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Chapter 1414 – Arrested in Front of Ancestor Tai


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“Uncle, you should help me. Lin Feng didn’t treat your nephew like a person!”

In the back hall, the Dun Crown Prince tearfully and bitterly aired his grievances and knelt beside Ancestor Tai, who was playing a kind old man at present. He touched the Dun Crown Prince’s head and was full of heartache. He had no son in his life, and had always regarded the Dun Crown Prince Pin Guan as his son.

After Pin Guan cried about Lin Feng’s tyranny, Ancestor Tai did have some dissatisfaction with Lin Feng. It could be imagined that the Dun Crown Prince Pin Guan must have exaggerated somewhat. Lin Feng must have been portrayed as a bullying king of law, using Ancestor Tai’s favor to be arrogant.

Nian Ling Jiao just sat aside and listened to Pin Guan’s words with a smile. She couldn’t help laughing, but she didn’t intervene. She waited for Lin Feng to hit the Dun Crown Prince hard. Her cousin was a typical evil bully.

Him being beaten by Lin Feng and Lin Feng taking his favorite women was all his fiction, Nian Ling Jiao was sure.

“Father, it’s time to go to court.” Nian Ling Jiao had to interrupt Pin Guan’s weeping tale because she couldn’t stand it any longer. She was worried that he would continue crying for a while, and Ancestor Tai would kill Lin Feng directly.

Ancestor Tai looked at Nian Ling Jiao and understood what his precious daughter meant. She was warning him that he could not listen to one-sided words. Lin Feng had not yet seen them, so he should not believe the words of Pin Guan.

Ancestor Tai got up and was supported by Nian Ling Jiao. Pin Guan walked into the hall, wiped away his tears and sniggered. In his heart, he thought that Lin Feng was going to die!

Humph! Fight with me, I will kill you!

Pin Guan, the Dun Crown Prince, followed him and went straight to the main hall. At this moment, the main hall already had hundreds of officials. Lin Feng was in the first row. Dong Fang Yu Qing and the three princes standing on the right side of Dong Fang Yu Qing were all close relatives of Ancestor Tai, while the right side was the Dun Crown Prince’s position.

“To Your Majesty!”

Seeing the figure of Ancestor Tai appear on the Purple Dragon Throne, the officials knelt down in succession. Dong Fang Yu Qing also knelt down with one leg. Only Lin Feng leaned slightly with his fist in his arms and didn’t kneel.

After listening to the narration of Pin Guan, Ancestor Tai had some dissatisfaction with Lin Feng. Seeing that he didn’t kneel on his own, he became angry.

“What happened to the Bodhisattva’s legs? Are you tied to an iron plate? Why didn’t you kneel for me?” Ancestor Tai’s kind face disappeared and was replaced by a chilling expression. Ancestor Tai was the embodiment of domination at this point.

Lin Feng knew that the Dun Crown Prince must have spun a sorry tale. Otherwise, Ancestor Tai would not be so temperamental and have no patience for him.

Lin Feng frowned, but answered the truth in his heart, “I don’t kneel to the sky, I don’t kneel to the ground, I just kneel to my parents and teachers!”

This sentence shocked the people in the whole hall. All the officials were sweating coldly, as if they had said it themselves. They were too scared to look up. 

Even Dong Fang Yu Qing secretly admired Lin Feng’s courage for daring to talk to Ancestor Tai like that.

The Dun Crown Prince stood on the far right, grinning coldly, and said to himself, “You are dead. See how long you last!”

Ancestor Tai was stunned. He didn’t know how to answer, but the anger on his face was real.

“You are bold! How dare you speak so to His Majesty!” Dong Fang Yu Qing found his chance, raising his head and pointing at Lin Feng.

“There’s no law!” a prince scolded Lin Feng coldly. When they heard that Lin Feng was so rude to the Dun Crown Prince, they took Lin Feng as their enemy.

“It’s a shame to the Zhen Wu Dynasty, Ancestor Tai. Please kill this person!”

“Your Majesty Ancestor Tai, there is no good in this man’s eyes. He even despises the imperial power. He can’t stay. Please kill him!”

“Your Majesty, if this man is not removed, there will be no peace in the Zhen Wu Dynasty.”

“I want to crash into this pillar, Your Majesty!”

At this moment, a very old man even took off his official hat, and started to run into a column on one side, which scared several officials around him enough to stop him. Such a farce made Lin Feng want to cry without tears, but it was hard to laugh.

What a play it was!

“That’s enough. This is the Dynasty. Stop such nonsense. What’s the matter? Come on, get rid of them!” Nian Ling Jiao knew that it was bad for Lin Feng to make such a fuss, so she did not hesitate to wave and order people to drive out the officials who made trouble.

Ancestor Tai frowned. It was the most disorderly thing he had ever seen, and it was all because of Lin Feng.

“That’s enough. Let’s stop for a while.” At the sound of Ancestor Tai’s bronze bell everyone went quiet.

Ancestor Tai looked at Lin Feng and asked in a cold voice, “What did you mean by that? Were you kidding me that I don’t deserve your knee? Don’t ministers kneel to their emperor? “

“In my eyes, there is only the concept of father and son, master and apprentice. There is no concept of emperor and minister!” Lin Feng knew that this sentence would certainly annoy Ancestor Tai, but he said it despite the danger.


A weighty aura rolled in like the thunder of heaven’s law. Lin Feng almost choked, and even his whole body began to ache, as if there were thousands of poisonous insects biting him.

Lin Feng was biting his teeth and sweating hard, but he didn’t say a word. It was another kind of domineering spirit, which he immediately showed to everyone.

Ancestor Tai couldn’t let Lin Feng continue when he saw such momentum. He could only shout. After all, Lin Feng was from the Northwest. Without the secular concept of imperial power, Lin Feng couldn’t understand it.

The reason why he let Lin Feng be the Bodhisattva was precisely because of this concept. At present, how could he listen to the words of Pin Guan? How could he be so tyrannical?

Ancestor Tai secretly shook his head. It shouldn’t be so. Such a scene would inevitably lead to estrangement between himself and Lin Feng. It was too hard to eliminate. If he continued to punish Lin Feng, maybe Nian Ling Jiao would get angry, too. It was not worth it.

“Hmmm-hmm, yes, young people should have such backbone. Lin Feng, you have passed the examination and become the Bodhisattva. You deserve it.” Ancestor Tai smiled and took a step back.

The many officials were stunned. Why did Ancestor Tai compromise? But they dared not ask, Ancestor Tai himself took the step, and no one dared to find trouble at this time.

Lin Feng also knew that Ancestor Tai must have considered his special background and Nian Ling Jiao’s feelings, so he compromised.

“Ancestor Tai, you are an elder, so it’s reasonable to honor you. But I usually honor Ancestor Nü, Ni Huang, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, and even Ancestor Long with fists. If you let me kneel down, this is…” Lin Feng smiled ironically. If Ancestor Tai admitted that he was more powerful than the above characters, then he could kneel down.

However, Ancestor Tai and others were all at the same level, powerful people of status. They didn’t ask him to kneel. If he asked for kneeling, it was not appropriate.

Ancestor Tai understood that there was something in Lin Feng’s words, so he no longer embarrassed Lin Feng, but he still had to deal with the Dun Crown Prince’s grievances.

“Lin Feng, let’s talk about the conflict with Pin Guan.” Ancestor Tai directly changed the topic, glanced at Prince the Dun Crown Prince, and motioned for Lin Feng to explain himself.

Lin Feng knew that the Pin Guan was the Dun Crown Prince, but he didn’t intend to explain. Instead of explaining, he wanted to catch the Dun Crown Prince and put him in prison!

“Ancestor Tai, can the Law Enforcement of the Zhen Wu Dynasty be broken?” Lin Feng’s face was cold as he asked Ancestor Tai, waiting for the latter’s answer.

Ancestor Tai was shocked, and knew that Lin Feng was going to dig a hole for him, but he couldn’t help but answer according to the facts. If the Zhen Wu Dynasty didn’t abide by the Law Enforcement, was it not chaos?

“Of course, it can’t be broken. As a Bodhisattva, you should uphold the Law Enforcement in court,” Ancestor Tai replied firmly, but he knew that he had been trapped. Prince Pin Guan, who had been watching the scene, turned pale, and felt that this was not good.

“Since it can’t be broken, can there be exceptional people who don’t abide by the law?” Lin Feng asked again.

“No, no.” Ancestor Tai bit his teeth and replied helplessly.

“In that case, Ancestor Tai, I’ll take the Dun Crown Prince to jail!” Lin Feng smiled. Since Ancestor Tai had something to say, he should have arrested people himself!

As soon as Lin Feng’s words came out, the whole hall fell into silence. No one dared to speak, but they were watching, and they were shocked. Lin Feng even dared to arrest the Dun Crown Prince? In front of Ancestor Tai?

“Give me a reason.” Ancestor Tai knew that he was trapped by the words of Lin Feng, but he could not let Lin Feng take his nephew easily.

“This is the reason.” Lin Feng stretched out his hand, and a golden light flashed in his hand. A petition was presented to Ancestor Tai. Ancestor Tai picked up this large petition, on which were the crying of father and daughter, and the confession of the Dun Crown Prince’s subordinates. The rest were examples of the Dun Crown Prince’s persecution of people, women and families, many in the number.


“Catch it!” Ancestor Tai threw the complaint on the board. For the first time, he lost hope for his nephew, and a trace of hope in his heart was also disillusioned. In the past, an official had complained, but it was oppressed by him. That was meant to give the Dun Crown Prince a chance, and he had repented.

He didn’t expect that after seeing countless examples at this moment, his uncle really wanted to shoot him to death. In the past century, he had raped more than a thousand girls, destroyed more than ten thousand families, and killed more than three thousand people!

This kind of data was frightening. Even if he wanted to protect his nephew, he couldn’t. Lin Feng, the Bodhisattva, was his own life. To a certain extent, he symbolized the Emperor. If he defended his nephew this time, he would be slapping his own face.

Ancestor Tai thought about the overall situation, which was not what ordinary people could imagine, and at this moment, he no longer protected his nephew.

With this sentence, Lin Feng smiled, and then passed directly in front of Dong Fang Yu Qing, straight to Pin Guan. Pin Guan’s face was furious, and his eyes immediately reflected two cold lights. A strong murderous urge filled the whole hall.

“Lin Feng, I will tear you to pieces! ” The Dun Crown Prince roared, and stepped out. He went straight at Lin Feng, waving one hand fiercely, his face cold, showing unprecedented killing intent.

Lin Feng frowned. He didn’t think that the Dun Crown Prince was this good. Among the Holy Godly Ancestors, he was at the top. But it was not much for him. He could deal with first and second Earthly Godly Ancestors. It was nothing much.

“I gave you the chance, but you did not cherish it. What was waiting for you was only prison!” Lin Feng shouted suddenly and disappeared in front of all the people, startling everyone, and a chill rose in their hearts.

Lin Feng’s realm of Holy Godly Ancestor shocked everyone. He was beyond the strength of Holy Godly Ancestors. Pin Guan was not Lin Feng’s opponent.

Lin Feng’s body tilted back, and he simply avoided the cold hand of Pin Guan. In turn, Lin Feng kicked out, steady, accurate, and ruthless. He directly kicked the collarbone under Pin Guan’s chin. With a bang, Pin Guan was kicked out of the hall, and Lin Feng disappeared.

The hall was completely quiet. Lin Feng beat Pin Guan with two moves, crisp and neat.


With an angry roar from Ancestor Tai and a wave of his robe, the terrifying aura of an Overlord gathered into a tornado. The golden tornado blew all the officials out. Only Dong Fang Yu Qing could barely protect himself, but he also ran out of the hall.

Ancestor Tai left the hall angrily. Nian Ling Jiao knew that her father was angry. He had never been so angry. Lin Feng’s righteousness had made him lose his face. He was even angrier at the crimes of Pin Guan, which were too many to write.


After Lin Feng rushed out of the main hall, he grabbed Pin Guan’s lapel with one hand and went straight outside of the main hall. The guard army, the garrison at the gate of the palace, and the passers-by and ordinary people outside the palace were stunned.

“Heavens, what did this Ancestor do?”

Lu Zhan happened to pass by the gate of the palace. He saw Lin Feng angrily dragging Pin Guan’s lapel, directly dragging Pin Guan to the prison. He almost fainted in fear.

Countless people saw this scene. The newly appointed Bodhisattva grabbed people directly from the main hall, defeated Ancestor Tai’s nephew in front of Ancestor Tai, and then took them away.

In but half a day, for millions of miles around, everybody knew!

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