondering if she could see the genius. She didn’t expect Lin Feng to be the man that Dong Fang Yu Qing had searched the whole court for!

“Well, it’s me, the Leader of the Eight Corners Alliance, Lin Feng.” Lin Feng nodded and admitted. Although he didn’t understand how Nian Ling Jiao knew him, he didn’t lie to her.

“Hum, so to speak, we are rivals.” Nian Ling Jiao laughed in amusement. When Lin Feng admitted his identity, her smile was more thoughtful. Ling Feng was slightly shocked and didn’t understand the meaning of Nian Ling Jiao’s words.

“You know Fu Dao; the Alliance of Young Geniuses in the World of Battles?” Nian Ling Jiao asked Lin Feng with a big smile, and then walked slowly to the hall. At this time, she was a quarter of an hour away from the meeting and was not worried she would be late.

Seeing Nian Ling Jiao ask such a question, Lin Feng frowned and realized something. He couldn’t help asking, “Are you a member of the Alliance of Young Geniuses?”

“Do you think it’s appropriate for me, an Earthly Godly Ancestor to be a member of the Alliance of Young Geniuses?” Nian Ling Jiao pouted her lips and cried unpleasantly, but her watery eyes were extremely lovely. Lin Feng hated the Alliance of Young Geniuses, but he couldn’t hate Nian Ling Jiao.

“So you are?” Lin Feng shook his head. He didn’t know what was going on.

“I set up the Alliance of Young Geniuses, but I left it halfway. Is that enough for you?”

“It is.” Lin Feng listened to Nian Ling Jiao’s explanation and was surprised. At the same time, he also put down his worries. If Nian Ling Jiao still had any connection with the Alliance of Young Geniuses in the World of Battles, it would be difficult for him to deal with it. If she was a Young Genius in the World of Battles, he couldn’t be a friend to her. However, she risked her fame to save him. He couldn’t choose between public and private.

“I know you’re worried. It’s true that the Alliance of Young Geniuses is biased towards all geniuses of World of Battle. Recently, Su Qing even gave the order to kill all geniuses of the lower world. I know that you or they must be dead to end this.

“I am not the leader of the Alliance of Young Geniuses now. I just want to remind you that the Alliance of Young Geniuses is not so simple on the surface.” Nian Ling Jiao’s face suddenly became very complicated, and her eyes no longer flickered with tenderness. Instead, there was a warning.

Lin Feng was impressed. If other people said this, he might have doubts. Nian Ling Jiao didn’t need to lie to him. Her words showed that the Alliance of Young Geniuses was indeed not simple.

“Well, you wait here. I’ll find my father.” Nian Ling Jiao breathed deeply, spit out her tongue mischievously, then patted Ling Feng on the shoulder, and hinted that he stand here and wait for a while. She entered the back hall.

Lin Feng looked at the structure of the hall around him and the palace, covering a total area of a thousand square meters. It was really luxurious, but it was just the tip of the iceberg of the Imperial Palace. Ling Xiao Palace was especially good for having the meeting.


It didn’t take long that hundred officials came in from the outside, but when they saw Lin Feng standing at the front of the hall, a stranger, everyone could not help but change their faces.

“This is Your Majesty’s newly appointed officer?” an official muttered in surprise and looked at Lin Feng. After seeing Lin Feng’s bracelet, his face suddenly changed, and he stuttered, “He, he, he is a prisoner, ah, that, that prisoner…”

“What, you say he is the prisoner the Prime Minister hunted down last night?” The Minister of the Ministry of Punishment, Kuiper, heard the voice of the officials in front of him, and his face suddenly changed. The aura of the Earthly Godly Ancestor swept out, and as he glared at Lin Feng, an invisible anger burst out.

“What a bold beast! How dare you stand in the hall? I’m going to kill you,” the robust man roared, clenched his fists and rushed straight at Ling Feng. The speed was as fast as it could be. The aura of an Earthly Godly Ancestor swept the whole hall.

This aura naturally shocked Ancestor Tai and Nian Ling Jiao in the rear hall. Their faces changed in unison. They stood at the gate of the hall and looked at the scene of the hall. Ancestor Tai was shocked. What was the reason for this? Why was there a young man in front of him?

Nian Ling Jiao’s face was a little dignified, but she didn’t plan to save Lin Feng. If Lin Feng couldn’t pass this time, she would not help him again. She wouldn’t help someone who didn’t have any future.

“Father, watch the play quietly.” Nian Ling Jiao had a charming arc to her mouth. Ancestor Tai nodded slightly and continued to watch the hall. The atmosphere had suddenly changed, and the killing intent was like the devil from hell.

Lin Feng frowned. The other side was an Earthly Godly Ancestor, but his aura was not so strong, and there was no strength of the Overlord level. It would be hard to win, but the other side wanted to kill him, which was also wishful thinking.

Even though his Pure Qi was Sealed, there was no shackling foot chain, and with his Ancestral Body, he didn’t need to be afraid of him.

“The waves are great!” Lin Feng roared and clapped his hands. At that moment, the whole hall became a world of waves. Two powerful waves of the energy ran from the inside and outside of the hall, directly into the big man’s chest. The face of the big man remained the same, and his fists went out. His terrible fist smashed all the energy.

Lin Feng’s waves were soon crushed and began to gradually twist and shrink. Lin Feng bit his teeth and sighed that it was hard without Pure Qi, he could only use the energy of his Ancestral Body.

“The fire burns the sky!” Lin Feng cried. At this moment, he did not hesitate to use his Ancestral energy, plus the energy of the flame. The two energies expanded in an instant, and the waves in the whole hall disappeared and became a sea of fire, just like the sea of fire in Hell, burning everyone.

The weaker officials retreated directly, feeling their lives were threatened. There were only five people left in the hall, including Lin Feng.

The Minister of the Criminal Department clenched his teeth and punched out. At the same time, he rushed out directly and arrived before Lin Feng in an instant. He hit Lin Feng’s chest with a fist. Lin Feng’s foot was even faster and kicked him directly on the chin.

At this moment, two shadows flew out. Lin Feng was directly blasted down the hall, next to the Dragon Throne, while the big man’s chin was almost broken by Lin Feng. He also flew several hundred meters out of the hall.

At this time, Dong Fang Yu Qing also stood at the entrance of the hall and saw Lin Feng. Suddenly, his killing intention increased several times. He ran at Lin Feng without words.

“Today, I’ll kill you to get rid of the trouble in the future!” The roar of Dong Fang Yu Qing was like an animal, no one dared to fight against it. Although the Overlord was also an Earthly Godly Ancestor, he was much more power.

Lin Feng’s face appeared a little pale. He had spent his Ancestral energy fighting against the big man. Now that Dong Yu Qing took action, he was out of luck.

Dong Fang Yu Qing smiled coldly, mocking Lin Feng!

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