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Chapter 1415 – Jeston and Representative of Tian Dao Yuan



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“Song Chou Jiu, are the Eight Corners now stable?” The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points stood in the meeting hall and looked at Song Chou Jiu in front of him. Since being disturbed by some Overlords under Kun Dao, the Eight Corners had been unsettled. Because of the disappearance of Lin Feng, the Eight Corners lacked a cohesive force and unity.

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points spent a lot of effort during this period of time. He couldn’t let the Region of the Eight Corners collapse. After some effort, the Eight Corners should have stabilized.

“Well, my Lord Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, there are people guarding all borders of the Eight Corners. There will be no problems for the time being.” Song Chou Jiu was tired. During this period, he hardly had a rest or a good cultivation, so his words were very fatigued.

But he had devoted too much effort to the Region of the Eight Corners. This was not only Lin Feng’s region, but his region! Even if he finally died here, he had no regrets.

“You have been working so hard. It’s an honor for Lin Feng to have your help.” When Lin Feng disappeared, these people remained loyal to him, which was valuable and rare!

“You are so polite. We are brothers with Lin Feng, and we are all for the same purpose. We just want to make the Region of the Eight Corners brilliant.” Song Chou Jiu smiled faintly, slightly dissatisfied with the words of the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points.

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points also realized his mistake, but didn’t explain, so as not to arouse Song Chou Jiu’s antipathy. Instead, he shifted the topic and said, “Song Chou Jiu, send someone to find Lin Feng in the South.”

Song Chou Jiu listened to the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points’s orders, and then remembered that the most important thing had not been reported. He clapped his head and hurriedly reported. “Lord Ancestor, Chu Chun Qiu, Prince Ghost, Zhe Tian, and Qiong Sheng have gone, and should have left the Region of the Eight Corners by now.” 

“They have already left?” The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was a little surprised, but soon he smiled happily. These people all acted before the Ancestor gave orders. They had organized people to go to the South to find Lin Feng!

“Well, Chu Chun Qiu and Prince Ghost were on their way with Lin Feng’s two sons,” Song Chou Jiu nodded. He was expecting that those four people could find Lin Feng. At least, they could get some rumors and traces about Lin Feng. At least they would not be as clueless as now.

“Ah, Lin Feng doesn’t know about Zhan Gan’s tragic death and Lin Zu’s disappearance. Once he finds out…” the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points shook his head bitterly and sighed, but he did not dare go himself. Once Lin Feng knew this, he would probably get rid of Jun Hall entirely, because all these troubles were caused by Zhuang Chong Huan!

Because of the sins of Zhuang Chong Huan, Zhuang Ling Yun was silent. He secretly hid himself and burst into tears. He felt extremely depressed and guilty. He was sorry for Lin Feng, his adoptive father. Lin Zu was missing and Zhan Gan had died miserably. All this was done by his brute of a father!

   Because of Zhuang Chong Huan, the Region of the Eight Corners was no longer able to return to the previous kind of peace and tranquility.

   With a sigh, the hall was completely quiet.


…”Lin Feng, do you dare shut me down?” Pin Guan, the Dun Crown Prince, had no strength to roar at this moment. He didn’t know how many times he bellowed, but Lin Feng had almost ignored his anger. After a long time, he could only admit defeat, but his tone showed a little resentment.

“Dun Crown Prince, how many girls did you rape, how many families did you destroy, and how many people did you kill? You should be clear. Of course I’ll shut you down. Isn’t it normal?” Lin Feng glanced at Pin Guan who tightly held on his hand and asked in a cold voice.

“Ha ha, you dare to arrest me in front of Ancestor Tai, Lin Feng. You have buried a bomb for yourself. Maybe it will kill you someday!

“I’m the only nephew of Ancestor Tai. If you arrest me, my mother won’t give me up. As long as she speaks to Ancestor Tai, I will be released immediately, you understand?

“So, listen to my advice, why lock me up and waste your energy? Why don’t you let me go? I promise I won’t harm those cheap girls in the future, OK?” Pin Guan looked at Lin Feng expectantly. He had some expectation and desire in his heart. He was used to living a rich life. He wouldn’t be able to stand being imprisoned!

“Even if you will be released, it will also be on the orders of Ancestor Tai. But Ancestor Tai let me shut you down, I will not release you!” Lin Feng chuckled coldly, and directly refused the request of Pin Guan. Moreover, he did not need to refuse politely.

   The Prince’s face changed. He clenched his fists, wishing he could kill Lin Feng. But when Lin Feng defeated him with only two moves, he felt helpless and bitter. He had never seen such an officer, who was so impersonal and dared to challenge the royal family.

“Lin Feng, if you do this, you will not be an official for a long time. You can arrest the Dun Crown Prince, but there are the Yu Crown Prince, the Long Crown Prince, and the Li Crown Prince. They are all close relatives of Ancestor Tai, and the Long Crown Prince is his brother, the father of Dong Fang Yu Qing. Do you dare provoke him?”

Wait, Lin Feng. I’ll get my revenge sooner or later! Pin Guan had given up. All the moves he should use had been used. Even the powerful background, Ancestor Tai, ordered him to be put in prison. There was no possibility of change. He only waited for the day when Lin Feng was punished. At that time, he would torture Lin Feng and put him to death!

“Go in, lock him in.” Lin Feng didn’t listen to Pin Guan’s nonsense any more. When Pin Guan came to the prison, his Pure Qi was Sealed and he was thrown to the guard officer. The guard officer didn’t know Pin Guan was a bigwig, so he was fearless in handling him.

“Get in there for me.” The guard officer kicked Pin Guan directly into No.1 prison. Lin Feng was very nervous. The guard officer was so brave that he even dared to kick the Dun Crown Prince!

“You little guard, do you know who I am? How dare you kick me!” The anger of Pin Guan was about to burn up the whole World of Battles. He couldn’t get rid of his anger. He couldn’t beat Lin Feng. Now even the little prison guard dared to bully him?

“I don’t care who you are. Our Bodhisattva is here. If you are the king of heaven, you have to lie down for me!” the guard sneered, then closed the prison gate, ran to Lin Feng in flattery, and Lin Feng walked out along the corridor.

“Hey, my Lord, who is this man?” the guard asked with a grin. It was just a casual question, and he didn’t want to know the answer.

   Lin Feng gave him an awkward smile and patted the guard on the shoulder. “The Dun Crown Prince, Pin Guan!”

   Lin Feng laughed bitterly, but the guard collapsed on the ground directly. Cold sweat flew down his back. His face was extremely pale. He looked at Lin Feng in despair.

“You, you, me, I’m gonna die!” The guard officer just wanted to cry without tears. Just now he kicked the Dun Crown Prince. Once the Dun Crown Prince left, the little guard could be easily killed by him.

“Who made you so arrogant in front of him?” Lin Feng was still laughing. It was very funny to see the guard acting like this.

“You didn’t warn me, either!” The guard still wanted to cry without tears, with a trace of sadness in his voice.

“Didn’t he warn you? Who do you blame for not listening? From this matter, you should be alert. Remember, no matter who is in prison, you can’t humiliate them at will, because you don’t know what his future achievements will be, or what his background is now!”

“All you can do is guard yourself. As for other things, it’s none of your business, understand?”

   Lin Feng chuckled a few times, and then left the prison while the guard was still in a daze. Lin Feng couldn’t forget that when he was locked in, the guard had abused him, and almost interrupted the formation of his Ancestor’s Body.

   Now he must feel the horror of abusing prisoners. He might not dare to abuse them in the future.


   Back in his residence in the core area of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, Lin Feng had just entered the courtyard, and Lu Zhan entered on a fast horse.

   In addition to special circumstances, the Zhen Wu Dynasty did not allow flying over the city, which was disrespectful to Ancestor Tai. Therefore, even an Overlord should ride a horse or ride a carriage.

“My lord, the representative of Tian Dao Yuan is here. You need to receive him in person!” Lu Zhan quickly ran to Lin Feng’s side. When Lin Feng saw his big body running, he thought of a chimpanzee. After listening to Lu Zhan’s report, Lin Feng had a little more expectation.

   Tian Dao Yuan could be said to be one of the forces closest to him. After all, when he was in the Country of Eternity, he was the Leader of Tian Dao Yuan. Lin Feng did not forget the moment when he spent lots of efforts to kill the old servant, let alone rescuing the former four masters from the tomb.

“Where is the representative of Tian Dao Yuan?” Lin Feng asked Lu Zhan, with some expectations.

“Outside the core area of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, I have sent people to meet you!” Lu Zhan replied quickly. After that, Lin Feng had disappeared from the mansion. His figure leaped high into the sky and flew out of the core area. Lu Zhan’s face changed greatly. He was so arrogant that he dared to fly high. He didn’t take the imperial power seriously. But when he thought that Lin Feng dared to arrest Pin Guan in front of Ancestor Tai, this was nothing.

   After flying outside of the core area, Lin Feng saw a lot of strong people gathered in the distance. Some law officials closely surrounded several blue robed men there.

“The lord comes. Get out of the way.”

   When an official saw Lin Feng appear here, his face suddenly changed. He quickly signaled to all the officials to get out of the way and let Lin Feng come in.

   After all the people got out of the way, Lin Feng looked at the visitors and saw the representative of Tian Dao Yuan, the man in blue robe. Lin Feng was stunned.

   The representative of Tian Dao Yuan, the man in blue robe, was also very shocked when he saw Lin Feng.

   Those watching felt that Lin Feng and this representative knew each other and got along well.

“I didn’t expect you to be the representative of Tian Dao Yuan in the World of Battle.” Lin Feng was smiling, but his eyes were complicated.

   Jeston also chuckled, a strange light in his blue eyes, but he also smiled. “Old friend, we meet again!”

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