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Chapter 1407 A Prisoner Became an Official!

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“Let’s go, Mr. Lu. Head to the jail with me.” Lin Feng didn’t care to smile and walked out of the hall directly with his arm around Lu Zhan. The two carriages of the princess were still there. Nian Ling Jiao had left orders that Lin Feng could give orders to her subordinates.

“Brother, please take us to the prison.” Lin Feng didn’t dare command the subordinates of Nian Ling Jiao, who were the Holy Godly Ancestors, and merely asked for their help.

“Hey, Mr. Lin, you don’t need to be so polite to us. We are servants. If you have the princess’s order, just give it!” the servant of the carriage driver grinned. He saw such a kind Master for the first time, and was not accustomed to it.

They were all strong people influenced by their system of government. Regardless of whether they were Holy Godly Ancestors or Earthly Godly Ancestors, they all respected power. This concept of a hierarchy could not be changed.

Lin Feng shook his head and said nothing more. He let Lu Zhan get on the second carriage and he got into Nian Ling Jiao’s carriage.

Lu Zhan sat in the carriage, his heart peaceful. Just now in the hall, Ancestor Tai’s killing intent was terrible. If it wasn’t for Lin Feng’s begging for mercy for him, he would have died!

Lin Feng? He was a good master, Lu Zhan thought in silence. Lin Feng’s treatment of his servants just now was deeply recorded in Lu Zhan’s heart.

The princess’s motorcade went straight out of the palace, and along the spacious street straight towards the prison.


“I’m pissed off. I’m pissed off!”


Dong Fang Yu Qing broke his favorite porcelain vase directly in anger, shattering it to pieces. His face was ferocious. His anger and horrible killing intent left the servants and officials in the room unable to speak.

Dong Fang Yu Qing couldn’t figure out what Ancestor Tai liked about Lin Feng. Ancestor Tai gave him the title of the Minister of Punishment, and even set up a new title of Bodhisattva for him!

Did Ancestor Tai like Lin Feng and choose him for his son-in-law?, Dong Fang Yu Qing suddenly thought, and his cold sweat flowed down in an instant. He felt nervous and hard to calm down. If this guess was true, in the future the Zhen Wu Dynasty would be all under Lin Feng’s control!

Damn it, if Dong Fang Yu Qing knew it would be like this, he wouldn’t have brought Lin Feng back. He should have killed Lin Feng in the middle of the journey! Dong Fang Yu Qing slapped his forehead. He was in great pain, regretting the past. If he had killed Lin Feng on the way, everything would be all right.

Originally, he thought that it was his own territory when he returned to the Zhen Wu Dynasty, but he ignored Lin Feng, an extremely excellent genius, who would be liked by any Overlord. In the Northwest of the World of Battles, he was the right-hand of Ni Huang, and was highly valued by the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, and in charge of the Region of the Eight Corners.

When he came to the Zhen Wu Dynasty, Ancestor Tai was a talent lover, and was worried about the marriage of Nian Ling Jiao. Ancestor Tai would surely rate Lin Feng highly. If he really wanted Lin Feng to be his son-in-law, the future of the Zhen Wu Dynasty would fall into Lin Feng’s hands!

Dong Fang Yu Qing was extremely afraid of this. The reason why he worked hard to be Prime Minister was that he wanted to become the Ancestor in the future! But he was growing more and more upset after Lin Feng arrived here.

His anger was quickly suppressed by the complex mood. The three Ministers behind him were the Minister of Works, the Minister of Officials, and the War Minister, who were in charge of cultivation resources, the constraints of the officials, and the governance of all the powerful people of the Zhen Wu Dynasty.

In addition, the Minister of Punishment was in charge of law enforcement and law for all of the Zhen Wu Dynasty. These were the four helmsmen of the Zhen Wu Dynasty. Originally, four people followed Dong Fang Yu Qing, but now there were only three left.

“Prime Minister, you don’t have to worry. I don’t think Lin Feng can compete with you.

Be it his contacts in the Zhen Wu Dynasty or your own strength, he is not your opponent,” the Minister of Works flattered Dong Fang Yu Qing. As a lackey, he understood the thoughts of his lord at the moment. According to his analysis, he made his lord happy.

“Yes, yes, Your Excellency Prime Minister, you are the leader of all officials. Even though there is a fourth Duke in the court now, the highest-ranking official is still you, Prime Minister.” Li Pin, the Minister of War said, his fist in his palm, full of flattery.

Only the Minister of Official affairs was absent-minded. He had some contact with the Minister of Punishment in managing the lives of all officials. But now the Minister of Punishment was Lin Feng, which made that work very difficult to carry on.

In addition, he saw Dong Fang Yu Qing’s attitude towards Lu Zhan today, which made him afraid. If one day he also shared the fate of Lu Zhan, Dong Fang Yu Qing would treat him like an abandoned shoe and not stay faithful.

Lin Feng, on the other hand, pleaded for Lu Zhan just after he became the Minister of Punishment, even at the risk of angering His Majesty Ancestor Tai, and risking his life to save Lu Zhan. 

However, Xu Chang, the Minister of Officials, was not an inexperienced person, and his hesitation at this moment was not seen by Dong Fang Yu Qing. His thoughts were deeply hidden.

“Master, in my opinion, it’s time to make trouble for Lin Feng,” Xu Chang said. He didn’t speak all the time, but when he saw that the other two Great Ministers had nothing to say, this was his chance to show off.

Dong Fang Yu Qing’s face changed. He looked at Xu Chang, the Minister of Officials. If any servant could make him most comfortable, it was obvious that they were Nian Lun, the Minister of Work, and Li Pin, the Minister of War. But if he wanted any advice, he would ask Xu Chang, the Minister of Officials.

“Do you have any ideas?” Dong Fang Yu Qing was looking forward to some unusual plans. He could always use some unexpected ideas, which would definitely hurt Lin Feng.

“Lord, the Meeting of the Zhen Wu Dynasty will be soon. At that time, it will not only be about the Zhen Wu Dynasty. The whole Southwest, Tai Qing Gate, Tian Dao Yuan, and all kinds of hegemonic powers will gather.

“Haha, if something happened in the Zhen Wu Dynasty at that time, is it the responsibility of the Minister of Punishment?” Xu Chang’s smile was very strange, kind of creepy and terrible, and they couldn’t help shivering.

After hearing Xu Chang’s words, Dong Fang Yu Qing’s face immediately brightened, and he couldn’t wait to ask, “what do you mean? Set up some trouble for Lin Feng at the morning meeting?”

“Haha, you’re smart. As long as all those strong people come, it’s Lin Feng’s duty to handle something unexpected. Haha!” Xu Chang laughed loudly, and his unbridled smile also put Dong Fang Yu Qing in a good mood.

“Ha ha, come here. I’m going to get drunk with the three adults. Ha ha!”

“Thank you, master. Ha ha!”

In the luxurious hall of Dong Fang Yu Qing, there was a sense of extravagance and power. 


At the same time, outside the prison, two carriages stopped. Not everyone in the Zhen Wu Dynasty could see the carriages. Those who dared to sit in the carriages were all dignitaries.

When the guard saw the carriage, he hurriedly led some jailers to kneel outside them. The guard dare not look up. Every official was his superior!

Lin Feng jumped out of Princess’s carriage and went back to prison a day after he left, but the feeling was not the same. He was a prisoner yesterday and was chased to be killed by all the powerful men. Today, he became the Minister of Punishment, ranking fourth. It really was a changing world.

Lu Zhan also came down from the carriage. He came to Lin Feng and looked at the prison that he had not been to for a long time. 

The prison was the least popular one under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Punishment, so he did not want to come here. He just sent a fifth-rank official to check on it.

Lin Feng lowered his head, looked at the guard who had been sneering at him and abusing him a few days ago. He was kneeling, which made Lin Feng feel funny. Lin Feng shook his head and said lightly, “Look up!”

“Yes, yes! I obey.” The guard was a little alarmed, but did not dare to disobey the order, so he raised his head a little bit, and then, “ah? It’s you? You dare to show up here, brothers!…”


When the guard saw Lin Feng, his face suddenly turned sinister. He stood up and waved his arm to catch Lin Feng. But before he finished speaking, he was kicked away by Lu Zhan. The heart of Lu Zhan beat faster. This slave was really bold!

“Get out of here!” Lu Zhan roared, glaring at the guard. The guard covered his chest with great pain, but dared not neglect him. He knew Lu Zhan, the powerful Minister of Punishment.

“You, what can I do for you?” the guard asked Lu Zhan, out of breath. His face was extremely pale, but he hated Lin Feng beside Lu Zhan. He was the prisoner who escaped. Otherwise, he would not be so severely punished.

“Kneel down!” Lu Zhan yelled and scared the guard to kneel down directly, but he was at a loss and didn’t know where he was wrong.

“Listen to me. The man standing in front of you is now the fourth Duke appointed by the Emperor, Ancestor Tai himself, the Bodhisattva! How dare you, a bold dog of a servant, disrespect your lord?” Lu Zhan glared at him, ready to kill the guard with one blow.

When the guard heard the words of Lu Zhan, the blood drained from his face, and he felt his heart beat several times faster. He couldn’t figure out how the escaped prisoner yesterday became the Minister of Punishment and the fourth high-ranking official after a day…

“Please, please forgive me. I didn’t know you are a great man.” The guard was stunned, kneeling on the ground, crying and shouting, almost peeing his pants. If he knew all that he would not have dared to disrespect Lin Feng.

“All right, open the prison door. I’ll go in and have a look,” Lin Feng frowned, waved his hands impatiently, and ordered the guard to open the door.

The guard hurriedly got up, ran trembling to the prison gate, pushed the gate open, then stood aside and waited respectfully for Lin Feng to come in.

The day before yesterday, he had deliberately treated Lin Feng harshly. Even when Lin Feng fainted, he stamped on him severely. But today, Lin Feng almost scared him to death!

“Sir, I’ll show you in.” Lu Zhan said courteously and stood beside the gate, seeing Lin Feng to go in. After Lin Feng went in, he glared at the guard and yelled, “If I hadn’t kicked you, you would have died!”

“Thank you for your help, but what’s the matter?” The officer kowtowed three times to Lu Zhan, his face full of doubts when he got up.

“Don’t ask. You just need to know not to mess with this gentleman. He is no less powerful than the Prime Minister now!” Lu Zhan gave a solemn order, and then went in after Lin Feng.

“Ah? Heavens, what’s wrong with the world!” The officer began to doubt whether he was dreaming or not. He pinched himself severely before he knew it was true!

A prisoner had become an official no less powerful than the Prime Minister? Even the Minister of Punishment had to bow his head in front of Lu Zhan, lest Lin Feng be dissatisfied!

“It’s weird, it’s weird,” the guard murmured, then dared not have any disrespect, and led the jailer in after them.


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