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Chapter 1416 – The Real Master


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   When Lin Feng led Jeston into his mansion, Jeston was deeply shocked. Lin Feng’s mansion was so luxurious. It was the only building for several miles. Between the front hall and the back hall was a magnificent pavilion.

   Entering the first floor of the pavilion, Jeston sat directly on the chair without Lin Feng’s sign. Lin Feng poured him a cup of tea himself, and smiled. “I didn’t think that you would become the representative of the Tian Dao Yuan in the World of Battles.”

“Are you jealous?” Jeston stared at Lin Feng with a big smile. In fact, he hoped Lin Feng would be jealous.

“Leaving the Country of Eternity, Tian Dao Yuan has nothing to do with me. I don’t know anyone in the Tian Dao Yuan in the World of Battles, how can I be jealous?” Lin Feng smiled and shook his head slowly. He didn’t mind the words. He sat on the chair and sipped the tea.

Jeston wanted to say something to make Lin Feng feel angry, but he was not sure whether to say it or not, but how long could he hide? He needed to say it eventually.

   Thinking of it, Jeston sighed, raised his head and said, “To be honest, in the Country of Eternity, I’m the chosen Leader.”

   Hearing that, Lin Feng’s teacup shivered, but he returned to normal quickly, he smiled. “Is that so? Congratulations!”

“I know you don’t like it, but it’s the truth. You probably know why the Old Servant was not friendly to you and didn’t even take you as the master. The reason is that you were not the first choice of the master.

“The first choice was me, Jeston, but for various reasons, I left the Old Servant, and then followed my present master, Ancestor Tian Qi.”

   Jeston explained the whole thing casually. Lin Feng tried to listen to it calmly, but he couldn’t, it was like a hurricane.

“Ancestor Tian Qi was the last master of Tian Dao Yuan in the World of Battle, and he’s also one of the Antiquity Kings.”

“The Antiquity Kings?” When Lin Feng heard the words, he couldn’t help but frown. Ancestor Tianqi was an Antiquity King. He must have fought in the wild war of the magic forest in Shen Hai Mo Lin.

“You should have heard of the wild war of the Antiquity Kings. Ancestor Tian Qi participated in it, but one of his avatars never left me in the Country of Eternity.

“To some extent, it’s all your people in Tian Dao Yuan in the Country of Eternity and you are the leader, and you killed the Old Servant, who declared that I am the leader. But when you come to the World of Battles, I’m the only leader of the Tian Dao Yuan.

“You could have entered Tian Dao Yuan and inherited it when you came to the World of Battles, but now you don’t have the chance or the qualification anymore!” Jeston said with a bigger and bigger smile on his face. He finally told Lin Feng the secret.

   Lin Feng put down his teacup. After hearing such a detailed secret, there was indeed anger and frustration. It was just like how King Xuan Yuan treated him back then. It was hard to get rid of this feeling, especially the bitterness when knowing that two people from Earth were selected by Tian Dao Yuan, and he was not the most important one.

   However, after thinking about it, Lin Feng smiled with relief.

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t need Tian Dao Yuan to strengthen myself now. You saw it, right?” Lin Feng said with a smile, pointing to the luxurious hall, as well as the robe, and of course his real identity, the Leader of the Region of the Eight Corners.

“Ha ha, it’s good that you understand.” When Jeston saw that Lin Feng was not depressed, and that his words did not affect Lin Feng’s mind, he was a little relieved. At least he didn’t need to feel guilty.

“After returning from the Zhen Wu Dynasty, I will inherit the Leadership of Tian Dao Yuan. This time, I will also report to the Ancestor. After all, he is in charge of the Southwest,” Jeston said, the smile on his face brightening.

“Well, good. When I go to the court tomorrow, I’ll take you to the palace to see the Ancestor. Jeston, you can rest in the side hall.”

   Lin Feng got up, wanting to end the conversation. Jeston didn’t stop him. After drinking a cup of tea made by Lin Feng himself, he stood up, followed several of Lin Feng’s servants, and left the hall.


   Lin Feng watched Jeston walk away. His fists were clenched with anger. It hit him too hard. He was gotten rid of twice after he finished his work, which felt horrible. He worked hard to make things right, and then others got the final reward.

   Lin Feng finally understood why Tian Dao Yuan didn’t send people to welcome him or even invite him after he first entered the World of Battle. The truth was that Tian Dao Yuan in the World of Battle had never acknowledged his status and identity. What was the meaning of him making such sacrifices in the Country of Eternity?

   For the sake of Tian Dao Yuan, he had offended Tian Ji, the Ancient Demonic Clan, and many other forces, and nearly died for them. Who could compensate him for those tragic efforts?

   It’s true that with his status and strength, he no longer needed Tian Dao Yuan to prove himself and support him. But what they should have given him was now Jeston’s.

   Lin Feng breathed deeply. Until now, he understood that sometimes he couldn’t do too much. Once something changed, it could have a tragic ending. He would rather make efforts to create a new world.

   But at this time, he could see that Jeston would not stay his friend. It remained to be seen whether he was an enemy or not.

“Maybe I should thank Tian Dao Yuan for leading me to this mysterious land. At least I have a happy family, a proud achievement, and a group of gifted children. That’s enough!”


“Let’s go in. The main hall is the place where the Ancestor will meet you.”

   The morning of the next day, Lin Feng took Jeston to the gate of the palace, but Lin Feng was not going to go in. Jeston felt lost. He knew that since they had spoken, they would not be the same as before.

“Thank you.” Jeston bowed with his hands folded. Everything in the past seemed gone, and they would be strangers from then on.

   Jeston walked in with his blue robe swirling about him. Lin Feng turned around and left the palace quickly. He was not going to court, because there were many things waiting for him to do.

   In the middle of the day, there were many busy people at the recruitment site of the Law Enforcement Army. At the same time, Lin Feng also met the prisoners from the prison, or perhaps they should be called his subordinates, who were checking and assessing the people carefully.

   Lin Feng sat down on his chair silently and opened the register. There were about three hundred people who had successfully registered. Among them were more than fifty Holy Godly Ancestors and nearly three hundred Spiritual Godly Ancestors.

“There should be more Holy Godly Ancestors, at least a hundred. After deducting fifteen of my staff, there are still eighty-five places. Thirty more people are needed.”

“We should recruit at least five hundred Spiritual Godly Ancestors for maintaining public order and…” As Lin Feng murmured, he stopped suddenly. Some of his real plans couldn’t be disclosed, he couldn’t even mumble, in order to be safe.

   These powerful men would be transformed into his own subordinates. In the future, it might be possible to bring them out of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, make them into a strong helper for the Region of the Eight Corners, and build the foundation for his Lin Clan. After all, just his children were not enough for the Lin Clan, it needed more people!

   Wanting to turn them all into his own subordinates was a real problem. These people were seriously corrupted by secular power. If he wanted them to follow him wholeheartedly, he would have to satisfy their desire for more secular power.

“My Lord, it’s the last day to sign up for the Law Enforcement Army. How many people are you going to recruit?” a third-grade official of the law enforcement asked respectfully, standing humbly beside Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked up at the man, then said the plan roughly.

   After a while, the man looked a little embarrassed, he said seriously. “My Lord, it’s almost impossible to recruit a hundred Holy Godly Ancestors, but five hundred Spiritual Godly Ancestors are possible.”


“What’s the situation on the opposite side?” Lin Feng asked him a question, which surprised him, but he quickly realized that their opposite was the Battle Army of Dong Fang Yu Qing.


“It is said that they have recruited a hundred Holy Godly Ancestors, many of which are second and third grade officials of the imperial court. They abandoned their original positions and scrambled to join the Battle Army. Some of them were in high positions. I can’t imagine why the officials did that.” The man shook his head repeatedly. As a member of the imperial court, he couldn’t understand. At least, he would not join the Battle Army himself!

   Lin Feng ignored the man’s words, and fell into a deep thought. Soon Lin Feng couldn’t help laughing. A new recruitment idea came up. If it could succeed, he would need to thank Dong Fang Yu Qing a lot!

“Since you are willing to let your subordinates resign in order to overtake me, then I will take all these positions away.

“Pass on my order, say that the powerful ones who join the Battle Army can become officials of the imperial court; they can choose if they want to be second grade or third grade.”

   Lin Feng laughed and shouted like crazy, which scared the man, but he was very smart. After realizing Lin Feng’s purpose, he was shocked. Lord Bodhisattva had cut out the ground beneath Dong Fang Yu Qing!

“Yes, ha ha!” 

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