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Chapter 1405 New Minister of Justice

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“Stop it!”

Just as Lin Feng couldn’t find any place to hide, a kind old man’s voice spread throughout the hall, making people feel like a spring breeze was warming them up. Lin Feng felt his sealed Pure Qi return, and the Seal on it get removed!

Since that was so, then come on!

In a flash, Lin Feng sent out a fist with unprecedented amounts of mixed energy. The horrific shadow of his fist suddenly struck the body of Dong Fang Yu Qing. Dong Fang Yu Qing’s face changed greatly, twisting with anger. One fist came out to meet Lin Feng’s, and they fought furiously.

With a loud bang, Lin Feng was blown away. This time, he hit the wall of the main hall heavily. Lin Feng felt that his viscera had moved, and his spine was about to be broken, but Dong Fang Yu Qing did not get off easy, either. 

Lin Feng’s domineering fist was terrible. Even Earthly Godly Ancestors dared not take it so directly. Even though he could bear it, Dong Fang Yu Qing still coughed up blood.

All the officials exclaimed. There was no more discussion in the hall. Lin Feng’s fist made even Dong Fang Yu Qing bleed? Wasn’t this a joke? Lin Feng was just a Holy Godly Ancestor. How did he even shake off the powerful Prime Minister?

Shock, fear… different feelings converged on Lin Feng, but Lin Feng didn’t have time to pay attention to the complex expressions of others. His bones seemed to be broken. Under the huge impact, his bracelet had been broken. They could imagine what this energy would look like when it rushed into his body.

He would have fallen long ago without the defense of his Ancestor’s Body. Even so, his Ancestor’s Body began to strain, and the blood of the Dragon and the Phoenix was much weaker. This battle seemed to be one where he had shaken off Dong Fang Yu Qing, but paid more.

“How could this be?” Dong Fang Yu Qing stood his ground, completely stunned after wiping the blood from the corners of his mouth. He couldn’t imagine that Lin Feng had the strength to hurt him. Wasn’t that a joke? But it did happen!

“Father, let me help you.” 

When the main hall was quiet, the clear voice of Nian Ling Jiao arose. The father and daughter came out of the back hall. The officials quickly moved to their respective positions. Dong Fang Yu Qing could only bear the indignation of his humiliation and step to the main position.

Ancestor Tai walked to the Dragon Throne in his purple robe. He looked at Lin Feng beside the Dragon Throne and nodded slightly, understanding Lin Feng’s identity and strength. Ancestor Tai was really shocked that there was such a genius in the Northwest, it was amazing! A Holy Godly Ancestor could compete with Earthly Godly Ancestors!

“You bring him down.” Ancestor Tai ordered Nian Ling Jiao, who walked silently to Lin Feng and helped him up. At the same time, she hit several acupoints. Lin Feng felt his breathing become much smoother and less painful.

“Thank you, princess.” Lin Feng looked at Nian Ling Jiao gratefully. Nian Ling Jiao silently took Lin Feng down from the Dragon Throne area and stood beside Dong Fang Yu Qing. Lin Feng’s position was a little strange. The position he stood in was the position of Ancestor Tai’s son-in-law!

“Sure enough, princess, you…” When Dong Fang Yu Qing saw Lin Feng and Nian Ling Jiao standing together, he understood that last night, she had hidden Lin Feng. He could not help but feel angry and wanted to reveal the fact. But in the middle of his sentence, he was shocked to see Nian Ling Jiao’s cold eyes.

If he dared reveal this matter, Nian Ling Jiao would report that he intruded into her courtyard or even her boudoir without permission, and it would be difficult to deal with the fallout.

Nian Ling Jiao looked at Dong Fang Yu Qing with a smile, so she pretended to be innocent and asked, “Prime Minister, what do you want to say?”

“I, it’s OK, ha ha!” Dong Fang Yu Qing finished lamely. He had to loosen his clenched fists, but Dong Fang Yu Qing swallowed his words and ignored the two people.

Ancestor Tai looked at Lin Feng and then at Nian Ling Jiao. He nodded slightly and smiled into his beard.

“Today was the third time the princess took the initiative to come to court, I am very happy.” Ancestor Tai sat on the Dragon Throne and laughed. He had not been so happy for a long time. Even if there was a scuffle just now, it was just an episode, which could not affect his reunion with Nian Ling Jiao.

“Congratulations to Your Majesty, congratulations to Your Majesty!”

“Congratulations to Your Majesty, congratulations to Your Majesty.”

When Ancestor Tai’s voice just fell, all the officials at the bottom shouted in unison, and the whole hall trembled with the loud voices.

Looking at this scene, Lin Feng had to nod his head to himself. As expected, Zhen Wu Dynasty played the secular game to the extreme, fooling these strong people. Lin Feng felt it was a pity that of more than a hundred officials in the hall, almost all of them were Holy Godly Ancestors, and the four people in front of them were even Earthly Godly Ancestors.

It was hard to understand why so many strong people had been captured by secular power. Was power so attractive? Lin Feng didn’t understand.

“Father, I have a request.” Nian Ling Jiao held up her hand and looked to the High Emperor Ancestor Tai.

“Say it, I agree.” Ancestor Tai squinted and smiled. He nodded his head dotingly. No matter what Nian Ling Jiao asked, he agreed unconditionally.

Nian Ling Jiao chuckled, looked at Lin Feng beside her, and then looked at the Minister of Justice, and slowly said, “I want my father to appoint Lin Feng to be the Minister of Justice!”

“Ah? Princess, what are you doing?” the Minister of Justice, Kui Ba, blurted out when he saw that Nian Ling Jiao had put forward such a request. His face suddenly turned pale, and he almost cried.

“You wouldn’t forget what happened yesterday?” Nian Ling Jiao sneered cruelly and stared at the Minister of Justice, while Kui Ba was stunned silent. He looked at Dong Fang Yu Qing, but Dong Fang Yu Qing glared back at him with threatening eyes, meaning that if he dared to say anything, he would be killed.

Under such eyes, Kui Ba sighed helplessly, and could only accept his bad luck. The two immortals had fought, but the bad luck was on him!

Ancestor Tai was surprised. What had happened last night? He lived in the palace and hadn’t noticed anything unusual.

“Daughter, what happened last night?” Ancestor Tai asked curiously, but his question surprised all the officials. Last night, almost all the officials had gathered outside the princess’s mansion. Although they didn’t go in, Nian Ling Jiao remembered them all.

At present if Nian Ling Jiao said anything, they were all in danger!

Nian Ling Jiao’s lips curved. Seeing so many officials’ praying eyes looking at her, she couldn’t help laughing in her heart. At present they knew that they should fear. Why had they done that?

“Do you agree with Lin Feng’s appointment as Minister of Justice?” Nian Ling Jiao didn’t answer Ancestor Tai’s words, but turned around to look at all the officials. Her tone was a little flat, but also a little scary.

Hearing this, the faces of all the officials changed, and they began to rush to answer! “Of course, Lin Feng is the most suitable Minister of Justice!”

“Lin Feng was rich and powerful. If he can be the Minister of Justice, he will do his best.”

“Yes, young master Lin Feng has both strength and courage. He is the most suitable candidate for the Ministry of Justice.”

At this moment, Lin Feng sneezed. Seeing how hypocritical these people were, Lin Feng really couldn’t stand it. Were all secularized officials like this?

Dong Fang Yu Qing frowned. Today, he understood how sharp Nian Ling Jiao’s counterattack was.

Making Lin Feng the Minister of Justice, Lin Feng was now in charge of law enforcement for the whole Zhen Wu Dynasty. He could no longer put Lin Feng in prison, or even play him!

It was a cruel move. Dong Fang Yu Qing looked at his cousin coldly. As long as Lin Feng replaced the Minister of Justice, his power would be weakened.

The four Ministers of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Wealth, the Ministry of War, and the Ministry of Officials, were almost all under the control of the Prime Minister. Not controlling the Ministry of Justice was like having a broken arm.

But there was no way to stop it. If he dared to oppose it, the things that happened last night would be learned by Ancestor Tai. Ancestor Tai would surely not let go of the matter with how much he doted on Ling Jiao!

“Ancestor Tai, as the leader of all the officials, I am really distressed. The Minister of Justice, Lu Zhan, is extremely guilty. He wanted to kill Lin Feng last night without any cause. We are grateful to the princess, otherwise the Zhen Wu Dynasty would really have had some trouble.” At the moment, Dong Fang Yu Qing had to betray his subordinates against his wishes.

Dong Fang Yu Qing’s sincere speech was recorded, and the Minister of Justice, Lu Zhan, turned pale. He realized that at this moment he had been abandoned, abandoned by Dong Fang Yu Qing! He plopped down on the ground without any of the dignity of an Earthly Godly Ancestor. Like an ordinary Minister of Justice, he was now scared.

Lin Feng was sorry to see a great Earthly Godly Ancestor destroyed by a lie. He completely forgot what the posture of the strong was like. If he was outside, the Earthly Godly Ancestor would still be respected in the World of Battles. But in Zhen Wu Dynasty, it was different.

Lin Feng was a little bitter. If there were more Earthly Godly Ancestors in the Region of the Eight Corners, they would have unified the Northwest. Why were the Spiritual Warriors Clan, the World Dragon Clan, and even Jun Hall so rampant?

“That’s what happened?” After hearing the report of Dong Fang Yu Qing, Ancestor Tai’s face suddenly changed, filling with dark intent. The murderous feeling filled the hall, and everyone felt suffocated, especially Lin Feng.

The strength of the old man is horrifying, Lin Feng thought silently. After seeing Ancestor Tai, he compared his strength to the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, Kun Dao, Ni Huang, Ancestor Nü, and Ancestor Long. Lin Feng had a definite answer.

Ancestor Long was the most powerful, followed by Ancestor Tai. Kun Dao was the third, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was the fourth, and then Ni Huang and Ancestor Nü. That was the basic strength ranking. Of course, they had their own trump cards.

“Well, my daughter didn’t ask me, so I agreed to her request. Lin Feng, would you like to serve as Minister of Justice?” After a little thought, Ancestor Tai was going to confirm Lin Feng as Minister of Justice, but he still asked the foreigner’s opinion.

Lin Feng frowned. To be honest, he didn’t want to be a Minister of Justice. He had to go back to the Region of the Eight Corners. After all, his relatives and friends were there, but it should be impossible to go back for a short time. Dong Fang Yu Qing was not dead, so he would not leave. This revenge must be settled!

It was impossible to get revenge without being an official. This was the system of the Zhen Wu Dynasty!

“Thanking Ancestor Tai, I will.” Lin Feng clenched his fist, but did not kneel.

Nian Ling Jiao breathed deeply inside. She was worried that if Lin Feng refused, all this would be in vain.

“Ha ha, okay, okay.” Ancestor Tai smiled brightly into his beard. It was lucky that the Zhen Wu Dynasty could have such a genius!


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