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Chapter 1412 Lin Feng’s Arrogance!

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“Ha ha, Bodhisattva? Lin Feng?” Prince Dun looked at Lin Feng with a slightly ironic smile, and then began to sneer. He never cared about this name before. It was only after Dong Fang Yu Qing’s restrictions these last two days that he heard the name of Lin Feng, the Bodhisattva.

He was shocked when uncle Ancestor Tai made him the fourth Duke, but was not willing to admit the fact. He was appointed a Duke. Although his position was high, he had no real power at all. He could only play in the Zhen Wu Dynasty, so Prince Dun was not willing to acknowledge him, especially after meeting him like this.

Lin Feng was just a prisoner before, but now he was the Bodhisattva. It was a little strange.

Lin Feng saw the disdain in Prince Dun’s eyes and the sarcasm in his tone, but he didn’t care. His purpose was to catch the servant who beat the old man!

“What are you doing? Arrest him!” Lin Feng ordered solemnly, and looked at the servants behind him. After Lin Feng’s words, the servants no longer hesitated. With the support of Bodhisattva, they would dare arrest anyone!

Prince Dun didn’t expect Lin Feng to be so shameless. His face suddenly changed, and he scolded, “Who are you to dare to? Lin Feng, don’t be self-righteous! My men, do you dare to catch them?”

His tone was very cold. Prince Dun was putting pressure on Lin Feng. However, for Lin Feng, the deterrence of the Holy Godly Ancestor was not enough, or frankly, 70% of it could be ignored.

The father and daughter to the side were shocked. They couldn’t imagine that he would fight against Prince Dun for the sake of the people. Isn’t he afraid of being dismissed?, The father and daughter thought in silence.

“Arrest him!” Lin Feng looked directly at Prince Dun, but still gave the order without hesitation.

“Dare you?!” Prince Dun roared. His eyes almost spewed out his killing anger. He clenched his fists. His aura was extremely terrifying, but the pressure was limited for those servants of Lin Feng. After all, they were also Holy Godly Ancestors!

“Got it!” Lin Feng ignored Prince Dun’s anger, and with a roar, vanished and then reappeared in front of the man who was going to kill the old man just now. Without any hesitation, he grabbed the man’s collar and pulled him directly.

“Go!” Lin Feng turned around resolutely, ignoring Prince Dun’s murderous eyes. He took the servant with him, sealed his meridians, and threw him on a horse like a dead dog.

Lin Feng went to his father and daughter and asked politely, “Where do you live? I’ll send you back.”

“My lord, I, we…” The old man still couldn’t believe it. It was a fact that the man in front of him was so domineering that he could even ignore Prince Dun’s authority.

He was excited at the same time, but also panicking. Once Lin Feng left, what about Prince Dun’s revenge? He was worried about his daughter’s safety. Once she was dragged to Prince Dun’s mansion, there was no hope of innocence.

The girl was calmer than her father and answered honestly, “We were homeless. We were going to go to our relatives’ house, but our relatives thought we were a burden, so they drove us out!” 

After hearing these words, Lin Feng raised eyebrows, nodded, and looked back at the servants. “Let this father and daughter go to my estate, and arrange a job for them.”

“Thank you, thank you my lord.”

“Come on, kneel down. Thank you for your taking us in.” The old man dragged the girl and knelt on the ground, kowtowing to Lin Feng, with tears on his face. They had never seen such officials before, and they could not believe it.

“Just get up.” Lin Feng shook his head and walked directly into the carriage. With a wave of his hand, the mighty honor guard continued on, heading straight to the core area of the Zhen Wu Dynasty.

“Get on the horse.” After a servant arranged the father and daughter, he quickly caught up with Lin Feng’s honor guard.


Lin Feng had gone, but Prince Dun was angry. He clenched his fist, holding his anger. Prince Dun felt a humiliation he never felt before. He went through everything that night.

“Ah, Lin Feng, I will report you. ah!” Prince Dun had never suffered such a great grievance in his life. Today, Lin Feng’s appearance had left him with no dignity. His imperial stature was like a piece of paper, thrown away by Lin Feng easily.

“Prince, it is said that when Lin Feng went to the court, he was recognized as a brother by the princess, so he is also a prince now!” After thinking about it for a long time, a servant thought that he should report it to Prince Dun, so he spoke up.

After that…



Lin Feng didn’t want to know how Prince Dun looked like after he became angry. Lin Feng only knew that in his own authority, when something like this happened, he should severely punish them.

Lin Feng was not sure whether Prince Dun ordered this man to rob people or whether this man did it to ingratiate his master. He knew he should at least catch this servant first. If Prince Dun was suspected of raping and forcing himself on ordinary women, then he would not let him go.

Others were afraid of power. He was not. Others were tempted by power, their hearts were corroded by power. However, when he was new here, he didn’t understand the right and wrong of officialdom, so his innocence made him fearless.

At this moment, Lin Feng’s domineering spirit was reflected incisively and vividly. Of course, this was the first time Lin Feng had used authority to suppress power and violence; in the past, he used to defeat others with his fist!

When the caravan returned to the mansion, Lu Zhan had been waiting for a long time, with a group of law enforcement officials behind him. He had not heard the confrontation between Lin Feng and Prince Dun, or he would have been scared.

After Lin Feng got out of the motorcade, the father and daughter also followed him. Lu Zhan was a little surprised. Who had he brought back? He was surprised, so he asked his men.

After inquiring, Lu Zhan was scared witless and couldn’t react for a long time.

“Heavens, are you kidding me?” Lu Zhan smiled bitterly, The Bodhisattva did not give Prince Dun face? Took his servant directly in front of Prince Dun, and the father and daughter?

Lu Zhan knew that Prince Dun was a prince who liked to play with women. Almost every day, he searched for powerless women from weak families. He did not expect that Prince Dun met Bodhisattva today.

“If my lord can deal with this issue, then no one can underestimate my lord in the whole Zhen Wu Dynasty.” Lu Zhan murmured; he thought that this was Lin Feng’s opportunity. Once this thing was over, Lin Feng’s majesty would be established. All the officials would not dare to ignore this Bodhisattva anymore.

Lin Feng dared challenge even Prince Dun, the nephew of Ancestor Tai; who else would he not dare to?


Lin Feng was not in the mood to enjoy the view of his residence. After walking across the stone bridge and the front hall, he went directly into the pavilion and the hall on the first floor.

Lin Feng’s pace accelerated, forcing all officials following him to hasten their steps, not daring to be neglectful.

“Sit down.” Lin Feng gestured to them. They all sat down in the big hall. There were countless chairs on both sides, enough for all these ten officials.

Lu Zhan did not sit down, but stood beside Lin Feng. It was an honor that not everyone could enjoy.

Sitting on the chair, Lin Feng first calmed down. After seeing that bullying scene, Lin Feng’s kind heart was overflowing. Although Lin Feng had once cultivated demon Qi and still had it, his good heart was still there.

“Today, when I went to the court, Ancestor Tai agreed to what I asked. From now on, you are again the Minister of Punishment.!” Lin Feng glanced at Lu Zhan beside him and reminded him.

There was no excitement on Lu Zhan’s face after hearing the command. He had already known all these things; he was back to his original position, but he had changed his faction!

“The second thing is that Ancestor Tai ordered me to form a Law Enforcement Army and Dong Fang Yu Qing to form a Battle Army. You have been in the official arena for a long time, so you should understand what the hidden meaning is.

“From tomorrow on, the Supervision Department will issue an announcement to recruit the Holy Godly Ancestors and Spiritual Godly Ancestors. Once they pass the assessment successfully, Holy Godly Ancestors will be directly appointed at the second level, and Spirituals at the third!”

“Supervision Department, you are responsible for recruiting personnel. You must try your best and be upright at the same time. If you dare to secretly reach agreements with some of the relatives of princes or governors, you will be dismissed!”

In the Zhen Wu Dynasty, the biggest threat was being dismissed! These people regarded their positions as more important than their lives. They didn’t need to kill people, they just needed to dismiss someone to solve everything!

After Lin Feng said this, the officials were scared. At first, they wanted to arrange things for several acquaintances, but now they didn’t dare to have such ideas. In addition, several colleagues who they had promised before they could only refuse now.

“As for the assessment, it will be handed over to the fifteen members preliminarily designated by the law enforcement arm.” Lin Feng looked at the fifteen Holy Godly Ancestors waiting in the room; that is, the fifteen prisoners released from the prison by him, led by the strong man.

“Yes, my lord!” The loud voice shocked the whole hall, making these officials sweat. So many Holy Godly Ancestors were Lin Feng’s subordinates?

“Well, that’s all. Go back.” Lin Feng had nothing to say, so he waved his hand, indicating they should leave.

The officials all stood up and bowed with their fists, then retreated to the outside of the hall before they dared to turn around and walk out.


Soon the Council hall was quiet, with only fifteen ex-prisoners and Lu Zhan remaining.

“My lord, today…”

“Lu Zhan, don’t ask, do your own thing, you don’t have to worry about me.” Lin Feng interrupted Lu Zhan and knew what he wanted to ask, but there was no need to ask.

“Yes, sir, I will help you with all my strength tomorrow. We must build up a strong Law Enforcement Army!” Lu Zhan swore solemnly, with a determined look.

Lin Feng smiled and grinned, “Work hard Master Lu, it’s not that you help me, it’s that you are fully responsible, ha ha!”

After laughing, Lin Feng got up and left the hall.

“Ah? My lord, you are too… ” Lu Zhan’s face changed greatly. He wanted to say that you were too lazy, but he dared not to go on. He sighed and saw Lin Feng leaving the hall. He could only grieve alone.

Leaving a mountain full of tigers, entering a mountain full of wolves!

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