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Chapter 1417 – Representatives from All Parties


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“Yes, ha ha!”

   He quickly ran down. The news soon spread throughout the Zhen Wu Dynasty. He could imagine how sensational it would be. Within an hour, there were nearly one hundred more Holy Godly Ancestors and three hundred more Spiritual Godly Ancestors!

   At the moment, Dong Fang Yu Qing was in court, hearing about Lin Feng’s absence. But he never imagined that Lin Feng had taken the drastic action of reserving all the important positions beneath him.

   In the middle of the afternoon, just after Dong Fang Yu Qing left the palace, his subordinates reported to him about Lin Feng’s strategy. Immediately, Dong Fang Yu Qing’s expression changed. He stepped directly on the floor outside the Palace door, crushed it, and left in a rage.

   At the same time, Nian Ling Jiao received a letter from Lin Feng. The letter mainly addressed two points. First was to win over Ancestor Tai, asking him to show up to the rally for the establishment of the Law Enforcement Army in person, and award the honor medals. The second point was to give all the vacant positions to the people of the Law Enforcement Army, so as to avoid vacant positions in the court, which would affect normal operations!

“Lin Feng!” Nian Ling Jiao covered her mouth and smiled, clucking her tongue. Her clear laughter was like a silver bell, which attracted Ancestor Tai’s curiosity.

“Ling Jiao, what’s the matter? If there’s anything fun, share it with me!” Ancestor Tai was curious to see what had made Nian Ling Jiao so happy, so he came closer. His behavior showed his kindness as an old father.

   Nian Ling Jiao didn’t hesitate, and handed Lin Feng’s letter to Ancestor Tai. After thinking it over for a day, Ancestor Tai had seen through the matter of Pin Guan. This nephew was disappointing. Let him be grounded for a while. Otherwise, the Zhen Wu Dynasty might be dissatisfied with its ruler and it could result in some unnecessary chaos because of what Dun Crown Prince Pin Guan had done.

   Ancestor Tai carefully read the letter from Lin Feng, and the smile in his eyes grew stronger. Finally, he shook his head and signed deeply. “Lin Feng is really going way off script. If he actually does this, Dong Fang will probably be furious and spit blood.”

“Father, I think it is agreeable. My cousin cares only about the Battle Ministry and has let so many officials in the court go on strike to join the Battle Ministry. This has led to plenty of vacancies in important positions, which is truly not good for the Zhen Wu Dynasty.

“Lin Feng has made it clear that since the official positions are vacant, they need to be filled up. The Battle Ministry does not want them, then let the Law Enforcement Army take over. Moreover, the Battle Ministry needs to be responsible for battles, and it does not need official positions with real power. But the Law Enforcement Army is in charge of the rules and regulations of the whole court, and it needs officials with real power to control them.

“So, father, you’d better agree with Lin Feng.” Nian Ling Jiao looked at Ancestor Tai and waited for his answer.

  Ancestor Tai stared at his daughter in surprise. He really didn’t understand. His daughter could have married Lin Feng, so that Lin Feng could be his son-in-law. But Nian Ling Jiao refused and accepted Lin Feng as her brother. He really didn’t understand.

   Nian Ling Jiao said that she had no feelings for Lin Feng, but why was she on Lin Feng’s side and helping him right now? It was such a mess. He was becoming less able to understand his daughter’s thoughts.

“In your opinion, if I agree to these two conditions, will Lin Feng be so powerful that no one will dare to be against him in the court?” Ancestor Tai was a little worried. He was afraid that he would create another Dong Fang Yu Qing.

“Father, how many years has cousin been in the court? Don’t you know how many people are in his faction? The four great ministers all follow him. Oh, now the Minister of Punishment Lu Zhan has turned to Lin Feng. Do you think that is balanced?

“Don’t you support Lin Feng just to compete with Dong Fang Yu Qing? However, Lin Feng is not qualified to compete with Dong Fang Yu Qing at all. The selection of the two armies this time proved it clearly. With a single word from Dong Fang Yu Qing, there were almost no strong people going to the Law Enforcement Army for assessment, which is absolutely unfair.

“So you must support Lin Feng, or at least give him the power to protect himself. Otherwise, the people that Lin Feng has gathered may be swallowed up by Dong Fang Yu Qing as well. At that time, Dong Fang Yu Qing will unify the court completely. What will you be able to do, besides being stronger than him?”

   Nian Ling Jiao’s expression was cool at the moment, and her tone was full of warning. Under her beautiful face was a delicate heart, and she thought of the problem from all perspectives.

   Ancestor Tai’s expression changed greatly. After hearing his daughter’s analysis, he felt the fear completely. Apart from his strength, how else was he comparable to Dong Fang Yu Qing? It was frightening to think about!

“In addition, father, Lin Feng is the leader of the Region of the Eight Corners and he belongs to Ni Huang. He is not attached to power at all. You should have felt this. So, Lin Feng will not pose a threat to you. If Dong Fang Yu Qing is defeated, he will not be the next Dong Fang Yu Qing.

“Also, he is the bridge between you and Ni Huang. Once he is put to use, there will be a good connection between the Northwest and the Southwest. At the same time, Lin Feng has been taught the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill by some Buddhist Ancestor under the Western Buddhists.

“Although I don’t know whether it’s true or not, Lin Feng does have Buddhist power in his body, that I can be sure of. In this way, there is a possibility to unite the entire West because of Lin Feng.

“Father, once Ni Huang, the Buddhist Ancestor and you form an Alliance, then a quarter of the world belongs to our Alliance. What else do you need to worry about?

“What’s more, Lin Feng has an unclear connection with Ancestor Nü in the Southeast. Dong Fang Yu Qing brought him back with the help of Ancestor Long. Ancestor Long may already be curious about Lin Feng, so there must be something in Lin Feng’s body that the dragons and Ancestor Long value.

“In this way, father, you can be connected with a small half of the Overlords, and five Ancestors! Don’t you think this is a great opportunity?” When Nian Ling Jiao thought of this, she said it all, and a playful smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

   When Ancestor Tai heard this, he also noticed some signs. He couldn’t help but look up and asked, “Daughter, you don’t happen to know Lin Feng thoroughly?”

“Father, from the first day that I saved Lin Feng, I have known about Lin Feng through my previous connections with the Alliance of Young Geniuses,” Nian Ling Jiao nodded, and did not deny it. If she did not make it clear, she would not have accepted Lin Feng as a brother.

“Okay then.” After listening to so many words, Ancestor Tai was no longer in doubt. It was very cost-effective to support Lin Feng, far less than the threat of Dong Fang Yu Qing.

“Father, the Court Meeting is about to start, and representatives from all parties will arrive soon.” Nian Ling Jiao’s expression did not change, but she was secretly unnerved. If she had not said so much, Ancestor Tai would not have agreed with Lin Feng’s request, and Lin Feng would have fallen into a passive position, which was not good for him.

   Fortunately, they could finally change the topic.

“Well, the representative of Tian Dao Yuan has arrived in the court today. They say that he is also the upcoming Leader. This time, he came to get acquainted with me, since we have to meet each other again in the future,” Ancestor Tai mused. When he saw Jeston, he thought the young man was nice. It would be great if this child could be his son-in-law.

   But Nian Ling Jiao didn’t feel anything in the court, and even ignored Jeston from the beginning to the end. This surprised Ancestor Tai, but he didn’t press her.

“The representative of the Tai Qing Sect will also arrive soon. In addition, the Hell Judges, the Governor of the Imperial City, and the Leader of the Ta Cheng, all Overlords, are all coming.”

   As Overlords of the Southwest, whether they were from the Zhen Wu Dynasty or not, they should do Ancestor Tai a favor. After all, they all lived on the same land and needed to get along well with each other. In addition, the governor of the Imperial City was a title granted by Ancestor Tai. The Governor of the Imperial City ranked among the four high-ranking officials and was only responsible to Ancestor Tai.

“Now I’m just wondering whether to invite the Overlords of the World of Battles to participate or not.” Ancestor Tai was still hesitant and kept considering this issue. Some Overlords were invited to participate in the Zhen Wu Dynasty meeting every year, to learn the strength of the Zhen Wu Dynasty.

   But this year, there were some differences. First of all, Lin Feng! The reason why Lin Feng appeared in the Zhen Wu Dynasty was because of Dong Fang Yu Qing. So, if he invited Overlords from the World of Battles, it was likely they would find out that Lin Feng was here.

“Father, you don’t have to find Overlords in the World of Battles. It’s alright to just have our Southwest attend.” Nian Ling Jiao provided the answer, also considering the existence of Lin Feng.

   Ancestor Tai nodded slowly. This was the time to make the decision he had postponed for a long time. He issued an imperial edict, to spread throughout the Zhen Wu Dynasty.

“Pass on the order of Ancestor Tai, the Law Enforcement Army will take part-time duties as officers of the court. At the same time, on the day of the starting of the Court Meeting, there will be a ceremony for establishment of the Law Enforcement Army and the Battle Ministry. The Law Enforcement Army will have the medals of honor, and the Battle Ministry will grant weapons!”


 Throughout the streets of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, a thousand royal palace guards were riding fast horses and shouting at the top of their lungs, so that everyone in the entire Zhen Wu Dynasty could hear the orders of Ancestor Tai.

   At the same time, the assessment of the Law Enforcement Army was ending. In three days, the Law Enforcement Army finally assessed a hundred and twenty Holy Godly Ancestors and five hundred Spiritual Godly Ancestors. Including the fifteen Holy Godly Ancestors under Lin Feng, this was the entire Law Enforcement Army.

   After Ancestor Tai agreed to his request, Lin Feng was able to do more. He glanced at the vacant positions. There were seventy of them, all second-class officials of the imperial court, with some third-class officials.

   These strong people all stared at Lin Feng excitedly. Lin Feng was walking around in front of them. The atmosphere grew nervous.

“Those who win by drawing a lot will take on part-time responsibilities in these seventy official positions . Is this method fair?” Lin Feng thought about it a bit and then smiled. In order to make sure that everyone didn’t complain, drawing was the fairest way.

   These Holy Godly Ancestors and Spiritual Godly Ancestors nodded their heads excitedly. Drawing was the fairest. They would not complain if they did not win.

“Lu Zhan, you are in charge!”

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