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Chapter 1418 – Court Meeting


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“I shall attend the Court Meeting on behalf of the Zhen Wu Dynasty?”

   When Nian Ling Jiao’s letter was placed on Lin Feng’s desk, Lin Feng was startled and felt helpless. With so many strong people and Earthly Godly Ancestors in the Zhen Wu Dynasty, as well as the Overlord Dong Fang Yu Qing on the List of the World of Battles, why did they want him to participate?

   However, it seemed that Nian Ling Jiao’s letter had been dictated by Ancestor Tai. There was no possibility of changing it. For Lin Feng, there was no attraction, but he had some desire to fight. Inside the Zhen Wu Dynasty, there were almost no big fights. If he could fight against these forces, it would be a pleasure.

   In addition, Jeston! If he could fight against Jeston, Lin Feng had to strive to win. He did not want those who stole his achievements to win again. Lin Feng had a great bearing, but he was very careful about some things.

  Tian Dao Yuan was unfaithful to itself, and there was no need to talk about righteousness with them. Maybe Ancestor Kong and Zi Dian stayed true to themselves, but Tian Dao Yuan was hiding deeply. When they revealed themselves, they let Jeston be superior.

   Lin Feng didn’t know who the founder of Tianqi was, what connection he had with Tian Dao Yuan, and didn’t want to know. In a word, Tian Dao Yuan in the World of Battle had nothing to do with him, but he had to show Jeston and Tian Dao Yuan his strength!

“Tell the princess that I will take part.” Lin Feng closed the letter, turned around and looked at Lu Zhan. Lu Zhan nodded and then turned around and left. He went straight to the palace and informed the princess.

   The representatives of the Court Meeting were not chosen at will. They had to be suitable, with strength and an official position. Since Ancestor Tai was able to choose Lin Feng, this was also a kind of recognition. Of course, the price of this recognition was that they must win the top prize in the Court Meeting, or they would be severely punished.

   In the past, every year, the representatives of the Court Meeting did so. Since the Zhen Wu Dynasty had been holding the Court Meeting, there had been more than 10,000 KUIS, the first Champions. Among them, more than seven thousand were people of the Zhen Wu Dynasty. Now, among the mixed strong men, four were champions of the Court Meeting, representing the Zhen Wu Dynasty.

   Dong Fang Yu Qing was the champion a thousand years ago, as well as Li Zha, Prince of Yu, Dong Fang Zhuo, Prince of Dragons, the father of Dong Fang Yu Qing and the brother of Ancestor Tai, who won the championship ten thousand years ago. Prince Li, Nian Zhu, the brother of Nian Ling Jiao’s mother, Nian Ling Jiao’s uncle, won the championship five thousand years ago.

   Duan Rong, the remaining crown prince of the Imperial City, won the championship  a hundred thousand years ago, and the magistrate of the prefecture also won the championship a hundred thousand years ago. However, these two people were not pure representatives of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, and now they had their own territories.

   Therefore, as a representative this year, Lin Feng had to win a championship on behalf of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, something everyone expected. Once he won the championship, Lin Feng’s popularity could only be imagined, and it would spread throughout the Southwest, not just in the Zhen Wu Dynasty.

   It’s just that there were some hidden worries in the heart of Lu Zhan. Today’s Court Meetings represented a lot of people, and in fact, there were countless people. Jeston of Tian Dao Yuan was the No. 1 person, and there were representatives of Tai Qing Sect, the loyal Imperial City officials, the representatives of prefectural judges, and the representatives of Tacheng.

“It’s hard for adults to win the championship.” Lu Zhan breathed deeply, not daring to think more, and rode straight into the palace.

   Lin Feng didn’t understand the significance of this Court Meeting, but since he wanted to compete, he had to endure. Winning a championship for himself was meaningless, although Lin Feng couldn’t remember how many times he had participated in such competitions and won championships.

“I have reached the bottleneck of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer. If I want to break through to Earthly Ancestors, I may need many things, as well as important opportunities. I don’t know if I will encounter such opportunities in the Zhen Wu Dynasty.” After integrating the power of Dragon-Phoenix blood and Spiritual Genesis, with the help of Buddhism, his Ancestral Body had taken shape.

   However, there were many requirements for the complete formation and improvement of his Ancestral Body.

   From the first Taboo Body to the Chaos Body, then the Spiritual Genesis Body and the final Ancestor Body! The evolutionary process was very complex and long, but Lin Feng had endless confidence in himself. Since he had reached this level, he could succeed by the skin of his teeth!

   As for whether there was a chance to break through to Heavenly Godly Ancestor, it could only be found after breaking through to Earthly Godly Ancestor and striving to become an Overlord.

“I have understood the first level of Tao in Emperor Yan’s Scripture, but I am in the second level and you are in the third level, what do you mean? Alas, I still can’t understand it.” Lin Feng thought of Fuxi’s Emperor Yan’s Scripture, and his heart fell silent.

   It was obvious that Emperor Yan’s Scripture was very important to him. If he fully comprehended Emperor Yan’s Scripture, he would at least become an Overlord. Even breaking through to Heavenly Godly Ancestor was not impossible, but this kind of epiphany was too difficult.


Lin Feng returned to his room and set up a barrier. He opened the yellow scroll which recorded the essence of the Emperor Yan’s Scripture. Lin Feng precipitated his impetuous heart, understanding step by step, observing bit by bit.

   Time passed by, little by little. For three days, no one dared disturb Lin Feng. When Lu Zhan entered the room and saw the Dragon-Phoenix barrier, he wisely left.

   When the sun rose on the fourth day on Lin Feng, Lin Feng finally exited his concentration. Although he still had no idea about the remaining two layers, he had thoroughly understood the Tao. A wave of his hand contained a kind of Tao.

   The infinity of Tao could have infinite energy and momentum, without using any moves. The potential of heaven and earth could be Tao and work for him!

   A push opened the door, a ray of warm sun shined on him, bringing him a kind of warmth. Lin Feng followed the bright corridor, passed through the pavilion, passed through the front hall, and wanted to run to the palace.

   But before he took a few steps, Lu Zhan came and stopped Lin Feng himself.

“Your Excellency, this Court Meeting will be held in your estate.”

“Huh? In my estate? “Lin Feng saw Lu Zhan look flustered when reporting, he was also shaken and didn’t understand what Ancestor Tai meant.

“Yes, it’s unprecedented. Before the Court Meeting, there will be a ceremony for the establishment of the two armies. I’ve ordered people to transfer to the Law Enforcement Army. It’s estimated that they will go to the estate soon. It’s said that the Battle Army will also come. Ancestor Tai is here in person. Many Overlords will also come. Your Excellency, please be prepared!”

“Well, the Court Meeting will be held in the square behind the main hall. It should be enough,” Lin Feng nodded, understanding the desires of Ancestor Tai. He finished his drink and then disappeared from in front of the mansion, reappearing over the square.

   The square was paved with white slate, and there were two challenge arenas. It was not crowded for the morning meeting.

“When the Law Enforcement Army appears, order them to assemble next to each other on the outskirts of the square, wearing neat armor!” Lin Feng ordered Lu Zhan. Lu Zhan bowed to show he understood. He continued to stand behind Lin Feng and waited for Lin Feng’s next order.

The men of the estate made plates, tables and chairs. Within half an hour, the main challenge arena was full of tables and chairs. Lin Feng then left the square directly.

   There was no time for nonsense from Lu Zhan. After calling his fifteen subordinates, even the father and daughter came out to help. Before long, the main challenge arena was covered with tables and chairs.

   There was still some time before noon, but by this time, the Law Enforcement Army had arrived on foot. Their uniform golden armor was heroic and powerful, just like a mountain was heavy, and all the people under pressure couldn’t breathe.

   At the same time, the Battle Army on the opposite side also arrived as promised. Their bloody armor was bloody and murderous. The devil soldiers out of hell were not afraid of death. This aura made people step back several steps and keep their distance.

   When the two armies met, it was naturally a confrontation in momentum. One side was as powerful as a rainbow, like facing mountains and mountains, and the other side was full of murder, like the reincarnation of a blood devil, which suddenly increased the pressure on everyone.

   The Battle Army stood next to the Law Enforcement Army and felt this terrible aura. Even the Godly Ancestors could not bear it. Li Pin, the Minister of the War Department, was the leader of the Battle Army. The two men were facing each other and their auras were clashing like thunder. It seemed they were fighting each other and suffering.

“Go in!”

   As they confronted one another, Lin Feng’s voice was bland, and weakened the confrontation of the two men. Lu Zhan’s face changed greatly, and Li Pin was also a little in disbelief. Lin Feng, a Holy Godly Ancestor, was not afraid of the Earthly Godly Ancestors?

“Go in.”


   With the momentum of the Law Enforcement Army and the Battle Army, Lu Zhan and Li Pin rushed to the main hall and straight into the square. The momentum of the soldiers was really powerful, and Lin Feng could not help but pay attention to it.

   There were 6,500 Law Enforcement troops in total, but the fighting forces looked like eight hundred. They were slightly inferior in number. Of course, their combat effectiveness couldn’t be judged by the number of people. Whether it could be transformed into strength or not, they would need to adjust.

   The cultivators of the Zhen Wu Dynasty didn’t remain apart from the secular world, so their strength would inevitably be weaker. As an old fox of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, Dong Fang Yu Qing naturally didn’t realize this, but Lin Feng was different. This kind of thought change could only be done by himself.

“Congratulations, Lin Feng!”

   While Lin Feng was thinking, there was a familiar voice behind him. Turning around, he saw Jeston in a blue robe, red faced and bowing to congratulate him. Behind him were four middle-aged men in light blue robes, two of whom were Earthly Godly Ancestors, the other two Holy Godly Ancestors

“Please come in.” Lin Feng didn’t exchange greetings or say a word more. He gestured for Jeston to go in, and Jeston also led the representatives of Tian Dao Yuan along.

   Then came the new representatives, who came straight to the main hall.

“We are the representatives of Tai Qing Sect, old and rotten, fresh and rainy.” An old man skinny as a crane with a childlike face, chuckled and bowed hand over fist. He smiled and stared at Lin Feng. Three young disciples behind him also bowed.

“It’s the head of Tai Qing Sect. Welcome!” When Lin Feng saw the representative of Tai Qing Sect, he always couldn’t help but think of Qing Xin Yue, who was Yao Yu Yan. Of course, it was the Tai Qing Sect of two different worlds.

“You are the fourth Gong Qing of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, at a young age. Lin Feng, you are really powerful!” Qing Yu Sheng couldn’t help nodding in sincere approval.

   Lin Feng was a little surprised. He looked at Qing Yu Sheng and asked, “Master, do you know me?”

“Ha ha, Qing Ling Chao is my disciple. He has mentioned you countless times in my ear. I’m going to go deaf, ha ha.” Qing Yu Sheng waved and laughed, then patted Lin Feng on the shoulder and walked in with the representative of Tai Qing Sect.

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