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Chapter 1409 – Recognize Brother?

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“What a Lin Feng, what a Lin Feng!”

That night, Dong Fang Yu Qing stood outside the palace, looking in the direction of the prison. When he saw the light blue barrier was broken, and then replaced by golden light, he realized that in the future the prison was no longer his. Lin Feng had firmly taken the prison in his hands.

He, Dong Fang Yu Qing, as the Prime Minister of Zhen Wu Dynasty, had been met with failure for the first time, and was defeated by a kid he had cruelly abused before, which made it unbearable.

“Hmmph! Lin Feng, one day, I will kill you and scatter your bones!” Dong Fang Yu Qing’s face was purple with outrage. He couldn’t vent his killing intent on Lin Feng, even if he clenched his teeth. He didn’t feel happy when he remembered the scene of Lin Feng being tortured.


“Sir, your residence is located in the central area of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, covering an area of three hundred hectares. It is a garden estate.” Lu Zhan jumped out of the carriage first, and then went to Lin Feng’s carriage, helping Lin Feng down. Although he was an Earthly Godly Ancestor, he didn’t have an arrogant attitude.

He had been influenced by secular life for a long time, so Lin Feng didn’t need to use strength to control these people. He only needed to use official positions and rights, which was simpler than many other places.

Lin Feng looked at the luxurious estate before his eyes. There were sixteen side halls outside, and tall pavilions and pagodas. Everything within ten miles was part of his estate. There were no other buildings.

Ten miles away were some lesser buildings, but only seven or eight.

“Only the important officials of the emperor Ancestor Tai and the nobles who are qualified to live here. You have been granted the fourth Ducal title as Bodhisattva by Ancestor Tai, so you are qualified to live here.”

Lin Feng listened to Lu Zhan’s explanation, and then walked into the palace step by step. The four golden pillars outside were really attractive, but the scenery inside was even more amazing.

Entering the main hall, he crossed a bluestone carved bridge. Under the bridge was a surging stream. The water flowed so loudly that the airflow in the whole garden was affected. There were lotus flowers on both sides of the river, which was extremely beautiful.

Lin Feng continued walking ahead. After getting off the stone bridge, he came to the front hall, where the servants lived. The back hall was where the master and their family lived, while the left and right side halls were for senior guests or VIP’s. Between the front hall and back hall was a pavilion, which was the meeting hall.

Behind the main hall was a very spacious square, which used to cultivate and hold grand gatherings.

“Sir, shall we live in the front hall?” The strong man took the initiative to ask Lin Feng, but his face was already excited. They had never lived in such a luxurious building in their lives, as they were not qualified to enter the core area of the Zhen Wu Dynasty.

Lin Feng shook his head slightly, making the prisoners nervous and afraid to speak.

“You are all my brothers. It’s not appropriate to live in the front hall. Just live in the side hall on the left.” Lin Feng saw everyone looking at himself nervously, but just laughed heartily, clapped the strong man on the shoulder, and continued to cross the front hall, walking into the pavilion.

“Sir, that is not appropriate.” Lu Zhan’s face was bitter. If Lin Feng sent these prisoners to the side hall, didn’t it improve their status? It was really inappropriate.

“There’s nothing wrong. I only accept helpers and brothers, not servants. If you think you can only be servants, don’t follow me!” Lin Feng glanced at Lu Zhan and then walked into the meeting hall.

Lu Zhan’s complexion changed. He saw Lin Feng’s angry look, but only felt warmth in his heart, not the kind of fear Dong Fang Yu Qing displayed, a fear of offending the master.

“Yes, if I think I’m a servant, where is my qualification to enter the temple?” Lu Zhan murmured, his face brightened, and he suddenly realized that this was the essence of life!

“We have a good master,” The strong man walked by Lu Zhan and said firmly. Then he led the other men to walk into the side hall.

Lu Zhan laughed. This was his first heartfelt smile in ages. He had lived in vain for so many years. He was really tired!

“Master Bodhisattva, Bu Zhen Si asks for a meeting!”

“Master Bodhisattva, Xun Cheng Yu Shi asks for a meeting!”

“Master Bodhisattva, An Cha Shi asks for a meeting!”

“Master Bodhisattva, the Xing Bu Si Lang asks for a meeting!”

“Master Bodhisattva, Xuan Wei Si asks for a meeting!”…

At this moment, a lot of officials shouted for meetings from outside the palace, breaking the silence of the forested garden, and making the atmosphere in the hall more dignified.

Lu Zhan stood outside and looked at the law enforcement officials waiting to see him. He was very pleased that these were his subordinates. Now that they had lost their power and still followed. Of course, he knew that Lin Feng was the reason why these officials dared to come here.

If it wasn’t for Lin Feng, the fourth Duke, they might have given up and turned to Dong Fang Yu Qing’s subordinates.

Lin Feng frowned and walked out of the pavilion, standing beside Lu Zhan, and asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter?”

“Sir, they are law enforcement officials, big and small, and want to ask for advice. They must want to report their work!” Lu Zhan grinned, all of which showed that Lin Feng would at least have the support of law enforcement officials in the future, and would not be blocked by political orders.

“Oh, yes, let them all in.” Lin Feng nodded and understood the real purpose of these people’s coming. They prayed for protection. This was the way to be an official! Although Lin Feng was not involved in the official position, he came from Earth, after all.

The official way and social habits of Earth have been clear for a long time, but unexpectedly, the World of Battles was even more serious than China!


That night, Lin Feng performed the duties of a Minister of Punishment, and promised a lot of things, just waiting for the morning meeting tomorrow to report to Ancestor Tai.

The next day, in the early morning, Lin Feng was called on by Lu Zhan. Everything was prepared by Lu Zhan, and the official uniforms of the Dynasty were sent out of the palace in the early morning.

Lin Feng was different from the usual Minister of Punishment. He was the fourth Duke and the Bodhisattva, so he wore much more gorgeous official clothes. His upper body wore the official clothes depicting the map of mountains and rivers, and every stroke of his body was outlined with gold wire. The lower part of his skirt was made of the best material, and a pair of black court boots.

The official hat on his  head was also very luxurious. It was made of pure gold and carved with a unicorn, which symbolized the identity of the fourth Duke.

The official hat of Dong Fang Yu Qing bore a four-clawed python, which symbolized the position of the royal family and him being the nephew of the Prime Minister. If Nian Ling Jiao, the eldest princess, wore the official hat, it was a phoenix, while Lin Feng’s was a kirin.

This kind of honor was not for everyone. Lu Zhan envied him, but it was clear that as long as he kept up with Lin Feng, he would not be treated badly.

Before entering the carriage, Lin Feng murmured a few words to Lu Zhan. “In a moment, I will report to the court that a Law Enforcement Army will be set up, based on our fifteen Holy Godly Ancestors. As for the level, we will set it as the third level. I will resign as Minister of Punishment and will give it to you.

“Since I am the Bodhisattva, you are still responsible to me. In this way, I can relax. Your authority in the past is still there. This kind of solution is the best.”

Lu Zhan was shocked to the extreme, but his heart was on fire. What reason could he have to betray such a good master? He was more than twice as good as Dong Fang Yu Qing!

“Go.” With a roar and a wave, Lin Feng’s motorcade rushed straight to the palace. The honor guard was even more luxurious, almost a hundred people now.

Lu Zhan followed, riding a horse, a symbol of the Duke’s deputy.

Lin Feng didn’t expect to be such a dignitary as an official. This was the first time he had experienced it. No wonder so many officials liked to be extravagant. It turned out that this thing could make people addicted. Lin Feng used to only pursue personal strength and accomplishments. Now he was enjoying the prestige brought by a secular position. He still felt very happy.

There were processions coming out in the core area of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, but Lin Feng’s was undoubtedly the most extravagant one. After all, this was the long Princess procession. That morning, the Royal Palace had specially sent an honor guard to greet him.

There were hundreds of thousands of people ranging from Lin Feng’s residence to the Imperial Palace watching such a grand occasion. People who didn’t know would think that the emperor of the Zhen Wu Dynasty was traveling!

When Lin Feng’s carriage stopped, it was directly outside the main hall. Lin Feng stepped down and went in wearing a strange official uniform.

All the officials stood their positions, from the fifth grade to the first grade.

When Lin Feng came in, all the officials bowed slightly, symbolizing fear of the authority of Bodhisattva, but most of them didn’t make a sound. Those who called out “Bodhisattva!” were Ministry of Law Enforcement officials, but numbered less than a dozen people.

“Duke Bodhisattva, you are so powerful.” Dong Fang Yu Qing witnessed Lin Feng’s grand parade with his own eyes. His anger soared, but he could only bite his teeth and clench his fist to endure. He knew that it was not the time to kill Lin Feng.

Lin Feng stood on the left of Dong Fang Yu Qing, looking at Dong Fang Yu Qing’s strong smile, but the man couldn’t hide his anger. 

“Borrowing the princess’s carriage to come, there is nothing to say,” Lin Feng smiled faintly, and stopped paying attention to Dong Fang Yu Qing. Dong Fang Yu Qing was not looking for conversation, merely waiting for Ancestor Tai to appear.

A moment later, Ancestor Tai appeared on the Dragon Throne. His face was like a jade crown, but his hair made him look kind, with dignity in his eyes. This was Ancestor Tai, one of the four Overlords!

“Lin Feng, go to the back hall. Little Jiao is looking for you!” Ancestor Tai saw Lin Feng first, and said with a smile pointed to the back hall.

Lin Feng’s face changed. As he entered the back hall, he thought, Nian Ling Jiao was looking for me?

Dong Fang Yu Qing’s face also changed. Once Lin Feng entered the back hall, his status would be even higher. He was the only one who could enter the back hall, except for Ancestor Tai and Nian Ling Jiao. What was Lin Feng? How could he get in?

“Ancestor Tai, how is Lin Feng qualified to enter the back hall? How can he go in? “Dong Fang Yu Qing could not stand it anymore, and protested loudly. His tone was full of sarcasm and disdain for Lin Feng.

“My princess is going to recognize Lin Feng as a brother, so is he qualified?”

As soon as Dong Fang Yu Qing’s voice rose, the clear and silvery voice of Nian Ling Jiao came from the back hall, which shocked everyone, including Lin Feng himself.

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